All Deceased beginning with letters 'UN'

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All names beginning UN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
UNDERSTONE FannyE3585907 May 193170XT02 7
UNDERSTONE GershonE3586010 Sep 193776XT02 6
UNDERSTONE SamuelE3586102 Feb 193854XT01 8
UNERMAN Jacob AlecE3586218 Jan 195888XX01 5
UNERMAN YettaE3586317 Apr 192086XK02 46
UNGAR AbrahamE3586410 Jun 191685XJ19 53
UNGAR LewisE3586528 Nov 195674XW11 49
UNGAR OiserE3586609 Oct 190542XF02 4
UNGAR RebeccaE3586708 Apr 195167XW11 48
UNGAR SarahE3586803 Oct 192778XS12 12
UNGEN LewisE3586913 Jul 191965XI15 47
UNGER EstherE3587007 Oct 194573XP21 18
UNGER JacobE3587131 May 196797XZ40 33
UNGER RachelE3587209 Oct 197067XV01 36
UNGER SarahE3587326 Feb 195675XZ40 34

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