All Deceased beginning with letters 'UN'

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All names beginning UN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
UNDERSTONE FannyC848507 May 193170T102 07
UNDERSTONE GershonD247710 Sep 193776T102 06
UNDERSTONE SamuelD280302 Feb 193854T101 08
UNERMAN Jacob AlecE336518 Jan 195888X01 05
UNERMAN YettaB636217 Apr 192086K02 46
UNGAR AbrahamP1987210 Jun 191685J19
UNGAR LewisE287628 Nov 195674W11 49
UNGAR LewisP1987313 Jul 191965I15
UNGAR OiserA208109 Oct 190542F02 04
UNGAR RebeccaE024208 Apr 195167W11 48
UNGAR SarahC521403 Oct 192778S12 12
UNGER EstherD721807 Oct 194573P121 18
UNGER JacobE595031 May 196797Z140 33
UNGER RachelE642509 Oct 197067V101 36
UNGER SarahE254526 Feb 195675Z140 34

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