All Deceased beginning with letters 'TY'

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All names beginning TY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TYFIELD LewisE3583523 Mar 192366XP16 16
TYFIELD MaryE3583618 May 193582XP16 15
TYFIELD RoseE3583723 May 191772XJ15 57
TYM Bernard BorisE3583824 Apr 193718XU52 29
TYM EstherE3583903 Jan 193575XL21 8
TYM Joseph HymanE3584025 Apr 197483XL21 10
TYM SamuelE3584124 Nov 192056XL21 9
TYSIDLER AnnieE3584225 Mar 194545XX24 17
TYSIDLER MorrisE3584325 Mar 194583XL08 18
TYTLEBAUM SarahE3584410 Mar 196077XQ21 43
TYTON EstherE3584527 Sep 193558XT37 21

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