All Deceased beginning with letters 'TU'

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All names beginning TU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TUBB CissieE3576216 Jun 195845XQ109 11
TUBB FrankE3576331 Aug 197767XQ109 12
TUCHMAN AdaE3576423 Feb 192265XM16 3
TUCK SarahE3576523 May 192551XR04 51
TUCKER HettieE3576610 Jan 195986XU13 32
TUCKER MiriamE3576718 Feb 193670XV41 20
TUCKER MorrisE3576817 May 193778XU53 24
TUCKER NathanE3576924 Feb 193036XS19 31
TUCKER RachelE3577010 Feb 193372XT22 51
TUCKER SimonE3577123 Jan 193468XU31 13
TUCKER SolomonE3577211 Apr 193157XU13 33
TUCKMAN AbrahamE3577313 Mar 194984XT04 61
TUCKMAN LeahE3577425 Nov 193159XT13 64
TUCKMAN LewisE3577510 Dec 197486XQ59 4
TUCKMAN Sarah GertrudeE3577602 Mar 193061XT04 60
TUCKMAN SolomonE3577730 Mar 192251XM17 21
TUGENBERG BellaE3577826 Mar 192611XM18 42
TUHRIM Irene YettaE3577908 Dec 19315 mthXR50 7
TUMPOWSKY JacobE3578016 Aug 195365XZ28 18
TUMPOWSKY TillyE3578110 Mar 198793XZ28 17
TUNETSKY LewisE3578214 Oct 195378XV83 11
TURCHINSKY AbrahamE3578308 Jul 194270XV15 9
TUREEN AnnaE3578430 Oct 192573XE08 22
TUREEN EthelE3578514 Jan 193372XT19 59
TURETSKY PollyE3578621 Dec 194161XV80 9
TURGEL MorrisE3578729 Nov 194372XX31 45
TURGELL DoraE3578803 Dec 191943XK06 24
TURIN MorrisE3578903 Jul 191849XJ11 62
TURK SarahE3579002 Mar 192726XR29 28
TURNAPOLSKY MyerE3579119 Jun 193157XU15 19
TURNER EstherE3579225 Feb 194776XT13 73
TURNER EstherE3579308 Jun 195976XW14 6
TURNER FannyE3579403 Feb 193526XM25 2
TURNER HodessE3579518 Dec 193571XW04 1
TURNER LewisE3579616 Jun 192560XR05 30
TURNER Michael DavidE3579724 Dec 195065XW14 5
TURNER MorrisE3579825 Jun 193875XW04 2
TURNER Myer MaxE3579906 Mar 193763XU51 32
TURNER RebeccaE3580025 Nov 191953XK04 31
TURNER RoseE3580128 Apr 197093XU51 54
TURNOFSKY AbrahamE3580208 Aug 193273XS28 4
TURNOFSKY MorrisE3580317 Mar 193039XS28 3
TURNOVER Samuel MendelE3580411 Mar 191957XK21 1
TUROFF MinnieE3580501 Nov 191957XK02 30
TUROFF SimonE3580629 Nov 192943XS28 57
TUROFF TobiasE3580714 May 193486XK02 31
TUROFSKY AnnieE3580811 Sep 192260XK18 20
TUROFSKY JacobE3580915 Jan 195062XZ13 8
TUROFSKY JanyE3581019 Jul 194246XV15 22
TUROWER Henry MorrisE3581120 Nov 193165XJ02 20
TUROWER LeonoraE3581219 Sep 192558XJ02 19
TUROWER SarahE3581323 Jan 192273XN01 7
TURSANOOSKI BlumahE3581410 Aug 193124XT11 11
TURSANOWSKI DoraE3581523 Nov 193553XT39 8
TURSANOWSKI NathanE3581607 Aug 195385XT39 7
TURSHANOFSKY SarahE3581722 Feb 196794XU48 53
TURTLEBAUM RachelE3581817 Jun 193675XQ21 6
TURTLETAUB EmanuelE3581926 Oct 190110XB09 424
TURTLETAUB SamuelE3582024 Nov 193167XQ21 5
TURTZ ScheindelE3582102 Jan 193088XT05 67
TUSCHNEIDER BarnettE3582227 Mar 194965XY25 9
TUSHINSKY AbrahamE3582318 Jul 195377XQ29 29
TUSHINSKY AnnieE3582405 Dec 195267XQ29 28
TUSHINSKY IsaacE3582515 Apr 194148XV73 7
TUSHINSKY MillieE3582605 May 199290XQ23 21
TUSHINSKY MyerE3582711 Jan 193272XK10 2
TUSHINSKY SolomonE3582803 Aug 195256XQ23 20
TUSHINSKY YettaE3582922 Feb 192260XK10 3
TUSHINSKY/GREENBERG MillieE3583025 Oct 194470XX27 48
TUTLEMAN Walter ZailicE3583122 Jun 19311 mthXR49 7
TUTUROOK Rivka o/w Eva RoseE3583231 Dec 193882XP16 4
TUTURUCK Morris IsraelE3583312 Apr 192363XP16 5

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