All Deceased beginning with letters 'TR'

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All names beginning TR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TRACHMAN JacobE3566921 Feb 193067XS29 59
TRACHTENBERG LazarusE3567011 Nov 191840XN15 15
TRACHTENBERG LazarusE3567117 Jul 193968XU17 52
TRACHTENBERG LevyE3567217 Feb 194062XS34 62
TRACHTENBERG MiriamE3567327 Mar 196382XU17 53
TRACHTENBERG RachelE3567405 Nov 192772XS12 50
TRACHTENBERG SarahE3567528 Jul 192848XS09 34
TRACHTENBERG SimonE3567605 Apr 1912XI08 63
TRACHTENBERG YettaE3567711 Feb 196081XS34 63
TRACKMAN AnnieE3567822 Feb 193658XT42 12
TRACKMAN IsaacE3567907 Nov 194266XU01 48
TRACKMAN RachelE3568015 Dec 196382XU01 47
TRACKMAN SolomonE3568122 Mar 194078XT42 11
TRACKTENBERG HarrisE3568219 Aug 192646XR20 30
TRAFKIN IsaacE3568310 Jul 193462XU33 40
TRAGER EliezerE3568405 May 1914XI13 22
TRAGER Leib o/w Lionel LewisE3568525 Oct 193065XS32 62
TRAINIS AbrahamE3568613 Feb 194973XV20 1
TRAISTER MarksE3568704 Feb 193024XS28 55
TRAKTENBERG HymanE3568823 Oct 192921XS27 29
TRAMBERG PearlE3568915 Aug 19222XO03 40
TRANIS BetsyE3569017 Jun 195579XV20 2
TRAPP AbrahamE3569103 May 191775XJ14 64
TRASTMAN JackE3569215 Jun 194764XY04 19
TRASTMAN MillieE3569307 Nov 194759XY04 20
TRAUBERMAN EdithE3569410 Jan 198679XP68 2
TRAUBERMAN SollyE3569515 Sep 196775XP68 1
TRAVIS AlecE3569604 Apr 195374XZ21 22
TRAVIS BernardE3569725 Apr 19302XM44 3
TRAVITZ JosephE3569828 Dec 19203 mthXM12 30
TREGAR JosephE3569906 Oct 191742XJ12 50
TREIP Rose BessieE3570025 Mar 194951XY03 8
TREITEL RoseE3570128 Mar 191534XL13 50
TREMSKY AaronE3570210 Nov 194860XY20 27
TRENSKY EtkaE3570307 Oct 196167XY20 26
TREPPEL AmeliaE3570412 Nov 195975XD10 41
TREPPEL SimonE3570530 May 194158XV74 6
TRESMAN AnnieE3570631 Jan 196189XW12 6
TRESMAN LewisE3570708 Dec 194377XW12 5
TREVAX Leslie LazarusE3570806 Dec 19142 mthXO10 34
TREVAX RachelE3570909 Dec 194886XI11 60
TREVSMAN EmanuelE3571023 Apr 191881XJ05 41
TRIBER FredaE3571109 Feb 194658XX16 30
TRIBICH FredaE3571222 Dec 19272 mthXM33 5
TRICHTER BlancheE3571328 Jan 193249XT14 59
TRILNICK HymanE3571422 Feb 195386XT01 31
TRINOSKY KateE3571518 Jan 194073XS28 5
TRITON DavisE3571605 Apr 191970XN13 32
TROBE SamuelE3571721 Dec 192328XQ31 9
TROBER MaxE3571809 Jan 195979XZ42 16
TROBER RachelE3571916 May 197487XZ42 17
TROGAL MiriamE3572014 Nov 196093XW05 51
TROGIEL ChaimE3572120 Apr 194980XW05 50
TROMER ZaltzE3572216 Oct 192267XP02 11
TRONTMAN DavisE3572309 Jul 1909XD05 18
TROPER RoseE3572411 Sep 196482XQ56 8
TROPP AscherE3572520 May 192060XI14 41
TROPP EstaE3572626 Aug 197084XY31 18
TROPP HettieE3572721 Feb 1913XO23 22
TROPP KateE3572818 Dec 192370XJ14 63
TROPP LeahE3572927 Aug 195984XQ21 23
TROPP MillieE3573005 May 192373XI14 40
TROPP MiriamE3573120 Nov 1910XO15 23
TROPP MyerE3573204 Sep 194561XX21 42
TROPP SamuelE3573301 Feb 195068XY31 17
TROPP SamuelE3573428 Aug 194371XX29 25
TROPP SamuelE3573531 Oct 195180XQ21 24
TROPP SarahE3573620 Dec 193354XT25 17
TROPP SarahE3573707 Nov 196585XX29 26
TROPP SimmyE3573816 Mar 191865XJ06 39
TROPPER JacobE3573904 Mar 194762XX04 11
TROPPER LewisE3574029 Jan 193156XU11 26
TROPPER YettaE3574120 Sep 194964XX04 12
TROTSKY KatieE3574226 Aug 192524XR07 19
TROTSKY LeahE3574326 Feb 196075XV09 7
TROTSKY SarahE3574424 Apr 192754XR29 22
TROTSKY TillyE3574515 Nov 192337XP27 4
TROUBE SolomonE3574627 Feb 193166XU12 19
TROUBMAN AdaE3574701 Feb 192286XD05 19
TROUBMAN AnnieE3574820 Dec 190119XD04 18
TROUBMAN Eva LeahE3574930 Sep 192873XS20 24
TROYACK EvaE3575004 Jan 196996XV72 8
TROYACK HymanE3575107 Mar 194172XV72 7
TRUBITSKY Chaie SarahE3575207 Aug 190571XC09 39
TRUBMAN o/w TRUMAN PollyE3575318 Mar 194776XV80 21
TRUBNICK Frances ShirleyE3575410 Jul 19362 mthXQ04 72
TRUEMAN ElizabethE3575526 Sep 193529XT37 20
TRUFKIN HettyE3575627 Jan 194675XX16 11
TRUMAN SimonE3575719 Dec 194174XV80 20
TRUP AlfredE3575804 Sep 194164XV78 6
TRUPP RoseE3575909 Aug 195574XV78 7

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