All Deceased beginning with letters 'TO'

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All names beginning TO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TOBA Lewis MyerE3549811 Apr 191757XJ14 6
TOBE AngelaE3549925 Nov 19445 mthXT49 6
TOBE FannyE3550019 Mar 195683XU01 39
TOBE LouisE3550123 Sep 194372XU01 38
TOBE PhoebeE3550227 Jun 198482XV74 17
TOBECKA Sarah ChanaE3550307 Sep 192668XM16 38
TOBENHAUS FannyE3550423 Nov 193144XT11 3
TOBENHOUSE MosesE3550525 Nov 189452XA05 247
TOBER JacobE3550628 Sep 192644XR21 18
TOBERMAN HymanE3550703 Nov 192911XS22 21
TOBERMAN HymanE3550806 Apr 195885XT39 21
TOBERMAN MichaelE3550919 Aug 193324XU23 46
TOBERMAN MillieE3551029 Nov 193548XT39 20
TOBERMAN SarahE3551111 Dec 194059XV26 28
TOBERMAN YettaE3551202 Jan 193771XV46 11
TOBERT Aaron SolomonE3551305 Jan 193060XS19 58
TOBIAS AbrahamE3551402 Apr 194781XP53 27
TOBIAS AbrahamE3551502 Jan 194185XV69 21
TOBIAS AdaE3551621 Feb 192977XK12 26
TOBIAS AlfredE3551721 Oct 194023XU77 39
TOBIAS AnnieE3551813 Jan 193322XT19 50
TOBIAS AnnieE3551907 Jul 193133XT11 41
TOBIAS AnnieE3552016 Oct 194054XU57 10
TOBIAS BernardE3552127 Feb 192858XP21 35
TOBIAS CynthiaE3552213 Jan 19372 mthXQ04 5
TOBIAS DavidE3552302 Sep 192249XN08 1
TOBIAS DavidE3552413 May 192176XK12 27
TOBIAS DavidE3552514 Nov 194081XV25 11
TOBIAS DeborahE3552624 Aug 194874XP53 26
TOBIAS EmanuelE3552725 Jul 193529XU02 26
TOBIAS EstherE3552817 Dec 196082XY40 33
TOBIAS EvaE3552905 Jul 195572XY34 44
TOBIAS HannahE3553013 Dec 194671XX10 16
TOBIAS HarrisE3553106 May 193159XU14 12
TOBIAS HarrisE3553223 Jan 195270XY34 43
TOBIAS HarryE3553325 Nov 193725XU57 9
TOBIAS Hyman TobinE3553415 Nov 193433XU34 26
TOBIAS HymanE3553511 Jul 191847XJ11 58
TOBIAS JacobE3553627 Jan 195181XY40 32
TOBIAS JaneE3553716 Oct 194028XU77 38
TOBIAS JaneE3553817 Mar 193162XT09 22
TOBIAS KateE3553916 Jun 193980XV32 13
TOBIAS KateE3554013 Oct 197584XQ20 3
TOBIAS LeahE3554118 Apr 193748XV49 26
TOBIAS MaryE3554220 Jan 193837XV56 5
TOBIAS MaxE3554301 Feb 1908XG06 12
TOBIAS NathanE3554401 Nov 193572XU40 31
TOBIAS PearlE3554531 May 191773XJ13 78
TOBIAS PhoebeE3554603 Feb 196074XX02 59
TOBIAS RebeccaE3554715 Sep 193588XS14 56
TOBIAS RoseE3554802 Jan 1914XO11 5
TOBIAS SamuelE3554916 May 196078XP71 5
TOBIAS SarahE3555011 Jul 191821XJ06 35
TOBIAS SarahE3555117 May 192746XR33 34
TOBIAS SarahE3555207 Oct 193271XT17 32
TOBIAS SarahE3555326 Nov 194878XU40 30
TOBIAS SarahE3555418 Dec 197479XP71 6
TOBIAS SolomonE3555514 Apr 192835XS05 59
TOBIAS SolomonE3555610 Sep 194865XU57 11
TOBIAS TobyE3555722 Nov 195976XX02 58
TOBIAS WoolfE3555828 Aug 192960XS27 36
TOBILSKY AbrahamE3555916 Jul 194978XV20 13
TOBILSKY RebeccaE3556018 Nov 194162XV20 12
TOBIN HarrisE3556122 May 193255XU21 41
TOBIN IsaacE3556216 Jul 195284XW20 26
TOBIN JaneE3556327 Feb 192446XP31 24
TOBIN NettieE3556416 Jan 19162 mthXO05 29
TOBIN RebeccaE3556523 Dec 192876XS15 23
TOBIN SamuelE3556610 Feb 192238XJ02 22
TOBINSKY LE3556722 Oct 19023 mthXD07 31
TOBOVITCH BessieE3556815 Mar 192716XR17 2
TOBY EvaE3556912 Mar 193655XT41 26
TOBY MarksE3557014 Jun 194057XT41 27
TOFFEL Esther LeahE3557131 Jan 196088XN04 35
TOFFEL IsaacE3557223 Apr 195790XT26 32
TOFFEL RebeccaE3557306 Feb 193460XT26 33
TOFLER FannyE3557426 May 192590XR04 52
TOFLER SimonE3557525 Oct 191872XL05 4
TOITZ AnnieE3557608 May 193781XV50 26
TOITZ SamuelE3557701 Feb 193477XU31 43
TOKMAN SarahE3557805 May 19044XC02 21
TOLCHINSKY AbrahamE3557909 Sep 194682XX23 10
TOLCHINSKY AnnieE3558026 May 196268XD10 40
TOLCHINSKY EstherE3558129 Sep 195772XY13 17
TOLCHINSKY FannyE3558221 Jan 193367XT21 53
TOLCHINSKY LottieE3558325 Jun 194668XX13 31
TOLCHINSKY MorrisE3558407 Nov 195966XD10 39
TOLCHINSKY PhilipE3558518 Jan 196082XD10 15
TOLCHINSKY ReneeE3558604 May 194631XX13 30
TOLCHINSKY SamuelE3558728 Apr 192043XN05 16
TOLCHINSKY SolomonE3558819 Mar 194868XY13 16
TOLKAN NathanE3558913 Dec 194773XY09 37
TOLKAN RebeccaE3559023 Feb 195680XY09 38
TOLOCHINSKY RebeccaE3559105 Mar 192256XM16 37
TOLOVINSKY AnnieE3559225 Jan 196779XQ11 44
TOLOVINSKY JaneE3559316 Nov 192549XR09 34
TOLOVINSKY MorrisE3559409 Jul 196079XQ11 45
TOLOVINSKY SimonE3559509 Oct 192142XK14 36
TOMBACK ElizabethE3559613 Jun 192553XR05 20
TOMBACK IsaacE3559705 Dec 193464XU34 51
TOMBACK MillyE3559816 Dec 196068XW09 34
TOMBACK MorrisE3559920 Jun 196677XW09 35
TOMKIN FannyE3560027 Dec 196174XV34 35
TOMKIN NathanE3560114 Jan 194362XV06 27
TOMKIN SollyE3560205 Nov 1910XO15 20
TOMLINSON Harace AbrahamE3560305 Aug 195966XQ115 11
TOMLINSON ZildaE3560416 Oct 197272XQ115 12
TOMORAD FannyE3560512 Apr 191650XJ19 30
TOMSTEIN SolomonE3560627 Apr 195168XV07 1
TONDONSKY MorrisE3560718 May 194472XX28 37
TONDOSKY RebeccaE3560817 Jul 194572XX28 36
TONKENOG DavisE3560901 Sep 192651XR20 33
TONSKY NathanE3561025 Jan 193576XU35 27
TOOBERMAN EstherE3561122 Aug 195454XQ57 12
TOOCKMAN MaryE3561231 Mar 193468XQ37 10
TOOKMAN NathanE3561304 Oct 192775XQ37 9
TOOLIK AsherE3561410 Sep 193055XS32 65
TOOMIN MauriceE3561521 Oct 193644XU47 41
TOOTLEMAN HymanE3561607 Feb 192948XS23 17
TOOZE RachelE3561712 Feb 195769XZ31 24
TOPAL RubinE3561824 Nov 195956XW09 30
TOPCHE AnnieE3561910 Jan 197583XY26 35
TOPCHE JackE3562025 Apr 194960XY26 36
TOPER PaulineE3562119 Jan 193178XR04 1
TOPER RaphaelE3562210 Mar 1912XI08 15
TOPER SamuelE3562303 May 192532XR04 26
TOPEROFF FannyE3562414 Mar 196081XY15 14
TOPKIN LewisE3562530 Jan 1911XI02 32
TOPLITZKY MarkE3562611 Jan 191735XJ17 31
TOPOL BynaE3562703 May 195273XW11 4
TOPOL Isaac HenryE3562822 Apr 194166XW11 5
TOPOL LeonE3562918 Dec 201782XW01 31
TOPOL RoseE3563025 Aug 198279XW09 29
TOPOLOWSKI EliasE3563123 Nov 190520XF02 10
TOPOROFSKY BarnettE3563227 Jan 193126XU11 25
TOPOROVSKY DavidE3563323 Jan 192653XR12 15
TOPPER AlexanderE3563423 Feb 194672XX15 26
TOPPER FredaE3563525 Aug 193676XS31 42
TOPPER IsaacE3563628 Jul 193071XS31 41
TOPPER JennyE3563717 Sep 195179XX15 25
TOPPER MajzesraE3563831 Dec 192955XS19 56
TOPPER RyfkaE3563908 Feb 193255XT14 48
TOPPER SimonE3564030 Aug 193273XU11 44
TOPPERMAN EstherE3564106 May 191844XJ08 41
TOPPERMAN HarrisE3564204 Sep 192752XR39 46
TOPPERMAN TeddyE3564309 Jul 192523XR05 52
TOPPIEL Sarah RoseE3564402 Sep 19059XF01 8
TORBE AnnieE3564504 Jan 194688XX18 25
TORBE LE3564613 Apr 189748XB02 74
TORCHINSKY RachelE3564701 May 193355XT20 17
TORNSTEIN BetsyE3564820 Nov 195470XV07 2
TORNSTEIN FannyE3564929 Apr 19234 mthXJ21 1C
TORONCHICK JaneE3565024 Mar 196665XZ25 11
TORONCHICK MauriceE3565102 Feb 195356XZ25 10
TOROTSKY HymanE3565215 Jan 193950XT34 46
TORRITZ BarnettE3565304 Dec 192539XR10 8
TOSH HymanE3565426 Nov 195167XY37 14
TOSH LilyE3565509 Jul 196050XP73 14
TOSH RoseE3565627 Sep 195061XY37 15
TOSHINSKY AnnieE3565716 Aug 193369XS02 1
TOSHINSKY BernardE3565828 Dec 19047 mthXC06 50
TOSHINSKY o/w TOSH GershonE3565916 Mar 192867XS02 2
TOSHMAN JaneE3566028 Oct 193051XT09 70
TOSHMAN or STUTZMAN HarrisE3566107 Mar 192858XS05 36
TOSHOFSKY ReubenE3566230 Sep 195786XY20 10
TOSIOWSKY LeahE3566306 Jul 195783XY20 9
TOTTENBERG EliasE3566423 Aug 193576XU39 35
TOUBHIN DavidE3566505 Feb 192455XQ24 3
TOWNLEY AnneE3566609 Sep 194069XV26 25
TOWNLEY HeymanE3566709 Sep 194071XV26 24
TOYBER LewisE3566818 Sep 193013XS31 32

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