All Deceased beginning with letters 'TO'

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All names beginning TO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TOBA Lewis MyerP1967011 Apr 191754J14
TOBE AngelaD674025 Nov 19445T249 06
TOBE FannyE258519 Mar 195683U101 39
TOBE LouisD602723 Sep 194372U101 38
TOBE PhoebeE758527 Jun 198482V274 17
TOBECKA Sarah ChanaC438007 Sep 192668M116 38
TOBENHAUS FannyC892923 Nov 193144T111 03
TOBENHAUS JaneP1967303 Sep 191466I12
TOBENHOUSE MosesA023625 Nov 189452A501 247
TOBER JacobC441828 Sep 192644R121 18
TOBERMAN HymanC713303 Nov 192911S22 21
TOBERMAN HymanE346506 Apr 195885T139 21
TOBERMAN MichaelC1046719 Aug 193324U123 46
TOBERMAN MillieD097929 Nov 193548T139 20
TOBERMAN SarahD447411 Dec 194059V126 28
TOBERMAN YettaD189902 Jan 193771V246 11
TOBERT Aaron SolomonC728405 Jan 193060S19 58
TOBIAS AbrahamD452802 Jan 194185V269 21
TOBIAS AbrahamD811802 Apr 194781P253 27
TOBIAS AdaC655521 Feb 192977K12 26
TOBIAS AlfredD435021 Oct 194023U277 39
TOBIAS AnnieC862807 Jul 193133T111 41
TOBIAS AnnieC992913 Jan 193322T119 50
TOBIAS AnnieD434816 Oct 194054U257 10
TOBIAS BernardC560527 Feb 192858P121 35
TOBIAS CynthiaD195113 Jan 19372Q104 05
TOBIAS DavidC008313 May 192176K12 27
TOBIAS DavidC108802 Sep 192249N08 01
TOBIAS DavidD441914 Nov 194081V125 11
TOBIAS DeborahD880924 Aug 194874P253 26
TOBIAS EmanuelD072525 Jul 193529U102 26
TOBIAS EstherE455917 Dec 196082Y140 33
TOBIAS EvaE224405 Jul 195572Y134 44
TOBIAS HannahD786913 Dec 194671X10 16
TOBIAS HarrisC848106 May 193159U114 12
TOBIAS HarrisE061323 Jan 195270Y134 43
TOBIAS HarryD265125 Nov 193725U257 09
TOBIAS Hyman TobinD019515 Nov 193433U134 26
TOBIAS JacobE012327 Jan 195181Y140 32
TOBIAS JaneC835917 Mar 193162T109 22
TOBIAS JaneD434916 Oct 194028U277 38
TOBIAS KateD355916 Jun 193980V132 13
TOBIAS KateE696113 Oct 197584Q120 03
TOBIAS LeahD218818 Apr 193748V249 26
TOBIAS MarksP1968901 Feb 190861G6
TOBIAS MaryD278120 Jan 193837V256 05
TOBIAS NathanD091001 Nov 193572U140 31
TOBIAS PhoebeE422803 Feb 196074X02 59
TOBIAS PollyP1969031 May 191766J13
TOBIAS RebeccaD080815 Sep 193588S14 56
TOBIAS RoseP1969202 Jan 19149O12
TOBIAS SamuelE434616 May 196078P271 05
TOBIAS SarahC496817 May 192746R133 34
TOBIAS SarahC970007 Oct 193271T117 32
TOBIAS SarahD893526 Nov 194878U140 30
TOBIAS SarahE687618 Dec 197479P271 06
TOBIAS SarahP1969311 Jul 191821J6
TOBIAS SolomonC573214 Apr 192835S05 59
TOBIAS SolomonD882710 Sep 194865U257 11
TOBIAS TobyE414222 Nov 195976X02 58
TOBIAS WoolfC699328 Aug 192960S27 36
TOBILSKY AbrahamD931016 Jul 194978V120 13
TOBILSKY RebeccaD505218 Nov 194162V120 12
TOBIN HarrisC942222 May 193255U121 41
TOBIN IsaacE083716 Jul 195284W20 26
TOBIN JaneC234427 Feb 192446P131 24
TOBIN RebeccaC630423 Dec 192876S15 23
TOBIN SamuelC067110 Feb 192238J02 22
TOBINSKY LA136022 Oct 190211D07 31
TOBOVITCH BessieC483815 Mar 192716R117 02
TOBY EvaD128012 Mar 193655T241 26
TOBY MarksD411714 Jun 194057T241 27
TOFFEL Esther LeahE422131 Jan 196088N04 35
TOFFEL IsaacE304823 Apr 195790T126 32
TOFFEL RebeccaC1090406 Feb 193460T126 33
TOFLER FannyC331426 May 192590R104 52
TOITZ AbrahamP1970602 Apr 191651J19
TOITZ AnnieD223908 May 193781V250 26
TOITZ SamuelC1088901 Feb 193477U131 43
TOKMAN SarahA172305 May 19044C02 21
TOLCHINSKY AbrahamD772909 Sep 194682X23 10
TOLCHINSKY AnnieE496426 May 196268D10 40
TOLCHINSKY EstherE320929 Sep 195772Y113 17
TOLCHINSKY FannyC997021 Jan 193367T121 53
TOLCHINSKY LottieD763125 Jun 194668X13 31
TOLCHINSKY MorrisE412107 Nov 195966D10 39
TOLCHINSKY PhilipE421018 Jan 196082D10 15
TOLCHINSKY ReneeD755804 May 194631X13 30
TOLCHINSKY SamuelB639028 Apr 192043N05 16
TOLCHINSKY SolomonD861919 Mar 194868Y113 16
TOLKAN NathanD847613 Dec 194773Y109 37
TOLKAN RebeccaE253723 Feb 195680Y109 38
TOLOCHINSKY RebeccaC073905 Mar 192256M116 37
TOLOSKY FannyP1971425 Apr 191165I3
TOLOVINSKY AnnieE588325 Jan 196779Q111 44
TOLOVINSKY JaneC366416 Nov 192549R109 34
TOLOVINSKY MorrisE440409 Jul 196079Q111 45
TOLOVINSKY SimonC032709 Oct 192142K14 36
TOMBACK ElizabethC334513 Jun 192553R105 20
TOMBACK IsaacD023305 Dec 193464U134 51
TOMBACK MillyE455816 Dec 196068W09 34
TOMBACK MorrisE577820 Jun 196677W09 35
TOMKIN FannyE486527 Dec 196174V134 35
TOMKIN NathanD566914 Jan 194362V106 27
TOMLINSON Harace AbrahamE402705 Aug 195966Q3B5 11
TOMLINSON ZildaE665516 Oct 197272Q3B5 12
TOMSTEIN SolomonE026627 Apr 195168V107 01
TONDONSKY MorrisD644618 May 194472X28 37
TONDOSKY RebeccaD711317 Jul 194572X28 36
TONKENOG DavisC436501 Sep 192651R120 33
TONSKY NathanD036225 Jan 193576U135 27
TONSKY SarahP1972321 Jul 191658J18
TOOBERMAN EstherE184922 Aug 195454Q257 12
TOOCKMAN MaryC1103331 Mar 193468Q137 10
TOOKMAN NathanC522004 Oct 192775Q137 09
TOOLIK AsherC784010 Sep 193055S32 65
TOOMIN MauriceD171721 Oct 193644U247 41
TOOTLEMAN HymanC647807 Feb 192948S23 17
TOOZE RachelE296012 Feb 195769Z131 24
TOPAL RubinE414524 Nov 195956W09 30
TOPCHE AnnieE698610 Jan 197583Y126 35
TOPCHE JackD922125 Apr 194960Y126 36
TOPER PaulineC817519 Jan 193178R104 01
TOPER SamuelC326703 May 192532R104 26
TOPERMAN HarryP1973001 Dec 191718J12
TOPEROFF FannyE427814 Mar 196081Y115 14
TOPOL BynaE075603 May 195273W11 04
TOPOL Isaac HenryD476022 Apr 194166W11 05
TOPOL RoseE748725 Aug 198279W09 29
TOPOLOWSKI EliasA211823 Nov 190520F02 10
TOPOR RaphaelP1973210 Mar 191260I8
TOPOROFSKY BarnettC820127 Jan 193126U111 25
TOPOROVSKY DavidC387323 Jan 192653R112 15
TOPPER AlexanderD745923 Feb 194672X15 26
TOPPER FredaD160725 Aug 193676S31 42
TOPPER IsaacC776028 Jul 193071S31 41
TOPPER JennyE044517 Sep 195179X15 25
TOPPER MajzesraC727131 Dec 192955S19 56
TOPPER RyfkaC915008 Feb 193255T114 48
TOPPER SimonC961130 Aug 193273U111 44
TOPPERMAN EstherP1973806 May 191844J8
TOPPERMAN HarrisC517104 Sep 192752R139 46
TOPPERMAN TeddyC339809 Jul 192523R105 52
TOPPIEL Sarah RoseA205302 Sep 19059F01 08
TORBE AnnieD736604 Jan 194688X18 25
TORBE LA041013 Apr 189748B201 74
TORCHINSKY RachelC1026901 May 193355T120 17
TORNSTEIN BetsyE195920 Nov 195470V107 02
TORNSTEIN FannyC164629 Apr 19234J21 01C
TORNSTEIN MendleP1974621 Oct 191456L14
TORONCHICK JaneE573524 Mar 196665Z125 11
TORONCHICK MauriceE112802 Feb 195356Z125 10
TOROTSKY HymanD330715 Jan 193950T134 46
TORRITZ BarnettC371904 Dec 192539R110 08
TOSH HymanE053326 Nov 195167Y137 14
TOSH LilyE440309 Jul 196050P273 14
TOSH RoseD991127 Sep 195061Y137 15
TOSHINSKY AnnieC1046016 Aug 193369S02 01
TOSHINSKY BernardA188328 Dec 19047C06 50
TOSHINSKY o/w TOSH GershonC565016 Mar 192867S02 02
TOSHMAN JaneC793228 Oct 193051T109 70
TOSHMAN or STUTZMAN HarrisC561707 Mar 192858S05 36
TOSHOFSKY ReubenE321130 Sep 195786Y120 10
TOSIOWSKY LeahE313106 Jul 195783Y120 09
TOTTENBERG EliasD075623 Aug 193576U139 35
TOTTENBERG HarrisP1975429 May 191320I6
TOUBHIN DavidC225405 Feb 192455Q124 03
TOWNLEY AnneD425309 Sep 194069V126 25
TOWNLEY HeymanD425209 Sep 194071V126 24
TOYBER LewisC785718 Sep 193013S31 32

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