All Deceased beginning with letters 'TI'

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All names beginning TI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TIBBER IsraelD690622 Feb 194570W21 11
TIBBER Norah EthelD149513 Jun 193623T244 07
TIBBER PhilipC615422 Oct 19289R241 07
TIBLER LeahB663717 Sep 192046K08 46
TICHALDS SobinaA172404 May 190428C04 25
TICHELMAN AbrahamC101017 Jul 192215N12 06
TICHELMAN RachelE137113 Jul 195367X17 30
TICK DavisC346510 Aug 192546R106 54
TIFENKOP KateB660528 Aug 192045K08 49
TIFIELD MorrisB657710 Aug 192034N11 39
TIGER HarryC591715 Jul 192858S06 25
TIKELMAN IsraelD739618 Jan 194670X17 31
TIKTIN IsraelC398310 Mar 192650R114 29
TIKTIN IsraelC489613 Apr 192719R132 40
TIKTIN JosephE650204 Apr 197187S09 55
TIKTIN KateC228615 Feb 192466P129 33
TIKTIN MiriamD761918 Jun 194658W33 14
TIKTIN MorrisC109102 Sep 192269F07 44
TIKTIN SarahC604811 Sep 192844S09 54
TIKTIN SimonE442528 Jul 196075W33 13
TIKULSKI RoseC884524 Oct 193170S28 73
TILEVITCH LeahE564018 Nov 196577U106 10
TILKOFF RebeccaC1127028 Jul 193478T129 32
TILLER MorrisD740624 Jan 194681V256 06
TILLER YettaD278321 Jan 193873V256 07
TILLEVITCH ReubenD045302 Mar 193550U136 35
TILLING DavidD715324 Aug 194570X20 12
TILLING MauriceC395022 Feb 192665R113 30
TINN BessieD331522 Jan 193938V258 27
TINN MarksP1964811 Oct 1918N15
TINN PhilipC070320 Feb 192270M116 33
TINN RebeccaP1964918 Dec 191845N16
TINSKY AliceD404830 Apr 194069V128 19
TINSKY JacobD457724 Jan 194170V128 18
TIROH AA045009 Sep 189750A701 364
TISCH Abraham IsaacC863310 Jul 193165U115 38
TISCH JacobC494307 May 192754R133 50
TISCOVITCH AsherD183410 Dec 193668U248 34
TISCOVITCH JaneD658516 Aug 194476U248 35
TISENBAUM EstherA082430 Jun 190075B801 374
TISH SimonA007617 Jul 18919A101 56
TISH YettaC901423 Dec 193159R133 51
TISHBEIN SamuelC957809 Aug 193272U123 42
TISHBIN ReinaC674620 Apr 192970S18 18
TISHKOWITZ BetsyA115427 Dec 190112D01 49
TISHNOFSKY MiriamC229317 Feb 192460P129 29
TISKOFSKY BeckyD683615 Jan 194580W27 51
TISKOFSKY DavisC587317 Jun 192865S06 13
TISSENBAUM MarksP1965523 Nov 190782H5
TISSENBAUM MollyP1965629 Aug 191080I3
TISSER IsaacD582211 Apr 194317V104 38
TISSER NellieD106628 Dec 193534T140 25
TITAN DavisP1965805 Apr 191981N13
TITCH AlbertE445931 Aug 196070P274 14
TITCH SarahE585012 Nov 196681P274 15
TITLE EthelD110013 Jan 193683K16 33
TITLE GertrudeC980827 Nov 193261T118 25
TITLEBOAM HymanP1966423 Apr 190867H7
TITLEBOAM PesserP1966510 Mar 191564I16
TITON FannyC364907 Nov 192569R109 12
TITTLE ZettaC046710 Dec 192172M114 38

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