All Deceased beginning with letters 'TH'

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All names beginning TH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
THASES LottieB670028 Oct 192047K09 33
THEEMAN HartogA016223 Mar 189275A201 96A
THEI Anita AnnieD909314 Feb 194981Y113 03
THEI AnnieC708614 Oct 19292M137 02
THEI LazarusE501326 Aug 196276Q254 05
THEI MaxE253823 Feb 195672Y113 45
THEI MinnieE720514 Jun 197887Q254 04
THEI RachelB702627 Mar 192110M112 12
THEI RosaE135729 Jun 195370Y113 44
THIERMAN AnnieC192228 Sep 192372P101 04
THOIK AbrahamE534631 Mar 196480X03 43
THOIK PearlP1962920 Feb 191053E8
THOIK RachelD818029 May 194762X03 44
THOMAS JuliusC967025 Sep 193273U124 27
THORNSTEIN BranaD529027 Apr 194281V117 05
THORNSTEIN IsaacE780624 Jul 1990100Q3B4 01
THORNSTEIN LeahD537726 Jun 194246V116 33

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