All Deceased beginning with letters 'TH'

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All names beginning TH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
THASES LottieE3541928 Oct 192047XK09 33
THEEMAN HarrisE3542027 Feb 191769XJ15 71
THEEMAN HartogE3542123 Mar 189275XA01 96A
THEI Anita AnnieE3542214 Feb 194981XY13 3
THEI AnnieE3542314 Oct 19292 mthXM37 2
THEI LazarusE3542426 Aug 196276XQ54 5
THEI MaxE3542523 Feb 195672XY13 45
THEI MinnieE3542614 Jun 197887XQ54 4
THEI RachelE3542727 Mar 192110 mthXM12 12
THEI RosaE3542829 Jun 195370XY13 44
THIERMAN AnnieE3542928 Sep 192372XP01 4
THOIK AbrahamE3543031 Mar 196480XX03 43
THOIK RachelE3543129 May 194762XX03 44
THOMAS JuliusE3543225 Sep 193273XU24 27
THOMBERGER FichelE3543325 Mar 191850XJ09 69
THORNSTEIN BranaE3543427 Apr 194281XV17 5
THORNSTEIN IsaacE3543524 Jul 1990100XQ114 1
THORNSTEIN LeahE3543626 Jun 194246XV16 33

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