All Deceased beginning with letters 'TE'

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All names beginning TE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TEACHER BenjaminE3528513 Apr 19156 mthXO07 21
TEACHER CharlesE3528609 Mar 191730XJ15 69
TEACHER DavidE3528711 Jun 191560XI09 41
TEACHER DavidE3528823 Aug 193976XU67 28
TEACHER EstherE3528903 Apr 193746XV49 13
TEACHER KateE3529012 Feb 192760XR29 46
TEACHER RosaE3529114 Aug 194762XY05 38
TEACHER Sarah EstherE3529230 Jan 194175XV25 30
TECOLSKY PhilipE3529330 Aug 192038XN11 43
TEFF DianhE3529423 Oct 19202 mthXN19 22
TEFF EstherE3529505 May 195070XY34 11
TEFF IsaacE3529627 Apr 195591XR29 53
TEFF LeahE3529710 Apr 194178XR29 52
TEFFER SarahE3529820 Mar 191852XJ08 68
TEIGENBAUM AshlyE3529922 May 191616 mthXO04 16
TEIMAN IsadoreE3530014 Aug 193573XU39 12
TEITELBAUM HillelE3530121 Nov 192262XP03 11
TEITELBAUM IsaacE3530230 Mar 192460XP32 18
TEITLE IsraelE3530317 Jan 192272XK16 32
TEKELSKY PhilipE3530423 Jan 19276 mthXM32 10
TEKULSKI NathanE3530518 Sep 194080XS28 72
TEKULSKY FannyE3530608 Apr 194486XW27 20
TEKULSKY JacobE3530707 Aug 192161XG10 30
TEKULSKY Maurice JamesE3530813 Jan 192134XN02 11
TELLENT RachelE3530907 Jun 193676XT44 5
TELLER ElkinE3531004 May 192348XP18 28
TELLER Morris (Rabbi)E3531125 Dec 192763XS03 5
TELLIS BE3531202 Feb 19043 mthXC06 28
TEMERLIES MarieE3531310 Aug 19274XR26 16
TEMERLIES RebeccaE3531427 Jul 19174XJ13 54
TEMKIN MaryE3531517 Jan 192167XK10 34
TEMKIN PhilipE3531616 Mar 193139XU12 38
TEMKIN SolomonE3531711 Feb 192982XS23 8
TEMPELOWITCH MaryE3531815 Feb 191815 mthXM07 52
TEMPKIN SophieE3531928 Jan 193171XT03 29
TEMPLE AlexanderE3532013 Jul 193245XU23 32
TEMPLE BenjaminE3532101 Jan 193752XU49 34
TEMPLE CissieE3532215 Feb 194746XX05 40
TEMPLE DavisE3532303 Feb 192757XR28 46
TEMPLE JackE3532410 Jul 196265XX05 41
TEMPLE JacobE3532512 Nov 1909XE05 19
TEMPLE JaneE3532618 Jun 193763XV51 17
TEMPLE MeyerE3532731 Jul 192433XP38 22
TEMPLE MillieE3532820 Apr 195373XW32 7
TEMPLE MillieE3532909 Dec 196575XU23 33
TEMPLEHOFF ChayaE3533025 Mar 193384XQ38 3
TEMPLEHOFF DavidE3533106 Jun 193468XU07 37
TEMPLEHOFF FannyE3533202 Feb 194680XU07 38
TEMPLEHOFF IsraelE3533315 Sep 193180XQ38 4
TEMPLINSKI GustaveE3533425 May 193378XU12 49
TEMPLINSKI JosephE3533528 Aug 190513XC08 46
TEMPLINSKI RosaE3533611 Mar 193480XU12 48
TEMPLINSKY JosephE3533713 Jan 194562XW32 6
TEMPLINSKY SarahE3533823 Jul 193766XV51 9
TEMPLINSKYE3533916 Jun 189818XA09 466
TENDLER AaronE3534030 Dec 193265XU14 1
TENDLER AnnieE3534125 Jun 193569XU14 2
TENDLER BarnettE3534206 May 195673XZ28 23
TENDLER BenjaminE3534326 May 196179XU33 1
TENDLER DavisE3534415 Apr 195469XX03 11
TENDLER FannyE3534519 Apr 194755XX03 10
TENDLER FannyE3534601 Mar 197678XU51 2
TENDLER IsaacE3534711 Apr 197380XU51 1
TENDLER IsraelE3534821 May 197079XQ86 5
TENDLER JosephE3534928 Nov 196173XU64 53
TENDLER LeahE3535028 May 196166XU64 52
TENDLER PriscillaE3535116 Jul 195361XZ28 22
TENDLER RebeccaE3535204 May 195764XQ86 6
TENDLER RebeccaE3535304 Feb 195673XU33 2
TENDLER RoseE3535416 Apr 19289XM30 8
TENDLER SamuelE3535528 Sep 193120XU17 30
TENEN SamuelE3535628 Feb 1911XI04 36
TENENBAUM AnnieE3535711 Dec 193072XT03 39
TENENBAUM DeborahE3535824 Oct 193567XS31 6
TENENBAUM EstherE3535908 Oct 194561XX19 17
TENENBAUM HymanE3536019 Oct 195472XQ61 7
TENENBAUM IsaacE3536112 Dec 1913XI09 2
TENENBAUM J.B.E3536212 Oct 1912XL03 45
TENENBAUM JosephE3536318 Nov 193783XN09 45
TENENBAUM LeahE3536412 Oct 1907XH04 28
TENENBAUM LeahE3536519 Apr 190743XH04 9
TENENBAUM PercyE3536611 May 193311XQ02 36
TENENBAUM RachelE3536723 Dec 18965XB01 28
TENENBAUM SarahE3536801 Aug 192268XN09 46
TENENBAUM SolomonE3536907 Mar 1911XO16 20
TENENBAUM WoolfE3537018 Dec 190213 mthXD06 41
TENENBERG AnnieE3537115 Feb 193043XS28 46
TENENBURG WilliamE3537230 May 19223XO14 31
TENENHAUS AnnaE3537324 Sep 194064XU26 12
TENENHAUS Jacob AbrahamE3537414 Feb 193360XU26 13
TENNENBAUM BellaE3537510 May 191625XJ19 25
TENNENBAUM Fishel PhilipE3537616 Oct 196586XX19 18
TENNENBAUM MillieE3537723 Jul 196779XQ61 8
TENNENBERG SelinaE3537816 Dec 192070XK09 9
TENSER AdolphE3537909 May 194368XV57 21
TENSER AnnieE3538006 Jun 195476XV57 20
TENSER LewisE3538102 Jun 190161XD03 8
TENSER MaryE3538211 Jan 195480XU49 31
TENSER MinnieE3538315 Mar 190277XD04 36
TENSER RebeccaE3538411 Aug 192774XR35 33
TENSER SallyE3538528 Apr 192958XS25 42
TENSER SarahE3538615 May 195072XV07 24
TENTLER JosephE3538731 Oct 19191XM07 65
TENTLER SolomonE3538826 Mar 192652XR15 32
TENZER EstherE3538903 Feb 195768XV90 13
TENZER IsaacE3539008 Jul 196875XV90 14
TENZER JacobE3539128 Jan 195988XR01 13
TENZER KatieE3539203 Aug 195885XR01 12
TENZER RachelE3539319 May 194072XV29 28
TENZER SolomonE3539428 Nov 192722XS02 62
TEPP BarnettE3539520 Jan 195175XY34 12
TEPPER FannyE3539621 May 192752XR34 50
TEPPER HettyE3539714 Mar 194218XV18 9
TEPPER LilyE3539819 Mar 1991XQ46 10
TEPPER M.E3539920 Feb 19016XB09 401
TEPPER MaxE3540028 Jun 192558XR05 41
TEPPER NathanE3540111 Nov 195979XQ53 1
TEPPER RosieE3540227 Apr 195680XQ53 2
TEPPER WolfE3540326 Dec 19192XO30 3
TEPPERMAN HarryE3540402 Dec 191718XJ12 73
TERCHEFSKY NormanE3540506 Sep 192919XS27 10
TERENSKY SarahE3540621 Jul 191657XJ18 46
TERNOFSKY DavidE3540723 Aug 19269XM29 8
TERNOFSKY PollyE3540822 Aug 194360XX31 24
TERTIS AnnieE3540923 Jan 192865XS03 23
TERTIS SophieE3541030 May 193958XV63 20
TESLER GershonE3541110 Feb 195073XY10 31
TESLER SophieE3541227 Dec 194773XY10 32
TESSEL NoahE3541314 Oct 194759XW26 53
TESSEL RebeccaE3541424 Sep 197175XW20 51
TESSER SarahE3541521 Oct 197589XP55 34
TESTER MyerE3541631 Oct 192055XN02 21
TESTLER IsaacE3541725 Feb 193123XS33 53
TETENBERG HettyE3541813 Jan 19079 mthXH01 6

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