All Deceased beginning with letters 'TA'

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All names beginning TA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TABACHNIK CecilC1094221 Feb 19342Q103 45
TABASNICK COHEN HarrisE415326 Nov 195983X01 41
TABATCHNICK Myer SimonD632225 Feb 194477W28 34
TABATCHNICK PearlE444213 Aug 196090W34 34
TABAXMAN BarnettC417222 May 192629R117 25
TABAXMAN Myer IsaacC964614 Sep 193264U124 17
TABAXMAN SarahC303627 Jan 192556M125 21
TABERCHINSKY Israel SamuelD158713 Aug 193668U246 43
TABLINSKY AnnieP1945217 Jan 191739J17
TABLINSKY DavidE022223 Mar 195174X02 29
TABLINSKY JosephB649519 Jun 192046N04 28
TABLINSKY SarahE543602 Oct 196485X02 30
TABOR BasilD077028 Aug 193511U139 37
TABOR CharlesD620326 Dec 194371W30 10
TABOR RebeccaE639609 Jul 197093W29 10
TABORISKY SarahD642023 Apr 194469S31 40
TABRISKY AbrahamC718324 Nov 192968S28 59
TABRISKY AbrahamC776127 Jul 193055S31 39
TABRISKY JennieC474404 Feb 192718R128 35
TACK DavidC037404 Nov 19216M113 25
TAFFLER MorrisC778209 Aug 193076R117 10
TAFFLER RachelC417925 May 192674R117 11
TAFLER HenriettaP1945803 Sep 191468L5
TAFLER SimonP1945925 Oct 191872L5
TAGER Sidney HymanE294426 Jan 195745K18 01A
TAILOR HA034506 Jul 189636A701 337
TAIRSTEIN KateE019611 Mar 195170Y241 35
TAIRSTEIN WoolfE074622 Apr 195274Y241 36
TAITCHER EdnaD495429 Aug 194113V122 21
TAITCHER FredaC943127 May 193211T104 57
TAITELBAUM AaronE272924 Jul 195676Q265 05
TAITELBAUM AdaE680905 Apr 197487Q265 06
TAITELBAUM MorrisC275024 Sep 19247M118 08
TAITLEBAUM MaryD339704 Mar 193965V134 27
TALCON LouisC577225 Apr 192825S06 67
TALLIS NathanD867601 May 194875Y108 35
TALLIS NettaD841002 Nov 194776Y108 34
TAMAN SarahC528730 Oct 192774S12 48
TAMER FannyD804125 Feb 194780U129 26
TAMMER MarkD990726 Sep 195075Y137 34
TAMMER RebeccaE365415 Oct 195882Y137 33
TANAMAN KatieP1946725 Jan 191975N15
TANCER SarahB587622 Sep 191970I04 37
TANENBAUM BettyA160226 Nov 19033C02 14
TANENBAUM CissieD408626 May 194045V131 34
TANENBAUM IsaacD626223 Jan 194480J20 03
TANENBAUM IsraelD061124 May 193588U138 33
TANENBAUM MyerD394201 Mar 194083U271 29
TANENBAUM RoseE802603 Oct 199898P277 28
TANENBAUM WilliamC537508 Dec 192770S03 40
TANENBAUM ZeldaC1024422 Apr 193372T120 65
TANEROFF HymanC148907 Mar 192360P107 08
TANEROFF RebeccaD014318 Oct 193467T130 26
TANNEN Vivian StanleyC247324 Apr 19248Q104 27
TANNENBAUM Abraham SimeonD364202 Sep 193933U267 22
TANNENBAUM Annie RachelA233517 Aug 19069F06 29
TANNENBAUM AnnieD637019 Mar 194456W31 38
TANNENBAUM BellaP1948110 May 191624J19
TANNENBAUM BernardP1948212 Oct 191261L3
TANNENBAUM BessieE441214 Jul 196074W22 50
TANNENBAUM DanielC770320 Jun 193062S31 07
TANNENBAUM EstherE383423 Feb 195988Q124 37
TANNENBAUM EstherP1948501 Apr 191954J20
TANNENBAUM IsaacE475806 Jul 196163P277 27
TANNENBAUM JosephP1948807 Jul 191828J20
TANNENBAUM LeahC778409 Aug 193056T108 70
TANNENBAUM MichaelP1949011 Dec 191417J20
TANNENBAUM MorrisB654626 Jul 192058N11 34
TANNENBAUM PhilipE101308 Dec 195284Q129 37
TANNENBAUM RebeccaA108704 Sep 190110B901 419
TANNENBAUM SA042930 Jun 18977B101 45
TANNENBERG DavidE675212 Sep 197394S28 45
TANNENBLAT LeahP1949330 Sep 190764H4
TANNENHAUS MichaelB651703 Jul 192044N04 12
TANNER AbrahamC1056908 Oct 193364U128 26
TANNER AbrahamC562309 Mar 192840S05 35
TANNER JennieC478114 Feb 192730R129 47
TANSKI BenjaminC642630 Jan 19299R241 04
TANSKY IsraelD030004 Jan 193556U135 16
TANSMAN SolomonC243002 Apr 192470P133 24
TAPAR JacobA151626 Jul 19034C06 10
TAPER HarrisE542029 Aug 196471P262 14
TAPER SarahE335507 Jan 195867P262 13
TAPPER AlecE481619 Oct 196188V389 14
TAPPER AnnieC449105 Nov 192647R123 55
TAPPER DavidD057101 May 193553U137 40
TAPPER IsaacD774122 Sep 194673X09 36
TAPPER MillieD723717 Oct 194566X20 39
TAPPER o/w TOPEROFF MyerD874218 Jun 194878Y115 13
TAPPER RachaelA075927 Jan 19004B501 254
TAPPERMAN BellaC170329 May 192332P117 33
TAPPERMAN RebeccaC1116829 May 193454T128 43
TARCOVNICK AnnieP1950207 Jun 191042E6
TARCOVNICK SamuelP1950325 Sep 190982E5
TARELOFF AbrahamC822302 Feb 193168U111 31
TARIANSKY AbrahamE299004 Mar 195787Y243 13
TARIANSKY SarahE066922 Feb 195281Y243 12
TARLO MaryP1950408 Jul 191822J10
TARLOFSKI SarahC1000728 Jan 193371S24 65
TARLOFSKY HarrisC669803 Apr 192971S24 66
TARN GertrudeE756717 Feb 198481I21 53
TARN LouisE660402 Feb 197277I21 54
TARN RosaE209715 Feb 195549Q106 41
TARNAPOLSKY MauriceP1950903 Jul 191849J11
TARNOFSKY JacobE017628 Feb 195176X31 23
TARNOFSKY PeterE378225 Jan 195974Z242 30
TARNOFSKY SarahE643503 Nov 197080Z243 31
TARNOPOLAK SarahD679628 Dec 194470Q106 26
TARNOPOLSKY ReubenC205529 Nov 192362Q125 09
TARNOPOLSKY SarahB628721 Mar 192045K05 44
TARNOWSKY GitliC689030 Jun 192977S18 55
TARNPOLSKY IsraelD595727 Jul 194372Q106 25
TARNSTEIN MorrisB663114 Sep 192024N03 36
TARSHISH PesachC384415 Jan 192670Q109 13
TARTAKOFF HarrisD651807 Jul 194468X26 18
TARTAKOFF MaryC108702 Sep 192252K16 14
TARTARSKY JuliusC282603 Nov 192443P243 20
TARTARSKY SarahE404017 Aug 195980P259 30
TASH ColmanC238313 Mar 192471P132 27
TASH LeahE607704 Apr 196879W30 06
TASH MorrisD620126 Dec 194356W30 05
TASH SlivaC964413 Sep 193278P132 28
TASH SolomonC1073718 Dec 193364U128 50
TASHER RebeccaA195223 Mar 19052E02 27
TASHKOVSKY IsraelC110010 Sep 192249K18 22
TASHOWSKY AlecD112525 Jan 193645U242 28
TASHOWSKY MillicentE526312 Nov 196370U243 28
TASSELKRAUT DoraP1952125 Apr 191750E8
TATARSKY BloomahD660522 Aug 194439V128 02
TATARSKY CharlesD565910 Jan 194373V128 12
TATARSKY KateD402115 Apr 194072V128 13
TAUB AnnieA252822 Mar 190715H01 18
TAUB AnnieD005727 Aug 193485T122 53
TAUB FredaD102015 Dec 193575T139 30
TAUB GustaveC275125 Sep 192444P241 23
TAUB IsaacC999626 Jan 193391U105 11
TAUB IsraelA112302 Nov 19016D01 37
TAUB LilyA110102 Oct 19016D01 30
TAUBE EstherD327124 Dec 193876V258 22
TAUBE HarrisP1952525 Jul 190955G9
TAUBE SolomonC808323 Dec 193049S33 42
TAUBER SolomonP1952704 Oct 1912L1
TAUBLER IsaacE099101 Dec 195278Q130 33
TAUBLER LeahE396606 Jun 195977Q130 34
TAUCER SolomonD190002 Jan 193768U249 32
TAVALOFF BarnetE448704 Oct 196069P263 34
TAVALOFF Rebecca AdaC1055127 Sep 193366T123 25
TAVIANSKY KatieP1953108 Sep 191418L13
TAVROGIS AnnieE102311 Dec 195265Q128 35
TAVROGIS JosephD197720 Jan 193766U250 47
TAVROGIS MinnieP1953327 Feb 191084D4
TAVVOGES SheinaB603905 Dec 191963K05 30
TAX HymanE560730 Aug 196580P264 15
TAX RachelE722425 Sep 197890P264 16
TAX Rosalie SusanB602827 Nov 191957I09 67
TAX SamuelP1953830 Jan 191353I9
TAYLOR AaronE222320 Jun 195580V130 20
TAYLOR Abraham HymanP1954027 Jul 19171M7
TAYLOR AbrahamD125505 Mar 193670V242 01
TAYLOR AdaD711114 Jul 194542X21 28
TAYLOR AnnE776729 Jan 198994Q264 06
TAYLOR AnnieD179826 Nov 193665U133 23
TAYLOR AnnieD439907 Nov 194073V267 17
TAYLOR Beatrice FlorenceC180016 Jul 192329P122 04
TAYLOR Bessie EvaC833812 Mar 193157T109 28
TAYLOR BessieD493111 Aug 194177V242 02
TAYLOR DavisC843115 Apr 193155U113 37
TAYLOR HowardE248029 Jan 195648V110 01
TAYLOR IsaacC1105708 Apr 193463U133 24
TAYLOR JennieP1954620 Nov 191223L2
TAYLOR JosephE121717 Mar 195384Z107 12
TAYLOR KateA012611 Jun 18924A301 123
TAYLOR LazarusA023530 Oct 18947A401 207
TAYLOR LizzieC869507 Aug 193162J02 57
TAYLOR MarkP1954711 May 191528L18
TAYLOR MichaelD348128 Apr 193954U265 22
TAYLOR MillieD389106 Feb 194068V130 19
TAYLOR NathanC210316 Dec 192316Q131 04
TAYLOR RaphaelE461308 Feb 196167Q3B1 10
TAYLOR RebeccaE541622 Aug 196483R122 11
TAYLOR RoseE091509 Oct 195276T112 38
TAYLOR SarahD014118 Oct 193450T130 11

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