All Deceased beginning with letters 'TA'

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All names beginning TA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TABACHNIK CecilE3511021 Feb 19342XQ03 45
TABASNICK COHEN HarrisE3511126 Nov 195983XX01 41
TABATCHNICK Myer SimonE3511225 Feb 194477XW28 34
TABATCHNICK PearlE3511313 Aug 196090XW34 34
TABAXMAN BarnettE3511422 May 192629XR17 25
TABAXMAN Myer IsaacE3511514 Sep 193264XU24 17
TABAXMAN SarahE3511627 Jan 192556XM25 21
TABERCHINSKY Israel SamuelE3511713 Aug 193668XU46 43
TABLINSKY DavidE3511823 Mar 195174XX02 29
TABLINSKY JosephE3511919 Jun 192046XN04 28
TABLINSKY SarahE3512002 Oct 196485XX02 30
TABLON WoolfE3512117 Jan 1911XO16 8
TABOLISKY Bertha RebeccaE3512217 May 191811 mthXM09 30
TABOR BasilE3512328 Aug 193511XU39 37
TABOR CharlesE3512426 Dec 194371XW30 10
TABOR RebeccaE3512509 Jul 197093XW29 10
TABORISKY SarahE3512623 Apr 194469XS31 40
TABRISKY AbrahamE3512727 Jul 193055XS31 39
TABRISKY AbrahamE3512824 Nov 192968XS28 59
TABRISKY JennieE3512904 Feb 192718XR28 35
TACK DavidE3513004 Nov 19212 mthXM13 25
TAFFLER BloomahE3513105 Feb 19178 mthXM07 17
TAFFLER MorrisE3513209 Aug 193076XR17 10
TAFFLER RachelE3513325 May 192674XR17 11
TAGER Sidney HymanE3513426 Jan 195745XK18 1A
TAILOR HE3513506 Jul 189636XA07 337
TAIRSTEIN KateE3513611 Mar 195170XY41 35
TAIRSTEIN WoolfE3513722 Apr 195274XY41 36
TAITCHER EdnaE3513829 Aug 194113XV22 21
TAITCHER FredaE3513927 May 193211XT04 57
TAITELBAUM AaronE3514024 Jul 195676XQ65 5
TAITELBAUM AdaE3514105 Apr 197487XQ65 6
TAITELBAUM MorrisE3514224 Sep 19247XM18 8
TAITLEBAUM MaryE3514304 Mar 193965XV34 27
TALCON LouisE3514425 Apr 192825XS06 67
TALLIS NathanE3514501 May 194875XY08 35
TALLIS NettaE3514602 Nov 194776XY08 34
TAMAN SarahE3514730 Oct 192774XS12 48
TAMER FannyE3514825 Feb 194780XU29 26
TAMMER MarkE3514926 Sep 195075XY37 34
TAMMER RebeccaE3515015 Oct 195882XY37 33
TANCER SarahE3515122 Sep 191970XI04 37
TANENBAUM BettyE3515226 Nov 19033XC02 14
TANENBAUM CissieE3515326 May 194045XV31 34
TANENBAUM Ethel RoseE3515431 Mar 191954XJ20 2
TANENBAUM IsaacE3515523 Jan 194480XJ20 3
TANENBAUM IsraelE3515624 May 193588XU38 33
TANENBAUM MiriamE3515707 Aug 1911XI05 7
TANENBAUM MyerE3515801 Mar 194083XU71 29
TANENBAUM RoseE3515903 Oct 199898XP77 28
TANENBAUM WilliamE3516008 Dec 192770XS03 40
TANENBAUM ZeldaE3516122 Apr 193372XT20 65
TANEROFF HymanE3516207 Mar 192360XP07 8
TANEROFF RebeccaE3516318 Oct 193467XT30 26
TANNEN Vivian StanleyE3516424 Apr 19242 mthXQ04 27
TANNENBAUM Abraham SimeonE3516502 Sep 193933XU67 22
TANNENBAUM Annie RachelE3516617 Aug 19069 mthXF06 29
TANNENBAUM AnnieE3516719 Mar 194456XW31 38
TANNENBAUM BessieE3516814 Jul 196074XW22 50
TANNENBAUM DanielE3516920 Jun 193062XS31 7
TANNENBAUM EstherE3517023 Feb 195988XQ24 37
TANNENBAUM IsaacE3517106 Jul 196163XP77 27
TANNENBAUM JosephE3517206 Jul 191828XJ20 1
TANNENBAUM LeahE3517309 Aug 193056XT08 70
TANNENBAUM MorrisE3517426 Jul 192058XN11 34
TANNENBAUM PhilipE3517508 Dec 195284XQ29 37
TANNENBAUM RebeccaE3517604 Sep 190110XB09 419
TANNENBAUM SE3517730 Jun 18977 mthXB01 45
TANNENBERG DavidE3517812 Sep 197394XS28 45
TANNENHAUS MichaelE3517903 Jul 192044XN04 12
TANNER AbrahamE3518009 Mar 192840XS05 35
TANNER AbrahamE3518108 Oct 193364XU28 26
TANNER JennieE3518214 Feb 192730XR29 47
TANSEMAN KateE3518326 Jan 191960XN15 40
TANSKI BenjaminE3518430 Jan 19299XR41 4
TANSKY IsraelE3518504 Jan 193556XU35 16
TANSMAN SolomonE3518602 Apr 192470XP33 24
TAPAR JacobE3518726 Jul 19034 mthXC06 10
TAPER HarrisE3518829 Aug 196471XP62 14
TAPER SarahE3518907 Jan 195867XP62 13
TAPPER AlecE3519019 Oct 196188XV89 14
TAPPER AnnieE3519105 Nov 192647XR23 55
TAPPER DavidE3519201 May 193553XU37 40
TAPPER IsaacE3519322 Sep 194673XX09 36
TAPPER MillieE3519417 Oct 194566XX20 39
TAPPER o/w TOPEROFF MyerE3519518 Jun 194878XY15 13
TAPPER RachaelE3519627 Jan 19004XB05 254
TAPPERMAN BellaE3519729 May 192332XP17 33
TAPPERMAN RebeccaE3519829 May 193454XT28 43
TARIANSKY AbrahamE3519904 Mar 195787XY43 13
TARIANSKY SarahE3520022 Feb 195281XY43 12
TARLO Katie MiriamE3520108 Jul 191823XJ10 18
TARLOFSKI SarahE3520228 Jan 193371XS24 65
TARLOFSKY HarrisE3520303 Apr 192971XS24 66
TARN GertrudeE3520417 Feb 198481XI21 53
TARN LouisE3520502 Feb 197277XI21 54
TARN RosaE3520615 Feb 195549XQ06 41
TARNOFSKY JacobE3520728 Feb 195176XX31 23
TARNOFSKY PeterE3520825 Jan 195974XZ42 30
TARNOFSKY SarahE3520903 Nov 197080XZ43 31
TARNOPOLAK SarahE3521028 Dec 194470XQ06 26
TARNOPOLSKY ReubenE3521129 Nov 192362XQ25 9
TARNOPOLSKY SarahE3521221 Mar 192045XK05 44
TARNOWSKY GitliE3521330 Jun 192977XS18 55
TARNPOLSKY IsraelE3521427 Jul 194372XQ06 25
TARNSTEIN MorrisE3521514 Sep 192024XN03 36
TARSHISH PesachE3521615 Jan 192670XQ09 13
TARTAKOFF HarrisE3521707 Jul 194468XX26 18
TARTAKOFF MaryE3521802 Sep 192252XK16 14
TARTARSKY JuliusE3521903 Nov 192443XP43 20
TARTARSKY SarahE3522017 Aug 195980XP59 30
TARTE AbrahamE3522102 Apr 191652XJ19 31
TASELCRAUT MendelE3522204 Dec 1909XE07 12
TASH ColmanE3522313 Mar 192471XP32 27
TASH LeahE3522404 Apr 196879XW30 6
TASH MorrisE3522526 Dec 194356XW30 5
TASH SlivaE3522613 Sep 193278XP32 28
TASH SolomonE3522718 Dec 193364XU28 50
TASHER RebeccaE3522823 Mar 19052XE02 27
TASHKOVSKY IsraelE3522910 Sep 192249XK18 22
TASHOWSKY AlecE3523025 Jan 193645XU42 28
TASHOWSKY MillicentE3523112 Nov 196370XU43 28
TATARSKY BloomahE3523222 Aug 194439XV28 2
TATARSKY CharlesE3523310 Jan 194373XV28 12
TATARSKY KateE3523415 Apr 194072XV28 13
TAUB AnnieE3523522 Mar 190715 mthXH01 18
TAUB AnnieE3523627 Aug 193485XT22 53
TAUB FredaE3523715 Dec 193575XT39 30
TAUB GustaveE3523825 Sep 192444XP41 23
TAUB IsaacE3523926 Jan 193391XU05 11
TAUB IsraelE3524002 Nov 19012 mthXD01 37
TAUB LilyE3524102 Oct 19012 mthXD01 30
TAUBE EstherE3524224 Dec 193876XV58 22
TAUBE SolomonE3524323 Dec 193049XS33 42
TAUBER LouisE3524401 Jan 191649XJ04 27
TAUBLER IsaacE3524501 Dec 195278XQ30 33
TAUBLER LeahE3524606 Jun 195977XQ30 34
TAUCER SolomonE3524702 Jan 193768XU49 32
TAVALOFF AbrahamE3524802 Feb 193168XU11 31
TAVALOFF BarnetE3524904 Oct 196069XP63 34
TAVALOFF Rebecca AdaE3525027 Sep 193366XT23 25
TAVROGIS AnnieE3525111 Dec 195265XQ28 35
TAVROGIS JosephE3525220 Jan 193766XU50 47
TAVVOGES SheinaE3525305 Dec 191963XK05 30
TAX HymanE3525430 Aug 196580XP64 15
TAX RachelE3525525 Sep 197890XP64 16
TAX Rosalie SusanE3525627 Nov 191957XI09 67
TAYLER MarkE3525711 May 191528XL18 31
TAYLOR AaronE3525820 Jun 195580XV30 20
TAYLOR Abraham HymanE3525924 Jul 191718XM07 35
TAYLOR AbrahamE3526005 Mar 193670XV42 1
TAYLOR AdaE3526114 Jul 194542XX21 28
TAYLOR AnnE3526229 Jan 198994XQ64 6
TAYLOR AnnieE3526326 Nov 193665XU33 23
TAYLOR AnnieE3526407 Nov 194073XV67 17
TAYLOR Beatrice FlorenceE3526516 Jul 192329XP22 4
TAYLOR Bessie EvaE3526612 Mar 193157XT09 28
TAYLOR BessieE3526711 Aug 194177XV42 2
TAYLOR DavisE3526815 Apr 193155XU13 37
TAYLOR HowardE3526929 Jan 195648XV10 1
TAYLOR IsaacE3527008 Apr 193463XU33 24
TAYLOR JaneE3527120 Nov 1912XL02 51
TAYLOR JosephE3527217 Mar 195384XZ07 12
TAYLOR KateE3527311 Jun 18924 mthXA03 123
TAYLOR LazarusE3527430 Oct 18947 mthXA04 207
TAYLOR LizzieE3527507 Aug 193162XJ02 57
TAYLOR MichaelE3527628 Apr 193954XU65 22
TAYLOR MillieE3527706 Feb 194068XV30 19
TAYLOR MyerE3527809 Apr 191929XN14 15
TAYLOR NathanE3527916 Dec 192316XQ31 4
TAYLOR RaphaelE3528008 Feb 196167XQ111 10
TAYLOR RebeccaE3528122 Aug 196483XR22 11
TAYLOR RoseE3528209 Oct 195276XT12 38
TAYLOR SarahE3528318 Oct 193450XT30 11

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