All Deceased beginning with letters 'SZ'

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All names beginning SZ
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SZAPDZEWSKI or MORRI RoseE3509614 Sep 193768XU41 12
SZAPIRA SharonE3509715 Apr 201668XQ118 1
SZAPIRA StanleyE3509824 Oct 200258XQ118 2
SZCZENSLIVE EvaE3509929 Feb 194431XW28 21
SZCZENSLIVE FannyE3510019 Apr 194432XW27 21
SZCZENSLIVE Miriam O/W MaryE3510124 Sep 195678XT53 8
SZCZENSLIVE SimonE3510227 Aug 196279XT53 7
SZLYGLIC Freda ChayaE3510329 Jun 193479XT28 22
SZMUL o/w HILLMAN JacobE3510424 Nov 193659XT18 1
SZMUL YettaE3510509 Aug 192985XS08 48
SZPETMAN Rabbi SzyaE3510620 Mar 196476XW09 49
SZPETMAN RachelE3510715 Jun 195370XW09 48
SZPIRO OrnaE3510826 Mar 201166XQ121 1
SZTRUMWASER FreidaE3510930 May 193985XV62 5

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