All Deceased beginning with letters 'SZ'

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All names beginning SZ
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SZAPDZEWSKI or MORRI RoseD248214 Sep 193768U241 12
SZAPIRA SharonE0819515 Apr 20160Q3B8 01
SZAPIRA StanleyE808124 Oct 200258Q3B8 02
SZCZENSLIVE EvaD633029 Feb 194431W28 21
SZCZENSLIVE FannyD641419 Apr 194432W27 21
SZCZENSLIVE Miriam O/W MaryE278824 Sep 195678T253 08
SZCZENSLIVE SimonE501427 Aug 196279T253 07
SZLYGLIC Freda ChayaC1122629 Jun 193479T128 22
SZMUL o/w HILLMAN JacobD180124 Nov 193659T118 01
SZMUL YettaC696209 Aug 192985S08 48
SZPETMAN Rabbi SzyaE533920 Mar 196476W09 49
SZPETMAN RachelE133715 Jun 195370W09 48
SZPIRO OrnaE0816026 Mar 201166Q4C1 01
SZTRUMWASER FreidaD353030 May 193985V262 05

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