All Deceased beginning with letters 'SY'

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All names beginning SY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SYELTA LazarusE3507505 Jun 191649XE08 34
SYKEMOVITCH RosieE3507623 Oct 19192XM10 60
SYMBERLIST AbrahamE3507711 Dec 195295XQ29 36
SYMON HE3507812 Feb 189822XA09 451
SYMONS AdaE3507916 Jan 193778XV46 3
SYMONS BarnetE3508018 May 196572XY33 25
SYMONS D.E3508110 Mar 190060XC05 3
SYMONS FannyE3508212 Oct 192370XP27 13
SYMONS HenryE3508324 Jul 195975XZ21 24
SYMONS JackE3508423 Jun 192421 mthXQ04 10
SYMONS JosephE3508510 Nov 192570XP27 12
SYMONS MillyE3508602 Jul 1914XL15 7
SYMONS MinaE3508704 Apr 195063XY33 26
SYMONS MiriamE3508809 Jun 195262XZ24 23
SYMONS MorrisE3508908 Mar 196777XZ29 4
SYMONS RachelE3509016 Jan 195471XZ21 23
SYMONS RebeccaE3509104 Feb 194890XS04 38
SYNETT RebeccaE3509210 Aug 200794XD10 2
SYNETT SamE3509320 Sep 199083XD10 1
SYNITSKY RebeccaE3509402 Aug 193377XT23 32
SYRUP BetsyE3509515 Feb 192177XK10 41

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