All Deceased beginning with letters 'SY'

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All names beginning SY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SYKEMOVITCH RosieB594023 Oct 19192M110 60
SYMBERLIST AbrahamE102011 Dec 195295Q129 36
SYMON HA049012 Feb 189822A901 451
SYMONDS RachelP1943310 Jun 19075E3
SYMONS AdaD196216 Jan 193778V246 03
SYMONS AlfredP1943509 Mar 191929K4
SYMONS BarnetE555418 May 196572Y133 25
SYMONS D.A077110 Mar 190060C05 03
SYMONS FannyC194712 Oct 192370P127 13
SYMONS HenryE401624 Jul 195975Z121 24
SYMONS JackC259023 Jun 192421Q104 10
SYMONS JosephC365410 Nov 192570P127 12
SYMONS MillieP1943802 Jul 191454L15
SYMONS MinaD969804 Apr 195063Y133 26
SYMONS MiriamE080009 Jun 195262Z124 23
SYMONS MiriamP1943920 Dec 191384I10
SYMONS MorrisE591508 Mar 196777Z129 04
SYMONS RachelE158816 Jan 195471Z121 23
SYMONS RebeccaD854304 Feb 194890S04 38
SYNETT RebeccaE813510 Aug 200794D10 02
SYNETT SamE780920 Sep 199083D10 01
SYNITSKY RebeccaC1044202 Aug 193377T123 32
SYRUP BetsyB694015 Feb 192177K10 41

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