All Deceased beginning with letters 'SW'

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All names beginning SW
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SWAGER SimonE3502502 Jun 193157XU14 34
SWALSKY AnnieE3502604 Feb 191921XN14 30
SWARDOLOVITCH JaneE3502721 Aug 195781XU64 40
SWARTZ H.E3502801 Feb 19012XB10 476
SWAYGER PearlE3502930 Mar 196386XU14 35
SWAYTHING Rt Hon LordE3503012 Jan 1911XI19 75
SWAYTHLING EllaE3503115 Mar 191975XI19 61
SWEDE AbrahamE3503212 Feb 191664XJ06 24
SWEDE JosephE3503302 Dec 195377XX29 21
SWEDE YettaE3503419 Aug 194365XX29 22
SWEDEN BarnettE3503506 Oct 193265XU13 46
SWEDENSKY FannyE3503610 Aug 195586XZ38 29
SWEETBAUM BessieE3503728 Oct 19407XU78 41
SWEETBAUM FannyE3503807 Dec 197275XQ117 6
SWEETBAUM HymanE3503911 Jan 196062XQ117 5
SWEETBAUM SarahE3504028 Oct 194017XU78 40
SWENETSKY IsraelE3504115 Jan 192360XP05 13
SWENMAN GeitelE3504228 Oct 1910XI01 17
SWERCHINSKY JosephE3504317 Apr 192870XS06 40
SWERDLIN EdithE3504407 Dec 194357XX28 13
SWERDLIN RebeccaE3504530 May 193073XT07 39
SWERDLIN SamuelE3504630 Mar 194767XX28 5
SWERDLING MorrisE3504701 Oct 191561XJ06 32
SWERDLOFF RebeccaE3504823 Aug 194466XW25 46
SWERGLOFF MinnieE3504919 Apr 1909XG01 33
SWERLING BarnetE3505030 Aug 193176XU16 34
SWERLING FrancesE3505121 Apr 19369 mthXQ04 69
SWERLING SarahE3505211 Jul 192472XP25 1
SWERMAN AnnieE3505331 Mar 192169XK10 18
SWERN PercyE3505420 Apr 193123XU13 15
SWERNER ItzickE3505527 Feb 19204 mthXM11 25
SWERNER JacobE3505612 Oct 192365XP27 19
SWERNER JosephE3505710 Jun 195481XZ33 31
SWERNER RosieE3505805 Jul 195566XZ36 18
SWERNER YettaE3505915 Sep 195765XP60 25
SWETLIN LewisE3506016 Nov 196084XV65 16
SWETLITZ LeahE3506108 Apr 193966XV65 17
SWETLIZ BloomahE3506217 Feb 195482XS14 2
SWETSKY IsaacE3506302 Sep 193057XS32 70
SWETSKY o/w DAVIS RachelE3506419 Oct 194690XS32 69
SWICKLER HildaE3506506 Dec 195480XQ18 33
SWIDENSKY SolomonE3506627 Jul 191857XJ11 50
SWIESKY WoolfE3506723 Sep 192821XS20 15
SWILSKY BarnettE3506819 Dec 19178XM06 32
SWIMANER Jacob-JosephE3506928 May 1914XL05 6
SWIMER PercyE3507023 Aug 194021XV26 5
SWINKLER GabrielE3507108 Jun 195382XQ18 34
SWITCHNICK EvaE3507229 Sep 194026XQ39 37
SWITOFSKY AnnieE3507329 Jun 195083XS30 7
SWYER RosieE3507406 Apr 196987XQ24 22

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