All Deceased beginning with letters 'SU'

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All names beginning SU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SUBLINER LeahE118401 Mar 195368Q127 37
SUCH EmanuelD455611 Jan 194118V268 26
SUCHAJAPINSKY LeahE625811 Jul 196973Z113 01
SUCHAJAPSKY IsaacE110825 Jan 195359Z113 16
SUCKMAN SarahD738311 Jan 194680X17 38
SUCOLSKY ColemanC117927 Oct 192254P103 17
SUCOVITCH EstherP1928308 Apr 191464I14
SUCOVITCH HarrisC943728 May 193249U109 38
SUCROWITCH PhilipA238812 Oct 19063E03 24
SUDIC MarksD752919 Apr 194654X14 14
SUDIC RachelE748901 Sep 198283X14 13
SUDOFSKY HymanB685715 Jan 192138N02 07
SUDOVITCH JacobD482127 May 194170V276 10
SUDOVITCH SarahE474725 Jun 196185V276 11
SUENETSKY BernardC214601 Jan 192414Q103 17
SUFRIN Abraham MarcusP1928420 Mar 191470I11
SUFRIN IsaacC590909 Jul 192858S06 23
SUGAR Annie BessieD471601 Apr 194124V273 24
SUGAR Annie PearlC683023 May 192913S16 43
SUGAR BarnettC277205 Oct 192444P241 18
SUGAR DebbyP1928903 Oct 191768J13
SUGAR DeborahE129206 May 195368Q120 30
SUGAR FannyD428730 Sep 194054Q139 27
SUGAR Frances NormaD223808 May 19374T247 02
SUGAR IsaacP1929316 Apr 191872J13
SUGAR IsraelD949001 Dec 194971V123 07
SUGAR LouisD783525 Nov 194666X08 47
SUGAR MarkE040013 Aug 195176W11 33
SUGAR MarksE136103 Jul 195375Y109 26
SUGAR MyerE327417 Nov 195784Y134 42
SUGAR NathanE114610 Feb 195372Q124 23
SUGAR RachelD579223 Mar 194324V109 38
SUGAR Rosa o/w RoseD845302 Dec 194764Y109 27
SUGAR RoseD483507 Jun 194160V123 06
SUGAR SylviaD878101 Aug 194867Y116 14
SUGAR YettaE028308 May 195173W11 34
SUGARBERG LewisP1929716 Feb 191240I6
SUGARBERG RebekahE194511 Nov 195481Q106 38
SUGARBREAD AaronD090230 Oct 193566Q108 18
SUGARBROAD FannyE269025 Jun 195684Q110 37
SUGARBROWN AbrahamD412924 Jun 194057U274 47
SUGARMAN A056522 Aug 18987B101 64
SUGARMAN AbrahamE252314 Feb 195667W12 42
SUGARMAN AnnieC285816 Nov 192417P244 21
SUGARMAN AnnieD205119 Feb 193759V248 28
SUGARMAN AnnieE593012 Apr 196784Q116 44
SUGARMAN AnnieP1930008 Mar 191684J21
SUGARMAN ArthurE723813 Nov 197871Q134 42
SUGARMAN BarnettD398224 Mar 194069U272 31
SUGARMAN Berg GodelP1930319 Oct 191376L3
SUGARMAN BerthaC1053321 Sep 193319T123 08
SUGARMAN BloomahC163726 Apr 192344P117 25
SUGARMAN CharlesC919722 Feb 193273T108 64
SUGARMAN DavidA011509 Mar 189214A301 118
SUGARMAN DavidP1930620 Aug 190829C1
SUGARMAN DavidP1930714 Jan 191527I15
SUGARMAN DoraB667410 Oct 192020K09 39
SUGARMAN DoraC761311 May 193070T107 64
SUGARMAN FannyE232828 Sep 195549Y120 28
SUGARMAN FannyP1931012 Jul 191332L12
SUGARMAN George AlexanderB658615 Aug 192025N04 36
SUGARMAN GoldaD508009 Dec 194171U272 32
SUGARMAN HarrisP1931228 Mar 191060H5
SUGARMAN HarryD891312 Nov 194843Y120 29
SUGARMAN IsaacA225004 May 190642F02 34
SUGARMAN IsaacC303124 Jan 192545P244 29
SUGARMAN IsaacD016702 Nov 193449U103 17
SUGARMAN IsraelD326723 Dec 193874K07 01
SUGARMAN JA042313 Jun 189715A701 359
SUGARMAN JA053919 Jun 189818A801 424
SUGARMAN JosephC299310 Jan 192564P245 08
SUGARMAN JuliaC326030 Apr 192528R104 22
SUGARMAN LeahE038631 Jul 195152W12 43
SUGARMAN LewisC1044406 Aug 193352U108 47
SUGARMAN M.A106228 Jul 19015D01 08
SUGARMAN MarkE238927 Nov 195573Z139 32
SUGARMAN MarksE598304 Sep 196787Q116 45
SUGARMAN MaryP1932028 May 191072G8
SUGARMAN Michael DavidD078102 Sep 19351Q103 60
SUGARMAN MillieP1932210 Feb 191452I10
SUGARMAN NathanE258619 Mar 195679W20 31
SUGARMAN RachelC1042323 Jul 193367T122 17
SUGARMAN RachelD537928 Jun 194277K07 1A
SUGARMAN RoseA176328 Jun 19046E01 26
SUGARMAN RoseC652215 Feb 192975S17 56
SUGARMAN SimonA252419 Mar 190755H03 23
SUGARMAN SophiaC096619 Jun 192240N18 01
SUGARMAN SylviaC392010 Feb 192611M128 04
SUGARMAN WoolfC108601 Sep 192218N11 01
SUGARMAN WoolfP1932810 Dec 190865G8
SUGARMAN YettaE030825 May 195172P117 11
SUGARWHITE AbrahamD784002 Dec 194682W04 04
SUGARWHITE EvaE356104 Jul 195891W05 18
SUGARWHITE Joseph LouisE742529 Jun 198173W04 21
SUGARWHITE MorrisD325819 Dec 193853W04 05
SUGARWHITE RachelE760905 Feb 198579W04 22
SUGARWHITE Sarah RachelC842913 Apr 193180T110 68
SUGIN RebeccaE233508 Oct 195571Q254 13
SUKEY HannahE087805 Sep 195283Y134 41
SULKAND RoseC325728 Apr 192517R104 19
SULKIN EstherE065113 Feb 195277Q106 48
SULKIN EstherE184317 Aug 195473Q115 32
SULKIN HarrisE130518 May 195381Q106 49
SULKIN HymanC1070409 Dec 193358U124 51
SULKIN HymanP1933605 Jul 191819J11
SULKIN JacobD602624 Sep 194370X31 12
SULKIN MarkD512614 Jan 194239V280 08
SULKIN MinnieC083809 Apr 192215K02 56
SULKIN RachelD623105 Jan 194465U124 50
SULKIN SimonE244331 Dec 195578Q115 31
SULKIND FannyA193904 Mar 190559C01 43
SULKOFSKY BarnettE236104 Nov 195572T252 01
SULKOFSKY Emma JaneE703002 May 197689T252 02
SULKOVITCH MiriamD828918 Aug 194776Y107 06
SULKOVITCH MorrisE473211 Jun 196189Y107 05
SULLIVAN WoolfD290906 Apr 193852U259 33
SUMMER Arthur MontyC987126 Dec 19328R254 03
SUMMER RebeccaD447511 Dec 194058V126 29
SUMMER ReginaldC810926 Dec 19302R246 04
SUMMERCOM FannyC060818 Jan 192262M115 05
SUMMERCOM NathanC062623 Jan 192264M115 06
SUMMERFIELD GertieC363329 Oct 192528R105 59
SUMMERFIELD IsaacD954303 Jan 195066V256 30
SUMMERFIELD NachaD278221 Jan 193855V256 17
SUMMERS Abraham HarryE306202 May 195758V125 01
SUMMERS Cyril LeonardD697327 Mar 194519V108 11
SUMMERS JacobD959205 Feb 195073Y107 24
SUMMERS JennieE777611 Aug 198992V125 02
SUMMERS KateC103902 Aug 192250N06 46
SUMMERS LipmanC871324 Aug 193160U116 23
SUMMERS SolomonP1934523 Nov 191871N15
SUMMERS SoniaD834628 Sep 194771Y107 23
SUMRAY AnneD936327 Aug 194962Y129 25
SUMRAY ArnoldC635408 Jan 192920S22 63
SUMRAY DoraD924613 May 194986I18 52
SUMRAY Elias PeterD423407 Sep 194043U276 38
SUMRAY Isaac AaronP1934829 Jan 191121I2
SUMRAY IsadoreC365511 Nov 192512R109 35
SUMRAY JosephineC326802 May 192510M119 46
SUMRAY MorrisC036901 Nov 192161I18 51
SUMRAY MorrisE671613 May 197390Y129 26
SUNASKY AllieD507506 Dec 194180P242 12
SUNASKY AnnieC279320 Oct 192463P242 13
SUNDERLAND LeahE232425 Sep 195578Z139 20
SUNDERLAND SimonA237527 Sep 190611E04 11
SUNDERLAND SimonE481113 Oct 196183Z139 19
SUNDLER KushielC023920 Aug 192153K12 12
SUNSHINE AnnaC971416 Oct 193222T117 27
SUNSHINE o/w DONNER RayD917125 Mar 194966Y125 35
SUNSHINE PearlE498806 Jul 196271Q259 14
SUNSHINE PhilipE193505 Nov 195471Q259 13
SUPERFINE BessieD792606 Jan 194780P104 12
SUPERFINE HymanC130211 Dec 192255P104 13
SUPINSKY EstherD080212 Sep 193560T137 14
SUPKOVITCH DavisE062228 Jan 195261W17 39
SUPOSKY AnnieC000602 Apr 192154J11 05
SUPOSKY HarrisD174904 Nov 193689U248 19
SUPOSKY J. ConradC339909 Jul 19253M120 43
SUPPER AnnetteD775809 Oct 194657X09 47
SUPPER AnnieC632028 Dec 192865S15 30
SUPPER CharlesD960509 Feb 195061Z114 11
SUPPER IsaacD610920 Nov 194382S15 29
SUPPERSTEIN AbrahamC768610 Jun 193049S30 60
SUPPERSTEIN DoraD245401 Sep 193775T105 73
SUPPERSTEIN FannyD968226 Mar 195077Y133 11
SUPPERSTEIN HarrisD355815 Jun 193958U266 43
SUPPERSTEIN HarryP1936902 Apr 190924E4
SUPPERSTEIN MillieD204718 Feb 193728V248 21
SUPPERSTEIN MillieE301820 Mar 195776U266 44
SUPPERSTEIN MorrisB617611 Feb 192059J02 35
SUPPERSTEIN RayC139724 Jan 192348P114 22
SUPPERSTEIN SimonC045705 Dec 192137K16 39
SUPPLE BarnettC509429 Jul 192770R136 44
SUPPLE JaneC639522 Jan 192964R136 43
SUPRAN BessieD319506 Nov 193885E08 28
SUPRAN Charles AbrahamE713815 Jul 197766Q381 03
SUPRAN GertrudeE806302 May 200191Q381 04
SURANSKY AbrahamD491529 Jul 194147V277 20
SURINAMER Andrew Michael StevenE699403 Jan 197628Q125 02
SURINAMER ElizabethE800406 Jul 199782Q128 41
SURINAMER FannyC569705 Apr 192872S11 56
SURINAMER Jacob JosephP1938028 May 191418L5
SURINAMER MosesD075521 Aug 193581U139 15
SURINAMER RaymondE793328 Feb 199578Q128 42
SURNAME Given_NameP 000000Age_at_DeathPlot_Location
SUSANITCH NellieE651030 Apr 197194Z137 04
SUSAVITCH AbrahamE066017 Feb 195278W17 26
SUSMAN EmanuelA156410 Oct 19036C02 11
SUSMAN HannahC810227 Dec 193066T103 59
SUSMAN HannahP1938530 Dec 191653J17
SUSOVITCH HarrisE465524 Mar 196188Z137 03
SUSS AlfredE811023 Nov 200481X01A15
SUSS HymanE360831 Aug 195870U255 52
SUSS MarionE0818705 Nov 201484X01A14
SUSS MillieE549926 Jan 196580U255 53
SUSSMAN AbrahamC275730 Sep 192419P241 16
SUSSMAN BarnettC656524 Feb 192956S24 17
SUSSMAN CeliaE577311 Jun 196678V246 01A
SUSSMAN DeborahE343813 Mar 195886T246 20
SUSSMAN EvaD649319 Jun 194448W26 18
SUSSMAN FiferC084713 Apr 192273N01A33
SUSSMAN HelenD649419 Jun 194425W26 19
SUSSMAN IsaacC498426 May 192724R134 52
SUSSMAN IsraelC542927 Dec 192752S03 14
SUSSMAN JosephD857925 Feb 194870Y112 25
SUSSMAN LazarusC375615 Dec 192560R111 07
SUSSMAN MillieE288906 Dec 195678Y112 24
SUSSMAN Morris AaronC815613 Jan 193132S32 72
SUSSMAN MorrisD649219 Jun 194460W26 17
SUSSMAN MorrisE336619 Jan 195868V246 01
SUSSMAN RebeccaD306902 Aug 193878V257 17
SUSSMAN SamuelP1939316 Feb 191725J15
SUSSMAN SarahD193509 Jan 193782V246 04
SUSTRAM LazarusP1939417 Jul 191273L3
SUTTOFF Louis MarkC626209 Dec 192868R133 41
SUTTOFF Vichna YentaC494407 May 192767R133 40
SUVOLSKY AdaC701508 Sep 192959S08 05
SUVOLSKY MarksD671609 Nov 194467W24 01
SUWALSKI IsaacP1939701 May 191353E9
SUWALSKY BetsyA108805 Sep 19016D01 24
SUWALSKY RoseA190525 Jan 190514C03 41
SUWULSKY SimsonA126712 Jun 19026C06 09

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