All Deceased beginning with letters 'ST'

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All names beginning ST
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
STABINSKI BloomahC994816 Jan 193372T121 40
STABINSKY BettyC1004006 Feb 193353T122 56
STABINSKY EstherD826504 Aug 194795P107 29
STABINSKY HarrisP1891201 Oct 191340L5
STABINSKY IsaacP1891322 Apr 191722J15
STABINSKY LewisP1891428 Dec 191753J9
STABINSKY MarksC149909 Mar 192371P107 28
STABINSKY RebeccaD710813 Jul 194574X21 27
STABONOVITCH AbrahamC762314 May 193054S30 39
STACK AnnieC697618 Aug 192972S08 49
STAINER AlfredP1891605 Jun 191217L1
STAINER AlfredP1891725 Jun 19185M6
STAINER MarieP1891809 Oct 191254L4
STAKEL BroniaE344825 Mar 195870P263 25
STAKEL IsaacE711223 Feb 197787P263 26
STALICK MaryC547105 Jan 192876S03 65
STALICK MichaelB640806 May 192064J02 45
STALICK SamuelD909113 Feb 194963Y124 18
STALLER JacobE045704 Oct 195181W14 18
STALLICK SolomonD769915 Aug 194666X10 45
STAMP EstherP1892423 May 191624J19
STANDER AmeliaD046409 Mar 193577T133 42
STANDER HarrisD403928 Apr 194074K17 35
STANDER HymanD809318 Mar 194765T128 18
STANDER JaneC042525 Nov 192152K17 36
STANDER SarahC1118907 Jun 193451T128 19
STANFIELD AbrahamD147004 Jun 193675U245 36
STANFIELD MillyD545025 Aug 194273V115 35
STANFIELD PhilipB695821 Feb 192128J11 16
STANGER PollyE275926 Aug 195674V108 40
STANGER RoseE374303 Jan 195979Q384 12
STANHILL Chaya BeilaE052518 Nov 195186Q101 35
STANHILL David BernardE197927 Nov 195464Q105 35
STANHILL ElsieE809909 Oct 200390Q106 46
STANHILL HarrisD112725 Jan 193668Q101 36
STANHILL MinnieD813719 Apr 194750Q105 36
STANHILL SamuelE806429 May 200194Q106 47
STANLEY ViviC017615 Jul 19218I06 75
STANTON BellaE775118 Sep 198887P276 20
STANTON DavidE595214 Jun 196776S22 01
STAR RachelD156023 Jul 193676T245 08
STARABICOFSKY Clarice EttieC816314 Jan 19315R243 16
STARASHINSKY MarkD137923 Apr 193659U245 09
STARK BenjaminA171116 Apr 190457C01 37
STARK CeliaC349929 Aug 192545R102 02
STARK EmanuelC912229 Jan 193257R101 02
STARK FrankC675122 Apr 192934S25 37
STARK Harry Dr.D293519 Apr 193833R101 01
STARK HelenaE269124 Jun 195687X04 23
STARK LeahC548711 Jan 192870S04 65
STARK ReginaD587824 May 194386J07 15
STARK RosyA158030 Oct 190316C08 09
STARK SolomonP1894709 Jun 191556L18
STARK WoolfD803324 Feb 194768X04 22
STARKE FannyA164028 Jan 190447C01 36
STARKE NathanC753108 Apr 193082S29 33
STARKMAN BettyE154104 Dec 195376V386 13
STARKMAN PeterD571007 Feb 194367V386 14
STARKOVITCH DoraC977013 Nov 193275T118 14
STARKOVITCH LewisD334301 Feb 193981T118 13
STARMINSKY SarahC1001430 Jan 193350T122 62
STAROBICKOFSKY ElfredP1895226 Jul 1911O18
STAROBICKOFSKY Masha FreidalE381417 Feb 195980X31 03
STAROBICKOFSKY MorrisE212404 Mar 195576X31 04
STAROBICKOFSKY RachelP1895316 Jan 1915O8
STARR AliceE437616 Jun 196044W14 50
STARR EvaE747610 May 198294W14 52
STARR JosephE361405 Sep 195876W14 53
STARR LewisP1895516 Dec 191663J18
STATE SolomonD738613 Jan 194662X17 35
STATINSKY EstherC916713 Feb 193296T114 34
STAUFFER BeckyE220122 May 195562W10 25
STEAR DoraC673013 Apr 192951S18 14
STEBBING JohnD799909 Feb 194765X05 35
STEBBING RebeccaE412005 Nov 195976X05 34
STEBBING SidneyE191117 Oct 195465Z129 30
STEBBINS LilyD714211 Aug 194537X25 28
STEEL JuliaE013702 Feb 195166X20 16
STEEL LazarusD816112 May 194766X20 15
STEEL MorrisC848909 May 193154U114 13
STEEL RachelE471419 May 196183Y136 43
STEELE AnnieD017505 Nov 193464T104 02
STEELE HymanE130921 May 195385T104 01
STEELE RachelC281530 Oct 192432P243 30
STEEN AnnieC292109 Dec 192483M122 19
STEEN MinnieC229512 Feb 19245Q103 27
STEER IsaacP1896419 Oct 1911I8
STEER NellieD677114 Dec 194440X26 40
STEIBER Derek Mark (Dr.)C732724 Jan 193028S28 25
STEIBER Gerald KennethC799220 Nov 19307M133 01
STEIER DavidD751709 Apr 194667S34 38
STEIGRAD Isaac BerC805715 Dec 193076S33 22
STEIMAN JosephD035123 Jan 193559U135 42
STEIMAN SarahE390310 Apr 195979U134 52
STEIN AaronD847814 Dec 194775Y110 23
STEIN AbrahamC1021008 Apr 193353U117 48
STEIN AbrahamD622604 Jan 194475W30 31
STEIN AbrahamD841406 Nov 194767Y108 40
STEIN AlanC960528 Aug 193213R252 01
STEIN AlbertC1124214 Jul 193460U105 30
STEIN AlecD718010 Sep 194569W33 04
STEIN Annie JaneE669125 Feb 197395W17 01
STEIN AnnieC1092413 Feb 193456T125 48
STEIN AnnieC448802 Nov 192646R123 20
STEIN BetsyB643017 May 19201M111 39
STEIN DavidC022913 Aug 192173G10 27
STEIN DeborahC080902 Apr 192269H09 09
STEIN EmanuelE446611 Sep 196068P274 31
STEIN EstherD203409 Feb 193773V139 03
STEIN EstherP1897026 Mar 191472I14
STEIN FannyC526821 Oct 192738S12 30
STEIN FredaE067725 Feb 195281W30 32
STEIN HarryC1109626 Apr 193434U132 04
STEIN HarryP1897203 Jul 191515I8
STEIN IsaacC386723 Jan 192662P249 05
STEIN IssyC827918 Feb 193149U112 09
STEIN JackE045603 Oct 195157W14 21
STEIN JackE332918 Dec 195759P262 09
STEIN Jacob LionelC1072817 Dec 193316U126 50
STEIN JacobD702029 Apr 194570X23 26
STEIN Jane EthelD689713 Feb 194557W21 41
STEIN Jeffrey LawrenceD974002 May 19505T250 07
STEIN JessieE664609 Sep 197276P274 32
STEIN LeahA206513 Sep 19054E03 03
STEIN LeahC248401 May 192460P134 13
STEIN LeahC813906 Jan 193183R124 34
STEIN LeonardD643202 May 194419W27 18
STEIN LouisC414209 May 192615R116 18
STEIN MarkC619510 Nov 192852S21 26
STEIN MarksC060419 Jan 192260M115 19
STEIN MaxD058509 May 193554U137 36
STEIN MendelC600626 Aug 192875S07 19
STEIN MorrisD774903 Oct 194677K03 56
STEIN MorrisP1898104 Apr 191754J15
STEIN Nathan MarkC977314 Nov 19324R255 01
STEIN NathanC344231 Jul 192565R106 38
STEIN NathanD581103 Apr 194376V139 04
STEIN NathanD973903 May 195065Y134 30
STEIN PhilipC1048701 Sep 193375U126 41
STEIN PincusE068901 Mar 195264Y129 37
STEIN PollyE572515 Mar 196680W14 16
STEIN RachelB698408 Mar 192151K11 38
STEIN RachelC804510 Dec 193052T103 55
STEIN RebeccaC1010827 Feb 193377S08 19
STEIN RebeccaC933915 Apr 193251T115 13
STEIN RebeccaE720304 Jun 197877P262 10
STEIN RebeccaE753929 Aug 198390W14 20
STEIN RoseP1898806 Dec 191629J17
STEIN SamuelE046309 Oct 195164W14 17
STEIN SarahB697002 Mar 19214M112 22
STEIN SarahE362215 Sep 195885W34 30
STEIN SarahE638631 May 197097Y110 22
STEIN SimonC582220 May 192858Q114 11A
STEIN SolomonC503629 Jun 192750M126 18
STEIN WoolfC367320 Nov 192529R109 31
STEIN YettaD968427 Mar 195060Y129 38
STEINBACH FannyA149726 Jun 190343D02 01
STEINBERG AaronD483106 Jun 194180V271 13
STEINBERG AbrahamC589802 Jul 192837S06 19
STEINBERG AbrahamC883217 Oct 193162U118 22
STEINBERG AbrahamD818231 May 194776X03 46
STEINBERG AbrahamP1899410 Aug 19092 mthsG1
STEINBERG AdaC819726 Jan 193173T103 12
STEINBERG AdaD302825 Jun 193873T119 38
STEINBERG AmeliaD605517 Oct 194343X29 34
STEINBERG AmeliaE195718 Nov 195479L01 02A
STEINBERG AnnieD799506 Feb 194782P245 11
STEINBERG AnnieE609719 May 196878Y132 14
STEINBERG AnnieE672503 Jun 197382S30 38
STEINBERG AnnieP1899704 Jan 191847J10
STEINBERG BarnettA230308 Jul 190612F06 20
STEINBERG BarnettP1900021 Dec 191154I8
STEINBERG BerthaC377218 Dec 192546R111 17
STEINBERG ChayaC850215 May 193174F02 44
STEINBERG DavidE283130 Oct 195694P255 32
STEINBERG DeborahE624024 May 196974P255 29
STEINBERG FannyC364403 Nov 192529R109 54
STEINBERG FannyC551520 Jan 192870S04 43
STEINBERG FannyD462111 Feb 194180V271 14
STEINBERG FredaC608023 Sep 192870S03 03
STEINBERG HarrisD050727 Mar 193583U135 49
STEINBERG HenryC088604 May 192213M104 59
STEINBERG HenryP1900707 Apr 191729J16
STEINBERG HettyC087126 Apr 19225K01 56
STEINBERG HymanC165403 May 192321P118 27
STEINBERG HymanE370307 Dec 195882L01 01
STEINBERG JA124913 May 19028D06 13
STEINBERG Jacob JosephC545002 Jan 192870S03 04
STEINBERG JacobC677030 Apr 192968S25 36
STEINBERG JacobC769012 Jun 193047S30 65
STEINBERG JaneE383123 Feb 195985X03 45
STEINBERG JessieE271612 Jul 195669Q243 21
STEINBERG LazarusE009715 Jan 195170Y140 10
STEINBERG LazarusE186303 Sep 195466Q258 11
STEINBERG LeahD888027 Oct 194885Y119 21
STEINBERG LeopoldE166007 Mar 195447Z132 19
STEINBERG LilyC598816 Aug 19283R141 14
STEINBERG MarieE796009 Feb 199688W06 34
STEINBERG MarkE062629 Jan 195272Q243 20
STEINBERG MarksC355321 Sep 19258M118 38
STEINBERG MarksP1901930 Sep 191866J12
STEINBERG MaryE117322 Feb 195376Z125 06
STEINBERG MauriceC679607 May 192932S25 49
STEINBERG MorrisC136111 Jan 192367I16 65
STEINBERG MorrisC785218 Sep 193070S32 43
STEINBERG NancyE029213 May 195176V381 22
STEINBERG NathanD833424 Sep 194756J01 45
STEINBERG PollyC516602 Sep 192760R139 54
STEINBERG RachelA203231 Jul 19057C02 54
STEINBERG RachelC706905 Oct 192939T106 54
STEINBERG RachelC754113 Apr 193027T104 03
STEINBERG RachelC934016 Apr 193268T115 33
STEINBERG RachelD196417 Jan 193776V247 07
STEINBERG RachelE269830 Jun 195678P255 31
STEINBERG RachelE621817 Mar 196986Y140 09
STEINBERG RaphaelD519601 Mar 194272V381 20
STEINBERG SamuelC711226 Oct 192970S23 66
STEINBERG SarahB673515 Nov 192070K09 42
STEINBERG SarahB675625 Nov 192060K09 29
STEINBERG SarahE802719 Nov 1998101J01 46
STEINBERG SolomonC328008 May 192565P245 10
STEINBERG SolomonD552215 Oct 194260V112 34
STEINBERG SolomonE027128 Apr 195155W11 22
STEINBERG SophieD652108 Jul 194475X27 41
STEINBERG Tilly PearlC011405 Jun 192169K11 14
STEINBERG WolfP1903607 Aug 191959N9
STEINBOCK LeahB617207 Feb 192048K06 30
STEINER Leib SamuelC1102727 Mar 193480S11 16
STEINER RoseC537308 Dec 192779S11 15
STEINFELD BellaD691426 Feb 194582P251 32
STEINFELD BettyC110816 Sep 192216O03A 41
STEINFELD DavisD380928 Dec 193975Q243 10
STEINFELD FannyE019208 Mar 195180S34 52
STEINFELD IsaacE126318 Apr 195389P251 33
STEINFELD JennyE046208 Oct 195151Q243 30
STEINFEST IsaacA227331 May 190656F07 06
STEINFIELD ClaraE573727 Mar 196676X04 28
STEINFIELD MarkE238427 Nov 195561Q243 31
STEINFIELD MorrisD145427 May 193669S34 53
STEINFIELD MorrisE427613 Mar 196075P271 19
STEINFIELD Rita EstellaC905404 Jan 193218R250 02
STEINFIELD SophieE496527 May 196274P271 20
STEINGOLD EstherE181213 Jul 195472Y140 07
STEINGOLD HymanP1905028 Oct 191446L16
STEINGOLD MaxE008609 Jan 195171Y140 08
STEINGOLD RoseC1108216 Apr 193468T127 55
STEINHART AbrahamE786224 Apr 199276Y243 31
STEINHART AnnE349501 May 195861Q112 47
STEINHART AnnaE751525 Feb 198372Q108 42
STEINHART AnnieE623324 Apr 196987V245 01A
STEINHART Bertha RebeccaD878909 Aug 194885Q102 01A
STEINHART EvelynC1103702 Apr 193419Q104 44
STEINHART FannyE472904 Jun 196171Y107 02
STEINHART GertrudeE748016 Jun 198285W31 52
STEINHART HarrisE696904 Nov 197586L18 01A
STEINHART HildeE797808 Jul 199680Y243 32
STEINHART HymanE790406 Feb 199480Q112 42
STEINHART IsaacE526004 Nov 196378Y107 01
STEINHART IsraelC335921 Jun 192565Q108 02
STEINHART IsraelE744917 Nov 198170Q108 41
STEINHART LilyE798304 Sep 199675J0101B
STEINHART RachelE215321 Mar 195570Q112 48
STEINHART RaeE162910 Feb 195454Q112 49
STEINHART RebeccaP1906308 Dec 190926E5
STEINHART Sadie AnnE693627 Jun 197559Q112 41
STEINHART SamuelE597605 Aug 196776W31 53
STEINHART SimonE719925 May 197860J01 01A
STEINHOUSE MarksA054120 Jun 189828A901 468
STEINMAN EvaB617007 Feb 192010O29 09
STEINMAN FannyD796726 Jan 194754X05 22
STEINMAN LevyP1906716 Apr 191266I8
STEINMAN SolomonE402807 Aug 195970X05 23
STEINMETZ ElsieE482431 Oct 196180Q133 32
STEINMETZ Isaac WalterE089116 Sep 195282Q133 33
STEINRODT RebeccaC874408 Sep 193153Q122 03
STEINROOT IsraelE322003 Oct 195789Q122 02
STEINWALTZ AnnieC734128 Jan 193028T105 47
STEINWALTZ AnnieE020316 Mar 195155X27 02
STEINWALTZ RebeccaC024420 Aug 192146K13 27
STEMPEL IsaacP1907422 Jan 191565I15
STEMPEL MauriceP1907516 May 191723I19
STEMPEL SarahC405601 Apr 192652R115 36
STENDER HymanC725022 Dec 19290S19 52
STENDER MinnieC714710 Nov 19292M140 12
STENTER MiriamB638324 Apr 19201M111 09
STEPHANY BarnettC1083916 Jan 193470U131 17
STEPHANY RebeccaB627114 Mar 192060K02 44
STEPMITSKY HannahD509925 Dec 194174S07 11
STEPNITSKY LewisC597813 Aug 192857S07 12
STEPPEL EphraimD335709 Feb 193958U264 27
STEPPEL GretaE761611 Apr 198569Q271 06
STEPPEL SamuelE803431 Mar 199990Q271 05
STEPPEL SarahE638423 May 197082U264 26
STEPSKY GoldaP1908321 Feb 191861J10
STEPSKY JacobD063205 Jun 193582U138 36
STEPSKY RachelE366226 Oct 195875X15 55
STEPSKY SarahC531311 Nov 192744M125 26
STEPSKY SolomonC124821 Nov 192258P103 29
STEPSKY SolomonD741225 Jan 194662X16 18
STERLING AbrahamC534424 Nov 192760S02 60
STERLING SarahC267211 Aug 192446P139 27
STERN AbrahamC097420 Jun 192246N02 45
STERN AbrahamE531202 Feb 196488Z243 25
STERN Annie RachelC645302 Feb 192975P118 18
STERN BellaE733509 Jan 198078Y109 32
STERN BerthaD088623 Oct 193522T129 55
STERN BessieE462714 Feb 196175V279 07
STERN BetsyE519417 Jun 196379X21 07
STERN CharlesC120507 Nov 192248P103 26
STERN CissieC186924 Aug 192319P124 28
STERN ClaraC379425 Dec 192542R111 54
STERN DeborahE468918 Apr 196175Y103 33
STERN DoraE792631 Dec 199475Q3B5 02
STERN EliE524412 Sep 196383V261 23
STERN EstherC796509 Nov 193066T109 54
STERN EthelD785409 Dec 194677Q110 23
STERN EvaA035011 Jul 18968A601 331
STERN EvaE495221 Apr 196290U129 50
STERN Fanny FrancesE500914 Aug 196281P246 29
STERN FrancesC489211 Apr 192755R132 30
STERN FredaC758628 Apr 193071T104 20
STERN GertrudeC1015113 Mar 193330T120 47
STERN GertrudeP1909919 Nov 19139 mthsO11
STERN GoldaP1910126 Feb 191250I7
STERN HannahD370216 Oct 193961V261 24
STERN HarryC559220 Feb 19284M134 09
STERN HymanC146724 Feb 192327P106 14
STERN Ian MichaelD195715 Jan 19375Q104 04
STERN IsaacC1044031 Jul 193357U127 35
STERN IsaacC108501 Sep 192241K20 32
STERN IsaacD353230 May 193965U266 36
STERN JacobC1072616 Dec 193359U129 51
STERN JacobC927722 Mar 193266U122 30
STERN JaneC046811 Dec 192140K17 41
STERN JaneD045201 Mar 193554T133 40
STERN JaneP1910601 Aug 191860J6
STERN LewisD709906 Jul 194575X21 08
STERN LouisE782408 Feb 199172Q3B5 01
STERN MarkC843917 Apr 193165U113 43
STERN MaryD071623 Jul 193546U102 17
STERN Maurice Jacob MorganC461721 Dec 192645P246 30
STERN MichaelD088521 Oct 193526T129 54
STERN MillieD478817 Apr 194166T101 70
STERN MillieE491929 Apr 195975Z243 24
STERN MinnieE081625 Jun 195257P257 06
STERN MiriamE397921 Jun 195966P257 04
STERN MorrisC1065316 Nov 193372U129 33
STERN MorrisD502225 Oct 194160V279 08
STERN MorrisD847111 Dec 194752Y109 33
STERN MyerA148813 Jun 190314D06 58
STERN NancyD425412 Sep 194067V126 26
STERN PhilipD880520 Aug 194879Q110 24
STERN PhilipE202531 Dec 195480Q263 12
STERN PhilipE227328 Jul 195563P258 05
STERN RachelC317727 Mar 192548R103 14
STERN RachelP1911806 Sep 191410O2
STERN RebeccaP1912007 Feb 191533I16
STERN ReubenP1912231 Jan 191966N15
STERN RosaC380529 Dec 192542P249 02
STERN Rose RachelC942825 May 193270P249 06
STERN RoseD045503 Mar 193561U127 34
STERN RoseE657518 Nov 197176P258 06
STERN SamC162821 Apr 192373P118 17
STERN SamuelE040314 Aug 195169P249 01
STERN SamuelE708713 Nov 197682P257 05
STERN SarahE603014 Dec 196791P276 15
STERN SimonC567927 Mar 192861S05 28
STERN SimonD447812 Dec 194069T101 69
STERN SolomonC1033203 Jun 193372Q117 19
STERN SophiaP1913029 Mar 191152I1
STERN SusanC171604 Jun 192324P119 03
STERN TheresaB677103 Dec 192010M104 35
STERNBERG DavidE335104 Jan 195882Z125 07
STERNBERG EleazerP1913605 Jun 191458I13
STERNBERG LauraD031709 Jan 193550T132 18
STERNBERG SamuelD966415 Mar 195059Y132 15
STERNCHUSS HymanP1913813 Mar 191654J7
STERNCHUSS SabinaD181401 Dec 193663V245 21
STERNER MaxD642527 Apr 194452W27 43
STERNER SamuelC439015 Sep 19263M129 09
STERNFELD BarneyD935416 Aug 194959Q243 28
STERNFELD Chaya SifaD221629 Apr 193771Q243 09
STERNFELD RebeccaE665828 Oct 197273Q243 29
STERNFIELD IsraelD802921 Feb 194769X04 29
STERNHEIM JosephE360426 Aug 195850P264 08
STERNHEIM ManusA094328 Jan 190192AD01 512
STERNHEIM RoseE815331 Dec 200990P264 07
STETINSKY GershonE364308 Oct 195873V266 02
STETINSKY Harris EliahB677708 Dec 192064N02 16
STETINSKY RoseD438731 Oct 194053V266 16
STEVERMAN AlexanderE300312 Mar 195782V263 28
STEVERMAN RoseD369811 Oct 193955V261 22
STEVIATSKY AnnieB587522 Sep 191960K05 21
STICGOLD WOOLFC1057008 Oct 193367U128 29
STICKLER FannyE231417 Sep 195570Q260 08
STICKLER Joseph HarryD317424 Oct 193840U262 23
STICKLER MinnieP1914613 Oct 1911I1
STICKLER NathanE189506 Oct 195474Q260 07
STIENHART SadieB649017 Jun 192016M111 34
STIFTEL Chana EstherD271020 Dec 193762Q107 22
STIFTEL JosephD064816 Jun 193564Q108 17
STIGLITZ AdaE438522 Jun 196062P273 21
STIGLITZ JaneD069410 Jul 193561T135 26
STIGLITZ RebeccaP1915215 Mar 191655J19
STIKOFSKY NathanC917716 Feb 193212U121 28
STILLER Bella LeahP1915304 Jul 191353I7
STILLER HarryC479522 Feb 192750R129 55
STILLER LeahC535025 Nov 192749R130 23
STILLER RebeccaE212707 Mar 195580Z134 22
STILLERMAN CissieC872731 Aug 193165U113 09
STILLERMAN EdithC729911 Jan 193068S05 73
STILLERMAN LewisC846802 May 193169U113 10
STILLERMAN MichaelD768101 Aug 194692S05 74
STILLERMAN NechamaD317120 Oct 193868V258 06
STILLMAN PhilipP1915906 Jun 191952N9
STILLMAN SophieC924811 Feb 193263T115 66
STINNERMAN LeahD378309 Dec 193955P251 10
STINNERMAN LewisD950807 Dec 194967P251 09
STITCHEN AbrahamD228201 Jun 193770J08 81
STITCHEN PollyC966019 Sep 193264J08 80
STITCHER LeahE578607 Jul 196678V118 02
STITCHER LewisE641726 Sep 197091V118 18
STITCHER MillyD520004 Mar 194262V118 19
STITCHMAN EthelC069618 Feb 192269M116 27
STITCHMAN MarkC976207 Nov 193272U108 27
STIVELMAN RosalindC135305 Jan 192314O22 26
STOCHELL BeckeyC956027 Jul 193268Q243 02
STOCHINSKY JacobP1916711 Aug 1911I6
STOCK BertieC055106 Jan 192216M113 15
STOCK FannyP1916923 Sep 191446L15
STOCK FrankC406405 Apr 192685R115 53
STOCK FredaD001608 Aug 193456T129 40
STOCK HannahC1004606 Feb 193332T120 05
STOCK JA059005 Oct 189857B201 80
STOCK MorrisD289931 Mar 193864T129 41
STOCK MorrisE377321 Jan 195978T120 04
STOCK SamuelA092225 Dec 190070AD01 498
STOCK SolomonD029402 Jan 193562U135 06
STOCKEL JosephC775625 Jul 193068P244 34
STOCKELL AbrahamD731507 Dec 194576Q243 03
STOCKFEDER AaronD635810 Mar 194478V251 31
STOCKFEDER HarryE403108 Aug 195965Y131 43
STOCKFEDER MaryE750120 Dec 198286Y132 35
STOCKFEDER SamuelD998321 Nov 195048Y132 36
STOCKFEDER YettaE118701 Mar 195380V250 31
STOCKLAND DoraA144906 Apr 190358D08 37
STOCKLAND DoraA205029 Aug 190514F01 07
STOCKLAND EvaD092908 Nov 193557T137 04
STOCKLAND Nohe (Noah)E115713 Feb 195376T137 03
STOCKLINSKY IsraelC630223 Dec 192852S21 53
STOCKMAN JaneC948417 Jun 193254U110 02
STOCKMAN JosephD133508 Apr 193653U110 01
STODEL AdelaideC179915 Jul 192318P122 29
STODEL EstherD448013 Dec 194060V268 19
STODEL IsaacE254023 Feb 195676P258 07
STOGELL DavisE461207 Feb 196191P256 01
STOGELL SophieE081826 Jun 195283P256 02
STOKE NathanA028322 Aug 18957A601 284
STOKLINSKY GoldaD748515 Mar 194671X14 40
STOLCBERG IsidoreA211418 Nov 190576C03 53
STOLIAR IsraelP1918413 Dec 191859N15
STOLLER Abraham JosephE706319 Aug 197681W17 50
STOLLER AnnieE391723 Apr 195990W14 19
STOLLER BarnettD166928 Sep 193663U247 35
STOLLER DavidD070717 Jul 193558U137 39
STOLLER FannyE594108 May 196793Y106 37
STOLLER GershonA166022 Feb 190411E01 06
STOLLER IsraelD837815 Oct 194783Y106 36
STOLLER JaneE753529 Jul 198389W17 51
STOLLER MaryD052508 Apr 193559T134 36
STOLLER MorrisC943026 May 193249U109 11
STOLLER SylviaC421714 Jun 192629R118 06
STOLLOFF MiriamB629424 Mar 19206M105 41
STOLLOFF NathanE543916 Oct 196487V280 07
STOLLOFF PaulineE008208 Jan 195171Y140 24
STOLLOFF SarahD510228 Dec 194161V280 06
STOLOFF ClaraE603118 Dec 196790S22 72
STOLOVITCH MaryD331422 Jan 193964V257 28
STOLOVITCH MorrisD942423 Oct 194972Y129 08
STOLOVITSKY RebeccaE155827 Dec 195386U266 48
STOLOVITSKY SamuelD355112 Jun 193973U266 49
STOLOWITZ LeahP1918704 May 191327L8
STOLOWITZKY JaneA213422 Dec 19056F01 32
STOLSKY BetsyD863401 Apr 194880Y101 18
STOLSKY EvaC850817 May 193164T110 25
STOLSKY LouisE135226 Jun 195390T110 26
STOLSKY RebeccaE336114 Jan 195874Q111 37
STOMACHIN CharlesA181902 Oct 190441C09 03
STOMOFF DoraP1919117 Nov 191613O3
STONE AnnieA030513 Nov 189538A501 260
STONE AnnieD190503 Jan 193773V246 21
STONE AnnieE335303 Jan 195876S34 03
STONE BarnetE470226 Apr 196176Q393 01
STONE BenjaminC447428 Oct 192658R122 42
STONE BerthaE119906 Mar 195331Z118 20
STONE DavidD357802 Jul 193963U267 46
STONE Emanuel or MendelD040007 Feb 193558U103 47
STONE EstherD863130 Mar 194851Y113 21
STONE EttieB634010 Apr 192070K02 45
STONE EvaD070818 Jul 193570U128 37
STONE FannyD281908 Feb 193857V136 06
STONE FannyE273428 Jul 195685R123 42
STONE FriedaE385506 Mar 195971Q130 16
STONE HannahC524313 Oct 192768S12 15
STONE HarrisC550518 Jan 192855S04 40
STONE HarrisC879529 Sep 193154U117 40
STONE HymanC1049305 Sep 193358U127 37
STONE HymanD236512 Jul 193731S34 41
STONE IsaacB601520 Nov 191949N07 31
STONE IsaacC571208 Apr 192883S05 61
STONE IsaacP1920326 Apr 191661J7
STONE JaneD802117 Feb 194772U267 14
STONE LeahA249011 Feb 190760H02 20
STONE LeahC571912 Apr 192885S05 60
STONE LouisE511225 Jan 196363X34 06
STONE MarksC634305 Jan 192950S21 40
STONE Mary SarahE595625 Jun 196775W08 32
STONE MillyC044028 Nov 192158K17 47
STONE MorrisC647706 Feb 192946S23 22
STONE MorrisC840506 Apr 193149S34 04
STONE or STEINHART CissieC990809 Jan 193394T119 40
STONE PhilipC046911 Dec 192144K16 43
STONE RachelC232524 Feb 192451P131 21
STONE RachelE091608 Oct 195281Q132 32
STONE RachelE556808 Jun 196578Q393 02
STONE ReubenE027602 May 195172W11 20
STONE ReubenP1921625 Nov 191445L18
STONE RosieC081703 Apr 192222K18 56
STONE SarahC775222 Jul 193070T107 41
STONE SidneyE752924 May 198381Y113 22
STONE SimonC887201 Nov 193151U118 39
STONE SolomonE593825 Apr 196781Q130 15
STONE SophieD172325 Oct 193668V140 03
STONE SylviaC115817 Oct 192222J02 31
STONE ZipporahC298103 Jan 192570P245 12
STONIOFF AnnieE004322 Dec 195074Z113 15
STONTON GA047110 Dec 18973A801 386
STONZICK Chaia LeahB593022 Oct 191968K04 26
STOOKIN EdithE545918 Nov 196480X01A07
STOOLMARK SarahD108908 Jan 193686T140 20
STOOP BarnettC790212 Oct 193027S32 58
STOOP SarahP1922302 Dec 191761J8
STOPINSKY CharnaA088807 Oct 19008BD01 459
STOPINSKY JacobA242024 Nov 19068E01 49
STOPLER AnnieC725222 Dec 192972T105 16
STOPNITSKY MorrisD302023 Jun 193868W08 08
STOPNITSKY NathanD606521 Oct 194367W08 09
STOPNITSKY SylviaD445401 Dec 194074W08 07
STOPNITSKY Yetta LeahC689301 Jul 192953S08 39
STOPPER AnnieC476510 Feb 192752R124 14
STOPPER MarksB620223 Feb 192059L04 21
STOPPER MorrisP1922813 Feb 1913L9
STORCH BerthaD725426 Oct 194570Q110 22
STORCH FannyD943902 Nov 194988U118 02
STORCH SamuelD718715 Sep 194575Q110 21
STORCH SolomonD902211 Jan 194987U118 01
STOTINSKY BeatriceP1923104 Jan 19135O14
STOTINSKY MorrisP1923208 Apr 191546I16
STOTSKY SophiaP1923330 Oct 191446L15
STOUB A.M.A045109 Sep 18977A801 377
STRACHSTEIN AnnieP1923423 Feb 191656J19
STRASBERG BessieC203019 Nov 192336P127 33
STRASCHUN FannyC981430 Nov 193252R138 59
STRASHINSKY HarryC610502 Oct 192821S20 26
STRASHNEY NathanD748313 Mar 194666X14 17
STRASHNEY SarahE667106 Dec 197284X14 18
STRAUS Bertha AliceE700102 Feb 197673P276 12
STRAUS PolaD827105 Aug 194754Q117 22
STRAUSS AbelE163512 Feb 195457Q123 39
STRAUSS AbrahamD973803 May 195085Y134 22
STRAUSS CharlesC954215 Jul 193275U108 20
STRAUSS DavidE554426 Apr 196594W29 53
STRAUSS DoraA132808 Sep 19022D07 24
STRAUSS EvaP1924024 Apr 191147I1
STRAUSS Ignatz Layeno MarienC511509 Aug 192765R137 37
STRAUSS LeopoldA103101 Jun 190126B201 103
STRAUSS Martin MosesE685508 Oct 197491P276 13
STRAUSS RoseE309331 May 195785W29 52
STRAUSS SarahC951905 Jul 193260T116 16
STREIDELMAN DvoiraC812803 Jan 193164T103 49
STRELSOFF BenjaminC253523 May 192461P133 04
STRICK MarkD574528 Feb 194361V105 11
STRICK RebeccaE265931 May 195675V105 12
STRICKOWSKI Israel HymanE265023 May 195660Z241 28
STRIEMAN AbrahamD061426 May 193571U138 07
STRIEMAN FannyE151817 Nov 195384U138 08
STRIKOFSKY HarrisD101412 Dec 193557U241 32
STRIKOFSKY MargaretE689016 Jan 197579Z121 14
STRIKOFSKY MillieE315507 Aug 195775U241 33
STRIKOFSKY MyerE042402 Sep 195160Z121 15
STRIKOFSKY SolomonE324823 Oct 195794Q108 28
STRIKOWSKY MillieP1924605 May 190973H9
STRILLSOFF KateP1924713 Dec 191043I3
STRIMHOLT LazarusD333529 Jan 193964V264 09
STRINGER AnnieD605719 Oct 194369X31 35
STRINGER FrederickD379015 Dec 193972U269 27
STRISKY MarksD816820 May 194758X03 37
STROCH SimonC719902 Dec 192972S28 07
STROCK JessieD742801 Feb 194679S28 06
STROIANSKY FannyC172206 Jun 192364P119 06
STROLOVITCH BarnetC890111 Nov 193147U119 08
STROM EstherD431508 Oct 194066Q241 19
STROM HarryE666427 Nov 197286Z134 24
STROM MossA081101 Jun 190061B801 367
STROM RebeccaE180130 Jun 195464Z134 25
STROM SamuelE117220 Feb 195382Q241 18
STROMWATER AbrahamC754712 Apr 193079S29 14
STROMWATER CeliaP1925710 Sep 190960D3
STRONG JessieC593221 Jul 192840S09 15
STRONGWATER BarnettD685121 Jan 194567V262 04
STRONGWATER FannyE647829 Jan 197174V261 02
STRONGWATER MarkE586212 Dec 196667V261 01
STRONGWATER MillyE482913 Nov 196187V262 03
STRONI Sarah RoseP1926021 Dec 1907G5
STROOM EphraimB626012 Mar 192075N05 19
STROOM EstherC142204 Feb 192361P114 28
STROOM JudahB647909 Jun 19203M105 43
STROOM MichaelP1926314 Mar 191564I18
STROOM MorrisA149829 Jun 190377C03 08
STROUZER HarryC177003 Jul 192317P123 17
STROUZER SamuelE092920 Oct 195263P256 09
STRUBEL MarksD163311 Sep 193669U247 07
STRUBEL MillyC1022730 Jun 193469T128 24
STRULOVITCH IsadoreE453317 Nov 196081P275 33
STRUMFELD DollyD488311 Jul 194142L21 15
STRUSHINER HannahP1926822 Mar 191880H7
STRUZER AnnieE171821 Apr 195480X01 14
STRUZER DavisD715728 Aug 194567X01 13
STRYPUNSKY JosephC096313 Jun 192267K20 07
STTICKLER EstherE067123 Feb 195251W18 39
STUDENT AnnieD633603 Mar 194462W28 44
STUDENT MillieD626623 Jan 194477P251 26
STUHL AnnaC104706 Aug 192241N15 01
STUKIN AaronC432208 Aug 192645R119 12
STULMAN MaxP1927311 Feb 1919N13
STULZAFT RachelC1065215 Nov 193343T124 30
STUMP HymanP1927515 Apr 190854H5
STUPACK o/w COHEN HarrisD815910 May 194784V113 05
STUPACK RebeccaD546508 Sep 194278V113 04
STUPACK YettaC054405 Jan 19220M115 37
STUPPLE NormaC092628 May 192220O03A 37
STUSKY RebeccaE594627 May 196778X03 36
STUTMAN HarrisP1927831 Jan 191074E5
STUTMAN JosephE713316 Jun 197777I21 55
STUTMAN LilyC260708 Jul 192420P137 21
STUTMAN MorrisC280323 Oct 192450P242 31
STUTMAN SarahE781112 Oct 199089I21 56
STUTZAFT Esther HannahC083206 Apr 19225K01 50

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