All Deceased beginning with letters 'SP'

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All names beginning SP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SPACK AnnieD835028 Sep 194770Y107 08
SPACK WoolfD904630 Jan 194975Y107 09
SPAIN Rachel RoseD419108 Aug 194048V266 21
SPALTER AnitaD731908 Dec 19456T249 13
SPALTER BarnettD245201 Sep 193766U253 45
SPALTER JackC471727 Jan 192720R127 25
SPALTER KateC689806 Apr 192950S26 52
SPALTER MaxD240205 Aug 193764S26 53
SPANBOK AlteC884022 Oct 193133T112 14
SPANGELET AdaE083209 Jul 195271Z124 06
SPANGELET Max MordechaiE238327 Nov 195578Z124 07
SPANGLETT AlecE380911 Feb 195979Q247 13
SPANGLETT AnnieE226827 Jul 195571Q247 14
SPANNER AbrahamE455716 Dec 196085P264 20
SPANSLETT Jack HarryP1878108 Jun 19136O3
SPARLING JosephA200109 Jun 190575C09 29
SPATZ BernardD374011 Nov 193956U269 47
SPATZ FannyE663815 Jul 197287U269 46
SPAUVER ClaraP1878322 Nov 191843N15
SPAUVER FannyE059006 Jan 195270Z122 16
SPAUVER Hannah RebeccaP1878417 Mar 191912M6
SPEARMAN IsaacC493130 Apr 192735R132 28
SPECK JuliaD883413 Sep 194859Y118 15
SPECK SimonD859906 Mar 194844Y107 42
SPECTER HymanA172909 May 190452C09 07
SPECTERMAN EstherP1878709 Mar 191527C2
SPECTERMAN JeanetteD008205 Sep 193481T130 34
SPECTERMAN Rachel LeahP1879021 Sep 190861C5
SPECTERMAN RaynerP1879114 Apr 19182M9
SPECTERMAN RebeccaP1879221 Jun 191524L20
SPECTERMAN RoseD176309 Nov 193657V244 29
SPECTERMAN SimonP1879303 Dec 191465C5
SPECTOR AnnieE535812 Apr 196483W07 22
SPECTOR DeborahE593522 Apr 196784P267 01
SPECTOR HarrisC164328 Apr 192354P116 32
SPECTOR IsraelC1016016 Mar 193358U127 10
SPECTOR JosephC165805 May 192351P118 14
SPECTOR LewisC690810 Jul 192958S26 67
SPECTOR MillieD823712 Jul 194775Y104 40
SPECTOR MorrisD833120 Sep 194774Y106 12
SPECTOR MorrisP1879810 Aug 191243F9
SPECTOR RoseP1879931 May 191038E6
SPECTOR RosieC217811 Jan 192480P129 10
SPECTOR SadieB698006 Mar 19211M112 21
SPECTOR SamuelC373805 Dec 192528R110 20
SPECTOR SarahE335710 Jan 195885Y106 11
SPECTOR SimonE421721 Jan 196083Y104 39
SPEEK KeverE019711 Mar 195162Y118 16
SPEELMAN SamuelP1880127 Nov 191851M3
SPEGELSTEIN Benjamin DavidC731619 Jan 193056S18 04
SPEGELSTEIN BetsyE250908 Feb 195680S18 03
SPEGELSTEIN EstherD930308 Jul 194971U140 22
SPEGELSTEIN JessieP1880519 Mar 19092F6
SPEGELSTEIN MarksD088021 Oct 193566U140 21
SPEIGAL BrinaP1880609 Sep 191526L19
SPEIGEL EstherC202919 Nov 192341P128 28
SPEIGEL JacobC864314 Jul 193172U114 43
SPEIGEL JacobC927120 Mar 193275U122 20
SPEIGELMAN RachelC300112 Jan 192563P245 15
SPEIGER JosephA027913 Aug 18951A601 281
SPEIGLE EstherC783005 Sep 193076T108 45
SPEIGLE MyerD214130 Mar 193748U252 15
SPELBERG CeliaP1881230 Jun 191069E7
SPELLMAN FloraA141907 Feb 190376D08 31
SPELMAN HenryC174221 Jun 192318P120 23
SPELMAN RA071306 Oct 189960B601 279
SPELMAN ReubenP1881406 Dec 191455L14
SPENADE BenjaminE353505 Jun 195884Q3A9 13
SPENADEL DavidA086117 Aug 19004B701 353
SPERLING AbrahamC966122 Sep 193290Q112 21
SPERLING EliasC145615 Feb 192315P107 32
SPERLING HarrisB637020 Apr 192024N05 37
SPERLING HermanC542025 Dec 192739S03 11
SPERLING LA047210 Dec 189766A901 439
SPERLING MorrisC252420 May 192468P135 19
SPERLING NathanP1882024 Nov 191747J12
SPERLING SolomonA224021 Apr 190647F04 12
SPERO Albert AbrahamD934408 Aug 194958Y129 09
SPERO AlecD961616 Feb 195069Y131 36
SPERO BessieE079906 Jun 195260Y129 10
SPERO DeborahP1882231 Jan 191927N14
SPERO Jane RebeccaP1882330 Aug 190946H9
SPERO KateC333908 Jun 192556R105 19
SPERO LeahE391323 Apr 195979Y131 35
SPERO MildredD262517 Nov 193765S08 65
SPERO NathanE181414 Jul 195467Z134 10
SPERO NettieC776428 Jul 193023T107 16
SPERO RebeccaC188507 Sep 192366P124 31
SPERO SamuelC596105 Aug 192843S07 65
SPESSER SolomonD044626 Feb 193533U136 25
SPETTER MillicentC525919 Oct 192714S12 31
SPEVACK KateE303331 Mar 195776X19 51
SPEVACK MillyP1882926 Dec 191764J8
SPEVOCK LazarusD963603 Mar 195071Y132 30
SPICE IsaacP1883111 Apr 191146I4
SPIDECK GilbertC564114 Mar 19282M134 17
SPIEGEL AdolphC283205 Nov 192467P242 03
SPIEGEL AnnieD622303 Jan 194476W30 28
SPIEGEL CissieC159308 Apr 192322P115 26
SPIEGEL ClaraE422904 Feb 196072D10 50
SPIEGEL DennisC052229 Dec 19218M104 56
SPIEGEL IsaacD508311 Dec 194151V280 10
SPIEGEL IsraelC033213 Oct 192150K14 44
SPIEGEL JosephineC666725 Mar 192914S03 52
SPIEGEL MarieB655729 Jul 19204M111 05
SPIEGEL MillieD566812 Jan 194338V261 29
SPIEGEL MorrisP1883706 Apr 19096E3
SPIEGEL NathanP1883812 Aug 190977G6
SPIEGEL RachelC457507 Dec 192658R124 28
SPIEGEL SarahD493818 Aug 194182U114 42
SPIEGEL SolomonD439707 Nov 194061U279 42
SPIEGELMAN RebeccaE181919 Jul 195472W20 13
SPIEGELMAN SolomonC636713 Jan 192949S22 53
SPIEGELMAN Woolf LeibC887804 Nov 193169P246 15
SPIELMAN GoldaD116605 Feb 19365Q104 64
SPIELMAN LeahC061119 Jan 192254M115 22B
SPIELMAN MarksC164830 Apr 192358P116 33
SPIELMAN MillyC156529 Mar 192370P117 05
SPIELMAN SA071614 Oct 189919B601 280
SPIELSINGER AbrahamD041615 Feb 193559U136 18
SPIELSINGER PollyE493731 Mar 196290U136 01
SPIENAGEL Marcus LewisC704019 Sep 192987S26 48
SPIER PeterD738109 Jan 194660X17 40
SPIERO Samuel HarryE141719 Aug 195380Y242 05
SPIERS Leah EstherC1081009 Jan 193461T125 30
SPIERS Minnie HelenB657410 Aug 192044K07 15
SPIERS MiriamA163215 Jan 19045C06 16
SPIERS o/w SPERO PearlC511205 Aug 192780R137 56
SPIERS RebeccaB610407 Jan 192074I13 56
SPIERS SarahA145815 Apr 190342D08 41
SPIERS SelinaE580807 Aug 196686Y242 06
SPIGEL RebeccaC638517 Jan 192976S16 70
SPIGEL RosaP1884902 Mar 191526I16
SPIGEL SamuelP1885003 Jan 191947N15
SPIGELMAN MillieD850707 Jan 194872Q134 27
SPIGLER HildaE627707 Sep 196984W10 21
SPIGLER MorrisE085411 Aug 195274W10 22
SPILANSKY JacobD862624 Mar 194871Y113 31
SPILANSKY RebeccaE034221 Jun 195173Y113 32
SPILBERG EstherP1885307 Jun 191627J18
SPILBERG IsaacC737112 Feb 193070S19 65
SPILBERG JaneC741024 Feb 193068S19 64
SPILLBERG BenjaminC1037022 Jun 193325U110 50
SPILLER BloomaE443913 Aug 196070P274 17
SPILLER SamuelE707915 Oct 197688P274 16
SPILLMAN HarrisC263826 Jul 192441P138 11
SPILLMAN IsaacD131124 Mar 193615U244 28
SPILLMAN RebeccaC250107 May 192466P135 11
SPILLSBERG AnnieC1116022 May 193454T128 11
SPINDAL GeraldC707106 Oct 19295M140 05
SPINDALL Gertrude FredaD665027 Sep 194445X25 13
SPINDLE JosephD467010 Mar 194166Q136 27
SPINDLE SophieE262301 May 195675Q136 26
SPINK MarthaE077418 May 195286U245 04
SPINK MorrisP1886309 Apr 19169J21
SPINK SamuelC1121323 Jun 193456T126 61
SPINK SolomonD136118 Apr 193665U245 03
SPINNER AdaD701830 Apr 194591X24 38
SPINNER MarksP1886520 Jul 191362L5
SPIRA HirschP1886623 Jan 191162I2
SPIRA RachelC455328 Nov 192674R102 01
SPIRO AlexanderA141807 Feb 19033D07 42
SPIRO AnnieA242802 Dec 19067F06 54
SPIRO BessieE706003 Aug 197686Y103 25
SPIRO CharlesC591311 Jul 192862S01 74
SPIRO FannyD373307 Nov 193968S01 73
SPIRO HA052222 Apr 189810A801 417
SPIRO JohnA082601 Jul 190015C01 16
SPIRO Joseph BoazE161902 Feb 195469Y103 44
SPIRO MorrisB624908 Mar 192036N05 03
SPIRO NaphtaliA153423 Aug 190356C01 23
SPIRO RebeccaP1887231 May 191520L19
SPIRO RosieB599209 Nov 19196N18 44
SPITAL AbrahamE734416 Feb 198087W22 53
SPITAL AnnieE351521 May 195856Q393 10
SPITAL HarryE656526 Oct 197177W15 50
SPITAL or SPITALNICK IsraelD820513 Jun 194751X07 10
SPITAL RayE521219 Jul 196360W22 52
SPITAL RoseE657010 Nov 197168W15 51
SPITAL SusieE316616 Aug 195747W22 51
SPITALNICK AnnieD570403 Feb 194367V385 10
SPITALNICK JacobP1887429 Jan 191947N13
SPITALOVITCH AnnieD806006 Mar 194775X23 02
SPITALOWITCH MarieD787213 Dec 194617X09 19
SPITALOWITCH MarksE152927 Nov 195382X23 01
SPITALSKY AlecD272727 Dec 193747U258 41
SPITALSKY BarnettC815712 Jan 193164S30 71
SPITALSKY LeahE164013 Feb 195462U258 40
SPITALSKY RachelC133027 Dec 192250P104 22
SPITZEL Arthur HenryP1887717 Feb 19085G3
SPITZER MorrisE434718 May 196076W11 23
SPIVACK AnnieC076013 Mar 192275J14 52
SPIVACK BetsyE097424 Nov 195268Q130 35
SPIVACK Daniel IrvingC1050309 Sep 193326U104 18
SPIVACK FredaC658201 Feb 192949S23 09
SPIVAKOWSKY Boris NuchamD567515 Jan 194358V385 08
SPIVAKOWSKY JacobB587925 Sep 191967K06 02
SPIVICK AnnieC545302 Jan 192845S13 29
SPIVICK HarrisC1062402 Nov 193355U128 15
SPIZER BarnetC873605 Sep 193154R117 43
SPOLANDER AnnieE258921 Mar 195672Q392 10
SPOLANDER SolomonE469119 Apr 196186Q392 09
SPOLINSKY BeatriceC250208 May 19246E01 01A
SPOOUT o/w LEWIS AnnieD079811 Sep 193574T137 29
SPORN SamuelP1888801 Nov 191837J3
SPORN YettaE724808 Jan 197998J10 79A
SPREGEL BarnettC027607 Sep 192152I18 45
SPRING SarahE695225 Aug 197581Y110 44
SPRING SolomonE781513 Dec 199095Y110 45
SPRINGER DoraD346009 Apr 193975V136 02
SPRINGER Eddy IsaacD695017 Mar 194525W33 45
SPRINGER FannyE754317 Sep 198386Y241 19
SPRINGER HarrisD458830 Jan 194174V136 01
SPRINGER HarrisE054306 Dec 195186Y116 03
SPRINGER HymanC325127 Apr 192535R104 12
SPRINGER JacobC049419 Dec 192172K18 41
SPRINGER LeahD896909 Dec 194893Y116 04
SPRINGER MauriceE320625 Sep 195725Y241 41
SPRINGER MorrisD694917 Mar 194554W33 46
SPRINGER ReubenE015614 Feb 195154Y241 20
SPRINGER RoseP1889327 Feb 1919K3
SPRINGER SarahE469319 Apr 196166W33 47
SPRINGER WoolfC949927 Jun 19322R249 01
SPRUNG CecileC480223 Feb 192746R129 38
SPUNBERG LauraD881226 Aug 194868Y117 21
SPURLING Abraham CharlesE520915 Jul 196376Y109 43
SPURLING AbrahamC235101 Mar 192446Q136 03
SPURLING AnneE756920 Feb 198486Y109 42
SPURLING BessieE510517 Jan 196382Q135 02
SPURLING BetsyC178712 Jul 192361P122 13
SPURLING JaneD169712 Oct 193677U136 29
SPURLING MarksP1890215 Jul 191759J14
SPURLING MillicentC870115 Aug 193169P123 26
SPURLING MorrisC122713 Nov 19222O15 35
SPURLING MorrisC182128 Jul 192356P123 25
SPURLING SimonC874809 Sep 193148U117 31
SPYERS BettyC230920 Feb 19248K01 66

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