All Deceased beginning with letters 'SM'

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All names beginning SM
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SMADKIN SamuelE3319002 Mar 195178XX17 52
SMALINSKY or SAMUELS DoraE3319130 Aug 194068XW03 29
SMALINSKY SamuelE3319211 Jan 192757XR26 33
SMALL MaryE3319319 May 192935XP41 34
SMALOVITCH LouisE3319416 Feb 1913XL09 23
SMAZINOVITCH LewisE3319529 Mar 193159XU13 40
SMAZINOVITCH SarahE3319626 Mar 195378XU13 39
SMELNICK MarksE3319701 Mar 192454XR02 14
SMELNICK RoseE3319818 Nov 193362XT24 21
SMELOVITCH AnnieE3319924 Nov 193172XT13 66
SMERGLOFF GertieE3320025 Nov 191817XN16 6
SMERNOFF PhilipE3320115 Jan 192020XN06 30
SMIDT ChonelE3320217 Feb 194186XQ14 11
SMITH AaronE3320329 Jul 193775XU54 27
SMITH AbrahamE3320431 Oct 192980XP03 34
SMITH AdelaideE3320521 Aug 197479XQ117 14
SMITH AlecE3320612 Nov 192110XM04 52
SMITH AnnieE3320708 Apr 197680XZ36 7
SMITH BernardE3320816 Apr 193315XU16 49
SMITH CeliaE3320926 Jan 192251XM16 8
SMITH CharlesE3321004 Dec 193052XS07 8
SMITH DavidE3321124 Sep 1908XG06 39
SMITH DavidE3321215 Sep 194024XV25 12
SMITH DavidE3321308 Jul 193766XM16 1
SMITH DavidE3321404 Jun 194767XX04 20
SMITH DeborahE3321508 Jun 196087XP64 26
SMITH DoraE3321629 Mar 193457XT27 39
SMITH Dorothy HannahE3321725 Aug 198674XY09 44
SMITH EmanuelE3321802 Oct 1910XI04 12
SMITH EstherE3321908 Sep 1909XD02 33
SMITH EthelE3322007 Jul 19008 mthXB07 332
SMITH EthelE3322113 Jul 195877XW07 17
SMITH FannyE3322222 Sep 1912XI07 64
SMITH FannyE3322328 Sep 194272XV12 22
SMITH FannyE3322404 Mar 195275XW18 25
SMITH FileyE3322520 Sep 19026 mthXD06 29
SMITH Freda ElsieE3322622 Dec 19242XM19 21
SMITH GertaE3322721 Apr 192760XQ14 10
SMITH GodfieldE3322826 Sep 19196XM05 21
SMITH HarrisE3322909 Oct 191853XM03 15
SMITH HarryE3323025 Sep 197180XZ36 6
SMITH HerbertE3323118 Nov 18953XA06 301
SMITH HettyE3323228 Dec 193123XT13 31
SMITH HettyE3323316 Nov 191929XK02 36
SMITH Isaac DavidE3323429 Dec 193058XS33 70
SMITH IsraelE3323527 Apr 193669XU44 46
SMITH J.E3323630 Jul 190155XD03 11
SMITH JackE3323714 May 196063XQ117 13
SMITH JacobE3323808 Aug 193728XU54 24
SMITH JacobE3323910 Aug 193975XT02 12
SMITH JacobE3324014 Apr 197187XP76 24
SMITH JaneE3324114 Apr 192676XR14 57
SMITH JennieE3324225 Aug 19027 mthXD07 9
SMITH JessieE3324301 Oct 195786XX15 17
SMITH JosephE3324414 Nov 192025XN09 22
SMITH LazarusE3324530 Oct 193979XU68 25
SMITH LeahE3324622 Nov 192628XR23 31
SMITH LeahE3324715 Jan 192252XM14 23
SMITH LeahE3324802 Jun 194252XV16 25
SMITH LeahE3324912 Aug 192260XK09 24
SMITH Leslie MyerE3325018 Oct 19056 mthXF01 21
SMITH LewisE3325116 Sep 192748XR40 48
SMITH LewisE3325210 Aug 193880XS07 6
SMITH LewisE3325317 May 194881XV12 21
SMITH LilyE3325404 Aug 192640XR19 17
SMITH LottieE3325505 Feb 191932XN14 37
SMITH LouisE3325601 Jan 19319 mthXR46 5
SMITH LouisE3325707 Mar 196073XV39 1
SMITH MarksE3325815 Jun 195165XW12 32
SMITH MarksE3325909 Jul 191678XJ20 12
SMITH MatildaE3326019 Nov 193656XV45 10
SMITH MauriceE3326105 Jul 19277XM29 23
SMITH MichaelE3326211 Nov 191727XJ07 18
SMITH MillieE3326313 Jun 193044XT07 34
SMITH MontagueE3326423 Jan 19048 mthXC06 20
SMITH Myer LionelE3326503 Nov 18955XA06 300
SMITH NathanE3326617 Oct 191719XJ12 35
SMITH NormaE3326722 Jun 19268 mthXM31 11
SMITH PessaE3326824 Jul 193160XT11 39
SMITH PollyE3326921 Aug 191646XJ19 59
SMITH PollyE3327010 Aug 190559XC09 40
SMITH Rachel HinadaE3327127 Apr 193345XT19 66
SMITH Rachel LeahE3327212 Oct 193162XT02 11
SMITH RachelE3327309 Sep 193774XV48 31
SMITH RachelE3327412 Apr 193981XS07 7
SMITH RebeccaE3327513 Apr 193069XT04 11
SMITH RebeccaE3327613 Jun 194480XU74 52
SMITH RoseE3327708 Dec 196263XT13 37
SMITH RoseE3327820 Oct 196977XV39 2
SMITH SamE3327927 Nov 195869XP65 25
SMITH Sarah GitelE3328007 Apr 192973XS17 29
SMITH SarahE3328131 Dec 192836XS14 62
SMITH SarahE3328214 Aug 190143XD04 8
SMITH SarahE3328308 Nov 196072XP76 23
SMITH SarahE3328423 May 198495XW12 31
SMITH ScheindelE3328520 Jan 19241 mthXK01 60A
SMITH SmithE3328628 Jan 191926XJ10 21
SMITH SolomonE3328727 Feb 192062XN06 38
SMITH ThomasE3328809 May 195680XV53 13
SMITH WodaE3328925 Jul 193375XU07 31
SMITHSON HymanE3329005 Sep 192156XG10 23
SMITKIN AsherE3329114 Jan 191660XJ06 21
SMITZER MillieE3329216 Feb 192449XP29 31
SMODKIN AnnieE3329314 Nov 196686XX17 53
SMODKIN Janie ZeldaE3329424 Jun 196185XQ27 18
SMODKIN RachelE3329508 Jan 192915XS15 57
SMOLANSKI FerdinandE3329616 May 193173XU14 24
SMOLASH IsaacE3329702 Jan 194049XU68 16
SMOLENSKY SimonE3329809 Feb 193855XU59 50
SMOLINSKI SarahE3329905 Oct 190354XC04 21
SMOLINSKY AbrahamE3330020 Oct 192673XR22 18
SMOLINSKY JaneE3330115 Oct 194762XY07 12
SMOLLAN HannahE3330203 Apr 193270XT15 57
SMOLLER EstherE3330330 Oct 191854XM02 13
SMOLLER PhilipE3330427 Mar 192767XR31 52
SMOLOVITCH AbrahamE3330502 Aug 195970XZ26 3
SMOLOVITCH AnnieE3330607 Aug 19194XM05 16
SMOLOVITCH AnnieE3330728 Apr 198593XZ26 4
SMOLOVITCH DoraE3330809 Jul 192957XS08 34
SMOLOVITCH FrowisE3330911 Aug 191921 mthXM10 48
SMOLOVITCH HymanE3331012 May 19218 mthXM12 2
SMOLOVITCH LeahE3331117 Jul 194960XY28 20
SMOLOVITCH LewisE3331222 Jun 194573XX23 43
SMOLOVITCH MorrisE3331320 Mar 193462XU32 46
SMOLOVITCH Rachel MiriamE3331408 Dec 192630XR24 35
SMOLOVITCH SolomonE3331528 Dec 195268XQ26 20
SMOLOWITZ DorahE3331605 Nov 1911XO20 9
SMOOKLER JaneE3331713 Jan 191950XM02 41
SMOOLOVITCH KatieE3331804 Jul 195886XW09 22
SMOOLOVITCH LaurenceE3331916 Mar 19362 mthXQ04 66
SMOOLOVITCH SimonE3332024 Jun 194468XW27 37
SMOOSHIK HelenE3332112 Apr 195265XW18 18
SMOOSHIK IsraelE3332215 Dec 197283XW18 19
SMOTKIN LewisE3332319 Oct 196693XQ27 19
SMUCKLER AnnieE3332424 Oct 190650XH02 4
SMUCKLER IsraelE3332509 Jun 191856XJ10 66
SMULOVITCH HarrisE3332602 Sep 197684XQ105 5
SMULOVITCH JackE3332703 Jun 1913XO25 12
SMULOVITCH JosephE3332806 Jan 192533XM23 23
SMULOVITCH JosephE3332929 Oct 191853XM03 30
SMULOVITCH RachelE3333018 Mar 196974XQ105 6

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