All Deceased beginning with letters 'SM'

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All names beginning SM
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SMADKIN SamuelE018102 Mar 195178X17 52
SMALINSKY or SAMUELS DoraD422330 Aug 194068W03 29
SMALINSKY SamuelC466511 Jan 192757R126 33
SMALL MaryC682119 May 192935P241 34
SMAZINOVITCH LewisC838929 Mar 193159U113 40
SMAZINOVITCH SarahE122926 Mar 195378U113 39
SMELNICK MarksC311801 Mar 192454R102 14
SMELNICK RoseC1065918 Nov 193362T124 21
SMELOVITCH AnnieC893324 Nov 193172T113 66
SMERNOFF PhilipB612715 Jan 192020N06 30
SMICKLER IsraelP1837209 Jun 191856J10
SMIDT ChonelD464017 Feb 194186Q114 11
SMITH AaronD238529 Jul 193775U254 27
SMITH AbrahamC712831 Oct 192980P103 34
SMITH AdelaideE684421 Aug 197479Q3B7 14
SMITH AlecC040512 Nov 192110M104 52
SMITH AnnieE702208 Apr 197680Z136 07
SMITH AsherP1837814 Jan 191660J6
SMITH BernardC1022916 Apr 193315U116 49
SMITH CeliaC063526 Jan 192251M116 08
SMITH CharlesC802604 Dec 193052S07 08
SMITH DavidD235108 Jul 193766M116 01
SMITH DavidD425815 Sep 194024V125 12
SMITH DavidD819104 Jun 194767X04 20
SMITH DavidP1838224 Sep 190852G6
SMITH DeborahE437108 Jun 196087P264 26
SMITH DoraC1102829 Mar 193457T127 39
SMITH Dorothy HannahE768225 Aug 198674Y109 44
SMITH EmanualP1838702 Oct 191062I4
SMITH EstherP1838808 Sep 190970D2
SMITH EthelA083007 Jul 19008B701 332
SMITH EthelE357313 Jul 195877W07 17
SMITH FannyD549828 Sep 194272V112 22
SMITH FannyE069504 Mar 195275W18 25
SMITH FannyP1838922 Sep 191261I7
SMITH FileyA133720 Sep 19026D06 29
SMITH Freda ElsieC295022 Dec 19242M119 21
SMITH GertaC491221 Apr 192760Q114 10
SMITH GodfieldB588126 Sep 19196M105 21
SMITH HarrisP1839409 Oct 191853M3
SMITH HarryE655925 Sep 197180Z136 06
SMITH HerbertA030618 Nov 18953A601 301
SMITH HettyB600516 Nov 191929K02 36
SMITH HettyC902628 Dec 193123T113 31
SMITH HymanP1839701 Oct 191719J12
SMITH Isaac DavidC811129 Dec 193058S33 70
SMITH IsraelD138927 Apr 193669U244 46
SMITH J.A106330 Jul 190155D03 11
SMITH JackE434414 May 196063Q3B7 13
SMITH JacobD241208 Aug 193728U254 24
SMITH JacobD361810 Aug 193975T102 12
SMITH JacobE650614 Apr 197187P276 24
SMITH JaneC408514 Apr 192676R114 57
SMITH JennieA131025 Aug 19027D07 09
SMITH JessieE321201 Oct 195786X15 17
SMITH JosephB673714 Nov 192025N09 22
SMITH LazarusD372130 Oct 193979U268 25
SMITH LeahC058715 Jan 192252M114 23
SMITH LeahC105912 Aug 192260K09 24
SMITH LeahC453522 Nov 192628R123 31
SMITH LeahD534502 Jun 194252V116 25
SMITH Leslie MyerA208618 Oct 19056F01 21
SMITH LewisC519216 Sep 192748R140 48
SMITH LewisD308010 Aug 193880S07 06
SMITH LewisD869417 May 194881V112 21
SMITH LilyC430804 Aug 192640R119 17
SMITH LottieP1840706 Feb 191932N14
SMITH LouisC811701 Jan 19319R246 05
SMITH LouisE426907 Mar 196073V139 01
SMITH MarksE033315 Jun 195165W12 32
SMITH MatildaD178519 Nov 193656V245 10
SMITH MauriceC504705 Jul 19277M129 23
SMITH MichaelP1841101 Nov 191726J7
SMITH MillieC769313 Jun 193044T107 34
SMITH MontagueA163723 Jan 19048C06 20
SMITH Myer LionelA030303 Nov 18955A601 300
SMITH NormaC422822 Jun 19268M131 11
SMITH PessaC866124 Jul 193160T111 39
SMITH PollyA204210 Aug 190559C09 40
SMITH PollyP1841721 Aug 191646J19
SMITH Rachel HinadaC1025427 Apr 193345T119 66
SMITH Rachel LeahC882212 Oct 193162T102 11
SMITH RachelD247509 Sep 193774V248 31
SMITH RachelD346212 Apr 193981S07 07
SMITH RebeccaC754813 Apr 193069T104 11
SMITH RebeccaD648113 Jun 194480U274 52
SMITH RoseE508008 Dec 196263T113 37
SMITH RoseE629620 Oct 196977V139 02
SMITH SamE369327 Nov 195869P265 25
SMITH Sarah GitelC670707 Apr 192973S17 29
SMITH SarahA107514 Aug 190143D04 08
SMITH SarahC633131 Dec 192836S14 62
SMITH SarahE452208 Nov 196072P276 23
SMITH SarahE758023 May 198495W12 31
SMITH SarahP1842302 Apr 191815J10
SMITH SarahP1842428 Jan 191926J10
SMITH ScheindelC220120 Jan 19244K01 60A
SMITH SolomonB622127 Feb 192062N06 38
SMITH ThomasE263709 May 195680V253 13
SMITH WodaC1042625 Jul 193375U107 31
SMITHSON HymanC027205 Sep 192156G10 23
SMITZER MillieC229216 Feb 192449P129 31
SMODKIN AnnieE585114 Nov 196686X17 53
SMODKIN Janie ZeldaE474524 Jun 196185Q127 18
SMODKIN RachelC635608 Jan 192915S15 57
SMOLANSKI FerdinandC850616 May 193173U114 24
SMOLASH IsaacD381902 Jan 194049U268 16
SMOLENSKY SimonD282109 Feb 193855U259 50
SMOLINSKI SarahA156105 Oct 190354C04 21
SMOLINSKY AbrahamC445620 Oct 192673R122 18
SMOLINSKY JaneD837515 Oct 194762Y107 12
SMOLLAN HannahC931203 Apr 193270T115 57
SMOLLER EstherP1843631 Oct 191854M2
SMOLLER PhilipC486627 Mar 192767R131 52
SMOLOMITZ DoraP1843805 Nov 19112O2O
SMOLOVITCH AbrahamE402402 Aug 195970Z126 03
SMOLOVITCH AnnieE762228 Apr 198593Z126 04
SMOLOVITCH AnnieP1843903 Aug 19194M5
SMOLOVITCH DoraC690709 Jul 192957S08 34
SMOLOVITCH HymanC008012 May 19218M112 02
SMOLOVITCH LeahD931117 Jul 194960Y128 20
SMOLOVITCH LewisD708222 Jun 194573X23 43
SMOLOVITCH MorrisC1100920 Mar 193462U132 46
SMOLOVITCH MorrisP1844213 Aug 19191M10
SMOLOVITCH Rachel MiriamC458108 Dec 192630R124 35
SMOLOVITCH SolomonE105928 Dec 195268Q126 20
SMOOLOVITCH KatieE356304 Jul 195886W09 22
SMOOLOVITCH LaurenceD128916 Mar 193640Q104 66
SMOOLOVITCH SimonD650324 Jun 194468W27 37
SMOOSHIK HelenE073412 Apr 195265W18 18
SMOOSHIK IsraelE667415 Dec 197283W18 19
SMOTKIN LewisE583819 Oct 196693Q127 19
SMUCKLER AnnieA239324 Oct 190650H02 04
SMULOVITCH HarrisE706702 Sep 197684Q3A5 05
SMULOVITCH JosephC299106 Jan 192533M123 23
SMULOVITCH RachelE622018 Mar 196974Q3A5 06

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