All Deceased beginning with letters 'SL'

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All names beginning SL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SLACKMAN IsaacE3308718 Apr 193971XV32 7
SLADE Betty RebeccaE3308828 Jul 197989XQ15 37
SLAGEL AdaE3308930 Aug 195054XY37 26
SLAGEL MorrisE3309027 Oct 191756XJ13 26
SLAGER NettieE3309105 May 19222 mthXK01 57
SLAGER SarahE3309229 Mar 1911XO14 14
SLAM LewisE3309309 Mar 1910XE07 33
SLAN CeliaE3309412 Nov 191848XJ04 50
SLAN Dorothy DeborahE3309518 Mar 192548XR02 41
SLAPINSKY Aaron HarrisE3309613 Apr 197089XZ05 13
SLAPINSKY MillieE3309717 Jul 195675XZ05 12
SLAPNO JacobE3309822 Oct 191817XM03 24
SLAPPER David IsaacE3309928 Jul 194050XU76 50
SLAPPER GoldaE3310007 Mar 196571XU76 51
SLAPPER MorrisE3310121 Jul 195478XZ34 27
SLAPPER YettaE3310220 Nov 195470XZ34 26
SLATER AbrahamE3310313 Mar 194676XV51 7
SLATER AnnieE3310426 Jul 194153XV22 4
SLATER BetsyE3310529 Sep 194666XU53 48
SLATER HenryE3310624 Jun 193763XU53 47
SLATER IsraelE3310718 May 191839XJ11 68
SLATER LeahE3310830 Jul 193767XV51 6
SLATER MarkE3310904 Jun 195372XV01 10
SLATER MarthaE3311001 Aug 194464XV01 11
SLATER MorrisE3311101 May 197085XV22 3
SLATER NancyE3311207 May 192165XK11 52
SLATER or SLATOROFF JosephE3311304 Nov 194845XW33 34
SLATER SamuelE3311424 Oct 194126XU53 52
SLATER SimonE3311513 Sep 194241XU53 53
SLATER SophieE3311615 Oct 199788XZ41 4
SLATKIN AlecE3311728 Jun 194157XV23 21
SLATKIN ClaraE3311815 May 195262XX12 28
SLAUNER LouisE3311901 Dec 191823XM03 49
SLAVID EvaE3312018 Jun 191764XJ14 57
SLAVID HarryE3312104 Jan 194850XY10 35
SLAVID Henry MarksE3312212 Jun 193764XU53 19
SLAVID LeahE3312313 Jul 194574XU53 20
SLAVID SidneyE3312425 Mar 194044XU70 40
SLAVIN DeborahE3312527 Jan 190629XF05 6
SLAVIN JaneE3312606 Oct 196286XW18 44
SLAVIN SolomonE3312731 Mar 195275XW18 45
SLAVOLISKY BellaE3312824 Mar 1909XG08 15
SLAVOTINSKY BetsyE3312925 Jun 195674XX06 36
SLAVOTINSKY IsaacE3313014 Jan 194772XX06 37
SLAVOTINSKY JackE3313117 Oct 193351XU28 43
SLAVOTSKY EstherE3313204 Oct 196585XU08 2
SLAVOTSKY MorrisE3313312 Nov 193357XU08 1
SLEEK EdnaE3313406 Jul 193619XT44 18
SLEIN GeorgeE3313530 Sep 192676XR22 44
SLENOFF NettaE3313616 Jan 192175XK10 27
SLENOFF ReubenE3313726 Sep 192289XK10 28
SLIFEN HymanE3313824 Jul 19194XM05 15
SLIFKIN IsaacE3313906 Sep 192253XK15 5
SLIFKIN RosieE3314020 Feb 196483XY13 24
SLIPMAN AlecE3314117 Apr 194138XV75 23
SLIPMAN FannyE3314208 Mar 193351XT20 10
SLIPMAN MorrisE3314323 Mar 194066XT20 9
SLIPMAN RoseE3314404 Jul 192671XR18 16
SLIPMAN SolomonE3314531 Jul 194765XY05 27
SLOAM BessieE3314617 Jan 195962XQ114 5
SLOAM NathanE3314715 Apr 196467XQ114 6
SLOBINSKY LouisE3314828 Dec 191748XJ09 24
SLOBODINSKY HymanE3314906 Jun 190559XC09 28
SLOBODINSKY MalkaE3315019 Jan 192865XS04 72
SLOBODSKY IsaacE3315120 Sep 192782XR40 44
SLOBOTSKY FredaE3315230 Jan 192968XS16 18
SLOBOTSKY or JOSEPHS JosephE3315316 Nov 193668XU47 16
SLOBOTSKY SarahE3315401 Aug 192859XS09 64
SLODOVNICK PhillipE3315518 May 1910XG07 29
SLOKER IsraelE3315613 Dec 191859XN15 32
SLOMITSKY MillieE3315726 Aug 194160XV22 20
SLOMKOWITCH JosephE3315804 Nov 191872XM03 33
SLONIMS BerthaE3315916 Apr 194757XQ19 15
SLONIMS DavidE3316024 Sep 195775XQ15 40
SLONIMS EvaE3316103 Mar 196582XQ15 39
SLONIMS IsaacE3316201 May 196781XQ19 14
SLONIMS JuliusE3316308 May 194056XQ19 9
SLONIMS RebeccaE3316413 Jan 193175XQ17 9
SLONIMS TaniaE3316506 May 197480XQ19 8
SLONITSKY IsaacE3316628 Dec 194063XV69 20#
SLOOLSKY FannyE3316715 Dec 191747XJ08 24
SLOOLSKY JacobE3316804 Dec 191755XJ12 10
SLOOP SarahE3316903 Dec 191761XJ08 27
SLOOPER NathanE3317017 Aug 192238XE08 1
SLOOT AlbertE3317111 Aug 19168 mthXO04 35
SLOOTSKY SarahE3317214 Jul 192065XJ12 9
SLOTIN SolomonE3317319 Sep 192353XP25 21
SLOTINSKY Hinda GoldaE3317417 Jan 194978XU32 52
SLOTKIN LeahE3317509 Feb 194060XV30 21
SLOTKIN SamuelE3317608 Sep 194056XV27 21
SLOTLINSKY AlecE3317703 Feb 195680XU32 53
SLOTOROFF MorrisE3317821 Dec 194463XW32 37
SLOTTNOFF EdithE3317914 Jan 1912XO20 17
SLOTTNOFF MaryE3318012 Feb 1912XO19 24
SLUMKOVITCH RebeccaE3318115 May 192665XR16 4
SLUTSKY AbrahamE3318209 Apr 193566XU37 34
SLUTSKY IsraelE3318301 Feb 19066 mthXF01 43
SLUTSKY JoelE3318426 Feb 198487XQ46 2
SLUTSKY MillieE3318523 Jan 199295XQ46 4
SLUTSKY PaulaE3318624 Jan 195680XU38 34
SLUTSKY SimonE3318725 Jun 192344XP19 34
SLUTZKIN HarrisE3318824 Aug 195478XQ54 10
SLUTZKIN MaryE3318926 Mar 193145XR15 12

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