All Deceased beginning with letters 'SL'

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All names beginning SL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SLACKMAN GertieP1832302 Jul 191849J6
SLACKMAN IsaacD347318 Apr 193971V132 07
SLADE Betty RebeccaE730228 Jul 197989Q115 37
SLAGEL AdaD987630 Aug 195054Y137 26
SLAGER NettieC089805 May 19225K01 57
SLAN CeliaP1832412 Nov 191846J4
SLAN Dorothy DeborahC315518 Mar 192548R102 41
SLAPINSKY Aaron HarrisE636613 Apr 197089Z105 13
SLAPINSKY MillieE272117 Jul 195675Z105 12
SLAPPER David IsaacD417628 Jul 194050U276 50
SLAPPER GoldaE551407 Mar 196571U276 51
SLAPPER MorrisE182321 Jul 195478Z134 27
SLAPPER YettaE196220 Nov 195470Z134 26
SLATER AbrahamD748613 Mar 194676V251 07
SLATER AnnieD490926 Jul 194153V122 04
SLATER BetsyD774629 Sep 194666U253 48
SLATER HenryD232724 Jun 193763U253 47
SLATER IsraelP1832619 May 191838J11
SLATER LeahD239030 Jul 193767V251 06
SLATER MarkE132304 Jun 195372V101 10
SLATER MarthaD655801 Aug 194464V101 11
SLATER MorrisE637701 May 197085V122 03
SLATER NancyC006707 May 192165K11 52
SLATER or SLATOROFF JosephD889904 Nov 194845W33 34
SLATER SamuelD502424 Oct 194126U253 52
SLATER SimonD547713 Sep 194241U253 53
SLATER SophieE801115 Oct 199788Z241 04
SLATKIN AlecD486928 Jun 194157V123 21
SLATKIN ClaraE077215 May 195262X12 28
SLAVID EvaP1832818 Jun 191765J14
SLAVID HarryD850304 Jan 194850Y110 35
SLAVID Henry MarksD230412 Jun 193764U253 19
SLAVID LeahD710713 Jul 194574U253 20
SLAVID SidneyD398425 Mar 194044U270 40
SLAVIN DebbyP1832901 May 1910D2
SLAVIN DeborahA216527 Jan 190629F05 06
SLAVIN JaneE503306 Oct 196286W18 44
SLAVIN SolomonE072231 Mar 195275W18 45
SLAVOTINSKY BetsyE268925 Jun 195674X06 36
SLAVOTINSKY IsaacD794114 Jan 194772X06 37
SLAVOTINSKY JackC1059017 Oct 193351U128 43
SLAVOTSKY EstherE561904 Oct 196585U108 02
SLAVOTSKY MorrisC1064212 Nov 193357U108 01
SLEEK EdnaD153306 Jul 193619T244 18
SLEIN GeorgeC442830 Sep 192676R122 44
SLENOFF NettaB686316 Jan 192175K10 27
SLENOFF ReubenC112126 Sep 192289K10 28
SLIFKIN IsaacC109406 Sep 192253K15 05
SLIFKIN RosieE532020 Feb 196483Y113 24
SLIPMAN AlecD475317 Apr 194138V275 23
SLIPMAN FannyC1013708 Mar 193351T120 10
SLIPMAN MarksP1833908 Jan 191763J18
SLIPMAN MorrisD398023 Mar 194066T120 09
SLIPMAN RoseC425704 Jul 192671R118 16
SLIPMAN SolomonD825831 Jul 194765Y105 27
SLOAM BessieE376917 Jan 195962Q3B4 05
SLOAM NathanE536315 Apr 196467Q3B4 06
SLOBODINSKY HymanA199906 Jun 190559C09 28
SLOBODINSKY MalkaC550919 Jan 192865S04 72
SLOBODSKY IsaacC519920 Sep 192782R140 44
SLOBOTSKY FredaC643030 Jan 192968S16 18
SLOBOTSKY or JOSEPHS JosephD177216 Nov 193668U247 16
SLOBOTSKY SarahC595501 Aug 192859S09 64
SLOMITSKY MillieD495226 Aug 194160V122 20
SLONIMS BerthaD813316 Apr 194757Q119 15
SLONIMS DavidE320524 Sep 195775Q115 40
SLONIMS EvaE551203 Mar 196582Q115 39
SLONIMS IsaacE593901 May 196781Q119 14
SLONIMS JuliusD406008 May 194056Q119 09
SLONIMS RebeccaC815813 Jan 193175Q117 09
SLONIMS TaniaE681906 May 197480Q119 08
SLONITSKY IsaacD451228 Dec 194063V269 20#
SLOOPER NathanC106317 Aug 192238E08 01
SLOOT AlbertP1835713 Nov 1914O5
SLOOTSKY SarahB652914 Jul 192065J12 09
SLOTIN SolomonC189819 Sep 192353P125 21
SLOTINSKY Hinda GoldaD903117 Jan 194978U132 52
SLOTKIN LeahD389409 Feb 194060V130 21
SLOTKIN SamuelD423908 Sep 194056V127 21
SLOTLINSKY AlecE249203 Feb 195680U132 53
SLOTOROFF MorrisD678121 Dec 194463W32 37
SLUMKOVITCH RebeccaC415615 May 192665R116 04
SLUTSKY AbrahamD052809 Apr 193566U137 34
SLUTSKY FannyP1836016 Dec 191747J8
SLUTSKY IsraelA216901 Feb 19066F01 43
SLUTSKY JacobP1836103 Dec 191770J12
SLUTSKY JoelE757126 Feb 198487Q246 02
SLUTSKY MillieE784923 Jan 199295Q246 04
SLUTSKY PaulaE247224 Jan 195680U138 34
SLUTSKY SimonC175525 Jun 192344P119 34
SLUTZKIN HarrisE185124 Aug 195478Q254 10
SLUTZKIN MaryC837926 Mar 193145R115 12

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