All Deceased beginning with letters 'SK'

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All names beginning SK
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SKALKA BlumaE3302512 Nov 193878XV58 8
SKALKA WoolfE3302627 Feb 192567XM21 1
SKARCINSKY RE3302722 Mar 189811 mthXA08 407
SKERKOWITCH AlecE3302826 Feb 191845XJ07 56
SKIBBY EstherE3302926 Jun 192250XK19 26
SKIEST LewisE3303010 Apr 1911XI02 48
SKLAMOFSKY SolomonE3303128 Jun 196068XQ13 44
SKLANOFSKY MillyE3303211 May 197785XQ13 43
SKLAR HarrisE3303326 Oct 194267XV11 19
SKLAR LeahE3303428 Nov 193773XV54 3
SKLAR LewisE3303520 Mar 194477XV54 4
SKLAR MorrisE3303630 Nov 194869XY21 22
SKLAR RebeccaE3303712 Jul 194868XY16 27
SKLARCHIEK SimonE3303826 Dec 194567XX18 48
SKLARSH BessieE3303908 Jun 193470XT28 20
SKLER AnnieE3304028 Oct 196784XV11 20
SKLOLURWITCH HE3304105 Jul 18963 mthXA06 326
SKNYZINSKY AnnieE3304227 Oct 1908XH08 33
SKOBLE SarahE3304331 Mar 192876XS10 18
SKOBLOVITCH EstherE3304420 Jun 192018XK07 21
SKOBLOVITCH SarahE3304523 Feb 192410XQ02 20
SKOBOLOVITCH PollyE3304625 Jul 194864XY16 33
SKOCK MarksE3304709 May 191560XL16 42
SKODOVITCH MillieE3304811 Aug 193445XT29 43
SKOLNEK SamuelE3304904 Mar 195062XY32 32
SKOLNICK AlterE3305010 Sep 193797XT14 28
SKOLNICK AnnieE3305102 May 192759XR32 48
SKOLNICK DoraE3305230 Jan 193136XT03 25
SKOLNICK DvoraE3305330 Sep 196495XQ05 32
SKOLNICK IsraelE3305403 May 192466XP08 13
SKOLNICK IsraelE3305527 Sep 194866XY18 35
SKOLNICK LeahE3305622 May 196575XY18 34
SKOLNICK PhilipE3305701 Apr 192339XK17 3
SKOLNICK RoseE3305826 Feb 193275XT14 27
SKOLNIK KateE3305914 Mar 195570XQ71 12
SKOLSKY SarahE3306008 Aug 195480XU64 29
SKOLSKY WoolfE3306124 Jan 193970XU64 28
SKONDOVITCH AnnaE3306227 Jul 194960XY28 39
SKONDOVITCH HarrisE3306312 Jul 195665XX26 49
SKONTONOFSKY Gus (Getzel)E3306405 Mar 194553XW33 23
SKOPPE JosephE3306517 Nov 192232XP03 13
SKORY AdolfE3306622 Oct 196078XP75 25
SKORY EstherE3306702 Nov 197275XP75 26
SKRYZINSKI SarahE3306826 Mar 192770XR31 45
SKRZYNSKY AE3306915 Apr 190265XD05 11
SKULNIKOFF SamuelE3307028 Sep 191929XK04 24
SKUMMENGHER NathanE3307127 Dec 191750XJ07 43
SKURMICK ManesE3307209 Feb 193480XU32 7
SKURMICK SamuelE3307316 Aug 192027XN11 40
SKURNIK DoraE3307427 Mar 194480XQ15 14
SKURNIK IsraelE3307515 Mar 194483XQ15 13
SKURNIK RoseE3307607 Apr 193673XT42 22
SKUTELESKY HymanE3307708 Jul 1913XO27 1
SKUZER AbrahamE3307806 May 19239XG03 1B
SKUZER RachelE3307906 Aug 193049XT08 72
SKUZER RebeccaE3308009 Apr 196288XQ29 3
SKUZER RoseE3308102 Jan 196178XX14 44
SKUZER Shmuel LaalE3308224 Feb 19182XM08 59
SKUZER SimonE3308325 Mar 195280XP51 34
SKWOLSKY IsraelE3308407 Dec 1913XI09 46
SKYLINSKY LazarusE3308508 Nov 193779XU56 41
SKYLINSKY SarahE3308604 Nov 194887XU56 40

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