All Deceased beginning with letters 'RU'

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All names beginning RU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RUBACK LazarusE2925702 May 195379XQ20 28
RUBCHANSKY AbrahamE2925814 Aug 1914XO08 24
RUBCHANSKY NathanE2925910 May 193864XU60 10
RUBCHINSKY HannahE2926001 Feb 193660XP05 31
RUBCHINSKY LeahE2926106 Jun 1909XG01 39
RUBCHINSKY MarksE2926214 Jan 192357XP05 30
RUBELOFSKY HymanE2926328 Feb 195770XV91 17
RUBELOFSKY NellyE2926408 Nov 198191XV91 18
RUBEN AnnieE2926508 Jun 19229 mthXO03 39
RUBEN CharlesE2926615 Aug 192252XD05 54
RUBEN FannyE2926717 Mar 195093XY33 8
RUBEN HarrisE2926814 Dec 191649XJ18 64
RUBEN LeahE2926904 Jan 196780XZ32 30
RUBEN LewisE2927029 Jul 194464XX26 31
RUBEN LouisE2927125 May 192131XK12 4
RUBEN MossE2927206 Jul 192210 mthXK01 63
RUBEN NathanE2927329 Apr 195766XZ32 31
RUBEN SamE2927431 May 19159XO12 29
RUBEN SamuelE2927508 Aug 1914XL14 17
RUBEN SarahE2927602 Apr 193071XK11 2
RUBEN TillyE2927715 Jul 194784XY05 21
RUBENFELD JacobE2927819 Jul 194568XV19 20
RUBENFELD YettaE2927912 Jan 194264XV19 21
RUBENS HymanE2928002 Feb 194782XV09 24
RUBENS RachelE2928118 Dec 194279XV09 23
RUBENSTEIN AaronE2928208 Apr 194272XV17 24
RUBENSTEIN AbrahamE2928321 Jun 193356XU10 49
RUBENSTEIN AlecE2928419 Aug 192945XS27 39
RUBENSTEIN BarnettE2928516 Nov 192225XP04 3
RUBENSTEIN BarnettE2928621 Aug 191754XL11 3
RUBENSTEIN BessieE2928722 Oct 192958XT06 46
RUBENSTEIN EmanuelE2928828 May 191710 mthXM08 13
RUBENSTEIN EstherE2928923 May 192854XS13 37
RUBENSTEIN FannyE2929026 Sep 195368XZ29 19
RUBENSTEIN HannahE2929110 May 194469XV03 36
RUBENSTEIN HymanE2929229 Jun 191510XO03 4
RUBENSTEIN JacobE2929312 May 194373XV03 37
RUBENSTEIN JacobE2929412 Dec 196387XU54 32
RUBENSTEIN JaneE2929523 Jul 195668XX09 54
RUBENSTEIN JosephE2929608 Mar 196579XX09 55
RUBENSTEIN JuliusE2929719 Feb 193452XU31 40
RUBENSTEIN LazarusE2929826 May 195384XQ19 29
RUBENSTEIN LewisE2929931 Oct 192762XR40 42
RUBENSTEIN LewisE2930022 Apr 193769XU52 31
RUBENSTEIN LouisE2930119 Jun 192525XR05 24
RUBENSTEIN Mark o/w AbrahamE2930202 Aug 194068XU74 29
RUBENSTEIN MillieE2930322 Dec 193849XV58 20
RUBENSTEIN MiriamE2930403 Mar 191766XJ14 78
RUBENSTEIN MorrisE2930506 Jun 1913XL11 30
RUBENSTEIN MyerE2930619 Apr 191849XJ09 35
RUBENSTEIN PinkusE2930720 May 191868XJ12 20
RUBENSTEIN RachelE2930819 Mar 195187XU14 32
RUBENSTEIN RachelE2930918 Sep 198599XP76 8
RUBENSTEIN RebeccaE2931031 Jan 194870XY04 32
RUBENSTEIN RebeccaE2931125 Sep 196080XQ118 11
RUBENSTEIN RoseE2931202 Aug 193961XV33 24
RUBENSTEIN RoseE2931331 Jul 195885XV17 25
RUBENSTEIN SamuelE2931417 Jan 193768XU50 50
RUBENSTEIN SarahE2931503 Jul 192953XS08 37
RUBENSTEIN SarahE2931621 Nov 193776XV54 21
RUBENSTEIN SenderE2931722 Jul 194271XV15 28
RUBENSTEIN SolomonE2931826 Nov 1913XI09 20
RUBENSTEIN SolomonE2931913 Jul 194165XV23 29
RUBENSTEIN SolomonE2932009 Jun 193168XU14 31
RUBENSTEIN TillyE2932105 Feb 196380XQ19 30
RUBIN AE2932221 Feb 18982 mthXA08 396
RUBIN AbrahamE2932301 Dec 192239XP04 17
RUBIN AbrahamE2932419 Nov 193859XU63 25
RUBIN AbrahamE2932506 Apr 194069XU73 33
RUBIN AnnieE2932608 Mar 196477XZ35 27
RUBIN AnnieE2932726 Jan 192782XR27 57
RUBIN BenjaminE2932812 Nov 191817XM03 37
RUBIN BenjaminE2932914 Jan 192782XR26 52
RUBIN BessieE2933017 Apr 192982XR26 53
RUBIN DaviesE2933123 Oct 194065XU78 46
RUBIN DorothyE2933203 Feb 199182XX34 23
RUBIN EmanuelE2933328 Oct 190111 mthXD01 34
RUBIN EstherE2933419 Dec 192238XP13 17
RUBIN HannahE2933523 Apr 190263XD04 41
RUBIN HarrisE2933622 Jan 19022 mthXD01 54
RUBIN Henoch Ber (Sassover Rav)E2933721 Jul 192940XJ01 8
RUBIN HymanE2933821 Jan 190759XF07 32
RUBIN HymanE2933917 Jul 194365XX30 20
RUBIN JacobE2934031 Jul 1911XI08 52
RUBIN KatieE2934113 Feb 196183XU73 32
RUBIN Leah RachelE2934215 Feb 192181XI08 51
RUBIN LeahE2934309 Jun 197989XQ07 46
RUBIN MaxE2934420 Apr 192340XP16 31
RUBIN MorrisE2934504 Jan 194878XT34 34
RUBIN Moses LeibE2934616 May 193947XQ08 20
RUBIN NathanE2934707 Mar 192575XR02 18
RUBIN PhilipE2934820 Jan 195079XQ07 27
RUBIN RachelE2934927 Feb 190124XD02 15
RUBIN RachelE2935030 Apr 192043XK07 44
RUBIN RachelE2935101 Jun 195374XX26 47
RUBIN RebeccaE2935225 Mar 194863XU78 47
RUBIN SamuelE2935316 Sep 193975XU68 45
RUBIN SarahE2935414 Nov 192718XS12 55
RUBIN SarahE2935512 Nov 195668XX25 36
RUBIN SholomE2935610 May 200488XI21 42
RUBIN Simcha (Sassover)E2935709 Jun 200390XJ01 7
RUBIN SophieE2935805 Nov 195185XZ18 6
RUBIN WolfeE2935913 Mar 194569XX25 35
RUBINOFF BarnettE2936007 Dec 194064XV27 4
RUBINOFF EstherE2936103 Jun 193859XV57 11
RUBINOFF RebeccaE2936204 Sep 19054XC02 56
RUBINOVITCH (FAST) RebeccaE2936330 May 192470XP36 24
RUBINOWITZ DavidE2936401 Feb 193775XQ44 9
RUBINS Rebecca RachelE2936522 Apr 191520XL18 27
RUBINSKY BennieE2936615 Jul 192310 mthXG02 1B
RUBINSTEIN AaronE2936711 Oct 190411XC05 6A
RUBINSTEIN AbrahamE2936808 Oct 194969XY21 42
RUBINSTEIN AbrahamE2936920 Aug 196287XS09 24
RUBINSTEIN AdelaideE2937031 Aug 196472XY21 41
RUBINSTEIN AlfredE2937110 Apr 193756XU52 19
RUBINSTEIN AnnieE2937227 Jul 193175XT11 5
RUBINSTEIN BellaE2937305 Sep 192854XS09 23
RUBINSTEIN BenjaminE2937406 May 192364XP15 1
RUBINSTEIN ClaraE2937501 Oct 192863XS14 47
RUBINSTEIN DavidE2937623 Jan 192677XJ03 4
RUBINSTEIN DeborahE2937730 Sep 191533XL19 33
RUBINSTEIN DoraE2937829 Jul 192445XP38 18
RUBINSTEIN EstherE2937924 Dec 1908XG09 40
RUBINSTEIN Eva LeahE2938006 Jan 192875XS03 61
RUBINSTEIN FannyE2938130 Jan 192951XS16 17
RUBINSTEIN FannyE2938228 Jul 192774XJ03 5
RUBINSTEIN FannyE2938301 Aug 192187XK13 33
RUBINSTEIN FredaE2938410 May 193668XT37 38
RUBINSTEIN GertrudeE2938521 Apr 193641XT43 11
RUBINSTEIN GoldaE2938614 Sep 195684XU54 31
RUBINSTEIN HE2938706 Apr 18977 mthXB01 31
RUBINSTEIN HarryE2938818 Aug 18939 mthXA03 165
RUBINSTEIN HarryE2938911 Apr 19056XC02 48
RUBINSTEIN HenryE2939026 Apr 193064XS30 10
RUBINSTEIN IsaacE2939127 Mar 1914XI13 9
RUBINSTEIN IsaacE2939203 Aug 191575XI03 29
RUBINSTEIN IsaacE2939325 May 197894XP76 7
RUBINSTEIN JacobE2939404 Dec 193059XJ01 34
RUBINSTEIN JaneE2939531 May 194284XP16 13
RUBINSTEIN JosephE2939604 Apr 194162XV73 22
RUBINSTEIN KateE2939730 Dec 194677XJ01 35
RUBINSTEIN KatieE2939831 Dec 19153XO12 23
RUBINSTEIN LE2939904 Jul 18984 mthXA08 430
RUBINSTEIN LeahE2940016 Sep 192145XK14 41
RUBINSTEIN MaryE2940127 Feb 194066XV37 33
RUBINSTEIN MillieE2940205 Apr 1910XG07 19
RUBINSTEIN MorrisE2940301 Jan 1908XG03 2
RUBINSTEIN MorrisE2940426 Apr 195558XZ38 17
RUBINSTEIN MorrisE2940526 Oct 197387XV58 21
RUBINSTEIN NathanE2940609 Jun 195087XY35 20
RUBINSTEIN R.E2940719 Oct 189671XA07 343
RUBINSTEIN RachelE2940815 Nov 191965XK03 31
RUBINSTEIN RachelE2940924 Jul 190570XC03 34
RUBINSTEIN RachelE2941011 Dec 193473XT31 14
RUBINSTEIN RebeccaE2941120 Jan 192041XK04 39
RUBINSTEIN RebeccaE2941205 Mar 193669XV42 21
RUBINSTEIN SarahE2941322 Jan 192575XJ12 19
RUBINSTEIN SimonE2941402 Mar 190621XF02 25
RUBINSTEIN SimonE2941520 Mar 192369XP16 14
RUBINSTEIN Yetta LilyE2941609 Jan 191770XJ16 34
RUBISA SolomonE2941723 Oct 19328XQ02 27
RUBNER HenryE2941821 Feb 191832XJ09 53
RUCHKOWITCH HymanE2941931 May 190668XF04 17
RUCKERVITZER NathanE2942006 Mar 192847XS05 40
RUCKERWITZKI AnneE2942103 Jul 195977XW05 29
RUCKOVITCH NathanE2942205 Apr 192360XP16 8
RUDA AaronE2942301 Jun 198583XQ49 6
RUDA AdaE2942430 Jan 193653XU20 40
RUDA BarnettE2942513 Jan 193576XK05 56
RUDA BenjaminE2942629 Dec 193160XU20 39
RUDA ClaraE2942721 Jul 197975XQ49 5
RUDA ConstanceE2942804 May 195629XQ93 8
RUDA EstherE2942906 May 192055XK05 48
RUDA JosephE2943026 Oct 196484XW32 27
RUDA JuliaE2943111 Sep 191866XL10 36
RUDA KateE2943217 Sep 195774XW32 28
RUDA LazarusE2943307 Apr 191540XL16 32
RUDANSKY ChavaE2943413 Nov 1908XG04 23
RUDD SamuelE2943523 Dec 195073XY39 35
RUDERMAN HarrisE2943620 Mar 192653XR14 53
RUDETSKY RebeccaE2943731 Mar 193495XT27 50
RUDIESKY HymanE2943816 Jan 193730XV42 33
RUDIN HymanE2943909 Mar 1913XL09 34
RUDNICK Leah RachelE2944011 Apr 193875XT26 38
RUDNIDSKY RachelE2944123 Oct 192246XP10 1
RUDNITSKY AnnieE2944221 Feb 193159XT09 30
RUDNITSKY DavidE2944330 Mar 195373XP10 2
RUDNITSKY EstherE2944419 Jul 195372XY39 34
RUDOFF AbrahamE2944512 Jun 195377XQ20 31
RUDOFF EvaE2944611 May 192347XP08 14
RUDOFF JaneE2944721 May 192136XK11 12
RUDOFF SarahE2944829 Apr 197683XQ18 42
RUDOFF SimonE2944912 Feb 1914XI13 6
RUDOLF FE2945022 Feb 189810 mthXA08 400
RUDOLF JE2945122 Feb 18982XA08 399
RUDOMSKY BarnettE2945228 Nov 193082XS32 3
RUEBACK JackE2945322 Jun 192452XQ06 14
RUFSKY SimonE2945428 Sep 194667XX09 39
RULIACK KittyE2945516 Jan 197187XQ20 27
RUMANY SolomonE2945609 Jan 194258XV80 4
RUMBER DinahE2945710 Feb 195065XY32 22
RUMBER Maurice (Rev)E2945818 May 195676XY40 17
RUMIANY SarahE2945902 Apr 195376XV80 3
RUPINSKY PhilipE2946026 Jan 195986XQ11 14
RURKA EvaE2946128 Dec 197782XQ45 14
RURKA FannyE2946228 Jun 193753XV39 21
RURKA JosephE2946323 Nov 196171XQ45 13
RURKA JuliaE2946422 May 196896XQ45 7
RURKA LewisE2946502 Oct 195786XQ45 8
RURKA SallyE2946609 Jan 198175XQ45 3
RURKA SimonE2946709 Jul 197672XQ45 4
RUSACK HymanE2946825 Sep 194571XX22 46
RUSACK TillyE2946931 May 193561XT35 15
RUSHKOFSKY PincusE2947016 Jun 192154XK11 7
RUSHKOFSKY Sarah MiriamE2947110 Dec 193266XT18 43
RUSS AbrahamE2947206 Dec 194377XX27 7
RUSS AnnieE2947304 Dec 192374XQ30 6
RUSS BarnettE2947424 Apr 193252XU10 40
RUSS EstherE2947519 Nov 195880XV07 4
RUSS Rachel ReginaE2947625 Aug 196390XX27 8
RUSSELL AbrahamE2947715 Dec 193052XS33 15
RUSSELL Anthony NewmanE2947804 Jul 194312XX30 7
RUSSELL EvaE2947921 Jun 197389XY21 7
RUSSELL HettyE2948013 Apr 195269XW18 24
RUSSELL LiebeE2948102 Dec 192665XR24 48
RUSSELL RebeccaE2948209 Jun 194276XU35 22
RUSSELL SimonE2948317 Jan 193563XU35 23
RUSSLANDER HannahE2948408 Aug 191628XJ19 58
RUSSOFF ClaraE2948528 Aug 193565XT36 17
RUSSOFF ElsieE2948620 Jan 195066XY31 13
RUSSOFF LouisE2948717 Jan 195972XY31 14
RUSTEIN JosephE2948815 Aug 192618XR20 37
RUSTIEN FannieE2948925 Oct 192385XI14 69
RUTCHINSKY SarahE2949007 Jun 193165XT10 4
RUTER AnnieE2949128 Sep 193956XU14 9
RUTHBONE SamuelE2949226 Aug 191862XL08 33
RUTHMAN YettaE2949307 May 195273XP52 4
RUTMAN AnnieE2949416 Nov 193853XU61 21
RUTMAN FannyE2949507 Oct 193142XT12 59
RUTMAN KateE2949626 Jul 194174XV23 15
RUTMAN LouisE2949708 Aug 193464XU05 45
RUTMAN MarksE2949820 Aug 193859XU61 22
RUTMAN WolfE2949915 Jun 194874XP52 3
RUTONBORSKY LazarusE2950028 Dec 192569XR11 46
RUTSTEIN SarahE2950122 Nov 193657XV45 15
RUTSTEIN SolomonE2950228 Sep 194463XX25 17
RUTSTEIN SolomonE2950309 May 193376XU15 49
RUTTENSTEIN AaronE2950418 Jan 191570XI15 12
RUTTER RachelE2950521 Jul 191567XB06 312
RUTTISH DavisE2950628 Jun 191747XJ14 9
RUTZ AliceE2950702 May 195664XY23 2
RUTZ MaxE2950823 Dec 195142XZ18 12
RUTZ SamuelE2950914 Feb 196780XY23 1
RUTZ Sidney JackE2951002 Jan 194118XV26 33
RUVENSKY HarrisE2951121 Nov 193155XU19 24
RUVENSKY SarahE2951209 Oct 193259XT17 24

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