All Deceased beginning with letters 'RI'

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All names beginning RI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RIBACK AnnieE2772912 Nov 190434XC07 27
RICH AnnieE2773015 Mar 193062XT04 51
RICH AnnieE2773103 Feb 196275XV04 30
RICH DavisE2773208 Mar 19066 mthXF01 54
RICH FannyE2773310 May 193697XK19 20
RICH HarrisE2773415 Aug 193670XU46 6
RICH HymanE2773501 Jan 191843XJ09 22
RICH IsaacE2773608 Nov 192864XS21 29
RICH IsaacE2773702 Oct 195779XY29 2
RICH IsraelE2773829 Mar 194357XV04 31
RICH Lawrence MalcolmE2773918 Dec 19322 mthXO30 12
RICH LenaE2774001 Jun 192344XP19 29
RICH MaxE2774122 Mar 193720XQ40 18
RICH MinnieE2774224 May 195073XY29 1
RICH MorrisE2774303 Feb 192375XK19 19
RICH PincusE2774408 Jan 192761XR26 44
RICH ReneeE2774519 Dec 199068XQ11 34
RICH SadieE2774602 Apr 19186XM06 38
RICHARD AbrahamE2774717 Oct 192748XS02 28
RICHARD MarkE2774807 Jul 190361XB02 94
RICHARDS AnnieE2774910 Jun 192241XH07 1
RICHARDS AnnieE2775027 Dec 192180XG10 6
RICHARDS BarnettE2775114 Jul 194062XU75 36
RICHARDS KateE2775223 Oct 195470XU75 35
RICHARDSON AmeliaE2775302 Jan 195574XW33 18
RICHARDSON HannahE2775428 Jan 197777XY38 33
RICHARDSON HymanE2775517 Sep 195579XW33 17
RICHARDSON Jacob MarksE2775602 Nov 195073XY38 32
RICHARDSON JessieE2775725 Feb 19209XM04 20
RICHARDSON SarahE2775831 Jul 1913XL12 24
RICHAYZER JaneE2775917 Feb 192958XS17 57
RICHENBERG AnnieE2776031 Dec 194669XU41 16
RICHENBERG DeborahE2776104 Sep 192521XR07 7
RICHENBERG IsaacE2776223 Nov 193570XU41 15
RICHENBERG LeahE2776319 Sep 191519XO06 16
RICHENBERG MarksE2776407 Jul 193346XU08 41
RICHENBERG MillieE2776517 Dec 193625XV45 23
RICHENBERG or RICH DavidE2776603 Jan 193927XU64 41
RICHENBERG PhilipE2776719 Nov 193152XU19 25
RICHENBERG RebeccaE2776808 May 193133XT10 33
RICHENBERG WoolfE2776929 Dec 192428XM24 16
RICHENBERH JackE2777007 Feb 19232 mthXO15 36
RICHENBURG JosephE2777102 Aug 194950XU77 52
RICHENDOLLAR HymanE2777230 Jul 19206XK01 31
RICHER BloomahE2777331 Jul 195673XU41 53
RICHER JosephE2777407 Nov 193978XW05 4
RICHER MyerE2777502 Dec 193555XU41 45
RICHLAND DavisE2777623 Mar 193067XS15 72
RICHLAND FannyE2777721 Jan 194076XS15 71
RICHLAND HarrisE2777821 Jan 193370XU25 39
RICHLER JuliusE2777904 May 192456XP34 5
RICHMAN AbrahamE2778027 Jun 194863XQ11 53
RICHMAN AnnieE2778128 Aug 1914XL13 32
RICHMAN AnnieE2778220 Aug 195862XY25 42
RICHMAN AnnieE2778316 Jan 193375XJ07 3
RICHMAN AnnieE2778411 Jun 196978XP76 9
RICHMAN BenjaminE2778525 Nov 196279XQ97 8
RICHMAN EstherE2778609 Nov 195667XQ97 7
RICHMAN FannyE2778724 Jul 193585XS34 6
RICHMAN HarryE2778812 Nov 198683XZ43 2
RICHMAN HermanE2778929 May 190440XC05 25
RICHMAN IsaacE2779014 May 193182XS34 5
RICHMAN JacobE2779129 Sep 193868XU62 39
RICHMAN LeahE2779212 Dec 194869XX02 17
RICHMAN LewisE2779326 Mar 192262XJ07 4
RICHMAN MarthaE2779403 Oct 19213XM05 60
RICHMAN MaryE2779515 Oct 193640XT45 13
RICHMAN NathanE2779610 Mar 193167XU12 30
RICHMAN NathanE2779717 Oct 193970XU68 28
RICHMAN NellieE2779803 Aug 193977XV33 25
RICHMAN RalphE2779914 Feb 19185XM06 14
RICHMAN RoseE2780028 Jun 192670XP49 3
RICHMAN SamuelE2780120 Mar 195053XY25 41
RICHMAN SamuelE2780207 Feb 193462XU31 37
RICHMAN SamuelE2780311 May 192178XK12 40
RICHMAN SamuelE2780421 Jan 192687XP49 4
RICHMAN SolomonE2780520 Feb 192855XS04 50
RICHMAN SophieE2780609 Feb 199887XZ43 3
RICHMAN YettaE2780717 May 193475XU13 30
RICHMAN YettaE2780830 Mar 197587XQ11 52
RICHMOND DavisE2780902 Jul 192135XK12 18
RICHMOND EmanuelE2781027 Oct 191914XN07 24
RICHMOND HannahE2781130 Nov 191848XN16 9
RICHMOND HannahE2781228 Jan 194574XW26 7
RICHTENBURG EstherE2781303 Apr 192130XN01 32
RICHTER MiriamE2781425 Nov 194160XV21 34
RICHTER MorrisE2781523 May 194062XU73 39
RICHTER PhilipE2781619 Jun 192450XP28 34
RICHTER SamuelE2781719 Feb 192055XN06 14
RICHTIG RoseE2781821 Feb 193178XT02 48
RICHTIGER AnnieE2781924 Jan 19178 mthXM07 13
RICK AnnieE2782001 Jan 191564XI17 14
RICK BarnettE2782115 Jun 192878XS06 57
RICK FannyE2782212 May 194267XV17 35
RICK IsraelE2782325 Oct 1914XL14 37
RICK JosephE2782428 Oct 195489XV08 31
RICKEL LeibE2782519 Feb 192969XQ18 12
RICKEL RachelE2782604 Mar 192319XK17 16
RICKEL ReginaE2782717 Apr 194882XQ18 11
RICKLER DinahE2782807 Sep 194373XX29 19
RICKLOVITCH BenjaminE2782919 Aug 194567XX20 14
RICKLOVITCH LeahE2783006 Jun 192132XH10 37
RICKLOVITCH MinnieE2783120 Feb 192829XS13 33
RICKLOVITCH SarahE2783204 Jun 191519 mthXO07 31
RICKLOWITZ DavidE2783328 Jun 19259XM18 27
RICKMAN AlexanderE2783402 Apr 193845XT32 50
RICKMAN ReneeE2783512 Nov 19183XM06 55
RICKMAN SarahE2783618 Feb 193046XT04 70
RICKOFF JacobE2783704 Jun 19013XB09 410
RIDDELL MarksE2783807 Jan 192355XP04 24
RIDELKOFF Charles BarnettE2783918 Sep 195666XW07 42
RIDLER IsraelE2784006 Nov 196883XX19 19
RIDLER YettaE2784126 Sep 194561XX19 20
RIFFCHIN AaronE2784231 Oct 194855XY19 24
RIFFCHIN AnnieE2784315 Feb 192758XR29 41
RIFFCHIN BettyE2784402 Sep 194432XX25 11
RIFFCHIN SolomonE2784503 Mar 193771XU51 30
RIFFER HindaE2784623 Jan 193278XR33 53
RIFFER IsaacE2784711 May 192772XR33 52
RIFKIND NellieE2784803 Jun 193675XM01 33
RIFKIND PhilipE2784921 Jul 192067XM01 34
RIFKOFF ChaiahE2785026 Jan 192969XS16 15
RIGOSKIN AnnieE2785106 Mar 191965XK03 12
RIMALT HenryE2785209 Sep 193554XU39 39
RIMALT LubaE2785330 Nov 195070XY38 21
RIMALT TheodorE2785411 Jun 194188XU39 52
RIMEL GaabrielE2785512 Sep 195686XW10 50
RIMMEL MillieE2785610 Apr 196489XW10 51
RIMMER JacobE2785705 Jun 194564XU47 1
RIMMER YettaE2785807 Apr 19177XM06 28
RIMMER YettaE2785926 Feb 192873XS13 45
RIMSKY JosephE2786005 Feb 193221XU10 24
RIND AnnieE2786113 May 195879XX10 10
RIND DeborahE2786220 Oct 199388XI21 8
RIND EstherE2786323 Dec 193772XS31 38
RIND Harry MordecaiE2786419 May 199493XI21 7
RIND HymanE2786504 Jul 193071XS31 33
RIND IsaacE2786615 Oct 194673XX10 11
RINDER AnnieE2786701 Mar 195056XY32 28
RINDER IsraelE2786818 Feb 192264XM15 3
RINDER LeahE2786910 Jun 193671XT44 9
RINDER SidneyE2787031 Oct 193915XU68 34
RING AlecE2787107 Dec 192750XP38 34
RING EvaE2787220 Mar 194877XX18 43
RING FannyE2787311 Sep 193151XT12 44
RING MorrisE2787414 May 192917XS18 45
RING MorrisE2787517 Jun 192454XP37 27
RINGLETOFF MorrisE2787607 Oct 194779XQ09 27
RINGLETOFF Sarah PearlE2787708 Sep 195282XQ09 28
RINGULKA JacobE2787803 Nov 195770XW08 20
RINK MillieE2787906 Jan 195172XW22 31
RINK SamuelE2788009 Jan 194566XW22 32
RINKOFF AbrahamE2788129 Jan 195472XZ32 7
RINKOFF AnnieE2788207 Sep 196279XZ32 8
RINKOFF FannyE2788318 Apr 195367XY11 2
RINKOFF HymanE2788421 Mar 194964XY11 1
RINSKY MyerE2788516 Jun 196186XP73 9
RINSKY SarahE2788629 Jul 196079XP73 10
RINZLER HarryE2788717 Feb 191837XJ09 52
RIPPS SimaE2788831 May 192355XP19 28
RISCH LeonE2788911 Mar 193358XU24 43
RISCOVITCH SamuelE2789020 Mar 193148XU12 11
RISE FredaE2789114 May 192572XP31 35
RISEMAN IsraelE2789208 Mar 193058XS29 63
RISEMAN MarksE2789322 Oct 192254XP02 15
RISEMAN SamuelE2789409 Feb 192252XM16 15
RISEMAN SarahE2789507 Feb 195581XQ71 9
RISHOVER JacobE2789621 Feb 194167XV70 4
RISHOVER RebeccaE2789715 Aug 194260XV70 3
RISIDORE NathanE2789807 Mar 195073XZ16 13
RISIDORE RebeccaE2789925 Oct 193075XT08 13
RISNER BenjaminE2790008 Jun 1912XL01 22
RISNER DavidE2790101 Aug 194378XV40 10
RISNER JosephE2790222 Jul 1911XO19 3
RISNER KatieE2790306 Oct 191525XJ05 5
RISNER SarahE2790413 Nov 193660XV40 11
RISTER AaronE2790519 Oct 194383XX28 6
RISTER AbrahamE2790615 Dec 197585XP67 12
RISTER AlecE2790724 Aug 195058XY37 30
RISTER HettyE2790809 Mar 195966XP67 11
RISTER SarahE2790918 Dec 192860XS15 33
RITSKY YettaE2791016 Dec 192738XS11 39
RITTENBERG AdaE2791105 Jul 195276XU01 40
RITTENBERG Annie RoseE2791225 Mar 193070XR26 47
RITTENBERG EmanuelE2791314 Oct 196689XU01 41
RITTENBERG JosephE2791418 Nov 195061XQ09 32
RITTENBERG SarahE2791505 Sep 196674XQ09 33
RITTENBERG WoolfE2791612 Jan 192774XR26 46
RITTER BenjaminE2791718 Sep 190159XB06 313
RITTER CeliaE2791807 Nov 195874XY28 2
RITTER Gershon BernardE2791922 Aug 192517XR06 6
RITTER GertrudeE2792010 Jan 192128XK10 51
RITTER GoldaE2792105 Aug 193065XT07 12
RITTER LeahE2792215 Oct 190349XC09 4
RITTER MorrisE2792314 Jun 193272XT07 13
RITTER SydneyE2792421 Sep 19286XR41 11
RITTERBAND RachelE2792505 Jan 195673XT51 8
RITVO AnnieE2792615 Mar 193953XU38 1
RITVO AnthonyE2792716 Mar 199554XW01 33
RITVO FannyE2792825 Jan 193382XT21 44
RITVO Harry DavidE2792923 Jun 195851XW01 50A
RITVO LewisE2793003 Jun 193560XU38 20
RITVO SadieE2793109 Dec 197564XW05 46
RITZ JessieE2793217 Dec 193571XT40 32
RITZ JosephE2793317 May 192029XN05 13
RITZES MalkaE2793424 Dec 191546XJ05 31

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