All Deceased beginning with letters 'RI'

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All names beginning RI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RIBACK AnnieA185412 Nov 190434C07 27
RIBNER HenryP1537221 Feb 191832J9
RICH AnnieC747015 Mar 193062T104 51
RICH AnnieE489603 Feb 196275V104 30
RICH DavisA220008 Mar 19066F01 54
RICH FannyD142010 May 193697K19 20
RICH HarrisD159015 Aug 193670U246 06
RICH HymanP1537501 Jan 191843J9
RICH IsaacC619108 Nov 192864S21 29
RICH IsaacE321602 Oct 195779Y129 02
RICH IsraelD580329 Mar 194357V104 31
RICH Lawrence MalcolmC986218 Dec 19326O30 12
RICH LenaC171301 Jun 192344P119 29
RICH MaxD212622 Mar 193720Q140 18
RICH MinnieD972124 May 195073Y129 01
RICH MorrisC142103 Feb 192375K19 19
RICH PincusC465608 Jan 192761R126 44
RICH ReneeE781619 Dec 199068Q111 34
RICH SadieP1538303 Apr 19187M6
RICHARD AbrahamC526117 Oct 192748S02 28
RICHARD MarkA150507 Jul 190361B201 94
RICHARDS AnnieC051827 Dec 192180G10 06
RICHARDS AnnieC095810 Jun 192241H07 01
RICHARDS BarnettD416014 Jul 194062U275 36
RICHARDS KateE191923 Oct 195470U275 35
RICHARDSON AmeliaE202802 Jan 195574W33 18
RICHARDSON HannahE710128 Jan 197777Y138 33
RICHARDSON HymanE231117 Sep 195579W33 17
RICHARDSON Jacob MarksD996002 Nov 195073Y138 32
RICHARDSON JessieB620825 Feb 19209M104 20
RICHARDSON SarahP1538931 Jul 191371L12
RICHAYZER JaneC653617 Feb 192958S17 57
RICHENBERG AnnieD791531 Dec 194669U241 16
RICHENBERG DeborahC351504 Sep 192521R107 07
RICHENBERG IsaacD095923 Nov 193570U241 15
RICHENBERG MarksC1040107 Jul 193346U108 41
RICHENBERG MillieD185117 Dec 193625V245 23
RICHENBERG or RICH DavidD329003 Jan 193927U264 41
RICHENBERG PhilipC892019 Nov 193152U119 25
RICHENBERG RebeccaC848708 May 193133T110 33
RICHENBERG WoolfC297229 Dec 192428M124 16
RICHENBERH JackC143207 Feb 19237O15 36
RICHENBURG JosephD933602 Aug 194950U277 52
RICHENDOLLAR HymanB655830 Jul 19206K01 31
RICHER BloomahE273631 Jul 195673U241 53
RICHER JosephD373607 Nov 193978W05 04
RICHER MyerD098402 Dec 193555U241 45
RICHLAND DavisC749223 Mar 193067S15 72
RICHLAND FannyD385821 Jan 194076S15 71
RICHLAND HarrisC996921 Jan 193370U125 39
RICHLER JuliusC249104 May 192456P134 05
RICHMAN AbrahamD874927 Jun 194863Q111 53
RICHMAN AnnieC994416 Jan 193375J07 03
RICHMAN AnnieE360120 Aug 195862Y125 42
RICHMAN AnnieE624511 Jun 196978P276 09
RICHMAN AnnieP1539629 Aug 191430L13
RICHMAN BenjaminE506625 Nov 196279Q397 08
RICHMAN EstherE285009 Nov 195667Q397 07
RICHMAN FannyD072024 Jul 193585S34 06
RICHMAN HarryE768812 Nov 198683Z243 02
RICHMAN HermanA174129 May 190440C05 25
RICHMAN IsaacC850014 May 193182S34 05
RICHMAN JacobD314229 Sep 193868U262 39
RICHMAN LeahD897212 Dec 194869X02 17
RICHMAN LewisC078826 Mar 192262J07 04
RICHMAN MarthaC031803 Oct 19213M105 60
RICHMAN MaryD169915 Oct 193640T245 13
RICHMAN NathanC833410 Mar 193167U112 30
RICHMAN NathanD370417 Oct 193970U268 28
RICHMAN NellieD360903 Aug 193977V133 25
RICHMAN RalphP1540714 Feb 1918M6
RICHMAN ReneeP1540811 Nov 19183M6
RICHMAN RoseC423928 Jun 192670P249 03
RICHMAN SamuelC007611 May 192178K12 40
RICHMAN SamuelC1090707 Feb 193462U131 37
RICHMAN SamuelC386021 Jan 192687P249 04
RICHMAN SamuelD967420 Mar 195053Y125 41
RICHMAN SolomonC558720 Feb 192855S04 50
RICHMAN SophieE801709 Feb 199887Z243 03
RICHMAN YettaC1115317 May 193475U113 30
RICHMAN YettaE690930 Mar 197587Q111 52
RICHMOND DavisC015202 Jul 192135K12 18
RICHMOND EmanuelB594327 Oct 191914N07 24
RICHMOND HannahD687328 Jan 194574W26 07
RICHTENBURG EstherC000903 Apr 192130N01 32
RICHTER MiriamD506525 Nov 194160V121 34
RICHTER MorrisD407623 May 194062U273 39
RICHTER PhilipC257719 Jun 192450P128 34
RICHTER SamuelB619619 Feb 192055N06 14
RICHTIG RoseC828421 Feb 193178T102 48
RICK AnnieP1541501 Jan 191566I17
RICK BarnettC587115 Jun 192878S06 57
RICK FannyD531912 May 194267V117 35
RICK JosephE192728 Oct 195489V108 31
RICKEL LeibC656119 Feb 192969Q118 12
RICKEL RachelC148604 Mar 192319K17 16
RICKEL ReginaD865717 Apr 194882Q118 11
RICKLER DinahD601207 Sep 194373X29 19
RICKLOVITCH BenjaminD715019 Aug 194567X20 14
RICKLOVITCH LeahC011706 Jun 192132H10 37
RICKLOVITCH MinnieC558420 Feb 192829S13 33
RICKLOWITZ DavidC337528 Jun 19259M118 27
RICKMAN AlexanderD290302 Apr 193845T132 50
RICKMAN SarahC739518 Feb 193046T104 70
RICKOFF JacobA103304 Jun 19013B901 410
RIDDELL MarksC135707 Jan 192355P104 24
RIDELKOFF Charles BarnettE278318 Sep 195666W07 42
RIDLER IsraelE616406 Nov 196883X19 19
RIDLER YettaD720026 Sep 194561X19 20
RIFFCHIN AaronD889331 Oct 194855Y119 24
RIFFCHIN AnnieC478215 Feb 192758R129 41
RIFFCHIN BettyD661302 Sep 194432X25 11
RIFFCHIN SolomonD207503 Mar 193771U251 30
RIFFER HindaC911023 Jan 193278R133 53
RIFFER IsaacC494811 May 192772R133 52
RIFKIND NellieD146603 Jun 193675M101 33
RIFKIND PhilipB653821 Jul 192067M101 34
RIFKOFF ChaiahC641226 Jan 192969S16 15
RIMALT HenryD079009 Sep 193554U139 39
RIMALT LubaE000330 Nov 195070Y138 21
RIMALT TheodorD484111 Jun 194188U139 52
RIMEL GaabrielE277212 Sep 195686W10 50
RIMMEL MillieE536110 Apr 196489W10 51
RIMMER JacobD705805 Jun 194564U247 01
RIMMER JudahP1543419 Jun 191160I2
RIMMER YettaC560226 Feb 192873S13 45
RIMMER YettaP1543507 Apr 19178M6
RIMSKY JosephC915105 Feb 193221U110 24
RIND AnnieE350713 May 195879X10 10
RIND DeborahE789420 Oct 199388I21 08
RIND EstherD272023 Dec 193772S31 38
RIND Harry MordecaiE791119 May 199493I21 07
RIND HymanC772904 Jul 193071S31 33
RIND IsaacD776915 Oct 194673X10 11
RINDER AnnieD962901 Mar 195056Y132 28
RINDER IsraelC069518 Feb 192264M115 03
RINDER LeahD149010 Jun 193671T244 09
RINDER SidneyD372331 Oct 193915U268 34
RING AlecC537207 Dec 192750P138 34
RING EvaD862120 Mar 194877X18 43
RING FannyC875311 Sep 193151T112 44
RING MorrisC257617 Jun 192454P137 27
RING MorrisC681114 May 192917S18 45
RINGLETOFF MorrisD836107 Oct 194779Q109 27
RINGLETOFF Sarah PearlE088508 Sep 195282Q109 28
RINGULKA JacobE326103 Nov 195770W08 20
RINK MillieE007906 Jan 195172W22 31
RINK SamuelD682709 Jan 194566W22 32
RINKOFF AbrahamE161629 Jan 195472Z132 07
RINKOFF AnnieE502007 Sep 196279Z132 08
RINKOFF FannyE126618 Apr 195367Y111 02
RINKOFF HymanD916421 Mar 194964Y111 01
RINSKY MyerE473916 Jun 196186P273 09
RINSKY SarahE442429 Jul 196079P273 10
RINZLER HarryP1545217 Feb 191837J9
RIPKA GedaliahP1545314 Apr 190836H5
RIPPS SimaC170731 May 192355P119 28
RISCH LeonC1014511 Mar 193358U124 43
RISCOVITCH SamuelC836820 Mar 193148U112 11
RISE FredaC329814 May 192572P131 35
RISEMAN IsraelC744908 Mar 193058S29 63
RISEMAN MarksC116822 Oct 192254P102 15
RISEMAN MinnieP1545603 Oct 19175 mthsM8
RISEMAN RachelP1545725 Jan 191939N15
RISEMAN SamuelC066609 Feb 192252M116 15
RISEMAN SarahE208007 Feb 195581Q271 09
RISHOVER JacobD464721 Feb 194167V270 04
RISHOVER RebeccaD543915 Aug 194260V270 03
RISIDORE NathanD964407 Mar 195073Z116 13
RISIDORE RebeccaC792225 Oct 193075T108 13
RISNER DavidD596901 Aug 194378V140 10
RISNER SarahD176513 Nov 193660V140 11
RISTER AaronD605819 Oct 194383X28 06
RISTER AbrahamE698415 Dec 197585P267 12
RISTER AlecD987224 Aug 195058Y137 30
RISTER HettyE386009 Mar 195966P267 11
RISTER SarahC629218 Dec 192860S15 33
RITSKY YettaC539716 Dec 192738S11 39
RITTENBERG AdaE083005 Jul 195276U101 40
RITTENBERG Annie RoseC749825 Mar 193070R126 47
RITTENBERG EmanuelE583614 Oct 196689U101 41
RITTENBERG JosephD997818 Nov 195061Q109 32
RITTENBERG SarahE581805 Sep 196674Q109 33
RITTENBERG WoolfC467112 Jan 192774R126 46
RITTER BenjaminA109418 Sep 190159B601 313
RITTER CeliaE367307 Nov 195874Y128 02
RITTER Gershon BernardC348222 Aug 192517R106 06
RITTER GertrudeB684410 Jan 192128K10 51
RITTER GoldaC777605 Aug 193065T107 12
RITTER LeahA156515 Oct 190349C09 04
RITTER MorrisC947414 Jun 193272T107 13
RITTER SydneyC607621 Sep 19286R241 11
RITTERBAND RachelE245005 Jan 195673T251 08
RITVO AnnieD341115 Mar 193953U138 01
RITVO AnthonyE793716 Mar 199554W01 33
RITVO FannyC999525 Jan 193382T121 44
RITVO Harry DavidE354823 Jun 195851W01 50A
RITVO LewisD062903 Jun 193560U138 20
RITVO SadieE698009 Dec 197564W05 46
RITZ JessieD102917 Dec 193571T140 32
RITZ JosephB642917 May 192029N05 13

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