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All names beginning RA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RABBINOVITCH AaronE2717005 Jun 195276XY17 38
RABBINOVITCH AnnieE2717126 Apr 192178XJ19 5
RABBINOVITCH BetsyE2717213 Sep 194380XU68 29
RABBINOVITCH HarrisE2717320 May 192962XS25 68
RABBINOVITCH HymanE2717429 Dec 193170XU16 43
RABBINOVITCH JennieE2717505 Nov 192815XS09 49
RABBINOVITCH JohnE2717620 Jan 19339 mthXO27 16
RABBINOVITCH MillieE2717705 Oct 194068XQ41 13
RABBINOVITCH MinnieE2717806 May 192725XR32 55
RABBINOVITCH PhilipE2717915 Oct 193975XU68 30
RABBINOVITCH RachelE2718008 Nov 193175XQ16 16
RABBINOVITCH RebeccaE2718129 Dec 192080XK08 4
RABBINOVITZ DoraE2718217 Feb 192454XP30 20
RABBINOVITZ MaxE2718321 Jan 195175XQ41 12
RABBINOVITZ Saul HarrisE2718424 Jan 192265XM14 22B
RABBINOWITCH IsraelE2718504 Jun 1910XE07 3
RABBINOWITCH RebeccaE2718621 Jun 192328XP17 1
RABBINOWITZ AbrahamE2718710 Mar 19181XM09 10
RABBINOWITZ AbrahamE2718826 Oct 191826XM03 25
RABBINOWITZ CalmanE2718910 Sep 192934XP41 35
RABBINOWITZ EberE2719017 Feb 191785XJ15 8
RABBINOWITZ EstherE2719126 Mar 191959XK01 19
RABBINOWITZ HarrisE2719221 Jun 18909 mthXA01 5
RABBINOWITZ HarrisE2719306 Nov 191852XN17 11
RABBINOWITZ HymanE2719405 Feb 191610 mthXO05 28
RABBINOWITZ IsraelE2719502 Jan 191844XJ12 30
RABBINOWITZ IsraelE2719619 Mar 192470XP27 18
RABBINOWITZ Jacob (Rabbi)E2719725 Dec 193264XW02 1
RABBINOWITZ Joseph IsaacE2719831 Mar 19306XR42 2
RABBINOWITZ MarchaE2719930 Apr 1908XG05 31
RABBINOWITZ MarksE2720016 Jul 19212 mthXM13 50
RABBINOWITZ MorrisE2720117 Nov 191770XJ19 4
RABBINOWITZ NoahE2720224 Mar 191660XJ18 28
RABBINOWITZ PaulineE2720328 Sep 191964XN12 33
RABBINOWITZ RachelE2720408 Oct 191554XL19 37
RABBINOWITZ RebeccaE2720525 Apr 1909XG05 7
RABBINOWITZ ReubenE2720626 Mar 194774XX11 51
RABBINOWITZ RosaE2720706 Feb 192582XP24 1
RABBINOWITZ WoolfE2720806 Mar 1909XG09 20
RABBINOWITZ ZaligE2720905 Jul 191950XN09 34
RABCHASKY RosaE2721021 Jun 19244XQ04 11
RABEROFF Sarah-JollyE2721112 Aug 1911XO19 8
RABIN AnnieE2721208 Apr 195682XZ39 6
RABIN BarnettE2721313 Apr 192539XR03 44
RABIN BessieE2721415 Jan 193062XT05 59
RABIN DinahE2721511 Jul 19324XR45 1
RABIN DinahE2721607 Dec 191571XJ05 15
RABIN DoraE2721707 Dec 194656XX07 18
RABIN HannahE2721805 Aug 192055XK08 20
RABIN JacobE2721915 Dec 19192 mthXO29 3
RABIN MarkE2722018 Mar 195686XZ39 5
RABIN MichaelE2722114 May 195246XW19 27
RABIN MorrisE2722223 Feb 192458XP30 29
RABIN MorrisE2722316 Oct 195475XZ35 28
RABIN NancyE2722401 May 192562XR04 25
RABIN RicknillE2722507 Jul 192459XP37 20
RABIN SarahE2722604 Nov 191656XJ19 69
RABINOFF EvaE2722713 Jan 195387XQ26 26
RABINOVITCH AbrahamE2722826 Mar 194956XY25 37
RABINOVITCH AbrahamE2722922 Nov 194977XQ40 39
RABINOVITCH AnnieE2723018 Aug 194473XW25 13
RABINOVITCH BarnettE2723122 Jun 192410XQ02 24
RABINOVITCH Benjamin PhilipE2723217 Mar 193350XU27 5
RABINOVITCH BetsyE2723304 Oct 195275XQ32 35
RABINOVITCH BettyE2723416 Apr 194074XR01 11
RABINOVITCH CharlesE2723524 Sep 194559XW24 2
RABINOVITCH FannyE2723618 Apr 193630XT43 10
RABINOVITCH FannyE2723729 Sep 194067XQ39 39
RABINOVITCH FannyE2723820 Sep 195474XQ31 21
RABINOVITCH GertrudeE2723909 Aug 195678XU65 34
RABINOVITCH HannahE2724025 Jan 194281XQ42 7
RABINOVITCH HarryE2724112 Mar 195371XZ26 17
RABINOVITCH HymanE2724216 Jun 19193XN19 4
RABINOVITCH HymanE2724305 Oct 194161XV21 18
RABINOVITCH IsaacE2724407 Sep 194763XY06 27
RABINOVITCH IsaacE2724524 Dec 195772XQ31 20
RABINOVITCH JackE2724613 Jan 19273 mthXM32 16
RABINOVITCH JaneE2724702 Apr 192555XR03 23
RABINOVITCH JosephE2724812 Dec 194458XW32 31
RABINOVITCH KateE2724907 Jan 194359XU67 31
RABINOVITCH LesbiaE2725022 Aug 196377XI18 74
RABINOVITCH LottieE2725130 Aug 193043XT08 53
RABINOVITCH MalkaE2725211 Feb 193459XT25 53
RABINOVITCH MarkE2725316 Apr 193967XU65 21
RABINOVITCH MendelE2725409 Jul 195976XZ43 17
RABINOVITCH MosesE2725528 Oct 196378XI18 75
RABINOVITCH NathanE2725629 Nov 193170XQ42 6
RABINOVITCH RachaelE2725703 Jan 195778XP52 24
RABINOVITCH RachelE2725826 Sep 194365XV06 43
RABINOVITCH RachelE2725917 Oct 194382XU59 30
RABINOVITCH RebeccaE2726026 Nov 195871XY18 14
RABINOVITCH RebeccaE2726117 Jun 194976XY15 11
RABINOVITCH RebeccaE2726208 Aug 194277XV14 12
RABINOVITCH SamuelE2726307 Aug 193955XU67 32
RABINOVITCH SamuelE2726417 Nov 196689XQ32 36
RABINOVITCH SarahE2726521 Jun 193038XT07 44
RABINOVITCH SarahE2726623 May 197386XY06 28
RABINOVITCH SolomonE2726727 Aug 194670XX09 24
RABINOVITCH Sonia RachelE2726808 Feb 195885XW25 25
RABINOVITCH WoolfE2726910 Aug 194471XW25 26
RABINOVITZ EvaE2727004 Dec 193558XT38 27
RABINOVITZ JennyE2727108 Jul 193037XT04 21
RABINOVITZ KatieE2727202 Nov 193678XV44 21
RABINOWITCH DavisE2727316 Nov 195368XU48 1
RABINOWITCH HymanE2727402 Sep 1914XL09 52
RABINOWITCH HymanE2727509 Oct 192554XR08 24
RABINOWITCH RoseE2727608 Sep 194870XY17 39
RABINOWITZ AbrahamE2727717 Mar 195559XZ37 30
RABINOWITZ AnnieE2727824 Feb 195864XI19 71
RABINOWITZ BarnettE2727914 Jan 192342XP05 22
RABINOWITZ BarnettE2728017 Apr 195681XV14 11
RABINOWITZ BarnettE2728107 Jan 195284XW25 41
RABINOWITZ BenjaminE2728229 Mar 193877XU59 31
RABINOWITZ EmanuelE2728327 Apr 194978XY09 30
RABINOWITZ JacobE2728419 Feb 1914XI13 7
RABINOWITZ KateE2728513 Dec 194769XY09 31
RABINOWITZ LeahE2728620 Jun 196673XZ37 29
RABINOWITZ ME2728704 Feb 190440XC03 26
RABINOWITZ MarksE2728825 Jun 194370XV86 16
RABINOWITZ Moses RabbiE2728915 Jan 194675XW01 53
RABINOWITZ NathanE2729021 Oct 193969XU66 21
RABINOWITZ NathanE2729129 Oct 196774XI19 72
RABINOWITZ RachaelE2729206 Jun 195788XW05 53
RABINOWITZ RebeccaE2729325 Mar 197385XW24 3
RABINOWITZ RoseE2729419 Oct 195375XX09 23
RABINOWITZ Sarah LeahE2729510 Dec 194062XQ40 38
RABINOWITZ SarahE2729619 Aug 193483XT29 45
RABINOWITZ SimonE2729716 Jul 19173XM08 16
RABINOWITZ SolomonE2729829 Oct 191770XJ12 31
RABINOWITZ YettaE2729924 Feb 194364XV86 15
RABINOWITZ YettaE2730018 Jun 192571XR05 31
RABODTKA IsaacE2730110 Mar 194476XT11 16
RABODTKA SophieE2730229 Aug 193767XV38 18
RABOTKA RachaelE2730305 Nov 19167XJ21 11
RABSKI EvaE2730406 Nov 193570XS22 71
RABSKI SolomonE2730505 Jan 192967XS22 70
RABSON Annie NaomiE2730631 Oct 193059XS33 48
RABSON Joseph EmmanuelE2730715 Nov 193166XS33 47
RABSON Philip IsidoreE2730801 Aug 193018XS31 48
RABSTONE CharlieE2730913 Oct 19023XB09 440
RACKASZYNSKI or ROCK ReneeE2731028 Jun 193721XU47 28
RACKLASS SophieE2731117 Dec 194871XY05 33
RACKLESS MorrisE2731212 Aug 194762XY05 34
RACKLIN BathshevaE2731303 Nov 196090XV02 3
RACKLIN JosephE2731405 Jan 194981XV02 4
RACKLIN LeahE2731513 Mar 194336XV05 34
RACKWALSKY RE2731607 Apr 190238XD04 39
RADBERG Cheral BellaE2731704 Feb 194282XV81 15
RADBERG JacobE2731807 Dec 193172XU20 10
RADCHINSKY IsaacE2731920 May 189315 mthXA03 160
RADENBUSKY FannyE2732027 Dec 1908XG04 26
RADER AnnieE2732108 Jul 196667XQ14 45
RADER HarrisE2732218 Nov 193253XU07 19
RADER LouisE2732326 Jul 197881XQ14 46
RADER RebeccaE2732409 Dec 195474XV07 34
RADETONE LeahE2732507 May 1914XI14 26
RADIN MorrisE2732626 Apr 1912XI08 29
RADOMSKY SarahE2732704 Sep 192271XP02 6
RADSTONE AnnieE2732824 Feb 192973XS17 64
RADSTONE AnnieE2732929 Jan 196486XW08 29
RADSTONE DavidE2733008 Mar 194259XV18 26
RADSTONE EmanuelE2733112 Jan 19225XK01 41
RADSTONE FrankE2733206 Nov 193558XU40 35
RADSTONE MendelE2733312 Apr 192749XR32 31
RADZINSKY SolomonE2733405 Jun 194876XY15 22
RADZWILLAR BarbaraE2733515 Sep 19374 mthXT48 8
RADZWILLAR Barnett AbrahamE2733608 Jul 193262XU08 17
RAFER AbrahamE2733718 Jun 195271XJ01 26
RAFER EstherE2733809 Apr 198899XJ01 27
RAFER JosephE2733908 Mar 194130XJ01 25
RAFF CecilE2734013 Jun 19243 mthXQ04 14
RAFF JackE2734105 Feb 193824XU58 31
RAFF LouisE2734214 Aug 192964XS26 31
RAFF Masc o/w MarksE2734325 Apr 195171XW11 26
RAFFMAN FannyE2734405 Apr 193517XT33 46
RAFTENBERG SophieE2734528 Apr 193462XT27 13
RAGATNER QueenieE2734622 Feb 193678XI16 32
RAGOL-LEVY BeckE2734731 Jul 194959XY29 11
RAGOLSKY o/w JONES EdithE2734824 May 193725XV51 24
RAGULSKY SarahE2734901 Oct 193966XV32 26
RAICHAK MiriamE2735012 Jun 193464XT28 46
RAIN HymanE2735101 Aug 193179XU16 13
RAINDORF MorrisE2735211 May 19205XM04 6A
RAINE FannyE2735313 Jan 196085XT01 26
RAINE Harry AaronE2735415 May 197170XT01 1A
RAINE LewisE2735522 Aug 193967XT01 27
RAINE SarahE2735602 Jul 192168XK10 6
RAINER EstherE2735707 Mar 192955XS17 60
RAINES DianahE2735816 Nov 196995XQ102 14
RAINES HymanE2735925 Jan 195881XQ102 13
RAINGOLD BessieE2736012 Mar 196482XZ19 9
RAINGOLD FannyE2736118 Jun 193655XT44 13
RAINGOLD HarrisE2736204 Sep 193456XU07 42
RAINGOLD HymanE2736318 Oct 193323XU28 41
RAINGOLD IvyE2736430 Sep 19254 mthXM20 29
RAINGOLD MorrisE2736505 Dec 191944XN08 40
RAINGOLD MorrisE2736609 Jun 195076XY35 21
RAINISCH IsaacE2736713 Jan 192162XN02 42
RAINISH AbrahamE2736824 Jun 193862XS18 38
RAINISH RebeccaE2736902 May 197190XY15 10
RAIS SamuelE2737002 Sep 192769XR39 44
RAISBURD FannyE2737127 Mar 193771XR39 45
RAITBURD AlecE2737226 Apr 192653XR16 43
RAITBURD AnnaE2737309 Mar 194763XQ22 15
RAITH LeonE2737402 Dec 195054XP53 31
RAITZ BarnettE2737526 Nov 191570XI20 26
RAIVID Jacob-DavidE2737618 May 1912XL01 19
RAIVID Jane RachelE2737719 Jun 193563XP07 25
RAIVID RachelE2737821 Jul 193022XT07 18
RAIVID SussmanE2737922 Mar 192356XP07 24
RAKOFSKY AbrahamE2738005 Feb 1914XI09 28
RAKOSZYNSKY or ROCK NettiE2738115 Nov 193648XU47 27
RAKS Marilyn BerniceE2738210 Jul 19576 mthXT49 16
RALICK NichelE2738315 Feb 191567XI19 34
RALSKY PhilipE2738419 Jan 192564XJ11 73
RAMBER MarkE2738505 Apr 193417XU33 18
RAND Miriam-GittelE2738610 May 1912XL04 14
RANDALL DeborahE2738707 Mar 18965XA06 311
RANDALL EvaE2738810 Feb 194973XU42 14
RANDALL Isaac MendelE2738925 Dec 193567XU42 13
RANDALL JacobE2739008 Nov 191829XM03 36
RANDALL LillyE2739110 Oct 19042 mthXE02 16
RANDALL LilyE2739208 Oct 196056XU41 54
RANDALL MargaretE2739316 Apr 194632XX14 46
RANDALL Roger MichaelE2739421 Nov 19373 mthXT48 4
RANDALL YattaE2739512 Aug 195792XU50 42
RANDELL AbrahamE2739624 Jan 193772XU50 43
RANDEN LilyE2739708 Mar 1913XO24 11
RANDOLPH JohnE2739802 Jan 19024 mthXD01 50
RANKACHINSKY NathanE2739926 Aug 192958XS27 37
RANKOFF JosephE2740001 Oct 192393XP01 20
RAPAPORT BarnardE2740127 Mar 191867XJ09 68
RAPAPORT EvaE2740208 Dec 195880XQ18 10
RAPAPORT RosaE2740302 Jan 192475XQ33 10
RAPAPPORT MaxE2740427 Apr 191952XN13 15
RAPCHINSKY BessieE2740513 Sep 196888XX22 7
RAPCHINSKY NathanE2740601 May 194565XX22 8
RAPERPORT JennyE2740720 Apr 193237XT15 14
RAPERPORT MarksE2740828 Apr 192556XQ05 19
RAPERPORT Yetta SarahE2740922 Oct 193670XQ05 18
RAPHAEL AbrahamE2741020 Nov 192756XS02 54
RAPHAEL AnnieE2741114 Jan 192470XQ05 16
RAPHAEL BessieE2741228 Oct 1912XL02 44
RAPHAEL BessieE2741324 Oct 194345XX31 37
RAPHAEL DavidE2741412 Jun 193260XS34 17
RAPHAEL ElizabethE2741508 Jul 190288XD04 48
RAPHAEL IsaacE2741623 Dec 194080XV69 17
RAPHAEL JacobE2741716 Jul 192549XR06 30
RAPHAEL JaneE2741816 Feb 191921XN14 38
RAPHAEL LeahE2741923 Aug 194368XX30 43
RAPHAEL LeahE2742007 Jan 194977XV69 18
RAPHAEL MillieE2742119 Apr 198079XQ101 8
RAPHAEL NathanE2742205 Jun 195760XQ101 7
RAPHAEL RoseE2742307 Apr 1911XI03 42
RAPHAEL Rosie MillieE2742407 Mar 19302XM43 6
RAPHAELSON AnnieE2742506 Feb 19189 mthXM08 55
RAPHAELSON DoraE2742610 May 194465XX28 47
RAPHAELSON NoraE2742707 Dec 19215XM05 63
RAPHMAN LeahE2742815 Jun 195065XY35 30
RAPINSKY PollyE2742902 May 195467XQ11 32
RAPKIN IsidoreE2743012 Oct 194320XV05 43
RAPKIN SarahE2743121 Feb 196676XW34 35
RAPKIN VictorE2743227 Feb 194558XW33 12
RAPOPORT BettyE2743322 Jun 192949XS18 53
RAPOPORT EzekielE2743418 Apr 194163XV74 15
RAPOPORT SarahE2743502 Jul 196077XP70 9
RAPPAPORT AnnieE2743628 Nov 192660XR24 25
RAPPAPORT AnnieE2743723 May 192063XK07 45
RAPPAPORT AnnieE2743822 Feb 195164XY41 31
RAPPAPORT Beley o/w BetsyE2743917 Jul 194079XQ07 9
RAPPAPORT FannyE2744007 Feb 193675XV41 9
RAPPAPORT HarryE2744104 Jun 192036XN05 10
RAPPAPORT HymanE2744214 Mar 195781XQ18 9
RAPPAPORT IsaacE2744324 Mar 192683XQ35 12
RAPPAPORT JosephE2744420 Aug 193271XQ43 4
RAPPAPORT MalcolmE2744502 Dec 19262 mthXM31 23
RAPPAPORT MaxE2744602 Oct 1908XG06 35
RAPPAPORT MendelE2744729 Apr 191667XI11 63
RAPPAPORT MendelE2744818 Jun 192676XQ08 3
RAPPAPORT MillyE2744902 Aug 1914XL17 7
RAPPAPORT MinnieE2745005 Jan 196581XQ43 5
RAPPAPORT MosesE2745123 Dec 190370XD09 46
RAPPAPORT RachelE2745215 Aug 1911XO01 7
RAPPAPORT RachelE2745304 Oct 192880XS14 49
RAPPAPORT RosieE2745409 Mar 1909XG01 31
RAPPAPORT SamuelE2745530 Dec 195271XW18 33
RAPPAPORT SarahE2745626 Nov 194455XQ35 16
RAPPAPORT SylviaE2745702 Nov 193772XV53 16
RAPPAPORT WoolfE2745819 Jan 193873XV53 15
RAPPEL LipmanE2745905 Nov 192351XQ27 4
RAPPEL MillieE2746011 May 193280XT16 39
RAPPOPORT DoraE2746107 Apr 190750XH02 28
RAPPOPORT HannahE2746213 Feb 192280XN12 15
RAPPOPORT HarrisE2746318 Feb 194357XQ35 17
RASCH AbrahamE2746404 Aug 194084XK14 25
RASCH BlumahE2746516 Sep 193056XT08 52
RASCH IsaacE2746606 Dec 194382XX32 44
RASCH JacobE2746702 Jun 194145XV74 12
RASCH NathanielE2746814 Sep 193742XU55 34
RASCH Sarah RebeccaE2746913 Nov 192163XK14 26
RASCHBERG CeliaE2747021 Nov 192527XP47 18
RASHBASS AdaE2747103 Jun 195484XU35 36
RASHBASS AnnieE2747206 Mar 198483XQ20 1G
RASHBASS LouisE2747301 Feb 193570XU35 35
RASHBASS MorrisE2747410 Oct 192828XS20 45
RASHBASS Rabbi HarryE2747528 Nov 196328 mthXQ20 1F
RASHEFSKY JacobE2747610 Sep 194268XV13 14
RASHEFSKY RebeccaE2747723 Aug 194675XV13 15
RASHKOVITCH SarahE2747819 Nov 192567XR09 57
RASNIC RebeccaE2747908 May 199692XP63 20
RASNOVSKY MorrisE2748019 Jan 195869XY33 27
RASOFSKY SadieE2748107 Mar 193112XR44 10
RATHBORNE KatieE2748218 Mar 1913XL08 32
RATKINSKY KatieE2748318 Mar 192165XK10 22
RATMAN AbrahamE2748430 Apr 194060XU73 37
RATMAN HannahE2748501 Apr 193423XT27 48
RATMAN RachelE2748603 Jun 195876XU73 53
RATZKE BarnettE2748724 Sep 19067XF06 42
RATZKER BernardE2748817 Jul 198573XQ13 31
RATZKER EthelE2748902 Jan 197163XQ68 4
RATZKER JacobE2749026 Nov 195454XQ57 1
RATZKER JohnE2749113 Nov 196057XQ68 3
RATZKER LewisE2749210 Sep 194973XT10 74
RATZKER PearlE2749302 Apr 199683XQ13 30
RATZKER RachelE2749418 Feb 193565XT33 7
RAUSCH EugeneE2749530 Oct 191832XJ04 59
RAVECH EvaE2749628 Apr 193354XT19 68
RAVECH HannahE2749701 May 194276XU75 42
RAVECH IsaacE2749804 Jul 194073XU75 43
RAVECH MorrisE2749918 May 193032XS30 4
RAVEN / RAVINSKY RachelE2750004 Nov 194250XV11 14
RAVEN / RAVINSKY SolomonE2750101 Jul 195868XV11 13
RAVEN BarnettE2750211 Apr 193868XU60 49
RAVEN CarrieE2750328 Nov 191848XN18 27
RAVEN MarksE2750401 Feb 194275XU29 4
RAVEN SarahE2750513 Dec 193632XV45 29
RAVER DavidE2750627 Mar 195866XP63 24
RAVER EstherE2750725 Aug 198294XP63 23
RAVER HarryE2750815 Dec 193332XU28 47
RAVER Jean RitaE2750911 Dec 19254 mthXM20 13
RAVER MorrisE2751018 Oct 193335XU29 5
RAVID HermanE2751126 Jan 195075XZ15 16
RAVIN MorrisE2751224 Jan 192944XS22 12
RAVINOFF HarrisE2751306 May 195386XQ26 25
RAVITCH HarryE2751414 Oct 191916XN08 27
RAVITCH SamuelE2751518 Feb 193732XU51 10
RAVITSKY RebeccaE2751604 Sep 195382XP52 33
RAVITZ SylviaE2751702 Aug 192170XK13 43
RAY BenE2751817 Jun 196171XP76 16
RAYMAN FannyE2751929 Mar 195871XN10 2
RAYMOND HerbertE2752030 Nov 19043 mthXC06 45
RAYNE AbrahamE2752126 Jun 193147XS18 72
RAYNER EstherE2752231 Dec 192346XQ33 8
RAYNER GoldaE2752316 May 19293 mthXM39 12
RAYNER IsaacE2752409 Aug 192969XS26 41
RAYNER LeahE2752507 Jul 192255XK20 4
RAYNER SadieE2752630 Apr 192915 mthXM39 13
RAZCPKA FannyE2752704 Jul 1911XI03 51
RAZEPKA Hendel LazarusE2752806 Feb 191869XJ10 27
RAZKER LazarusE2752908 Feb 191575XI12 59

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