All Deceased beginning with letters 'PU'

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All names beginning PU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PUCHNITSKY BernardD066625 Jun 193520U137 22
PUCKUST BarnettC1015815 Mar 193364U127 09
PUGACHOW EphraimD193611 Jan 193769U250 17
PUISKIN JuliusE462212 Feb 196175Q4C3 11
PULKUSKY BenjaminC777303 Aug 193060S31 51
PULLMAN EdwardE372925 Dec 195881Q250 01
PULLMAN Percy GeraldE689321 Jan 197570Q250 03
PULMAN BetsyD842714 Nov 194771Q250 02
PULMAN HettyE773919 Apr 198876Q250 04
PULVER AnnieD796625 Jan 194770X06 45
PULVER FlorrieP1502928 Jun 19182M9
PULVER LeahE080918 Jun 195284Y125 16
PULVER LewisD916923 Mar 194981Y125 15
PULVER MyerC680210 May 192955S25 50
PURCHINSKY JacobD289026 Mar 193884T134 02
PURITZ JaneC782301 Sep 193017T108 50
PURITZ JosephD270718 Dec 193760U257 34
PURLAY AnnieC630021 Dec 192870S15 22
PURPLE HarryC514223 Aug 192724R137 41
PUSHIN JacobC793325 Oct 193061S32 60
PUSHIN RebeccaD504513 Nov 194170V121 28
PUSHKIN AnnieC474506 Feb 192761R128 43
PUSHKIN BenjaminD501621 Oct 194155V278 18
PUSHKIN HarrisC741123 Feb 193064S19 35
PUSHKIN LeahC404930 Mar 192632R115 34
PUSHKIN MarksP1503921 Sep 191452L14
PUSHKIN MillieE372623 Dec 195879T255 08
PUSHKIN SamuelE281819 Oct 195679T255 07
PUSHKIN SarahD072324 Jul 193562T136 33
PUSHSTICK LeahC027307 Sep 192160K13 20
PUSKIN RoseE555218 May 196575Q4C3 12
PUSTANSKY EstherC589601 Jul 192866J12 01
PUSTANSKY SamuelD879009 Aug 194866Y117 23
PUSTANSKY SimonB689124 Jan 192158J11 30
PUSTICK SolomonC682019 May 192970K21 16
PUTTERMAN RebeccaC484819 Mar 192757R130 44

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