All Deceased beginning with letters 'PU'

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All names beginning PU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PUCHNITSKY BernardE2712425 Jun 193520XU37 22
PUCKUST BarnettE2712515 Mar 193364XU27 9
PUGACHOW EphraimE2712611 Jan 193769XU50 17
PUISKIN JuliusE2712712 Feb 196175XQ123 11
PULENSKY SophiaE2712825 Sep 1907XH08 6
PULKUSKY BenjaminE2712903 Aug 193060XS31 51
PULLMAN EdwardE2713025 Dec 195881XQ50 1
PULLMAN Percy GeraldE2713121 Jan 197570XQ50 3
PULMAN BetsyE2713214 Nov 194771XQ50 2
PULMAN HettyE2713319 Apr 198876XQ50 4
PULVER AnnieE2713425 Jan 194770XX06 45
PULVER LeahE2713518 Jun 195284XY25 16
PULVER LewisE2713623 Mar 194981XY25 15
PULVER MyerE2713710 May 192955XS25 50
PURCHINSKY JacobE2713826 Mar 193884XT34 2
PURITZ JaneE2713901 Sep 193017XT08 50
PURITZ JosephE2714018 Dec 193760XU57 34
PURLAY AnnieE2714121 Dec 192870XS15 22
PURPLE HarryE2714223 Aug 192724XR37 41
PUSHIN JacobE2714325 Oct 193061XS32 60
PUSHIN RebeccaE2714413 Nov 194170XV21 28
PUSHKIN AnnieE2714506 Feb 192761XR28 43
PUSHKIN BenjaminE2714621 Oct 194155XV78 18
PUSHKIN HarrisE2714723 Feb 193064XS19 35
PUSHKIN LeahE2714830 Mar 192632XR15 34
PUSHKIN MarksE2714921 Sep 1914XL14 26
PUSHKIN MillieE2715023 Dec 195879XT55 8
PUSHKIN SamuelE2715119 Oct 195679XT55 7
PUSHKIN SarahE2715224 Jul 193562XT36 33
PUSHSTICK LeahE2715307 Sep 192160XK13 20
PUSKIN RoseE2715418 May 196575XQ123 12
PUSTANSKY EstherE2715501 Jul 192866XJ12 1
PUSTANSKY SamuelE2715609 Aug 194866XY17 23
PUSTANSKY SimonE2715724 Jan 192158XJ11 30
PUSTICK SolomonE2715819 May 192970XK21 16
PUTCHINSKY JacobE2715907 Jan 1914XI10 1
PUTTERMAN RebeccaE2716019 Mar 192757XR30 44

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