All Deceased beginning with letters 'PR'

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All names beginning PR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PRAAG IsaacE2696627 Oct 195073XY37 8
PRAAG SophieE2696724 Mar 193868XV36 18
PRAGER Annie LeahE2696802 Jul 193575XT35 28
PRAGER JosephE2696907 Dec 192578XM01 11
PRAGER LeahE2697004 Feb 195968XZ42 36
PRAGER MorrisE2697108 Jan 195073XV49 31
PRAGER RachelE2697209 Mar 193766XV40 24
PRAGER SolomonE2697314 Jan 195248XW16 27
PRAGUE MarksE2697429 Mar 194069XU72 30
PRAGUE RachelE2697502 Apr 195883XU72 29
PRANSKY MiriamE2697615 May 191655XJ21 53
PRASCHNER SeldaE2697727 Dec 1913XI10 18
PRASHNA DavidE2697830 Oct 190260XD05 42
PRASKER HenryE2697931 Dec 192047XN01 20
PRAYER BellaE2698018 Nov 194325XV02 41
PREISKEL DaicheE2698102 Feb 193170XQ17 15
PREISKEL WoolfE2698205 Nov 193666XU48 50
PRELUDSKY ClaraE2698303 Aug 195178XW13 26
PRELUDSKY HarrisE2698405 Feb 192959XS23 33
PREMETT JohnE2698505 Nov 193532XU40 28
PREMETT SophieE2698606 Jun 193356XT21 23
PRESHKIN HaroldE2698722 Oct 194957XY28 19
PRESKOVSKY SarahE2698816 May 191764XJ15 59
PRESKY AnnieE2698916 Feb 193652XV41 17
PRESKY FannyE2699012 Feb 196478XQ16 23
PRESKY PhilipE2699112 May 196073XQ16 22
PRESMAN EvaE2699208 Oct 191866XL10 11
PRESMAN HymanE2699330 Jun 1912XO13 12
PRESS BetsyE2699403 Mar 196583XY38 25
PRESS ClaraE2699518 Feb 193759XV39 6
PRESS EttaE2699623 Jan 1913XL06 10
PRESS IsaacE2699728 Nov 195067XY38 24
PRESS JacobE2699807 Aug 192762XR37 50
PRESS KateE2699913 Apr 192558XR03 39
PRESS LeahE2700003 May 192629XR16 26
PRESS MichaelE2700128 Sep 191829XJ05 53
PRESS RoseE2700231 Oct 192773XS12 51
PRESS SolomonE2700305 Dec 192444XM22 18
PRESSBERG AlexanderE2700420 Dec 195578XQ73 13
PRESSBERG AnnieE2700521 Oct 196085XQ73 14
PRESSMAN BarnettE2700608 May 192071XN05 9
PRESSMAN FannyE2700722 Jul 192858XS09 68
PRESSMAN HarrisE2700814 Nov 192856XQ13 20
PRESSMAN HymanE2700901 Aug 195154XW13 39
PRESSMAN JacobE2701013 Dec 193869XU63 13
PRESSMAN MarksE2701112 Mar 193057XS29 36
PRESSMAN MillieE2701222 Jun 198686XW13 40
PRESSMAN MillyE2701326 Feb 196385XU63 14
PRESSMAN RichardE2701422 Aug 195463XZ35 19
PRESSMAN SarahE2701524 Apr 195582XQ13 21
PRESTON HettyE2701601 Sep 200781XQ43 35
PRESTON MauriceE2701712 Apr 197956XQ43 34
PREVER RebeccaE2701801 Jun 193962XV62 6
PRICE AbrahamE2701906 Nov 192562XR09 37
PRICE AnnieE2702010 Aug 1908XC01 48
PRICE AnnieE2702123 Jul 193575XM01 37
PRICE AnnieE2702213 Jun 192781XM27 13
PRICE BerthaE2702322 Feb 193768XU26 39
PRICE FannyE2702416 Apr 192276XN01 32
PRICE GershonE2702508 Mar 190616 mthXF06 3
PRICE GoldaE2702615 Nov 194059XV67 7
PRICE HarrisE2702719 Jun 1913XL11 35
PRICE JaneyE2702814 Dec 19064XE03 27
PRICE JessieE2702917 Dec 192725XS13 11
PRICE JosephE2703011 Sep 1907XH05 20
PRICE JosephE2703104 Nov 191678XD04 5
PRICE KateE2703218 Feb 193168XT09 14
PRICE LeonE2703326 Sep 192066XM01 36
PRICE LewisE2703416 Oct 195778XQ93 5
PRICE LouisE2703530 Mar 191949XK02 23
PRICE MarkE2703607 Mar 193374XU26 38
PRICE MaryE2703712 Feb 192162XK10 39
PRICE MaxE2703808 May 194164XV67 8
PRICE MyerE2703902 Jan 192432XP05 34
PRICE NannaE2704004 Jun 192412XP36 25
PRICE NathanE2704111 Feb 192852XS04 26
PRICE PhoebeE2704226 Sep 197188XQ93 6
PRICE RachelE2704302 Sep 192973XS08 52
PRICE SarahE2704407 Jun 190162XD04 4
PRICE SophieE2704518 Apr 196585XS06 3
PRICE WoolfE2704617 Feb 191612 mthXO05 33
PRICE WoolfE2704730 Mar 192959XS06 4
PRICE ZenaE2704808 Dec 19222 mthXO20 28
PRICEE2704920 Mar 18986XA08 405
PRIFER LouisE2705027 Feb 194575XV62 2
PRIMBAC JennyE2705125 Nov 192638XR29 19
PRIMHAK AbrahamE2705223 Apr 194357XV03 6
PRIMHAK AnnieE2705312 Oct 194485XW02 30
PRIMHAK IrisE2705421 Mar 193013 mthXM43 7
PRIMHAK OscarE2705513 Apr 193825XU60 46
PRIMHAK WoolfE2705601 Jan 193879XW02 31
PRIMOST BarnetE2705722 Mar 193067XS19 17
PRIMOST SarahE2705813 Jul 193768XS19 18
PRINCE AbrahamE2705906 Jun 192868XS06 58
PRINCE AnnieE2706022 Feb 195758XV90 12
PRINCE EstherE2706122 Feb 192469XP30 33
PRINCE Isadore AlanE2706206 May 19345 mthXQ04 50
PRINCE JosephE2706329 Oct 192859XS21 9
PRINCE JuliusE2706418 Apr 194246XV18 34
PRINCE LeahE2706502 Dec 18965XB01 23
PRINCE LeahE2706630 Nov 193270XT18 20
PRINCE LilianE2706714 Jan 193714XV46 30
PRINCE MyerE2706814 Dec 191637XJ18 9
PRINS ElizabethE2706913 Dec 18922 mthXA03 152
PRINS EstherE2707006 Mar 192363XP14 3
PRINS SolomonE2707116 Oct 192567XP14 4
PRISAND AnnieE2707201 Jul 191840XL10 27
PRISANT FannyE2707322 Jan 192311 mthXO26 18
PRISANT IsaacE2707425 Dec 193475XU35 15
PRISANT RosyE2707524 Apr 193247XT15 23
PRISANT SamuelE2707609 Jan 195266XW16 45
PRISSICK AnnieE2707705 Apr 193160XT10 36
PROCKTOR RachelE2707803 Jul 192941XS08 40
PROFMAN LeahE2707931 Jan 19056 mthXE02 23
PROOSACK Joseph MyerE2708009 Dec 192567XN12 30
PROOSACK SarahE2708122 Nov 192562XN12 29
PROOTH LilyE2708213 Oct 197073XQ66 4
PROOTH MauriceE2708311 Oct 196776XQ67 2
PROOTKOFSKY AbrahamE2708416 Feb 193180XU11 39
PROOTKOFSKY AnnieE2708504 Jul 194966XY28 9
PROOTKOFSKY Israel IsaacE2708630 Jun 196383XY28 10
PROOZANSKY NathanE2708715 Feb 196079XW28 3
PROP JosephE2708822 Dec 195070XX15 48
PROPHAM EvaE2708901 Sep 1913XL12 34
PROPHAM SimonE2709001 Sep 1913XO26 11
PROPP AnnieE2709110 Mar 194666XX15 49
PROSHEVER MorrisE2709227 Jun 192544XR05 46
PROVISOR GershonE2709325 Mar 193660XU44 34
PROVISOR RoseE2709422 Jul 194772XU44 35
PROZANSKY RachelE2709519 May 196077XW28 4
PROZER NathanE2709623 Feb 193252XU21 33
PROZZER FredaE2709709 Feb 193151XT02 23
PROZZER PhilipE2709801 Mar 192581XM18 17
PRUIM MaryE2709913 Sep 192624XP23 35
PRUSANSKY LewisE2710008 Apr 192980XL19 55
PRUSANSKY RachelE2710108 Apr 192269XL19 54
PRUSIN FannyE2710205 Sep 195976XZ34 8
PRUSIN Morris IsaacE2710318 Jun 195479XZ34 9
PRUSKIN BrianE2710410 Jan 193710 mthXQ04 7
PRUSKIN JacobE2710510 Nov 192565XR09 8
PRUSKIN MarthaE2710631 Oct 193124XT13 39
PRUSKIN RebeccaE2710722 Nov 194173XV20 24
PRYDESKY MachaE2710802 Dec 192251XP12 11
PRYTECK SolomonE2710910 Feb 192250XM15 22A
PRYTEK HermanE2711024 Nov 190065XA10 489
PRYTEK JackE2711128 Jul 192656XR19 44
PRYTEK JuliaE2711228 Jul 1913XL12 23
PRYZGODA EvaE2711325 Mar 196886XW13 5
PRYZVOSHNICK SarahE2711409 Nov 195793XW21 2
PRZYGODA MendelE2711520 Dec 193358XS25 1
PRZYGODER AbrahamE2711620 Jul 193123XU15 33

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