All Deceased beginning with letters 'PO'

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All names beginning PO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
POBEREVSKY AaronE2663313 Aug 193679XU46 36
POBEREVSKY FannyE2663226 Jan 192657XR12 19
POBEREZOFSKY MorrisE2663117 Jun 190940XH03 32
POCKER Israel LewisE2663404 May 195259XQ28 14
PODBRESS IsaacE2663507 Jul 192367XP23 21
PODBUR AnnieE2663609 Sep 192790XR40 50
PODCARNEY MauriceE2663730 Dec 192937XS19 57
PODEMSKY EvaE2663815 Nov 195767XZ26 24
PODEMSKY MorrisE2663918 Feb 192127XN01 25
PODEMSKY SamuelE2664003 May 195370XZ26 25
PODESCHVA LenaE2664128 Jan 192781XP29 6
PODESCHWA JosephE2664207 Jun 193866XP29 7
PODESCHWA SophiaE2664319 Aug 194876XP29 8
PODESHVA BarnetE2664407 Nov 192668XP49 15
PODESHVA Israel SamuelE2664503 Jun 193264XU23 18
PODESHVA Leah EthelE2664612 Feb 193058XT05 36
PODESHVA PinkusE2664707 Jan 192476XP29 5
PODESHWA GitlaE2664804 Feb 193680XP49 16
PODGARA SarahE2664916 Jan 191730XI12 71
PODGINSKY AdaE2665024 Dec 192273XP13 15
PODGORNEY AnnieE2665130 Apr 192475XM15 1
PODGORNEY FlorenceE2665227 Jun 19329XR43 1
PODGORNEY HarrisE2665325 Feb 192277XM15 2
PODGOSKY HarrisE2665407 Jul 194769XY04 31
PODGURSKY AbrahamE2665520 Aug 195468XQ15 34
PODGUSZER MorrisE2665616 Nov 192653XR15 59
PODGUSZER SophiaE2665719 Mar 196386XR15 58
PODHANGER SiegmundE2665820 Jan 1913XL07 29
PODLOSKI SolomonE2665917 May 194378XT25 2
PODLOSKY RachelE2666026 Aug 193775XT25 1
PODOBRANSKY AaronE2666126 Jan 192351XP05 9
PODOBRANSKY DinahE2666213 Oct 192711XM30 19
PODOGOSKY KarkaE2666311 Jan 192775XR26 54
PODOLSKY AnnieE2666408 May 192538XR04 21
PODOLSKY BremnaE2666506 Dec 194067XV68 11
PODOLSKY HymanE2666624 Jun 192812XS10 66
PODOLSKY IsraelE2666715 Feb 19202 mthXN19 14
PODOLSKY LeahE2666804 Sep 1911XI01 62
PODOLSKY Nathan IsaacE2666924 Nov 192759XP48 24
PODOLSKY SarahE2667008 Feb 194578XP48 25
PODRACHIK LeahE2667112 Feb 192763XR29 36
PODRATCHIK JoelE2667204 Apr 192562XR03 31
PODRO EstherE2667322 Oct 191846XL17 6
PODROZNICK AnnieE2667417 Dec 193171XT13 46
POERPEL LewisE2667518 Feb 194168XV29 18
POGILOWITZ EstherE2667627 Feb 1909XG07 3
POGOLOVITCH SarahE2667711 Jun 194070XN06 17
POGORELSKY SolomonE2667807 May 194764XX03 33
POISTER IsaacE2667917 Sep 194666XX11 1
POKKUS JennyE2668009 Sep 194018XV27 27
POKKUS SarahE2668109 Sep 194049XV27 28
POKRASSE HymanE2668230 Nov 193670XU48 46
POKRASSE RebeccaE2668310 Mar 195074XU48 47
POLACHICK LouisE2668431 May 191880XD08 52
POLACHICK SarahE2668516 Jun 192982XS18 52
POLACHIK LeahE2668610 May 190365XD08 51
POLACK AnnieE2668702 Feb 193120XT03 21
POLAKOFF EstherE2668826 Apr 192355XP17 12
POLAKOFF LeahE2668909 May 193063XT07 67
POLAKOFF SamuelE2669010 Sep 195560XT13 74
POLANSKY AnnieE2669103 May 194770XX07 38
POLANSKY ClaraE2669206 Feb 194763XX05 33
POLANSKY HildaE2669313 Jun 193870XS15 38
POLANSKY HymanE2669413 Jan 193661XU42 34
POLATCHICK BarnettE2669501 Nov 194460XW23 12
POLATCHICK JosephE2669617 Aug 193368XU27 3
POLATCHIK DavidE2669716 Apr 193665XS01 59
POLATCHIK FannyE2669831 Dec 1911XI05 38
POLATCHIK KateE2669905 Dec 196070XW09 21
POLATCHIK MendelE2670027 Feb 1912XO21 7
POLATCHIK MillyE2670105 Feb 193154XS01 60
POLATCHIK SarahE2670202 Jan 192555XM23 4
POLATCHIK YettaE2670301 Mar 1912XO21 8
POLATNICK BerthaE2670428 Mar 192937XS17 21
POLCHINSKI BarnettE2670526 Jun 192354XP20 4
POLCHITSKY AnnieE2670619 Oct 192969XT06 49
POLEVSKY SamuelE2670704 Sep 190012 mthXB09 398
POLIAKOFF IsidoreE2670807 Jun 192639XR17 54
POLIKOFF AnnieE2670904 Oct 196694XW08 34
POLIKOFF EstherE2671005 Oct 193962XV32 27
POLIKOFF LouisE2671127 Jul 195184XW13 34
POLIKOFF MarkE2671207 Apr 195588XQ62 8
POLIKOFF RachelE2671305 Dec 190546XF05 1
POLINSKY AbrahamE2671401 Apr 192556XR03 19
POLINSKY AliceE2671523 Jul 192217XK07 55
POLINSKY AnnieE2671607 Sep 195372XZ28 9
POLINSKY GaleE2671704 May 19198XM05 10
POLINSKY GoldaE2671805 Mar 192775XR30 39
POLINSKY HenryE2671912 Oct 192767XS02 17
POLINSKY HymanE2672004 May 192463XK18 14
POLINSKY IsaacE2672116 Apr 191823XJ11 76
POLINSKY IsraelE2672216 Aug 193327XU27 27
POLINSKY JaneE2672320 Nov 193057XT09 50
POLINSKY JosephE2672404 Aug 197189XX05 32
POLINSKY LewisE2672520 May 195280XY43 22
POLINSKY MarksE2672613 Jan 194772XX08 49
POLINSKY MaxE2672717 Mar 195575XZ34 20
POLINSKY MillyE2672813 Jul 193866XV57 14
POLINSKY PhilipE2672915 Oct 192867XS20 47
POLINSKY RebeccaE2673010 May 191677XJ20 44
POLINSKY SarahE2673124 May 1912XL04 15
POLINSKY SarahE2673206 Mar 194178XS02 18
POLINSKY SarahE2673329 Jan 194382XV84 3
POLINSKY TaubyE2673426 Aug 194749XX08 53
POLINSKY WolfE2673512 Apr 192171XJ12 13
POLINSKY Yacha GoldaE2673617 Oct 192362XK18 13
POLISHACK BeatriceE2673724 Sep 19207XM04 31
POLISHACK RebeccaE2673826 Jun 191762XJ13 75
POLISHOPSKY DoraE2673906 Jun 190738XH04 17
POLISHUKE EstherE2674013 Apr 196080XP72 27
POLISHUKE IsaacE2674124 Aug 196382XP72 28
POLIWADA LeahE2674216 Jan 192354XP14 20
POLKA AnnieE2674311 May 191843XJ08 40
POLKA JennieE2674430 Oct 1914XL17 20
POLKOWITCH JosephE2674503 Oct 1907XH05 22
POLKOWSKY IsaacE2674605 Jan 1910XG03 18
POLLACK AbrahamE2674714 Dec 196370XQ113 10
POLLACK AlecE2674812 Nov 195683XV88 8
POLLACK EstherE2674924 Nov 195869XQ113 9
POLLACK FannyE2675018 Oct 193268XS17 2
POLLACK HildaE2675123 Jan 196180XP76 26
POLLACK JacobE2675227 Sep 192970XS17 1
POLLACK MarkE2675311 Nov 196077XP76 25
POLLACK MillieE2675414 Oct 196080XV88 9
POLLACK SolomonE2675509 Jul 192053XN04 9
POLLARY RoseE2675610 Nov 1907XH08 9
POLLAY FannyE2675710 Apr 1913XO01 30
POLLCOFF SarahE2675809 Jun 1910XE08 3
POLLEN IsraelE2675910 Apr 192859XS05 54
POLLEN YettaE2676021 Jun 193769XS05 55
POLLICOWSKY MarksE2676110 Oct 1909XG02 49
POLLINS AnnieE2676229 Dec 196374XW21 52
POLLINS HarryE2676310 Oct 194555XW21 53
POLLOCK AbrahamE2676421 Feb 196086XP70 31
POLLOCK AlexanderE2676511 Nov 192443XP44 20
POLLOCK AnnieE2676603 Apr 191969XK02 25
POLLOCK BerthaE2676708 Apr 196283XP70 32
POLLOCK CecilE2676828 Oct 19206XM05 46
POLLOCK DeborahE2676921 Jan 194977XN04 10
POLLOCK IsaacE2677021 Oct 192342XP27 29
POLLOCK IsaacE2677104 Mar 192757XR27 19
POLLOCK Samuel HymanE2677207 Dec 192137XK16 42
POLLOCK SarahE2677323 Jun 193846XT20 37
POLOCK HettyE2677431 Aug 192425XP39 5
POLOCK JosephE2677523 May 1914XL05 8
POLOFSKY RosaE2677625 Feb 195888XQ105 11
POLOFSKY VictorE2677716 Nov 190511 mthXF01 27
POLONSKY SimonE2677805 Aug 1911XI06 14
POLOWADA LewisE2677911 Dec 193672XU48 39
POLSKY CharlesE2678011 Sep 197194XQ47 4
POLSKY MillieE2678117 Dec 195770XQ47 3
POLSKY RachelE2678221 May 196876XQ68 2
POLSLOWSKA FranciskaE2678328 May 190567XC07 49
POMANSKY HarrisE2678425 Jan 191960XN17 40
POMERANCE HarryE2678509 Feb 193346XU08 37
POMERANSKY SamuelE2678628 Jul 193760XW08 4
POMERANSKY YettaE2678703 Mar 192652XR14 6
POMERANTZ BenjaminE2678824 Oct 191857XJ03 36
POMERANTZ BenjaminE2678917 Sep 195665XQ68 5
POMERANTZ DavidE2679013 Feb 201089XU49 54
POMERANTZ FredaE2679122 Feb 194868XY11 9
POMERANTZ GertrudeE2679224 Jan 193443XT24 54
POMERANTZ JacobE2679309 Nov 195264XQ09 49
POMERANTZ JosephE2679401 Dec 193643XU48 45
POMERANTZ LewisE2679504 Dec 195071XY11 8
POMERANTZ RaeE2679615 Nov 198389XQ68 6
POMERANTZ RoseE2679714 Sep 197787XQ09 48
POMERANTZ SadieE2679818 Jun 196063XP65 26
POMERANZ RayE2679907 Jan 192134XK10 7
POMERATZ RachelE2680022 May 194124XV23 34
POMEYANSKY AnnieE2680107 Feb 192984XE05 12
POMPIONSKY EstherE2680221 Jun 1914XL13 16
POMPIONSKY LouisE2680304 Oct 1914XL14 32
PONIDELL JaneE2680425 Apr 194367XV72 2
PONIDELL SolomonE2680520 Jun 194170XV72 3
PONLOFEL EstherE2680611 Jan 191661XJ05 29
POOLE RaphaelE2680709 Jul 195979XW08 22
POOLE Vernon LeonardE2680820 May 193713 mthXQ03 76
POOLVER FlorenceE2680928 Jun 191821 mthXM09 40
POONER JackE2681006 Nov 193022XS32 16
POONER RachelE2681101 Jan 193972XV35 25
POPECK AbrahamE2681231 May 195775XV28 1
POPECK GoldaE2681303 Jan 194160XV25 20
POPELSKY IsaacE2681426 Jul 193780XT14 6
POPELSKY RebeccaE2681508 Feb 193281XT14 7
POPERMAN AnnieE2681628 Nov 19053 mthXE02 36
POPERMAN JosephE2681716 Nov 190519 mthXE02 35
POPERNICK MorrisE2681825 Mar 19062XC02 62
POPIOL BarnettE2681908 Feb 196977XV45 1
POPIOL Rebecca LeahE2682016 Dec 193664XV45 30
POPOFSKY JennyE2682130 May 193960XV63 23
POPOFSKY LeahE2682222 Nov 192344XP28 4
POPOFSKY MarksE2682318 Mar 195177XY39 17
POPOWSKI EstherE2682410 Jul 194381XX30 15
POPOWSKI JacobE2682509 Oct 193176XU18 16
POPPER FannyE2682618 Nov 195273XQ28 24
POPPER RachelE2682719 Oct 192166XK14 45
POPPER SolomonE2682822 Jul 195275XQ28 25
POPPICK MarksE2682931 Aug 1908XG06 29
PORDES SprenceE2683003 Jan 191850XJ10 43
PORESKY DoraE2683107 Aug 195485XX11 33
PORSEKY MorrisE2683202 Jul 194674XX11 34
PORT AnnieE2683308 Dec 194670XP40 8
PORT HarrisE2683427 Feb 193666XT24 18
PORT IsaacE2683516 Nov 191817XN15 18
PORT MorrisE2683609 Sep 192453XP40 7
PORT PercyE2683706 Dec 192020XN02 22
PORT PhillipE2683813 Sep 1914XL14 24
PORTAES AdolfE2683901 Aug 191538XL18 46
PORTE FannyE2684020 Sep 193272XT17 8
PORTE JacobE2684130 Mar 192567XR03 13
PORTE JaneE2684205 Nov 195283XN02 27
PORTE-HARRIS SarahE2684308 Oct 193361XT23 18
PORTER HermanE2684409 Nov 191660XJ18 53
PORTNER DavidE2684502 Apr 194272XV31 27
PORTNER RebeccaE2684611 Dec 193966XV31 26
PORTNOI Hyman-LewiisE2684711 Oct 1912XL01 43
PORTNOW FlorenceE2684809 Aug 192965XS08 15
PORTRAIT SamuelE2684931 Dec 191531XJ06 30
PORTUGAL IsaacE2685023 Jun 191825XD09 33
PORTUGAL JudithE2685125 Dec 192222XP13 11
PORTUGAL SarahE2685221 Jun 193574XW03 5
POSEMENSKY Sidney DavisE2685318 Feb 193229XU10 28
POSEN EthelE2685413 Feb 195590XU15 2
POSENER DoraE2685514 Mar 194563XX24 7
POSENER SamuelE2685617 Sep 194764XX24 8
POSHETSKY JacobE2685717 Nov 193579XT34 3
POSIMENSKY MaryE2685816 Jun 194080XI14 71
POSINKSY Abraham EmanuelE2685920 Feb 191972XN13 3
POSINSKY Sarah EstherE2686027 Dec 192274XN13 4
POSMINSKY DavidE2686121 Jan 1914XI14 70
POSNACK CeliaE2686227 Mar 192073XK04 44
POSNACK EttieE2686328 Oct 194350XX30 46
POSNACK JoshuaE2686415 Apr 193757XU52 7
POSNANSKY DavidE2686528 Mar 190483XC05 20
POSNANSKY Hyman JacobE2686625 Apr 196082XV20 31
POSNANSKY SarahE2686715 Dec 194167XV20 30
POSNER AbrahamE2686802 Jun 193024XS30 56
POSNER AbrahamE2686906 May 19003XB07 319
POSNER AlanE2687004 Dec 19292XM41 3
POSNER AmeliaE2687104 Aug 1913XL06 44
POSNER AnnaE2687227 Jul 194047XV66 11
POSNER AnnieE2687314 Jul 196577XU42 2
POSNER AnnieE2687425 Jan 195185XY40 18
POSNER BetsyE2687531 Jan 1914XI12 13
POSNER BetsyE2687627 Jan 193678XU19 23
POSNER ColmanE2687724 Nov 1912XL07 15
POSNER David HaroldE2687812 Feb 19388 mthXT48 13
POSNER EstherE2687923 Jun 192617XR18 40
POSNER EstherE2688012 Mar 190732XH04 5
POSNER EstherE2688123 Jun 192065XK06 51
POSNER FredaE2688226 Oct 195575XW09 40
POSNER HarrisE2688324 Dec 195378XZ31 21
POSNER HarryE2688408 May 194161XQ36 35
POSNER HindaE2688505 Oct 191560XL19 35
POSNER IsaacE2688603 Jul 191515 mthXO07 35
POSNER IsaacE2688704 Nov 193968XU68 20
POSNER IsaacE2688811 Oct 193769XU55 9
POSNER JacobE2688929 Mar 1911XI04 57
POSNER JacobE2689029 Dec 195549XW09 39
POSNER JacobE2689106 Sep 191958XN10 38
POSNER JonathanE2689205 May 192220XG10 3
POSNER JosephE2689325 Aug 191747XJ12 69
POSNER Judah SamuelE2689426 May 193842XU60 15
POSNER JudahE2689504 Mar 1914XO08 4
POSNER JuliusE2689626 Dec 192952XS19 54
POSNER LewisE2689714 Mar 1909XG09 17
POSNER LewisE2689803 Apr 193563XU15 1
POSNER LouisE2689916 Mar 193424XU32 37
POSNER MarksE2690001 Feb 194272XV35 24
POSNER MarksE2690108 Jun 19058XE03 2
POSNER MaryE2690203 Nov 194059XV67 18
POSNER MaryE2690326 Sep 193768XV52 24
POSNER MatildaE2690423 Feb 196277XD10 22
POSNER MaxE2690517 Aug 192461XP39 32
POSNER MaxE2690606 Mar 196576XU42 1
POSNER MillyE2690706 Apr 1911XI04 56
POSNER MorrisE2690820 Jun 193634XU45 37
POSNER PhilipE2690919 Jul 194469XX26 24
POSNER PollyE2691009 Oct 1914XO11 13
POSNER RachelE2691104 Mar 193126XT02 30
POSNER RachelE2691227 Jun 194369XV04 43
POSNER Rebecca RachelE2691301 Mar 193773XV39 7
POSNER RebeccaE2691416 Apr 193233XT15 47
POSNER RebeccaE2691527 Jun 194341XV10 41
POSNER RebeccaE2691609 Aug 195275XZ25 25
POSNER Samuel JosephE2691731 Dec 192319XP02 34
POSNER SamuelE2691829 May 192730XR33 57
POSNER SarahE2691922 May 194362XV02 22
POSNER SimonE2692001 Apr 19016 mthXB10 473
POSNER SimonE2692108 Sep 190454XC07 7
POSNER WoolfE2692225 Jan 196280XQ08 30
POSNER YettaE2692324 May 193050XT07 56
POSNER YettaE2692425 Feb 192375XP15 21
POSNERE2692504 Aug 19029 mthXD07 7
POSS SarahE2692624 Apr 1914XI14 20
POST ArchieE2692717 Jul 193726XU53 35
POST DavidE2692811 Apr 196075XP72 15
POST RachelE2692930 Mar 196484XP72 16
POSTER RaynerE2693002 Dec 196085XP21 21
POSTER RebeccaE2693130 May 192624XR17 40
POSTER SolomonE2693213 Feb 192455XP21 22
POSTERNOCK FredaE2693322 Apr 193074XT04 12
POSTWITSKY BerthaE2693413 Nov 191849XM02 19
POTACHNIK RebeccaE2693514 Nov 195369XZ30 14
POTASCHNICK JacobE2693609 Nov 193665XU48 22
POTASHNICK EstherE2693716 Feb 197686XU13 52
POTASHNICK MyerE2693821 May 193342XU13 50
POTCHICK JacobE2693928 Feb 195677XT28 48
POTCHICK LeahE2694016 Jun 193456XT28 47
POTKOVSKY IdaE2694109 Apr 191927XN14 11
POTLOSKY PhillipE2694224 Dec 191533XJ06 16
POTT LenaE2694327 Mar 196092XQ104 14
POTTERSMAN RachelE2694425 May 193278XT10 69
POTTESMAN GershonE2694515 Nov 191573XL19 50
POTTESMAN LouisaE2694608 Nov 195973XY15 37
POTTESMAN MarksE2694705 Jan 195068XY16 43
POTTESMAN MaryE2694810 Aug 195467XY16 42
POTTESMAN WoolfE2694908 Jul 194868XY15 38
POTTOCK MarthaE2695015 Jan 194466XW30 48
POTTOCK MaxE2695119 Aug 195075XW30 47
POURPLE SophieE2695201 Apr 194065XV29 19
POVALSKI SarahE2695324 Jan 194577XW21 25
POVALSKY SolomonE2695413 Nov 194878XW21 26
POVLOTSKY EthelE2695503 Apr 191939XN16 31
POY DavidE2695606 Sep 192030XM02 50
POYMINSKI JE2695730 Aug 189810 mthXB03 112
POZNAINSKI EugenieE2695813 Nov 194656XX08 23
POZNANSKI FannyE2695918 Jan 190654XF03 15
POZNANSKY AnnieE2696014 Apr 195174XY33 33
POZNANSKY MalkaE2696128 Sep 190085XB08 387
POZNANSKY MorrisE2696228 Mar 195087XY33 34
POZNER AaronE2696323 Nov 193168XU19 22
POZNIANSKY RalphE2696416 Sep 192570XR07 50
POZZI Sophie (Susette)E2696529 Mar 193641XT30 53

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