All Deceased beginning with letters 'PL'

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All names beginning PL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PLACHTA BarnettE156228 Dec 195378Z121 20
PLACHTA LeahE024004 Apr 195175Z121 21
PLACHTE SolomonE621511 Mar 196976Q020A1K
PLACHTE SophieE788206 Jan 199393Q120 01A
PLACKS AnnieE357414 Jul 195885S34 29
PLACKS HymanD293721 Apr 193830S34 43
PLACKS MarksD156426 Jul 193656S34 28
PLANKER IsaacC258621 Jun 192435P137 29
PLASETSKY IsraelB681124 Dec 192011M112 32
PLASKOFSKY EstherC650210 Feb 192952S16 49
PLASKOFSKY GoldaC594831 Jul 192858S14 05
PLASKOFSKY MarksE251610 Feb 195676Q386 07
PLASKOW AbrahamD651130 Jun 194431X33 24
PLASKOW AnnieE378928 Jan 195975P266 07
PLASKOW HarryE669014 Feb 197389P266 08
PLASKOW LewisC028210 Sep 192173I16 41
PLASKOW SolomonE806123 Mar 200189Q3A9 04
PLASKOWSKY AbrahamE150305 Nov 195344Q253 08
PLASKOWSKY MindelB680420 Dec 192055I16 40
PLASKOWSKY SamuelC587822 Jun 192812R241 15
PLATCHINSKY Myer MarksP1470608 Sep 191664J18
PLATKOFSKY JessieC610730 Sep 192841S14 35
PLATMAN Abraham SolomonD664725 Sep 194451W24 25
PLATMAN JosephC116421 Oct 192248P102 14
PLATMAN LewisC790313 Oct 193014M247 02
PLATMAN MaryE381116 Feb 195985P101 14
PLATNER FannyD150317 Jun 193663T244 12
PLATNER MarksE173303 May 195481T244 11
PLATO Elimelech PaltielC1035114 Jun 193375T113 13
PLATO MinaC902728 Dec 193171T113 12
PLATT AnnieE555723 May 196582Z130 15
PLATT FannyD526609 Apr 194273U131 19
PLATT IsraelE150031 Oct 195369Z130 16
PLATT MarksC1082813 Jan 193463U131 20
PLATT MorrisP1471303 Mar 191951K2
PLATT TaubeP1471419 Jun 191040E5
PLATTER DavidD943229 Oct 194973Z105 03
PLATTER FannyE484713 Dec 196176Z105 04
PLATTER JacobD269715 Dec 193763U257 24
PLATTER RebeccaD178118 Nov 193653V140 18
PLATZ JaneP1471609 Apr 191930K5
PLATZ RebeccaB682529 Dec 192024N01A 03
PLATZ Samuel LiebP1471816 May 191664J19
PLEA BarnetE752728 Apr 198396P263 07
PLEETH JacobC300612 Jan 192554P245 05
PLEETH LeahE366628 Oct 195884P245 06
PLESNER NaishaC223602 Feb 192464Q135 10
PLETNICK LazarusD599217 Aug 194382X30 42
PLETZ IsaacD107603 Jan 193677U242 46
PLETZ SarahC962703 Sep 193276T117 40
PLIGHT Nathan WillieP1472405 Jan 19175 mthsO5
PLISKEN EstherE725723 Jan 197984P267 16
PLISKEN JesseC325930 Apr 192521R104 10
PLISKI Lily SzeinyD231016 Jun 193782V251 16
PLISKIN DavisD325518 Dec 193857U263 33
PLISKIN EvaC649609 Feb 192975P102 30
PLISKIN FannyE178410 Jun 195481Y139 44
PLISKIN Isaac JosephD022027 Nov 193466U134 24
PLISKIN IsraelC003621 Apr 192168K12 31
PLISKIN JosephC120707 Nov 192272P102 31
PLISKIN KateE541924 Aug 196476U263 32
PLISKIN MariaE562309 Oct 196578P264 30
PLISKIN Milly (Minnie)D770318 Aug 194668X10 15
PLISKIN ReubenE385808 Mar 195973P267 15
PLISKIN SamuelE353407 Jun 195877P264 29
PLISKIN SolomonE150512 Nov 195376Z128 13
PLISKY PhilipE004925 Dec 195080Y139 15
PLOFSKY AnnieE511728 Jan 196383T101 46
PLOFSKY IsaacE329603 Dec 195779T101 47
PLONSKER HarrisD485920 Jun 194162W04 10
PLONSKER RachelD929904 Jul 194971W04 11
PLOSKY JA049922 Feb 189856A901 453
PLOTCOVITCH AnnieE011222 Jan 195193W03 16
PLOTCOVITCH SamuelD220928 Apr 193779W03 15
PLOTKIN Fanny GoldaE129507 May 195384Y119 26
PLOTKIN MaxD887219 Oct 194880Y119 27
PLOTKIN SolomonP1473618 Jun 19077E4
PLOTNICK SarahC489011 Apr 192762R129 57
PLOTSKA MarksE555319 May 196595Q4C3 14
PLOTSKA RebeccaE462111 Feb 196188Q4C3 13
PLOTSKY FannyD802016 Feb 194780X07 25
PLOTSKY HarrisC291406 Dec 192456M122 17
PLOTSKY JackD212824 Mar 193737Q139 17
PLOTSKY JohnA077010 Mar 190054B601 302
PLOTSKY MorrisD869316 May 194867Y114 09
PLOTSKY RoseD988103 Sep 195073Y114 10
PLOTSKY Sarah BulaE046410 Oct 195169W14 08
PLOTSKY WoolfC493703 May 192762R132 54
PLOTTS AaronC818220 Jan 193169U111 20
PLOTZ MarieC285111 Nov 192427P243 10
PLOTZ RachelC338905 Jul 192546R105 53
PLOTZER EstelleC271406 Sep 19246M119 06
PLOTZKAR RachelP1474527 Oct 1917J13
PLOTZKER AlexanderE039102 Aug 195183W12 41
PLOTZKER AnnieD496606 Sep 194165V122 29
PLOTZKER DavidD708624 Jun 194578V122 30
PLOTZKER DinahP1474717 Dec 19122O23
PLOTZKER HannahE209817 Feb 195580W12 40
PLOTZKER IsaacP1474909 Feb 191921N13
PLOTZKER JettaA107004 Aug 190166B201 98
PLOTZKER MaryE491001 Mar 196283T101 56
PLOTZKER MorrisD518117 Feb 194266T101 55
PLOTZKER SamuelC575620 Apr 192872Q117 07
PLOTZKIN NathanC314413 Mar 192559M122 01
PLOTZKY HessalE560525 Aug 196583W14 07
PLUGAR EstherA133926 Sep 190215D06 30

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