All Deceased beginning with letters 'PL'

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All names beginning PL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PLACHTA BarnettE2652328 Dec 195378XZ21 20
PLACHTA LeahE2652404 Apr 195175XZ21 21
PLACHTE SolomonE2652511 Mar 196939 mthXQ20 1K
PLACHTE SophieE2652606 Jan 199393XQ20 1A
PLACKS AnnieE2652714 Jul 195885XS34 29
PLACKS HymanE2652821 Apr 193830XS34 43
PLACKS MarksE2652926 Jul 193656XS34 28
PLANKER IsaacE2653021 Jun 192435XP37 29
PLASETSKY IsraelE2653124 Dec 192011 mthXM12 32
PLASKOFSKY EstherE2653210 Feb 192952XS16 49
PLASKOFSKY GoldaE2653331 Jul 192858XS14 5
PLASKOFSKY MarksE2653410 Feb 195676XQ86 7
PLASKOW AbrahamE2653530 Jun 194431XX33 24
PLASKOW AnnieE2653628 Jan 195975XP66 7
PLASKOW HarryE2653714 Feb 197389XP66 8
PLASKOW LewisE2653810 Sep 192173XI16 41
PLASKOW SolomonE2653923 Mar 200189XQ109 4
PLASKOWSKY AbrahamE2654005 Nov 195344XQ53 8
PLASKOWSKY MindelE2654120 Dec 192055XI16 40
PLASKOWSKY SamuelE2654222 Jun 192812XR41 15
PLATCHENSKY Myer MarksE2654308 Sep 191664XJ18 54
PLATKOFSKY JessieE2654430 Sep 192841XS14 35
PLATMAN Abraham SolomonE2654525 Sep 194451XW24 25
PLATMAN JosephE2654621 Oct 192248XP02 14
PLATMAN LewisE2654713 Oct 193014 mthXM47 2
PLATMAN MaryE2654816 Feb 195985XP01 14
PLATNER FannyE2654917 Jun 193663XT44 12
PLATNER MarksE2655003 May 195481XT44 11
PLATO Elimelech PaltielE2655114 Jun 193375XT13 13
PLATO MinaE2655228 Dec 193171XT13 12
PLATT AnnieE2655323 May 196582XZ30 15
PLATT FannyE2655409 Apr 194273XU31 19
PLATT IsraelE2655531 Oct 195369XZ30 16
PLATT MarksE2655613 Jan 193463XU31 20
PLATT MorrisE2655704 Mar 191951XK02 19
PLATTER DavidE2655829 Oct 194973XZ05 3
PLATTER FannyE2655913 Dec 196176XZ05 4
PLATTER JacobE2656015 Dec 193763XU57 24
PLATTER RebeccaE2656118 Nov 193653XV40 18
PLATY JaneE2656208 Apr 191930XK05 3
PLATZ RebeccaE2656329 Dec 192024XN01 3
PLEA BarnetE2656428 Apr 198396XP63 7
PLEETH JacobE2656512 Jan 192554XP45 5
PLEETH LeahE2656628 Oct 195884XP45 6
PLESNER NaishaE2656702 Feb 192464XQ35 10
PLESSIS JacobE2656808 Apr 191921XN17 26
PLETNICK LazarusE2656917 Aug 194382XX30 42
PLETZ IsaacE2657003 Jan 193677XU42 46
PLETZ Samuel LeibE2657116 May 191664XJ19 23
PLETZ SarahE2657203 Sep 193276XT17 40
PLISKEN EstherE2657323 Jan 197984XP67 16
PLISKEN JesseE2657430 Apr 192521XR04 10
PLISKI Lily SzeinyE2657516 Jun 193782XV51 16
PLISKIN DavisE2657618 Dec 193857XU63 33
PLISKIN EvaE2657709 Feb 192975XP02 30
PLISKIN FannyE2657810 Jun 195481XY39 44
PLISKIN Isaac JosephE2657927 Nov 193466XU34 24
PLISKIN IsraelE2658021 Apr 192168XK12 31
PLISKIN JosephE2658107 Nov 192272XP02 31
PLISKIN KateE2658224 Aug 196476XU63 32
PLISKIN MariaE2658309 Oct 196578XP64 30
PLISKIN Milly (Minnie)E2658418 Aug 194668XX10 15
PLISKIN ReubenE2658508 Mar 195973XP67 15
PLISKIN SamuelE2658607 Jun 195877XP64 29
PLISKIN SolomonE2658712 Nov 195376XZ28 13
PLISKY PhilipE2658825 Dec 195080XY39 15
PLOFSKY AnnieE2658928 Jan 196383XT01 46
PLOFSKY IsaacE2659003 Dec 195779XT01 47
PLONSKER HarrisE2659120 Jun 194162XW04 10
PLONSKER RachelE2659204 Jul 194971XW04 11
PLOSKY JE2659322 Feb 189856XA09 453
PLOTCOVITCH AnnieE2659422 Jan 195193XW03 16
PLOTCOVITCH SamuelE2659528 Apr 193779XW03 15
PLOTKA RosaE2659614 Feb 19194XM10 38
PLOTKIN Fanny GoldaE2659707 May 195384XY19 26
PLOTKIN MaxE2659819 Oct 194880XY19 27
PLOTNICK SarahE2659911 Apr 192762XR29 57
PLOTSKA MarksE2660019 May 196595XQ123 14
PLOTSKA RebeccaE2660111 Feb 196188XQ123 13
PLOTSKI StellaE2660230 Sep 1911XO18 28
PLOTSKY FannyE2660316 Feb 194780XX07 25
PLOTSKY HarrisE2660406 Dec 192456XM22 17
PLOTSKY JackE2660524 Mar 193737XQ39 17
PLOTSKY JohnE2660610 Mar 190054XB06 302
PLOTSKY MorrisE2660716 May 194867XY14 9
PLOTSKY RoseE2660803 Sep 195073XY14 10
PLOTSKY Sarah BulaE2660910 Oct 195169XW14 8
PLOTSKY WoolfE2661003 May 192762XR32 54
PLOTTS AaronE2661120 Jan 193169XU11 20
PLOTZ MarieE2661211 Nov 192427XP43 10
PLOTZ RachelE2661305 Jul 192546XR05 53
PLOTZER EstelleE2661406 Sep 19246 mthXM19 6
PLOTZKER AlexanderE2661502 Aug 195183XW12 41
PLOTZKER AnnieE2661606 Sep 194165XV22 29
PLOTZKER DavidE2661724 Jun 194578XV22 30
PLOTZKER DinahE2661816 Dec 1912XO23 12
PLOTZKER HannahE2661917 Feb 195580XW12 40
PLOTZKER Hyman BarnettE2662014 Oct 19162 mthXM07 5
PLOTZKER HymanE2662104 Dec 1910XI02 61
PLOTZKER IsaacE2662207 Feb 191921XN13 21
PLOTZKER JettaE2662304 Aug 190166XB02 98
PLOTZKER MaryE2662401 Mar 196283XT01 56
PLOTZKER MorrisE2662517 Feb 194266XT01 55
PLOTZKER RachelE2662627 Oct 191771XJ13 15
PLOTZKER SamuelE2662720 Apr 192872XQ17 7
PLOTZKIN NathanE2662813 Mar 192559XM22 1
PLOTZKY HessalE2662925 Aug 196583XW14 7
PLUGAR EstherE2663026 Sep 190215 mthXD06 30

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