All Deceased beginning with letters 'PI'

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All names beginning PI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PIATIGORSKY AnnieE2640529 Oct 194763XY08 27
PIATIGORSKY SolomonE2640602 Jul 197389XY08 26
PICK LilyE2640726 Nov 191819XN18 26
PIDETT AnnieE2640817 Oct 195680XV09 15
PIEPE FannyE2640924 Dec 193074XT09 11
PIEPE MarksE2641027 Apr 1913XL11 15
PIEPRZ Celia GoldaE2641113 Sep 194231XV13 11
PIEPRZ DavisE2641216 Sep 194267XV13 16
PIEPRZ MarthaE2641307 Nov 195071XV13 17
PIERRNICK DoraE2641430 Dec 190329XC01 33
PIETERS HarryE2641514 Oct 195768XP60 14
PIGENISH JosephE2641606 Jan 1913XO01 24
PIKE JosephE2641707 Jul 192948XS26 46
PIKOVSKY BloomaE2641821 Feb 192358XP14 11
PIKUS HarveyE2641927 Nov 19313 mthXR49 2
PILCH JacobE2642021 Nov 193549XU41 14
PILCHICK BailahE2642120 Apr 191752XJ15 34
PILCHITSKY JosephE2642204 Jul 192654XR18 27
PILDUS EstherE2642316 Mar 193325XT20 49
PILLBERG SamuelE2642416 Aug 1911XO20 3
PILOFSKI CeciliaE2642506 Apr 191856XJ08 75
PILPAL LinaE2642623 Aug 192369XF09 12
PILPEL FloraE2642718 Oct 191536XJ04 8
PIMMS MaryE2642822 Jul 195076XU55 1
PIMMS SimonE2642904 Feb 193664XU43 9
PINCHEFSKY AnnieE2643023 Mar 193662XU09 53
PINCHEFSKY Israel MorrisE2643110 Sep 194068XU09 52
PINCHEFSKY Joel WoolfE2643224 Oct 192284XP02 20
PINCHOFF IsaacE2643315 Dec 192149XM14 36
PINCHOVSKY HarrisE2643417 May 1908XG02 9
PINCUS HarrisE2643516 Feb 192664XR12 38
PINCUS HymanE2643625 Nov 194676XW26 16
PINCUS JacobE2643722 Jan 193153XU11 22
PINCUS MiriamE2643818 Sep 194875XY18 24
PINCUS Rachel o/w RayeE2643917 Jun 194465XW26 15
PINCUS RachelE2644012 Feb 192620XR13 41
PINCUS RoseE2644102 Dec 194485XX26 14
PINCUS ZaligE2644214 Mar 192774XR29 23
PINDUS AbrahamE2644309 Jul 195857XT56 5
PINDUS FannyE2644422 Mar 194568XV63 13
PINDUS Lily or LeahE2644517 May 193635XT43 19
PINDUS o/w PILDUS BarnettE2644618 Apr 193969XV63 14
PINISK RoseE2644724 Jan 189676XA05 267
PINK JacobE2644808 Aug 1912XL03 37
PINK MarksE2644924 Nov 192144XK16 36
PINKESFELD Marcus o/w MaxE2645031 Aug 193652XU47 19
PINKFIELD AbrahamE2645130 Aug 193055XP45 35
PINKFIELD KateE2645217 Jan 191741XJ16 13
PINKOFSKY AbrahamE2645322 Aug 194463XW25 9
PINKOFSKY FannyE2645405 Mar 195675XW25 10
PINKOWSKY GittelE2645507 Dec 1910XO15 26
PINKUS AnnieE2645604 Jan 1911XI01 57
PINKUS AnnieE2645715 Oct 1913XO24 21
PINKUS AnnieE2645811 Jan 193057XT05 71
PINKUS BenjaminE2645921 Jun 192247XK20 6
PINKUS FannyE2646010 Apr 194167XU31 34
PINKUS HenryE2646112 Nov 195163XW15 39
PINKUS JaneE2646207 Mar 195864XT46 19
PINKUS LazarusE2646305 Jun 192454XP36 16
PINKUS LazarusE2646404 Feb 193456XU31 33
PINKUS MayE2646502 Feb 190568XC05 38
PINNER AbrahamE2646625 Oct 194370XV81 13
PINNER BarnettE2646723 Jun 193575XU38 37
PINNER MillyE2646803 Mar 195287XZ22 9
PINNER SarahE2646927 Jan 194263XV81 14
PINNICK MinnieE2647030 Apr 191943XN16 42
PINS DavisE2647120 Apr 193660XU44 47
PINSKER HelenaE2647202 Feb 192354XP08 6
PINSKER MorrisE2647317 Jun 194287XP08 5
PINSKY AdonijahE2647406 Jul 192918XS26 44
PINSKY Chaya EstherE2647530 Dec 191526XJ03 22
PINSKY DoraE2647618 Sep 194975XU51 49
PINSKY SolomonE2647731 Jan 193764XU51 48
PINTER FannyE2647816 Sep 195476XU40 32
PINTER HarryE2647903 Dec 195060XY39 9
PINTER JuliusE2648019 Jan 191764XJ16 41
PINTER MillieE2648106 Nov 191759XJ16 38
PINTER MiriamE2648213 Mar 191713XO03 31
PINTER NathanE2648321 Dec 193562XU41 36
PINTER RachelE2648406 Apr 196165XY39 8
PINTOFF JosephE2648508 Oct 192730XS02 14
PINTOFF KateE2648630 Mar 195882XP62 17
PINTOFF LeahE2648702 Jan 192725XR26 28
PINTOFF MarksE2648801 Apr 193058XS29 35
PIRATINSKY AbrahamE2648925 Jun 194081XQ15 10
PIRATINSKY LeahE2649015 Apr 192151XK11 48
PIRNICK HymanE2649131 Dec 192348XP04 34
PISETSKY AnnieE2649205 Dec 194968XX15 31
PISETSKY MarksE2649322 Feb 194665XX15 32
PISEXKY JuliaE2649402 Jan 196585XQ28 17
PISEXKY SolomonE2649514 Feb 195072XQ28 16
PISHNOFF EliasE2649626 May 194568XX22 20
PISSENBAUM MillyE2649729 Nov 191733XJ08 29
PITCH Arnold LeslieE2649826 Oct 19298 mthXM38 2
PITEL FeigaE2649925 Feb 190286XD04 32
PITEL HildaE2650016 Feb 192770XR29 35
PITTACK Marks Mendel AbrahamE2650108 Aug 196690XJ14 79A
PITTAL DoraE2650223 Nov 195067XY38 20
PITTAL LewisE2650325 Dec 195981XY39 19
PITTAL PearlE2650414 Jun 196278XY39 42
PITTEL JacobE2650504 Jan 195366XQ27 33
PITTEL MichaelE2650610 Sep 196680XY38 19
PITTEL RachelE2650707 May 198189XQ27 34
PITTENBERG FannyE2650814 Sep 190455XC07 9
PITTERMAN IsraelE2650919 Nov 191860XN17 18
PITTOCK KateE2651030 Mar 196286XJ14 79
PIVNICK FannyE2651129 May 196087XP61 4
PIVNICK NathanE2651231 Mar 192142XN16 45
PIZAN RonaldE2651314 Dec 19282 mthXM36 3
PIZER AbrahamE2651425 Aug 191970XM01 27
PIZER BettyE2651528 Jun 1914XI14 38
PIZER DoraE2651616 Dec 192362XQ32 5
PIZER HettieE2651710 Jun 193778XM01 28
PIZER JosephE2651818 Feb 193048XS19 70
PIZER MyerE2651912 Jan 192544XM22 3
PIZER Rachel LeahE2652014 Feb 192362XP14 30
PIZER SarahE2652121 May 196185XM22 2
PIZER WoolfE2652210 Nov 192770XS03 50

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