All Deceased beginning with letters 'PI'

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All names beginning PI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PIATIGORSKY AdaP1461619 May 19156O8
PIATIGORSKY AnnieD840129 Oct 194763Y108 27
PIATIGORSKY SolomonE673602 Jul 197389Y108 26
PIATIGORSKY YettaP1461703 Jan 19164O6
PIDETT AnnieE281317 Oct 195680V109 15
PIEPE FannyC809124 Dec 193074T109 11
PIEPE MarcusP1462127 Apr 191366L11
PIEPE MauriceP1462224 Nov 191616J20
PIEPRZ Celia GoldaD547413 Sep 194231V113 11
PIEPRZ DavisD548516 Sep 194267V113 16
PIEPRZ MarthaD996607 Nov 195071V113 17
PIERRNICK DoraA162830 Dec 190329C01 33
PIETERS HarryE323714 Oct 195768P260 14
PIGERISH JosephP1462407 Jan 1913O1
PIKE JosephC689907 Jul 192948S26 46
PIKOVSKY BloomaC146121 Feb 192358P114 11
PIKUS HarveyC894827 Nov 19313R249 02
PILCH JacobD095221 Nov 193549U241 14
PILCHITSKY JosephC425204 Jul 192654R118 27
PILDUS EstherC1016216 Mar 193325T120 49
PILPAL LinaC186823 Aug 192369F09 12
PILPEL FloraP1462918 Oct 191534J4
PILPEL LeonP1463106 Feb 191062F9
PILSCHICK RebeccaP1463221 Apr 191750J15
PIMMS MaryD983222 Jul 195076U255 01
PIMMS SimonD115604 Feb 193664U243 09
PINCHEFSKY AnnieD130823 Mar 193662U109 53
PINCHEFSKY Israel MorrisD423710 Sep 194068U109 52
PINCHEFSKY Joel WoolfC117024 Oct 192284P102 20
PINCHOFF IsaacC048015 Dec 192149M114 36
PINCUS HarrisC393216 Feb 192664R112 38
PINCUS HymanD783325 Nov 194676W26 16
PINCUS JacobC819022 Jan 193153U111 22
PINCUS MiriamD884018 Sep 194875Y118 24
PINCUS Rachel o/w RayeD648717 Jun 194465W26 15
PINCUS RachelC392412 Feb 192620R113 41
PINCUS RoseD675002 Dec 194485X26 14
PINCUS ZaligC483714 Mar 192774R129 23
PINDUS AbrahamE356909 Jul 195857T256 05
PINDUS FannyD695522 Mar 194568V263 13
PINDUS Lily or LeahD143417 May 193635T243 19
PINDUS o/w PILDUS BarnettD347218 Apr 193969V263 14
PINISK RoseA031724 Jan 189676A501 267
PINK JacobP1463709 Aug 191270L3
PINK MarksC042324 Nov 192144K16 36
PINKESFELD Marcus o/w MaxD161731 Aug 193652U247 19
PINKFIELD AbrahamC781530 Aug 193055P245 35
PINKFIELD KittyP1464017 Jan 191740J16
PINKOFSKY AbrahamD660222 Aug 194463W25 09
PINKOFSKY FannyE255605 Mar 195675W25 10
PINKUS P1465011 Feb 191077E7
PINKUS AnnieC729811 Jan 193057T105 71
PINKUS AnnieP1464204 Jan 191150I1
PINKUS BenjaminC097121 Jun 192247K20 06
PINKUS FannyD473110 Apr 194167U131 34
PINKUS HenryE052012 Nov 195163W15 39
PINKUS JaneE342907 Mar 195864T246 19
PINKUS LazarusC1089804 Feb 193456U131 33
PINKUS LazarusC255605 Jun 192454P136 16
PINKUS MayA191802 Feb 190568C05 38
PINNER AbrahamD607125 Oct 194370V381 13
PINNER BarnettD065923 Jun 193575U138 37
PINNER MillyE069303 Mar 195287Z122 09
PINNER SarahD515127 Jan 194263V381 14
PINS DavisD136420 Apr 193660U244 47
PINSKER HelenaC142002 Feb 192354P108 06
PINSKER MorrisD536317 Jun 194287P108 05
PINSKY AdonijahC690306 Jul 192918S26 44
PINSKY DoraD938518 Sep 194975U251 49
PINSKY EstherP1465630 Dec 191526J3
PINSKY SolomonD201131 Jan 193764U251 48
PINTER FannyE186816 Sep 195476U140 32
PINTER HarryE001003 Dec 195060Y139 09
PINTER JuliusP1465829 Jan 191768J16
PINTER MaryP1465920 Mar 191713O3
PINTER MillieP1466006 Nov 191760J16
PINTER NathanD103721 Dec 193562U241 36
PINTER RachelE467706 Apr 196165Y139 08
PINTOFF JosephC522908 Oct 192730S02 14
PINTOFF KateE345430 Mar 195882P262 17
PINTOFF LeahC464702 Jan 192725R126 28
PINTOFF MarksC751001 Apr 193058S29 35
PIRATINSKY AbrahamD413125 Jun 194081Q115 10
PIRATINSKY LeahC002515 Apr 192151K11 48
PIRNICK HymanC214531 Dec 192348P104 34
PISETSKY AnnieD950005 Dec 194968X15 31
PISETSKY DavidP1466814 May 191710M6
PISETSKY MarksD745822 Feb 194665X15 32
PISEXKY JuliaE548602 Jan 196585Q128 17
PISEXKY SolomonD961314 Feb 195072Q128 16
PISHNOFF EliasD704626 May 194568X22 20
PITCH Arnold LeslieC710826 Oct 19298M138 02
PITEL FeigaA119725 Feb 190286D04 32
PITEL HildaC478316 Feb 192770R129 35
PITTACK Marks Mendel AbrahamE580908 Aug 196690J14 79A
PITTAL DoraD999023 Nov 195067Y138 20
PITTAL LewisE418525 Dec 195981Y139 19
PITTAL PearlE497614 Jun 196278Y139 42
PITTEL JacobE106904 Jan 195366Q127 33
PITTEL MichaelE581910 Sep 196680Y138 19
PITTEL RachelE741807 May 198189Q127 34
PITTENBERG FannyA180914 Sep 190455C07 09
PITTOCK KateE493530 Mar 196286J14 79
PIVNICK FannyE436029 May 196087P261 04
PIVNICK HettieP1468031 Dec 191819M2
PIVNICK MinnieP1468201 May 191943N16
PIVNICK NathanB704031 Mar 192142N16 45
PIZAN RonaldC627614 Dec 19288M136 03
PIZER AbrahamB584125 Aug 191970M101 27
PIZER DoraC210616 Dec 192362Q132 05
PIZER HettieD230210 Jun 193778M101 28
PIZER IsaacP1468712 May 191239L3
PIZER IsraelP1468815 Aug 191449L14
PIZER JosephC739618 Feb 193048S19 70
PIZER MyerC300212 Jan 192544M122 03
PIZER Rachel LeahC144914 Feb 192362P114 30
PIZER RachelP1469011 Oct 191756J13
PIZER SarahE471621 May 196185M122 02
PIZER WoolfC538110 Nov 192770S03 50

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