All Deceased beginning with letters 'PH'

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All names beginning PH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PHILLIP FrancisC451414 Nov 192688I19 40
PHILLIPS (COHEN) RachelC726528 Dec 192938T105 69
PHILLIPS AaronC837524 Mar 193170U112 41
PHILLIPS AbrahamA009225 Sep 18914A101 32A
PHILLIPS AbrahamD118814 Feb 193658U243 33
PHILLIPS AnnieE688402 Jan 197594Y114 34
PHILLIPS AnthinyE769422 Jan 198759P256 18
PHILLIPS BernardA003022 Sep 189013A101 25
PHILLIPS BernardE341222 Feb 195873Q134 44
PHILLIPS BertmanB587018 Sep 19196M110 55
PHILLIPS Bloomah EstherD379518 Dec 193977V136 12
PHILLIPS BloomahE504425 Oct 196271U381 43
PHILLIPS Capt. Henry MauriceP1455925 Nov 191833N15
PHILLIPS CarolineE518207 May 196378Z139 04
PHILLIPS Cecelia RoseE762828 Jun 198584P259 28
PHILLIPS ChA071030 Sep 189920B601 277
PHILLIPS CharlesD326018 Dec 193858U263 11
PHILLIPS ColemanC863410 Jul 193181U115 27
PHILLIPS CyrilC443505 Oct 192623M131 02
PHILLIPS DavidE090903 Oct 195259W16 26
PHILLIPS DebbieE546227 Nov 196472Q134 43
PHILLIPS DeborahP1456206 Jul 191365L12
PHILLIPS DennisE299809 Mar 195726Q396 10
PHILLIPS DoraB583521 Aug 191960N08 03
PHILLIPS DoraD777220 Oct 194672X09 05
PHILLIPS DoraE298426 Feb 195777X25 49
PHILLIPS DoraE509021 Dec 196269V385 22
PHILLIPS EmanuelP1456613 Jun 191217I6
PHILLIPS EphraimP1456706 Apr 191327L7
PHILLIPS Esther PaulineC782905 Sep 193076S15 15
PHILLIPS EstherC1068804 Dec 193354T124 50
PHILLIPS EstherE677716 Dec 197393Y127 16
PHILLIPS EvaE347411 Apr 195876P261 19
PHILLIPS FannyC1010426 Feb 193353T120 41
PHILLIPS FannyC389701 Feb 192661R113 04
PHILLIPS FannyD309022 Aug 193879U113 05
PHILLIPS FredaE383323 Feb 195997Q118 14
PHILLIPS GertieC554904 Feb 192826S11 27
PHILLIPS HannahA226215 May 19062E03 14
PHILLIPS HarryB703027 Mar 192142N01 08
PHILLIPS HoraceC061320 Jan 19225O03A 19
PHILLIPS HymanA003802 Nov 189018A101 32
PHILLIPS HymanA189717 Jan 19059C06 53
PHILLIPS IsaacC679707 May 192969R105 11
PHILLIPS IsaacP1458006 Oct 190752H5
PHILLIPS IsadoreC113602 Oct 19225M114 42
PHILLIPS IsadoreE307717 May 195759P259 27
PHILLIPS IsraelA105711 Jul 19019D01 04
PHILLIPS IsraelC937730 Apr 193270U112 21
PHILLIPS IsraelD230512 Jun 193763U253 36
PHILLIPS IsraelD843820 Nov 194784V136 13
PHILLIPS JacobC140325 Jan 192350P105 26
PHILLIPS JacobD881025 Aug 194847W06 12
PHILLIPS JaneC1057610 Oct 193369T123 14
PHILLIPS JaneD832216 Sep 194739Y106 30
PHILLIPS JaneP1458429 Jan 191552I17
PHILLIPS JosephC627514 Dec 192865S15 16
PHILLIPS JosephD588803 Jun 194363T125 50
PHILLIPS LazarusC950326 Jun 193276U109 34
PHILLIPS Leah / LebaP1459102 Jan 191992C7
PHILLIPS LeahA127728 Jun 190212D06 26
PHILLIPS LeahD239805 Aug 193776L06 03
PHILLIPS LeahE373702 Jan 195992C07 53
PHILLIPS LeahP1458814 Sep 191275I7
PHILLIPS LouisE508717 Dec 196261Q396 09
PHILLIPS MarksA135721 Oct 190264D05 43
PHILLIPS MarksD287613 Mar 193867L08 54
PHILLIPS MaryA019602 Nov 18937A401 180
PHILLIPS MaryC226710 Feb 192476Q136 08
PHILLIPS Max MyerD869720 May 194873Y114 35
PHILLIPS MichaelA201904 Jul 190557C08 41
PHILLIPS MillieE600008 Oct 196766X06 55
PHILLIPS MiriamC119202 Nov 192253L16 51
PHILLIPS MiriamC373006 Dec 192565R110 38
PHILLIPS MorrisC845627 Apr 193173U113 06
PHILLIPS MorrisD378508 Dec 193952V139 33
PHILLIPS MorrisD922901 May 194976Y127 15
PHILLIPS MorrisE015512 Feb 195152X06 54
PHILLIPS MorrisP1459707 Mar 191039E7
PHILLIPS NathanA102929 May 190165D03 07
PHILLIPS NathanP1459902 May 191283L3
PHILLIPS PearlC284711 Nov 192472P243 03
PHILLIPS PhilipC273417 Sep 192462P140 13
PHILLIPS PollyC630524 Dec 192846S15 24
PHILLIPS PollyD512816 Jan 194279P140 12
PHILLIPS RachelA258130 May 190732H02 36
PHILLIPS RachelC830227 Feb 193170U112 22
PHILLIPS RebeccaA091025 Nov 190046AD01 491
PHILLIPS RebeccaC234728 Feb 192464P131 29
PHILLIPS RebeccaC332703 Jun 192556R105 10
PHILLIPS RenaP1460611 Mar 191020G8
PHILLIPS ReubenD081718 Sep 193547U139 48
PHILLIPS RoseA013621 Aug 189221A301 131
PHILLIPS RoseE106601 Jan 195362Z124 17
PHILLIPS RoseE746626 Mar 198278Q396 11
PHILLIPS SamuelC209313 Dec 192362P101 17
PHILLIPS SarahC1005510 Feb 193375T120 06
PHILLIPS SarahC502018 Jun 192723M127 16
PHILLIPS SarahP1460806 Aug 191480L8
PHILLIPS SollyA137717 Nov 190268D05 49
PHILLIPS SolomonA182410 Oct 190427C08 08
PHILLIPS SolomonD208908 Mar 193753U251 33
PHILLIPS SophieC507421 Jul 192727R135 39
PHILLIPS StellaC334212 Jun 192513M120 48
PHILLIPS WoolfA194005 Mar 190510C06 62
PHILLIPS WoolfA244523 Dec 19066E01 51
PHILLIPS WoolfE477129 Jul 196167V385 21
PHILLIPS-BEERBOHM KateD282210 Feb 193879V256 27

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