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All names beginning PE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PEAMAN DavidE2592407 Feb 194972XU07 3
PEAMAN RachelE2592522 Sep 193256XU07 4
PEAMAN RebeccaE2592615 Feb 194257XU81 48
PEARCE HannahE2592717 Jan 1912XL04 7
PEARCE MarksE2592802 Nov 1910XI04 17
PEARL AbrahamE2592923 Feb 19014XB09 402
PEARL AmaliaE2593023 Aug 192552XR07 10
PEARL Annie DoraE2593129 Jun 194671XW33 35
PEARL DeborahE2593201 Oct 192115XK14 38
PEARL DorahE2593311 Apr 18911 mthXA01 48
PEARL EnochE2593412 Nov 192283XP03 1
PEARL FannyE2593529 Sep 193337XQ10 6
PEARL HerschellE2593601 Sep 192819XS07 49
PEARL Hyman JonahE2593702 Feb 197092XW33 36
PEARL JE2593819 Oct 18993 mthXB05 233
PEARL JuliusE2593919 Oct 192621XR22 19
PEARL NathanE2594029 Nov 193322XU24 48
PEARL RebeccaE2594113 Apr 190758XF08 36
PEARL StellaE2594225 Jun 194826XY11 3
PEARLBERG AbrahamE2594320 Oct 193066XQ40 8
PEARLBERG Abraham-GeraldE2594409 Jul 1913XL07 51
PEARLBERG AnnieE2594518 Jan 192277XM15 13
PEARLBERG FannyE2594619 Feb 193164XT02 44
PEARLBERG GeraldE2594709 Feb 19292 mthXM37 8
PEARLBERG LeahE2594816 Dec 196186XS24 1A
PEARLMAN AaronE2594924 May 190775XH07 8
PEARLMAN AbrahamE2595007 Feb 19212 mthXM12 24
PEARLMAN AnnieE2595105 Dec 194086XF02 1A
PEARLMAN BetsyE2595226 Feb 1908XG05 19
PEARLMAN DavidE2595324 Apr 1899XB04 189
PEARLMAN DavidE2595415 May 1910XG07 27
PEARLMAN DeborahE2595508 Mar 193167XQ09 8
PEARLMAN ElkaE2595610 Aug 192071XK07 14
PEARLMAN EstherE2595708 Jan 193870XV56 8
PEARLMAN EstherE2595808 Jun 195180XU67 49
PEARLMAN FannyE2595930 Dec 190049XA10 501
PEARLMAN FannyE2596028 Jan 193257XT14 55
PEARLMAN Freda LeahE2596102 May 193742XV50 16
PEARLMAN Godfrey HymanE2596223 Aug 193413XU05 37
PEARLMAN GoldaE2596311 Oct 191870XL10 43
PEARLMAN GoldaE2596402 Oct 192471XQ10 15
PEARLMAN HarryE2596508 Mar 191623XJ21 21
PEARLMAN IsaacE2596620 Jun 194764XY04 14
PEARLMAN IsraelE2596730 Jun 193967XU67 48
PEARLMAN JackE2596804 Jan 192220XK18 43
PEARLMAN JacobE2596915 Oct 194167XV21 23
PEARLMAN JosephE2597030 Aug 193259XU24 6
PEARLMAN JosephE2597113 May 193383XQ10 16
PEARLMAN JudithE2597210 Oct 193316XQ40 12
PEARLMAN LewisE2597305 Nov 191748XJ07 20
PEARLMAN LewisE2597407 Mar 193353XU26 35
PEARLMAN MarkE2597521 Jan 192260XM15 14
PEARLMAN MarksE2597604 Sep 190548XF02 2
PEARLMAN MorrisE2597727 Nov 193076XS33 12
PEARLMAN RaphaelE2597825 Jan 193479XU31 5
PEARLMAN SamuelE2597927 Nov 195172XW15 23
PEARLMAN SarahE2598009 Oct 195679XW15 22
PEARLMAN SarahE2598120 Aug 195181XW13 41
PEARLMAN SarahE2598207 Dec 194982XZ12 14
PEARLMAN SarahE2598310 May 198285XV21 5
PEARLMAN SophieE2598425 May 191716XO03 33
PEARLMAN YettaE2598525 Aug 196088XX29 27
PEARLMUTTER AnnieE2598627 Apr 195485XU65 9
PEARLMUTTER YettaE2598720 Nov 195460XZ35 35
PEARLSTEIN AbrahamE2598809 Feb 193653XU43 23
PEARLSTEIN BenjaminE2598904 Mar 19064XC02 60
PEARLSTEIN BetsyE2599009 Jul 195672XZ30 32
PEARLSTEIN HannahE2599112 Aug 192050XK08 37
PEARLSTEIN KivaE2599217 Sep 193881XU61 32
PEARLSTEIN MargaretE2599321 Jan 1911XI01 34
PEARLSTEIN PercivalE2599423 Mar 191711 mthXM07 26
PEARLSTONE IsraelE2599521 Nov 192746XS02 58
PEARLSTONE MorrisE2599601 Feb 193373XJ08 16
PEARLSTONE SolomonE2599723 Oct 192769XR36 55
PEARSON HarryE2599826 Mar 19231XM13 1A
PEATTER HildaE2599926 Feb 1913XO24 9
PECALIS GoldaE2600002 Mar 1909XG08 20
PECK MinnieE2600109 Apr 192746XR30 26
PECKAR RachelE2600227 May 192462XP36 28
PECKELIS BellaE2600316 Nov 196778XW08 35
PECKELIS HarrisE2600430 Nov 193958XU69 39
PECKER BettyE2600508 May 193971XV34 30
PECKER FannyE2600615 Apr 190265XD01 77
PECKER LeahE2600730 Apr 1913XL06 21
PECKER MorrisE2600817 Jul 192966XS26 37
PECKER NathanE2600908 Dec 193526XU40 6
PECOLIS JosephE2601030 Sep 19207XM04 32
PECTOR HymanE2601125 Mar 190125XA10 516
PEDETSKY IsaacE2601226 Oct 192549XR09 15
PEDOVITCH AbrahamE2601309 Mar 193735XU51 44
PEDOVITCH DeborahE2601417 Jul 198299XQ09 39
PEDOVITCH PollyE2601524 Feb 198679XQ08 39
PEDRO EstherE2601622 Jan 197985XQ28 39
PEDRO SamuelE2601713 Dec 195264XQ28 40
PEDROVITCH JuliusE2601831 Mar 195986XQ09 40
PEELZ FannyE2601904 Dec 19183XM10 20
PEGRISH AnnieE2602008 Jan 195168XY33 42
PEGRISH MorrisE2602104 Dec 195068XY33 41
PEHR MauriceE2602220 Dec 190349XD09 45
PEIN MinnieE2602305 Jul 193050XT07 29
PEINE TobiasE2602426 Feb 194376XV86 11
PEIPE MauriceE2602524 Nov 191617XJ20 69
PEISER SolomonE2602602 Jul 19053XC02 53
PEKAREVITCH FredaE2602710 Jan 195486XW09 53
PEKAREVITCH Moishe (Rabbi)E2602823 Nov 194885XW09 52
PEKARSKY IsaacE2602916 Apr 193758XV43 33
PEKEROFF HarryE2603001 Feb 195759XQ80 5
PEKEROFF JaneE2603101 Apr 198687XQ80 6
PEKOFSKY SamuelE2603229 Dec 193666XQ08 19
PELA BessieE2603329 Sep 193545XT37 12
PELASKER JosephE2603426 Jan 193565XU35 39
PELASKER RachelE2603517 Sep 193766XV38 20
PELERMAN WoolfE2603619 Nov 192754XS02 57
PELHAM JacobE2603715 Sep 192532XR02 59
PELHAM LouisE2603808 Feb 193472XU32 8
PELHAM SarahE2603902 Aug 193773XU32 9
PELIANSKY LeahE2604022 Nov 191824XM02 25
PELISH TobyE2604120 Dec 192474XM23 14
PELITZ AlexanderE2604228 Oct 191832XJ03 37
PELITZER LeahE2604315 Mar 193759XV49 5
PELL PhilipE2604428 Oct 193469XU01 1
PELL RoseE2604530 Jan 195085XU01 2
PELLEROVITCH JacobE2604605 Sep 193769XU55 32
PELLET MaryE2604707 Jun 190010 mthXB07 327
PELOVSKI ClaraE2604814 Apr 195863XZ39 33
PELOVSKI MichaelE2604913 Dec 192364XQ24 11
PELTA LeahE2605012 Mar 195861XP62 18
PELTER AnnieE2605104 Jul 192530XR05 48
PELTER AnnieE2605216 Feb 192836XS13 31
PELTON HarryE2605303 Jul 195568XV49 1
PELTON IsraelE2605409 Dec 195868XQ110 13
PELTON JaneE2605510 Nov 195190XU42 16
PELTON RaphaelE2605629 Dec 193569XU42 17
PELTON RebeccaE2605703 Nov 196473XV49 2
PELTON SarahE2605810 Sep 197989XQ110 14
PELTONOVITCH MorrisE2605902 Oct 194773XY07 25
PELTONOWITCH AnnieE2606015 Aug 193758XV38 16
PELTZ AnnieE2606103 Jul 192839XS10 63
PELTZ BellaE2606216 Sep 192518 mthXM20 31
PELTZ Charles NathanE2606328 Feb 194968XS01 7
PELTZ FayE2606401 May 198884XQ78 3
PELTZ HarryE2606527 Dec 197474XQ78 4
PELTZ LenaE2606626 Apr 193467XT27 26
PELTZ LenaE2606705 Jul 191880XL10 29
PELTZ LouisE2606823 Dec 193164XU20 32
PELTZ MatildaE2606926 Oct 195889XR01 6
PELTZ RebeccaE2607011 Apr 197181XV21 1A
PELTZ SamuelE2607128 Mar 19155 mthXO07 18
PELTZ SamuelE2607218 Nov 191946XN15 44
PELTZ SamuelE2607312 Mar 196182XV21 1
PELTZ SarahE2607427 Sep 190228XD08 7
PELTZ SarahE2607531 Aug 193949XS01 8
PELTZ SolomonE2607617 Dec 18903 mthXA01 40
PELTZ SolomonE2607722 Jun 193353XU27 21
PEMENSKY SarahE2607821 Oct 191818XL10 45
PENCHANSKY AnnieE2607923 Feb 192475XP30 28
PENCHANSKY Fanny RachelE2608029 Jun 193258XT16 15
PENCHANSKY HarrisE2608122 Mar 193188XU12 42
PENCHANSKY JacobE2608201 Feb 193663XU43 11
PENDZEL HannahE2608325 Apr 193369XT19 64
PENFIELD AaronE2608422 Feb 189515 mthXA04 215
PENFORD MillieE2608529 Mar 19204 mthXM11 48
PENIKOFF JacobE2608613 Nov 194063XV67 19
PENIKOFF JaneE2608716 Dec 193860XV58 19
PENKOFF MarksE2608821 Jun 194069XU74 43
PENNAMACOOR FrederickE2608908 Apr 192877XS05 52
PENNAMACOOR RachelE2609013 Oct 193985XV32 12
PENNER LazarusE2609115 Dec 195178XW16 10
PENNER MaryE2609216 Sep 196188XW16 9
PENNY SophiaE2609317 Aug 1911XO18 22
PENPER PerleE2609427 Dec 1910XI01 25
PENSON MosesE2609516 Feb 1910XE05 34
PENTAL MaryE2609611 Oct 196783XU65 15
PENTEL AnnE2609707 Sep 194025XV26 18
PENTEL ReubenE2609807 Sep 194031XV26 20
PENTEL ShirleyE2609907 Sep 19405XV26 19
PENTEL SimonE2610014 May 193965XU65 14
PENTEL SophieE2610131 Jul 193112XT11 6
PENTLEVITCH BlancheE2610224 Apr 193578XS28 41
PENTLEVITCH MarksE2610312 Jan 192144XN02 39
PENTLEVITCH RachelE2610404 Nov 195279XV09 8
PENTLEVITCH ReubenE2610519 Feb 193074XS28 40
PENTOL HannahE2610626 Mar 19191XM10 7
PENTOL HettyE2610724 Feb 193337XT22 43
PENTOL IsraelE2610809 Sep 194876XP53 15
PENTOL RosieE2610914 Mar 194776XP53 16
PENTSHOVITZ YettaE2611028 Jun 193626XT44 17
PENZIL DoraE2611121 Jan 194963XY22 40
PENZIL GershonE2611226 Jun 195361XY22 41
PEPPEMOTHEMOISE MosesE2611331 Jan 193473XQ01 29
PEPPER BellaE2611422 May 195772XV25 37
PEPPER DavidE2611523 Jul 194157XV23 23
PEPPER HarrisE2611603 Mar 194478XW28 49
PEPPER KayE2611708 Apr 193247XT15 55
PEPPER RebeccaE2611814 Nov 194974XW25 45
PEPPER RoseE2611908 Mar 194495XQ01 30
PEPPERBERG HarrisE2612028 Sep 195276XX02 27
PEPPERBERG SarahE2612101 Dec 194875XX02 26
PEPPERMAN WoolfE2612206 Apr 1912XO02 3
PEPPERMICK SolomonE2612310 Mar 1910XH04 16
PEPPERSTEIN MaryE2612407 Oct 196584XU75 51
PEPPERSTEIN MyerE2612503 Jul 194063XU75 50
PEPPERT LeahE2612622 Jun 190111XB02 100
PEPPS SarahE2612717 May 192241XE07 45
PERAMOCUOI ElizabethE2612802 Sep 191588XL19 27
PERATINSKY David MosesE2612921 Nov 19295 mthXM41 6
PERCHERSKI o/w PAGE HanaE2613009 Oct 193773XV38 12
PERCHICK SarahE2613122 Oct 1985102XI10 25
PERCHIK GershonE2613208 Jan 192542XP45 4
PERCIK DoraE2613328 Apr 194741XX06 52
PERCIK Maurice LionelE2613424 Dec 194669XX06 18
PERCIK RosaE2613531 Dec 195886XX06 19
PERELSTEIN ReubenE2613607 Sep 19212 mthXM13 55
PEREMUTER ChayaE2613725 Sep 192740XS02 7
PERETHS IsraelE2613801 Jun 192752XR34 49
PERETZ CharlotteE2613930 Sep 192262XP10 3
PERETZKER JessieE2614029 Mar 193667XT41 33
PERETZMAN BetsyE2614127 May 194669XX12 40
PERFIELD AbrahamE2614214 May 19215XM05 53
PERILLY EstherE2614320 Jul 192231XK17 23
PERIN MillieE2614405 Nov 197586XY37 29
PERIN MorrisE2614528 Aug 195062XY37 28
PERKANSKY AlecE2614616 Jan 196086XQ21 32
PERKANSKY FannyE2614727 Apr 195367XQ21 31
PERKANSKY MorrisE2614818 Jun 1913XO26 3
PERKOFF Deborah FannyE2614903 Apr 19152XO07 20
PERKOFF MarksE2615021 Jan 191587XI18 38
PERKOFF RebeccaE2615128 Feb 194056XV30 30
PERKOFF SamuelE2615208 Nov 194865XV29 1
PERKOFF Sarah EvaE2615308 Feb 195380XU74 44
PERKOFF SarahE2615401 Aug 1911XI05 5
PERKOVSKY Morris EmanuelE2615505 Nov 193186XP50 34
PERKS DavidE2615602 Nov 193416XU03 15
PERKY LeahE2615719 Mar 19244XQ04 21
PERL FannyE2615825 Mar 192362XN01 6
PERL MichaelE2615928 Aug 192574XN01 5
PERLA DorahE2616026 Aug 1912XO21 23
PERLA PollyE2616123 Jul 1910XO15 1
PERLBAUM RachelE2616208 Oct 190347XC04 22
PERLBERG SolomonE2616321 Oct 192954XS24 5
PERLIN AnnieE2616416 Mar 192472XP16 18
PERLIN JaneE2616529 Feb 193647XV42 11
PERLIN PhilipE2616624 Apr 195072XZ17 15
PERLMAN SylviaE2616706 Dec 192534 mthXM20 14
PERLMAN WoolfE2616804 Jul 190663XF05 20
PERLMUTTER AaronE2616914 Aug 198079XP77 32
PERLMUTTER BellaE2617026 Mar 195941XW19 41
PERLMUTTER HymanE2617120 Oct 193262XU24 37
PERLMUTTER HymanE2617204 Feb 196381XZ35 2
PERLMUTTER JosephE2617325 Oct 193873XU62 22
PERLMUTTER KivoE2617419 Aug 194458XW25 40
PERLMUTTER Leah HildaE2617516 Jun 196160XP77 31
PERLMUTTER SarahE2617608 Aug 189540XA05 255
PERLMUTTER SarahE2617718 Jan 193861XV55 28
PERLOFF EvaE2617804 Jan 194669XX17 9
PERLOFF HarrisE2617913 Jul 192558XP47 11
PERLOVITCH MyerE2618009 May 193056XS30 18
PERLOW JacobE2618115 Feb 196369XQ43 32
PERLOW Lewis LeslieE2618204 Jan 192217 mthXM13 16
PERLOW MorrisE2618303 Jul 194877XQ42 10
PERLOW RebeccaE2618403 Dec 196565XQ43 33
PERLOW RoseE2618510 Nov 194070XQ42 11
PERLSTEIN L. KalmanE2618604 Jul 192583XQ09 6
PERLSTEIN SarahE2618730 Dec 191962XK06 26
PERLSTEIN SeldaE2618808 Oct 191775XI13 51
PERLSTON Anthony BernardE2618918 Jan 195165XY03 15
PERLSTON JackE2619021 Mar 198291XY03 26
PERLSTONE LazarusE2619120 Feb 192558XK08 38
PERMINSKY LouisE2619230 Oct 194662XX09 51
PERMUTT AaronE2619316 Sep 194658XX09 32
PERMUTT CyrilE2619424 Aug 199276XQ109 1
PERMUTT DeborahE2619524 Jan 193169XS31 26
PERMUTT DeborahE2619625 Dec 197094XS19 63
PERMUTT HarrisE2619717 Dec 192852XS21 63
PERMUTT IsaacE2619805 Dec 196060XP76 33
PERMUTT MorrisE2619926 Oct 195758XP61 15
PERMUTT MorrisE2620005 Jul 193068XS31 27
PERMUTT SadieE2620105 Sep 200683XQ109 2
PERMUTT SamuelE2620201 Jul 192260XM01 39
PERMUTT SarahE2620324 Oct 197579XP76 34
PERMUTT SimonE2620404 Apr 195250XW18 15
PERN CharlesE2620512 Aug 192216XN03 46
PERNICK HettieE2620631 Dec 191819XM02 33
PERPER HymanE2620714 Dec 191656XJ20 72
PERRIL BenjaminE2620823 Jan 195575XX18 41
PERRIL MaureenE2620925 Nov 19353XQ03 62
PERRIL MillieE2621019 Dec 194569XX18 40
PERRY AbramE2621113 Mar 195759XV92 17
PERRY AdaE2621221 Jun 194170XV22 36
PERRY HildaE2621304 Nov 199488XV92 18
PERSKY FayE2621420 Nov 193226XT17 69
PERSKY SarahE2621507 May 195368XZ26 6
PERSOFF BlumaE2621607 Mar 194972XY25 22
PERSOFF CeliaE2621722 Sep 193969XW03 20
PERSOFF MarksE2621803 Dec 193972XW03 21
PERSOSKY AnnieE2621902 Apr 196388XV79 23
PERSTOCK LevyE2622006 Jun 191768XJ14 46
PERTEL EstelleE2622109 Nov 195729XW20 4
PERVUNICK Betsy RebeccaE2622204 Aug 193176XT10 44
PERZINSKY IsraelE2622321 Apr 192950XS25 39
PERZINSKY MaryE2622422 Oct 193352XT24 36
PESCOVITCH AnnieE2622505 Jan 194462XU48 9
PESCOVITCH EstherE2622611 Jun 195074XZ16 11
PESCOVITCH HymanE2622714 Dec 192452XM21 24
PESCOVITCH JennieE2622815 Apr 195453XZ32 29
PESCOVITCH LewisE2622920 Oct 193661XU48 10
PESCOVITCH MarkE2623013 Feb 193015XS19 66
PESCOWITZ JuliaE2623117 Jul 192545XR06 21
PESELSKY DavidE2623214 May 191710XM06 25
PESETSHIP Jacob HarryE2623302 Nov 192321XQ28 6
PESIS GoldaE2623409 Mar 194158XV71 23
PESKIN IsaacE2623523 Dec 192562XR11 45
PESKOFF RachelE2623606 Dec 193366XT24 41
PESOSKY JosephE2623731 Jul 194272XV14 17
PESSER IsaacE2623819 Feb 196592XL18 7
PESSER LeahE2623907 Jun 191552XL17 16
PESSERS IsaacE2624007 Jan 192853XS03 71
PESTON AmeliaE2624126 Oct 195056XY38 11
PESTON BarnetE2624204 Dec 198188XY38 12
PESTON GoldaE2624313 Mar 194774XP53 9
PESTON MyerE2624401 Jan 193131XS33 60
PESTON Philys CharlesE2624526 Jan 19302 mthXM42 3
PESTON SolomonE2624627 Feb 192958XS24 15
PESTOOK BetsyE2624715 Jan 193273XT14 68
PETER JacobE2624809 Apr 194365XV04 36
PETERKOSKY MarksE2624915 Oct 194680XX01 40
PETERKOSKY YettaE2625004 Jan 19163XO05 30
PETERKOVSKI BerthaE2625121 Jul 1911XI05 2
PETERKOVSKY Rachel LeahE2625230 Jun 194970XX13 42
PETERS BarnettE2625306 Nov 193226XU08 29
PETERS BerthaE2625409 Nov 196873XP60 15
PETERS DavidE2625520 Dec 196078XP71 18
PETERS EstherE2625630 Aug 196082XV04 37
PETERS FannyE2625717 Mar 193752XV49 8
PETERS HannahE2625813 Sep 192452XP40 9
PETERS HarrisE2625913 Mar 192955XS23 70
PETERS JEANNIEE2626031 Oct 191910XM04 16
PETERS RebeccaE2626108 Dec 195576XU52 11
PETERS SarahE2626224 Jul 192760XR35 44
PETETSKY AbrahamE2626316 Jun 194973XY28 32
PETETSKY EstherE2626413 Oct 195071XY38 23
PETETSKY SarahE2626521 Feb 197180XY28 31
PETLOCK Lazarus LouisE2626616 Aug 197973XV01 37
PETLOCK MillyE2626728 Jun 198065XV01 38
PETLOCK RachelE2626802 Jul 193773XU02 28
PETLOCK RonaldE2626904 Dec 19263 mthXM28 25
PETLOCK SadieE2627020 Jun 192528XR05 32
PETLOCK SamuelE2627118 Mar 193673XU02 8
PETOSKY AbrahamE2627208 Apr 192758XR31 28
PETRICUS AnnieE2627316 Mar 193270XT15 61
PETRICUS JosephE2627414 Mar 194382XT16 61
PETRIE DoraE2627514 Mar 193138XT09 20
PETRIKOSKI HarrisE2627612 Jan 194180XG05 10
PETRIRARSKY PurimE2627729 Oct 19154 mthXO06 34
PETROCOFSKY LouisE2627810 Dec 191519XJ06 12
PETROKRISKY AllenE2627919 May 19155XO07 28
PETROOK AbrahamE2628015 Jan 195466XQ48 7
PETROOK AnnieE2628106 Sep 190215 mthXD07 22
PETROOK JaneE2628212 Aug 193572XP46 7
PETROOK LottieE2628312 Sep 196176XQ48 8
PETROOK SimonE2628411 Jan 192565XP45 16
PETROWSKY DavidE2628525 Jul 18962XB01 8
PETROWSKY Lewis JosephE2628603 Jan 193774XU50 9
PETRYCOSI o/w COHEN AbrahamE2628718 Sep 193559XU39 51
PETTER FlorrieE2628824 Sep 198983XW33 50
PETTER GeorgeE2628910 Aug 197571XW33 51
PETTER MalcolmE2629031 Oct 19333XQ03 39
PETTLE LeahE2629120 Apr 191542XI16 1
PETZOVSKI SarahE2629203 Jan 1908XG05 9
PEVOVER RoseE2629325 Apr 195679XU34 1
PEVOVOHR DavisE2629409 Jan 193453XU30 43
PEYANSKY JaneE2629526 Jul 1914XL06 53
PEZACENE MarksE2629624 Oct 1914XL16 26

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