All Deceased beginning with letters 'PA'

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All names beginning PA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PACKER AnnieE2573118 Mar 193937XU63 52
PACKER ClaraE2573204 Sep 193733XQ28 12
PACKER FannyE2573329 Jun 193778XV39 22
PACKER GoldaE2573408 Oct 191863XL10 12
PACKER HymanE2573513 Mar 192969XS23 55
PACKER IsaacE2573617 Nov 193558XU41 6
PACKER IsaacE2573730 Sep 193079XL15 1
PACKER LeahE2573802 Jul 191821XL10 28
PACKER MarksE2573919 Feb 193160XU12 14
PACKER MauriceE2574022 Nov 194849XQ28 13
PACKER PeterE2574103 Nov 1909XE05 16
PACKER PhillipE2574224 Nov 191829XL10 3
PACKER SadieE2574328 Nov 197785XQ28 15
PACKER SamuelE2574421 Jul 192748XR35 54
PACKER SarahE2574504 Oct 193162XT12 49
PACKER WoolfE2574610 Nov 192317XQ29 7
PACKMAN DoraE2574709 Feb 195762XY26 45
PACKMAN IssyE2574801 Jun 194957XY27 38
PACTOR GertyE2574921 Jan 193380XF08 3
PACTOR GoldaE2575008 Oct 192312XP25 25
PADLE CeliaE2575114 Nov 191862XM02 20
PAENSON IdaE2575220 Jul 193318XT22 22
PAGANOVITCH SimonE2575322 Jan 192060XN06 8
PAGODA MordecaiE2575406 Dec 192658XR24 26
PAGORELSKY MaryE2575524 Apr 195372XX03 32
PAIKIN IsaacE2575628 Dec 195673XW20 3
PAIKIN PearlE2575706 Dec 19267XM29 15
PAIKIN SarahE2575829 Jan 194050XS27 74
PAIKIN SoniaE2575915 Mar 19214XM05 51
PAISNER FannyE2576005 Feb 196885XQ44 17
PAISNER HarrisE2576130 May 193757XQ44 16
PAISNER IsraelE2576216 Oct 195147XQ44 23
PAISNER MauriceE2576306 Apr 194037XQ44 18
PAKCYK Marks or MosesE2576429 Sep 193782XU55 39
PALACE AnnieE2576513 Apr 191958XN14 4
PALACE IsaacE2576613 May 193778XU53 25
PALASHOK BarnetE2576706 Apr 192873XS05 51
PALAST Harry NathanE2576831 Aug 192338XP25 6
PALASTINE BellaE2576928 Nov 191754XJ08 15
PALATNICK Aaron (Rev)E2577017 Sep 195077XQ09 30
PALATNICK RebeccaE2577106 Apr 197089XQ09 29
PALENBAUM FannyE2577211 Jan 194476XS24 61
PALENBAUM LionelE2577328 Feb 1909XG04 37
PALENBAUM NathanE2577402 Apr 192974XS24 60
PALESON RebeccaE2577504 Dec 192854XS15 41
PALESTINE SophiaE2577621 Sep 190111XB09 420
PALINSKY YettaE2577720 Aug 192038XK07 16
PALKOVSKY BessieE2577804 May 192577XR04 14
PALKOWSKI FannyE2577914 Apr 195678XS20 73
PALKOWSKI MarksE2578026 Aug 194972XS20 72
PALKOWSKI MossE2578108 Jul 198783XS19 71
PALKOWSKY JosephE2578225 May 1914XE09 35
PALKOWSKY NancyE2578310 Feb 193478XS01 21
PALLATS Anne StellaE2578402 Dec 193023 mthXM31 1
PALLATZ JosephE2578519 Jun 194178XV55 25
PALLENBAUM AnnieE2578622 Aug 195366XY06 17
PALLENBAUM JacobE2578726 Aug 194761XY06 18
PALLETZ LeahE2578805 Jan 193872XV55 24
PALLIS IsraelE2578905 Oct 194191XV21 31
PALLIS RachelE2579005 Jan 193773XV43 31
PALMAN MontiE2579114 Sep 19354XQ02 2
PALMER Hyman GeraldE2579209 Jan 199666XI21 10
PALMER IrisE2579316 May 201779XI21 9
PALMER RitaE2579421 May 193221 mthXR48 1
PALMINOVITCH EvaE2579504 Dec 196982XU48 2
PALMON JacobE2579630 Jan 191851XJ09 16
PALSOFF KateE2579705 May 192061XK03 47
PAM EstherE2579803 Dec 192249XP10 22
PANBOCK MyerE2579923 Apr 190231XD05 10
PANFEL MorrisE2580017 Mar 196662XY17 28
PANFIELD LeslieE2580126 Nov 192517 mthXM20 19
PANICOP AnnieE2580220 Aug 195963XV08 42
PANICOP EstherE2580306 Mar 19291 mthXM37 3
PANICOP ZachariahE2580418 Feb 193549XU02 35
PANITZMAN RachelE2580528 Sep 191769XJ13 7
PANKER Golda EstherE2580617 Aug 192160XK13 48
PANKIN FannyE2580722 Feb 192650XR12 26
PANNER Max-DavisE2580822 Feb 1908XG01 6
PANNES AaronE2580919 Apr 19189 mthXM09 3
PANZER Isaac MorritzE2581012 Sep 197669XP69 3
PANZER KatheE2581126 Jun 199281XP69 4
PAPE AbrahamE2581204 Oct 192343XP23 2
PAPE DavidE2581307 Apr 192819XS05 24
PAPE SarahE2581416 Aug 1908XG05 40
PARADISE AbrahamE2581528 Mar 192542XR03 17
PARADISE AnnieE2581614 Jan 19005 mthXB05 252
PARADISE EstherE2581701 Aug 194268XV81 21
PARADISE FannyE2581829 Nov 193759XV54 17
PARADISE LouisE2581919 Jan 193364XU25 37
PARADISE MichaelE2582017 Jul 193358XU07 30
PARADISE SidneyE2582123 Nov 190416 mthXC06 44
PARDOYL JacobE2582223 Apr 193267XU22 41
PARDOYL RachelE2582307 Feb 192863XS11 45
PARIFSKY SamuelE2582401 Feb 195772XY08 9
PARIPSKY BarnettE2582514 Aug 194379XX30 40
PARIPSKY DeborahE2582617 Nov 194760XY08 10
PARIPSKY or BARNETT AnnieE2582720 Sep 192425XP41 24
PARIPSKY SarahE2582819 Nov 194981XX30 41
PARISER MyerE2582908 Apr 192879XS05 57
PARK Henry CecilE2583009 Feb 19335 mthXO27 18
PARK Sadie MurielE2583119 Apr 192510 mthXM19 44
PARKER AliceE2583227 Dec 196484XU64 37
PARKER MauriceE2583306 Jan 193955XU64 36
PARKUS EdythE2583425 Feb 198377XS33 74
PARKUS LewisE2583524 May 193256XS34 74
PARKUS SamuelE2583606 Jun 198484XS33 73
PARKUS SarahE2583706 Apr 196082XS34 73
PARMES Joseph DavidE2583820 Sep 19151XO06 17
PARNELL CeliaE2583915 Sep 197872XX34 30
PARNELL DavidE2584024 Apr 196153XX34 29
PARNES HymanE2584111 Jan 193354XJ01 15
PARNES IsaacE2584210 Sep 194976XY30 24
PARNES KateE2584324 Dec 193563XT40 14
PARNES MarkE2584417 Mar 195377XT01 5
PARNES MillieE2584520 Aug 193454XT01 4
PARNESS HymanE2584607 Mar 192015XN07 21
PARNESS MorrisE2584713 Jul 192165XH10 10
PARRY HymanE2584830 Mar 195455XZ27 28
PARRY SophieE2584922 Aug 198079XZ27 29
PARSE BelindaE2585021 Apr 192937XS18 12
PARSMAN BeatriceE2585102 Jan 192059XM02 51
PARTIGAL HE2585229 Mar 190465XC07 19
PARUSIER Aaron-MordechaiE2585317 Oct 1913XL05 38
PASE WolfsonE2585417 Dec 1913XI11 7
PASHA AbrahamE2585514 Jul 194381XV03 31
PASHA CissieE2585602 Sep 194124XV22 27
PASHA EstherE2585714 Feb 197082XW31 31
PASHA JudahE2585809 Aug 195764XP59 22
PASHA MaxE2585903 Dec 193454XU34 28
PASHA RoseE2586019 Feb 194172XV71 22
PASHA SamuelE2586125 Mar 1911XI04 44
PASHA SarahE2586230 Jun 192748XR34 55
PASHA SarahE2586311 Mar 192666XR14 23
PASHE LeahE2586409 Nov 196877XP59 23
PASHER HarrisE2586521 Mar 194461XW31 32
PASHER SamuelE2586609 Oct 195243XQ31 18
PASHKOWSKY PascallE2586717 Nov 192040XN08 22
PASKIN AlfredE2586801 Feb 19042XC06 26
PASKIN DeborahE2586914 Dec 195680XW19 20
PASKIN MarksE2587020 May 195284XW19 21
PASKIN PincusE2587126 Sep 192919XS27 45
PASKOV ClaraE2587208 Sep 195882XV26 36
PASKOV PhilipE2587305 Sep 194165XV22 28
PASKOWITZ EstherE2587413 Feb 1911XI01 54
PASKOWSKY PinchasE2587518 Feb 1914XI11 21
PASKY RoseE2587604 Nov 193482XT30 20
PASMONSKY LazarusE2587720 Oct 1909XE05 11
PASS FannyE2587813 Nov 193983XJ18 17
PASS IsaacE2587922 May 194364XV02 30
PASS LilyE2588014 Sep 192719XJ18 3B
PASS RoseE2588105 Feb 193555XT32 44
PASSES GotleibE2588206 Apr 193087XS02 74
PASSES RoseE2588306 Oct 193073XS02 73
PASSMAN BarnettE2588402 Jan 194977XX27 26
PASSMAN JaneE2588530 May 194469XX27 25
PASTELNICK Rose MayE2588628 Aug 192519XR07 38
PASTERNAC AnnieE2588717 Feb 190170XD02 12
PASTOFSKY LeahE2588806 Nov 193778XU30 22
PASTOFSKY MarksE2588931 Dec 193374XU30 21
PATCHICK AnnieE2589003 Oct 192664XR21 15
PATCHICK JosephE2589117 Apr 193056XS19 6
PATCHICK RachelE2589231 Oct 195580XW06 16
PATCHIK RachelE2589319 Aug 192588XR07 31
PATER JuliaE2589420 Jun 199580XW04 27
PATER LazarusE2589505 Mar 194876XW02 24
PATER LouisE2589626 Oct 199385XW04 26
PATER RachelE2589706 Oct 193762XW02 25
PATER RachelE2589810 Jun 193674XI17 52
PATHES MorrisE2589911 Jan 192360XI18 62
PATKOWSKY BenjaminE2590027 Mar 192645XR15 49
PATRUNIN EstherE2590114 Nov 194777XY04 37
PATRUNIN MorrisE2590210 Jul 194772XY04 38
PATT HarrisE2590314 Nov 193760XU56 32
PATT Wolf JacobE2590420 Dec 191669XJ17 11
PATTERSON SimonE2590502 Sep 192659XR20 32
PAUER NE2590610 Apr 18982XA08 414
PAUL DoraE2590719 May 194271XS01 24
PAUL HarrisE2590812 Dec 194576XS01 25
PAUL Rachel o/w RoseE2590914 Nov 193659XV40 14
PAUL Salmon AlexanderE2591026 Nov 192946XK17 5
PAUL SimonE2591106 May 193054XS30 58
PAULE Samuel AnthonyE2591209 Sep 195949XY42 16
PAVA SalamanE2591305 Feb 193764XU51 3
PAVLOTSKY AdolphE2591415 Oct 194474XX25 16
PAVLOTSKY EdnaE2591505 Nov 192714XM33 10
PAVLOTSKY RachelE2591619 Mar 193254XT14 20
PAVLOVITCH o/w COHEN SidneyE2591726 Apr 192127 mthXM01 59
PAYANSKI IsaacE2591826 Oct 195245XQ31 33
PAYANSKY HarrisE2591903 Jan 194970XY22 22
PAYNE BettyE2592023 Jul 193634XT45 11
PAYNE EstherE2592128 Apr 190131XD02 37
PAYNE Jacob RichardE2592216 Mar 193372XU27 11

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