All Deceased beginning with letters 'OS'

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All names beginning OS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OSAREOFF EstherE2561728 Jan 192733XR27 31
OSAREOFF IsaacE2561815 Jul 192664XR19 41
OSATCH IsraelE2561914 May 192771XQ13 12
OSATCH RebeccaE2562031 Jan 194373XV12 33
OSBAND RachelE2562123 Sep 193649XV42 13
OSBUR AnnieE2562203 Nov 193323XT24 13
OSBUR JacobE2562301 Nov 192850XS21 13
OSCAR JaneE2562421 Mar 192625XR14 49
OSEN Annie SarahE2562513 Nov 192274XP12 28
OSEN JosephE2562626 Apr 194645XX15 35
OSER DavisE2562708 Dec 19296XS22 3
OSER HannahE2562831 Aug 194477XS22 4
OSHATZ Dora (Diana)E2562914 Jul 194266XU77 42
OSHATZ MorrisE2563003 Oct 194067XU77 43
OSHOFSKY DanielE2563105 Jan 19205XM05 35
OSKOTSKY AnneE2563214 Dec 195265XW03 52
OSKOTSKY SamuelE2563323 Jan 194164XW03 53
OSLOFSKY MarksE2563402 Apr 19046XC02 19
OSLOFSKY RachelE2563520 Jun 193873XQ01 39
OSLOFSKY SolomonE2563630 Dec 193975XQ01 40
OSNER Esther BenitaE2563710 Apr 195071XY33 17
OSNER HenryE2563823 Mar 195882XY33 18
OSNOWITZ FannyE2563913 Dec 192860XS15 35
OSOFSKY AaronE2564018 Jun 194667XX12 10
OSOFSKY YettaE2564108 Feb 195369XX12 9
OSOLINSKY SimonE2564224 Mar 193970XU64 11
OSOSKI SeligE2564321 Mar 190462XC07 17
OSOVITCH JosephE2564424 Jun 193365XT21 12
OSOVITCH RebeccaE2564505 Jun 193365XT21 13
OSPALLA AbrahamE2564622 Mar 193253XU22 21
OSPALLA BellaE2564731 Mar 193248XU22 23
OSPALLA HarrisE2564809 May 194675XU82 51
OSPALLA SarahE2564910 Apr 194270XU82 50
OSPER HildaE2565014 Aug 195465XZ34 16
OSROWITZ DavidE2565124 Dec 193767XU57 27
OSSEROVITCH LeahE2565209 Nov 192660XP39 15
OSSOWSKY FannyE2565303 Dec 192559XR09 4
OST AbrahamE2565427 Jan 194375XS13 28
OST CharlesE2565503 Oct 193349XU28 7
OST FannyE2565608 Feb 192850XS13 27
OST JennyE2565729 Jan 19075XE03 29
OSTER FannyE2565811 Apr 193267XQ21 7
OSTER JudahE2565927 May 195967XQ14 40
OSTER LilyE2566006 Mar 19183XM08 2
OSTER NathanE2566118 Feb 1914XI09 31
OSTER Rachel (Rosa)E2566219 Feb 198787XQ21 42
OSTER SarahE2566313 Dec 195180XQ21 40
OSTER SolomonE2566420 Oct 191958XN08 8
OSTER SolomonE2566503 Jan 193265XQ21 8
OSTER WoolfE2566627 Aug 195664XQ21 41
OSTERLANSKY Sarah RachelE2566727 May 192764XQ14 13
OSTERLENSKY IsaacE2566818 Dec 194253XQ35 21
OSTERLENSKY SolomonE2566909 Jun 193067XQ14 12
OSTERLEY AnnieE2567003 May 194154XQ36 32
OSTERLEY BenjaminE2567128 Jul 195859XZ36 30
OSTERLEY HettieE2567223 Jan 196669XQ33 17
OSTERLEY HettyE2567321 Feb 197272XQ33 16
OSTERLEY JosephE2567428 May 194651XQ33 15
OSTERLING LeahE2567512 Jul 18945 mthXA04 196
OSTERLINSKY MorrisE2567608 Apr 190715XE04 15
OSTERWEIL CeliaE2567718 Dec 194674XX15 7
OSTRASOFSKY AlecE2567809 May 19212 mthXM12 3
OSTRICH MarksE2567922 Jun 192877XS06 20
OSTRICH RachelE2568001 Jun 19208XK01 29
OSTRICH RebeccaE2568115 May 192322XP17 32
OSTRICK SarahE2568219 Aug 1911XO14 24
OSTRINSKY AnnieE2568301 Jun 194571XX23 38
OSTRINSKY CharlesE2568415 Oct 193863XU62 29
OSTROFF AnnieE2568501 Nov 1911XI07 9
OSTROFF BenjaminE2568622 Jul 1911XO18 15
OSTROFF ChonahE2568730 Mar 1908XH06 18
OSTROFF EstherE2568812 Feb 192773XR18 5
OSTROFF HarrisE2568918 Aug 195772XT43 29
OSTROFF JessieE2569029 Jul 193051XT07 15
OSTROFF MaxE2569128 Nov 193558XU41 20
OSTROFSKY AbrahamE2569208 Oct 194271XV12 25
OSTROFSKY HE2569322 Nov 191750XJ12 25
OSTROFSKY HymanE2569430 Jul 191914 mthXM10 46
OSTROFSKY RoseE2569508 Jul 193231XT16 24
OSTROFSKY SamuelE2569611 Aug 195774XQ70 11
OSTROFSKY SarahE2569722 Dec 192373XP29 22
OSTROFSKY YettaE2569829 May 1957XV12 24
OSTROFSKY YettaE2569914 Feb 195568XQ70 12
OSTROMAGINSKY HarrisE2570003 Nov 193862XU62 11
OSTROMOGILSKY MillieE2570128 Aug 195078XY37 22
OSTWIND AnnieE2570221 Nov 195885XS06 71
OSTWIND FannyE2570320 Feb 193248XS01 61
OSTWIND LouisE2570424 Apr 192853XS06 70
OSTWIND RachelE2570529 Apr 190562XC04 45
OSUCLANSKY EttieE2570626 Nov 194070XU64 12
OSVELANSKY SamuelE2570704 Sep 193141XU17 39
OSVISAGNIK BernardE2570803 Dec 192051XI20 16

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