All Deceased beginning with letters 'OR'

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All names beginning OR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ORCHANT FayE812525 Jun 200688I21 45
ORDAN SamuelC718223 Nov 192937S28 60
ORDER JacobP1414626 Aug 191536L18
ORDEWER LazarusD035022 Jan 193557U135 47
ORDGICHE AbrahamC146323 Feb 192346P107 31
ORDOVER IsaacC779321 Aug 193070S31 34
ORENSTEIN Froim AvramE809211 Jul 200387I21 14
ORENSTEIN JanaE0816404 Mar 201287I21 13
ORENSTEIN MindelA216728 Jan 19062F01 42
ORGEL AbrahamD714108 Aug 194575X25 34
ORGODOCK CissieA251612 Mar 190776H02 26
ORINSKY Esther ChanaC423324 Jun 192667R118 45
ORINSKY MillyC300915 Jan 192528M123 25
ORINSKY MorrisC291507 Dec 192470M122 14
ORKIN AlexanderD259002 Nov 193774W03 08
ORKIN BarnettP1415303 Oct 191439L14
ORKIN Bloomah SarahC1001701 Feb 193387T120 34
ORKIN ChayaD089627 Oct 193587T138 16
ORKIN DinahE203105 Jan 195577Q268 10
ORKIN DoraP1415529 May 191736J15
ORKIN JaneE289407 Dec 195681W03 47
ORKIN JaneP1415631 Jan 191253I7
ORLANS JuliusC1070108 Dec 193352U126 48
ORLER AlexanderP1415822 Mar 191733J17
ORLER Esther LeahD368302 Oct 193987N01A 13
ORLER SamuelC213831 Dec 192370N01A 12
ORLIN HarrisD980929 Jun 195083Q117 24
ORLIN KateE539926 Jun 196496Q117 23
ORLINSKY AlecD270517 Dec 193758U257 25
ORLINSKY AnneE692828 May 197587U257 52
ORLINSKY Chaim DavidD205219 Feb 193783S01 70
ORLINSKY Chava ItaC649710 Feb 192961S01 69
ORLINSKY LeahC949122 Jun 193224T116 47
ORLITSKY JacobB634709 Apr 192068N05 05
ORLOFF BarnettD062701 Jun 193586U137 07
ORLOFSKY AnnieD760709 Jun 194674S31 02
ORLOFSKY IsraelC687721 Jun 192960S26 55
ORLOFSKY SarahC841108 Apr 193123S31 01
ORLOVSKY RebeccaB658719 Aug 192047K08 40
ORLOWSKY DeborahA157019 Oct 190345C07 06
ORMAN AnnieC617031 Oct 192856S14 43
ORMAN BernardE797909 Jul 199681Y242 23
ORMAN DavidE158716 Jan 195470Z111 16
ORMAN FannyE517613 Apr 196378Z111 17
ORMAN JennyE800805 Sep 199777Y242 22
ORMAN MillieD795922 Jan 194768U268 52
ORMAN MorrisD367023 Sep 193968U268 37
ORMAN RoseA228116 Jun 190664F03 40
ORMANTZ SamuelC465002 Jan 192752R126 38
ORMANTZ YettaE132607 Jun 195373R126 39
ORNADEL Benjamin o/w ArnoldC029920 Sep 192129G10 17
ORNADEL RachelC521230 Sep 192768S12 07
ORNADEL SimonC112528 Sep 192270N18 47
ORNSTEIN Isaac Rubin (Rabbi)C378623 Dec 192569Q106 01
ORNSTEIN LeahC471025 Jan 192766R127 33
ORNSTEIN RachelC712131 Oct 192974P125 26
ORNSTEIN SarahE190515 Oct 195476U260 39
ORNSTEIN WoolfD292818 Apr 193863U260 38
ORNSTIN AbrahamE217617 Apr 195573Q261 01
ORNSTIN LeahE344114 Mar 195865Q261 02
OROLOWITZ EstherD327628 Dec 193864V258 24
OROLOWITZ Hyman JudahD919203 Apr 194977V258 25
ORRIELL MyerC236704 Mar 192429P132 33
ORSHANSKY AnnE205719 Jan 195572T123 06
ORSHANSKY AnnieE503001 Oct 196280S02 75
ORSHANSKY MorrisE275824 Aug 195673T123 05
ORVITCH JacobC850114 May 193175K05 13

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