All Deceased beginning with letters 'OR'

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All names beginning OR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ORCHAFFER (otherwise Foks) RachelE2555015 Feb 1913XL08 20
ORCHANT FayE2555125 Jun 200688XI21 45
ORDAN SamuelE2555223 Nov 192937XS28 60
ORDER JacobE2555326 Aug 191536XL18 48
ORDEWER LazarusE2555422 Jan 193557XU35 47
ORDGICHE AbrahamE2555523 Feb 192346XP07 31
ORDOVER IsaacE2555621 Aug 193070XS31 34
ORENSTEIN Froim AvramE2555711 Jul 200387XI21 14
ORENSTEIN JanaE2555804 Mar 201287XI21 13
ORENSTEIN MindelE2555928 Jan 19062XF01 42
ORGEL AbrahamE2556008 Aug 194575XX25 34
ORGODOCK CissieE2556112 Mar 190776XH02 26
ORINSKY Esther ChanaE2556224 Jun 192667XR18 45
ORINSKY MillyE2556315 Jan 192528XM23 25
ORINSKY MorrisE2556407 Dec 192470XM22 14
ORKIN AlexanderE2556502 Nov 193774XW03 8
ORKIN Bloomah SarahE2556601 Feb 193387XT20 34
ORKIN ChayaE2556727 Oct 193587XT38 16
ORKIN DinahE2556805 Jan 195577XQ68 10
ORKIN DoraE2556929 May 191737XJ15 56
ORKIN JaneE2557007 Dec 195681XW03 47
ORLANS JuliusE2557108 Dec 193352XU26 48
ORLER AlexanderE2557222 Mar 191734XJ17 21
ORLER Esther LeahE2557302 Oct 193987XN01 13
ORLER SamuelE2557431 Dec 192370XN01 12
ORLIN HarrisE2557529 Jun 195083XQ17 24
ORLIN JessieE2557614 Dec 1911XO20 13
ORLIN KateE2557726 Jun 196496XQ17 23
ORLINSKY AlecE2557817 Dec 193758XU57 25
ORLINSKY AnneE2557928 May 197587XU57 52
ORLINSKY Chaim DavidE2558019 Feb 193783XS01 70
ORLINSKY Chava ItaE2558110 Feb 192961XS01 69
ORLINSKY LeahE2558222 Jun 193224XT16 47
ORLITSKY JacobE2558309 Apr 192068XN05 5
ORLOFF BarnettE2558401 Jun 193586XU37 7
ORLOFSKY AnnieE2558509 Jun 194674XS31 2
ORLOFSKY IsraelE2558621 Jun 192960XS26 55
ORLOFSKY SarahE2558708 Apr 193123XS31 1
ORLOVSKY RebeccaE2558819 Aug 192047XK08 40
ORLOWSKY DeborahE2558919 Oct 190345XC07 6
ORMAN AnnieE2559031 Oct 192856XS14 43
ORMAN BernardE2559109 Jul 199681XY42 23
ORMAN DavidE2559216 Jan 195470XZ11 16
ORMAN FannyE2559313 Apr 196378XZ11 17
ORMAN JennyE2559405 Sep 199777XY42 22
ORMAN MillieE2559522 Jan 194768XU68 52
ORMAN MorrisE2559623 Sep 193968XU68 37
ORMAN RoseE2559716 Jun 190664XF03 40
ORMANTZ SamuelE2559802 Jan 192752XR26 38
ORMANTZ YettaE2559907 Jun 195373XR26 39
ORNADEL Benjamin o/w ArnoldE2560020 Sep 192129XG10 17
ORNADEL RachelE2560130 Sep 192768XS12 7
ORNADEL SimonE2560228 Sep 192270XN18 47
ORNSTEIN Isaac Rubin (Rabbi)E2560323 Dec 192569XQ06 1
ORNSTEIN LeahE2560425 Jan 192766XR27 33
ORNSTEIN RachelE2560531 Oct 192974XP25 26
ORNSTEIN SarahE2560615 Oct 195476XU60 39
ORNSTEIN WoolfE2560718 Apr 193863XU60 38
ORNSTIN AbrahamE2560817 Apr 195573XQ61 1
ORNSTIN LeahE2560914 Mar 195865XQ61 2
OROLOWITZ EstherE2561028 Dec 193864XV58 24
OROLOWITZ Hyman JudahE2561103 Apr 194977XV58 25
ORRIELL MyerE2561204 Mar 192429XP32 33
ORSHANSKY AnnE2561319 Jan 195572XT23 6
ORSHANSKY AnnieE2561401 Oct 196280XS02 75
ORSHANSKY MorrisE2561524 Aug 195673XT23 5
ORVITCH JacobE2561614 May 193175XK05 13

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