All Deceased beginning with letters 'OP'

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All names beginning OP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OPAS AbrahamC036731 Oct 192164I18 50
OPAS AnnieD738411 Jan 194673X17 27
OPAS CeciliaA255801 May 190721H02 31
OPAS DeborahP1413928 Aug 191820L10
OPAS FrederickE168421 Mar 195484Q129 23
OPAS JosephE416813 Dec 195996X17 26
OPAS MauriceD361203 Aug 193954U267 34
OPAS SelinaE098429 Nov 195279Q129 22
OPAS SolomonA070724 Sep 189927B601 275
OPATOWSKI ArthurD081516 Sep 193517U139 43
OPOCHINSKY BarnettD043520 Feb 193556U136 45
OPOCHINSKY EstherD305723 Jul 193865V136 23
OPOCHINSKY RoseC129910 Dec 192266P112 08
OPPER AaronA018526 Sep 18931A401 171
OPPER LewisP1414418 Aug 191453L5
OPPERCHINSKY R.A101308 May 190117D02 43
OPPOSS LewisP1414502 Mar 191437I9

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