All Deceased beginning with letters 'OP'

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All names beginning OP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OPAS AbrahamE2553331 Oct 192164XI18 50
OPAS AnnieE2553411 Jan 194673XX17 27
OPAS CeciliaE2553501 May 190721XH02 31
OPAS FrederickE2553621 Mar 195484XQ29 23
OPAS JosephE2553713 Dec 195996XX17 26
OPAS MauriceE2553803 Aug 193954XU67 34
OPAS SelinaE2553929 Nov 195279XQ29 22
OPAS SolomonE2554024 Sep 189927XB06 275
OPATOWSKI ArthurE2554116 Sep 193517XU39 43
OPOCHINSKY BarnettE2554220 Feb 193556XU36 45
OPOCHINSKY EstherE2554323 Jul 193865XV36 23
OPOCHINSKY RoseE2554410 Dec 192266XP12 8
OPPAS LouisE2554502 Mar 1914XI09 33
OPPER AaronE2554626 Sep 18931XA04 171
OPPER LewisE2554718 Aug 1914XL05 53
OPPERCHINSKY R.E2554808 May 190117XD02 43
OPTWIND SarahE2554931 Dec 1908XH09 6

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