All Deceased beginning with letters 'OK'

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All names beginning OK
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OKEN AnnieE2545607 Dec 195678XS04 23
OKEN BernardE2545702 Feb 192828XS04 24
OKEN CeliaE2545810 Aug 199493XZ08 15
OKEN DoraE2545920 Nov 195278XU30 39
OKEN HarrisE2546017 Apr 193869XS04 22
OKEN SophieE2546117 Jan 1908XG05 15
OKEN VictorE2546224 Mar 195454XZ08 14
OKEN WoolfE2546306 Jan 193463XU30 38
OKENOFSKY AnnieE2546430 Aug 195276XW16 14
OKENOFSKY PhilipE2546523 Aug 194473XW25 11
OKIN AnnieE2546606 Jun 196278XD10 46
OKIN BarnettE2546703 Oct 1914XL14 31
OKIN WoolfE2546831 Dec 195975XD10 45
OKONOFSKI HymanE2546913 May 192339XP18 29
OKONOFSKY AnnieE2547028 Mar 196986XV13 24
OKONOFSKY CharlesE2547113 Sep 194261XV13 23
OKORNOFF AnnieE2547211 May 196065XQ86 12
OKORNOFF EdwardE2547326 Jan 195663XQ86 11
OKRENT Fraida PesaE2547409 Sep 193652XV41 30
OKUCHINSKY RachelE2547506 Jul 191850XJ06 61
OKUN IsraelE2547626 Sep 193244XU24 30
OKUN MaryE2547714 Aug 197585XV24 1A

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