All Deceased beginning with letters 'OK'

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All names beginning OK
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OKEN AnnieE289007 Dec 195678S04 23
OKEN BernardC554202 Feb 192828S04 24
OKEN CeliaE791510 Aug 199493Z108 15
OKEN DoraE097020 Nov 195278U130 39
OKEN HarrisD293117 Apr 193869S04 22
OKEN SophieP1408917 Jan 190860G5
OKEN VictorE168624 Mar 195454Z108 14
OKEN WoolfC1080406 Jan 193463U130 38
OKENOFSKY AnnieE087230 Aug 195276W16 14
OKENOFSKY PhilipD660023 Aug 194473W25 11
OKIN AnnieE496806 Jun 196278D10 46
OKIN WoolfE418831 Dec 195975D10 45
OKONOFSKI HymanC167213 May 192339P118 29
OKONOFSKY AnnieE622328 Mar 196986V113 24
OKONOFSKY CharlesD547213 Sep 194261V113 23
OKORNOFF AnnieE434111 May 196065Q386 12
OKORNOFF EdwardE247826 Jan 195663Q386 11
OKRENT Fraida PesaD162909 Sep 193652V241 30
OKUN IsraelC967326 Sep 193244U124 30
OKUN MaryE695014 Aug 197585V124 01A

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