All Deceased beginning with letters 'OG'

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All names beginning OG
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OGGINS DanielE2543704 Mar 193268XU09 14
OGGINS LeahE2543809 Nov 194179XU09 13
OGIN AbrahamE2543919 Feb 195970XP67 28
OGIN EstherE2544020 Aug 193259XT17 62
OGIN HettieE2544105 Jan 196674XP67 29
OGIN MarksE2544229 Jan 195581XQ68 7
OGUS EstherE2544322 Apr 194159XV24 26
OGUS HindaE2544412 Jan 194774XI16 72
OGUS LewisE2544525 Oct 193259XU07 14
OGUS MorrisE2544620 Jan 1914XI14 73
OGUS RachelE2544726 Feb 195991XW09 15
OGUS RebeccaE2544828 Oct 191985XI14 72
OGUS ReubenE2544926 Apr 194571XW30 1
OGUS ReubenE2545001 Feb 195887XW09 16
OGUS SimonE2545128 Aug 192423XP39 31
OGUS SophieE2545203 May 197692XW30 2

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