All Deceased beginning with letters 'OF'

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All names beginning OF
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OFFENBACH NathanE2542530 Aug 1911XI06 21
OFFENBACH RebeccaE2542605 Oct 195393XQ51 7
OFFENBACK DavidE2542718 Aug 191858XJ06 56
OFFERMAN AnnieE2542817 Jul 192672XR19 42
OFFIN StellaE2542903 Jul 1913XO25 18
OFFSTEIN C.E2543024 Jan 190265XD04 24
OFFSTEIN NathanE2543118 Jun 19013XB09 413
OFLAND SE2543210 Mar 189758XB02 69
OFSTEIN EzekielE2543322 Oct 190675XF07 20
OFSTEIN GE2543403 Aug 189717 mthXB01 55
OFSTEIN MorrisE2543519 Nov 1912XL07 12
OFSTEIN Sarah MaryE2543604 Feb 193268XL07 13

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