All Deceased beginning with letters 'OC'

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All names beginning OC
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OCHINOTZSKY BerthaE2540427 Nov 1914XO08 30
OCKER AliceE2540520 Feb 196372XY38 9
OCKER JosephE2540621 Oct 195066XY38 10
OCKER LeahE2540717 Feb 19062XF01 47
OCKER LouisE2540831 Dec 192467XP34 1
OCKER Milly-LeahE2540927 Feb 1909XG02 24
OCKER SarahE2541013 Apr 194680XP34 2
OCKMAN KateE2541115 May 193167XT10 27
OCKRANT KelmanE2541202 May 193762XU52 51
OCKSTEIN PollyE2541312 Aug 192851XS09 31

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