All Deceased beginning with letters 'OB'

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All names beginning OB
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OBERMAN EstherE2538923 Oct 190353XC07 8
OBERMAN JessieE2539019 Jan 194373XV09 40
OBERMAN JosephE2539112 Feb 194386XV09 41
OBERMAN LeahE2539219 Jun 195970XW05 22
OBERMAN MillieE2539309 Jan 195685XQ10 43
OBERMAN MosesE2539431 May 190311XD03 51
OBERMAN PinchasE2539528 Oct 1911XO14 28
OBERMAN ReubenE2539602 Apr 197392XW05 21
OBERMAN RosieE2539701 Oct 192055XK09 38
OBERMAN SelekE2539811 May 195480XQ10 44
OBERMAN Solomon HarrisE2539903 Sep 191764XI13 55
OBERMEISTER AbrahamE2540031 Oct 193178XU18 35
OBERMEISTER RivaE2540106 Jan 193367XT19 57
OBERST (Lieberman) MatildaE2540217 Sep 194554XW12 7
OBREJAN RoseE2540311 Feb 195674XQ89 10

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