All Deceased beginning with letters 'NY'

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All names beginning NY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NYERS MarksE320324 Sep 195775Q398 09
NYFIELD BarnettD873412 Jun 194866Y115 16
NYFIELD DoraE033618 Jun 195167Y115 15
NYGATE DoraE144913 Sep 195379Q125 31
NYGATE JackD973201 May 195056P255 14
NYGATE NathanP1401826 Feb 191854J9
NYGATE SarahE610431 May 196874P255 13
NYMAN AaronE504730 Oct 196282P271 26
NYMAN AngelE304116 Apr 195774Z103 09
NYMAN Annie JennieD370922 Oct 193957V261 26
NYMAN AnnieD157501 Aug 193668U119 35
NYMAN AnnieE428822 Mar 196081P271 25
NYMAN AnnieE568415 Jan 196681Y131 27
NYMAN David AlanC1019431 Mar 19337Q102 34
NYMAN DavidC895028 Nov 193173U119 36
NYMAN ElizabethP1402601 Apr 191232I7
NYMAN EstherP1402723 Mar 191682J21
NYMAN FredaC276404 Oct 192453P241 17
NYMAN FredaE491907 Mar 196273Z103 10
NYMAN HannahC050824 Dec 192162K18 47
NYMAN HarrisC626309 Dec 192852S21 65
NYMAN HymanD957323 Jan 195065Y131 28
NYMAN IsaacE058028 Dec 195178W16 28
NYMAN Jack David SimonD026822 Dec 193439U135 08
NYMAN JacobC177908 Jul 192336P123 15
NYMAN JacobP1403106 Jan 191564I15
NYMAN JaneC919321 Feb 193270T114 13
NYMAN JohnD013516 Oct 193413U103 44
NYMAN JosephE044214 Sep 195176W26 38
NYMAN KateC192530 Sep 192341P126 24
NYMAN KranieC189718 Sep 192382I05 56
NYMAN LeahD544923 Aug 194282V114 31
NYMAN MillyE484611 Dec 196184Q116 48
NYMAN MorrisC862708 Jul 193155U114 22
NYMAN MorrisD107001 Jan 193657U242 20
NYMAN PaulineC1004506 Feb 193332P109 03
NYMAN RachelB636418 Apr 192083K07 42
NYMAN RachelE365819 Oct 195890V263 09
NYMAN RebeccaD449620 Dec 194067V126 32
NYMAN RoseD630616 Feb 194449U135 09
NYMAN RoseD925220 May 194972U115 21
NYMAN SandowD412218 Jun 194056U138 52
NYMAN Sarah YettaD654724 Jul 194468W26 39
NYMAN SarahD526909 Apr 194270U242 19
NYMAN SimonE223225 Jun 195582Q116 49
NYMARK BronyaE685110 Sep 197491Y110 18
NYMARK HenryD739819 Jan 194643X17 37
NYMARK JosephD848218 Dec 194765Y110 19

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