All Deceased beginning with letters 'NY'

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All names beginning NY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NYERS MarksE2534124 Sep 195775XQ98 9
NYFIELD BarnettE2534212 Jun 194866XY15 16
NYFIELD DoraE2534318 Jun 195167XY15 15
NYGATE DoraE2534413 Sep 195379XQ25 31
NYGATE JackE2534501 May 195056XP55 14
NYGATE SarahE2534631 May 196874XP55 13
NYMAN AaronE2534730 Oct 196282XP71 26
NYMAN AngelE2534816 Apr 195774XZ03 9
NYMAN Annie JennieE2534922 Oct 193957XV61 26
NYMAN AnnieE2535001 Aug 193668XU19 35
NYMAN AnnieE2535122 Mar 196081XP71 25
NYMAN AnnieE2535215 Jan 196681XY31 27
NYMAN David AlanE2535331 Mar 19337XQ02 34
NYMAN DavidE2535428 Nov 193173XU19 36
NYMAN ElisabethE2535501 Apr 1912XI07 35
NYMAN FredaE2535604 Oct 192453XP41 17
NYMAN FredaE2535707 Mar 196273XZ03 10
NYMAN HannahE2535824 Dec 192162XK18 47
NYMAN HarrisE2535909 Dec 192852XS21 65
NYMAN HymanE2536023 Jan 195065XY31 28
NYMAN IsaacE2536128 Dec 195178XW16 28
NYMAN Jack David SimonE2536222 Dec 193439XU35 8
NYMAN JacobE2536308 Jul 192336XP23 15
NYMAN JaneE2536421 Feb 193270XT14 13
NYMAN JohnE2536516 Oct 193413XU03 44
NYMAN JosephE2536614 Sep 195176XW26 38
NYMAN KateE2536730 Sep 192341XP26 24
NYMAN KranieE2536818 Sep 192382XI05 56
NYMAN LeahE2536923 Aug 194282XV14 31
NYMAN MillyE2537011 Dec 196184XQ16 48
NYMAN MorrisE2537130 Jul 191719XJ14 23
NYMAN MorrisE2537208 Jul 193155XU14 22
NYMAN MorrisE2537301 Jan 193657XU42 20
NYMAN PaulineE2537406 Feb 193332XP09 3
NYMAN RachelE2537518 Apr 192083XK07 42
NYMAN RachelE2537619 Oct 195890XV63 9
NYMAN RebeccaE2537720 Dec 194067XV26 32
NYMAN RoseE2537816 Feb 194449XU35 9
NYMAN RoseE2537920 May 194972XU15 21
NYMAN SandowE2538018 Jun 194056XU38 52
NYMAN Sarah YettaE2538124 Jul 194468XW26 39
NYMAN SarahE2538209 Apr 194270XU42 19
NYMAN SimonE2538325 Jun 195582XQ16 49
NYMAN SolomonE2538404 Nov 191756XJ07 21
NYMARK BronyaE2538510 Sep 197491XY10 18
NYMARK HenryE2538619 Jan 194643XX17 37
NYMARK JosephE2538718 Dec 194765XY10 19

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