All Deceased beginning with letters 'NU'

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All names beginning NU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NUDELMAN MilleP1400630 May 190834G4
NUGGIN AnnieC068112 Feb 192257M116 16
NUGGIN BenjaminC362928 Oct 192567Q109 10
NUGGIN Hannah LeahP1400906 Sep 191772J15
NUGGIN JuliaE142221 Aug 195381Z128 06
NUGGIN MarkE462815 Feb 196180Q242 29
NUMAROFSKY RoseD603829 Sep 194350X29 28
NUMBERG DobaC669903 Apr 192928S17 26
NURIK AbrahamP1401226 Sep 190870G6
NUSDORF FelixD034718 Jan 193541U135 26
NUSENOVITCH SarahE484030 Nov 196175V102 45
NUSENOVITCH SolomonD590215 Jun 194364V102 39
NUSSBAUM AliceE464003 Mar 196174P255 08
NUSSBAUM HarryD350713 May 193920U264 08
NUSSBAUM IsaacD575202 Mar 194360V105 15
NUSSBAUM MorrisD402014 Apr 194031U263 06
NUSSBAUM PhilipE607225 Mar 196885P255 07
NUSSBAUM RebeccaD405003 May 194020U263 05
NUSSBAUM SarahE659302 Jan 197286V105 16
NUSSDORF LeiserC171905 Jun 192359P120 05

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