All Deceased beginning with letters 'NU'

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All names beginning NU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NUGGIN AnnieE2532312 Feb 192257XM16 16
NUGGIN AnnieE2532406 Sep 191772XJ15 20
NUGGIN BenjaminE2532528 Oct 192567XQ09 10
NUGGIN JuliaE2532621 Aug 195381XZ28 6
NUGGIN MarkE2532715 Feb 196180XQ42 29
NUMAROFSKY RoseE2532829 Sep 194350XX29 28
NUMBERG DobaE2532903 Apr 192928XS17 26
NUSDORF FelixE2533018 Jan 193541XU35 26
NUSENOVITCH SarahE2533130 Nov 196175XV02 45
NUSENOVITCH SolomonE2533215 Jun 194364XV02 39
NUSSBAUM AliceE2533303 Mar 196174XP55 8
NUSSBAUM HarryE2533413 May 193920XU64 8
NUSSBAUM IsaacE2533502 Mar 194360XV05 15
NUSSBAUM MorrisE2533614 Apr 194031XU63 6
NUSSBAUM PhilipE2533725 Mar 196885XP55 7
NUSSBAUM RebeccaE2533803 May 194020XU63 5
NUSSBAUM SarahE2533902 Jan 197286XV05 16
NUSSDORF LeiserE2534005 Jun 192359XP20 5

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