All Deceased beginning with letters 'NO'

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All names beginning NO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NOAH AnnieD191405 Jan 193774S20 07
NOAH MillieD982215 Jul 195057Z109 06
NOAH SamuelC606618 Sep 192860S20 08
NOBICK BetsyA157522 Oct 190318C06 12
NOBLE LewisC279920 Oct 192464P242 23
NOBLE SarahD290031 Mar 193870S09 72
NOCHOMOVITZ LewisA250403 Mar 190766H03 17
NOCKOVITZ AbrahamD106829 Dec 193539U242 27
NOGORSKY or LEWIS GoldaC082806 Apr 192266K19 50
NOMOROWSKY JoelA141021 Jan 190353D09 07
NOODGARE EstherC418829 May 192615R117 08
NORDEN CharlesD662815 Sep 194467W24 13
NORDEN NancyE438421 Jun 196084W24 14
NORDMAN LeahC729106 Jan 193086T105 65
NORGITZ LeahE081323 Jun 195271W19 26
NORGITZ WoolfC826012 Feb 193157S24 71
NORTHMAN AnnieD973129 Apr 195075Y134 08
NORTMAN AbrahamP1397923 Nov 19164M7
NORTMAN BetsyD418302 Aug 194053V266 23
NORTMAN DavisC381601 Jan 192645R111 25
NORTMAN HarrisC1125018 Jul 193457U105 31
NORTMAN IsaacE180302 Jul 195479Y134 07
NORWIN YettaC515127 Aug 192761R138 52
NOSKEAU BessieC705629 Sep 192970T106 55
NOSSEK PhilipA016629 Apr 18933A301159A
NOSSICK SarahD780111 Nov 194668X14 50
NOSSOL AnnieE640324 Aug 197079Q3B4 08
NOSSOL HarryE374706 Jan 195965Q3B4 07
NOTENSHTERN ValentineC202015 Nov 192313Q126 05
NOTOFF DavidC363229 Oct 192573R109 24
NOVACK AnnieE575224 Apr 196669W32 34
NOVACK SarahD093712 Nov 193527T138 04
NOVACK SimonD676611 Dec 194453W32 33
NOVAK IsaacD545901 Sep 194264V113 22
NOVAK LeahD585911 May 194363V113 21
NOVASHETZ TillyC1006211 Feb 193354T122 59
NOVELESKY MyerC529503 Nov 192731S02 50
NOVETSKY PhilipC1059821 Oct 193355U129 07
NOVGOROD StanleyD118211 Feb 19366Q104 65
NOVGROD HarrisD991501 Oct 195069Y137 20
NOVGROD MillieD994120 Oct 195065Y137 19
NOVICK BarnettE092717 Oct 195267Q132 30
NOVICK GeraldC781631 Aug 19302M246 04
NOVICK LeahE658718 Dec 197184Q132 31
NOVICK SolomonA236115 Sep 190626F04 40
NOVIKOLSKY FannyE635506 Mar 197090Y124 34
NOVIKOLSKY LilyB683504 Jan 192118K09 04
NOVIKOLSKY MorrisD912704 Mar 194980Y124 35
NOVINSKY JacobD344431 Mar 193972U263 35
NOVINSKY MarieD038903 Feb 193560T132 43
NOVITSKY EstherC119904 Nov 192265P112 23
NOVODVORSKY LeahC1029816 May 193353T122 32
NOVOGROD JaneP1400010 Feb 191050E6
NOVOGROD MorrisC298706 Jan 192564P245 09
NOVOLSKY JacobC050021 Dec 192156K18 35
NOVOSELSKY MarksC049719 Dec 192150K18 42
NOVOSELSKY Tzyrel FannyC1067124 Nov 193363T124 04
NOWICK RebeccaA141704 Feb 19039D06 45
NOWOLSKY IsraelP1400530 May 191043E7

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