All Deceased beginning with letters 'NO'

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All names beginning NO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NOAH AnnieE2525905 Jan 193774XS20 7
NOAH MillieE2526015 Jul 195057XZ09 6
NOAH SamuelE2526118 Sep 192860XS20 8
NOBICK BetsyE2526222 Oct 190318 mthXC06 12
NOBLE LewisE2526320 Oct 192464XP42 23
NOBLE SarahE2526431 Mar 193870XS09 72
NOCHAWSKI JaneE2526525 Apr 1912XL04 11
NOCHOMOVITZ LewisE2526603 Mar 190766XH03 17
NOCKOVITZ AbrahamE2526729 Dec 193539XU42 27
NODLEMAN MillieE2526829 May 1908XG04 6
NOGORSKY or LEWIS GoldaE2526906 Apr 192266XK19 50
NOMOROWSKY JoelE2527021 Jan 190353XD09 7
NOODGARE EstherE2527129 May 192615XR17 8
NORDEN CharlesE2527215 Sep 194467XW24 13
NORDEN NancyE2527321 Jun 196084XW24 14
NORDMAN LeahE2527406 Jan 193086XT05 65
NORGITZ LeahE2527523 Jun 195271XW19 26
NORGITZ WoolfE2527612 Feb 193157XS24 71
NORIK AbrahamE2527728 Sep 1908XG06 34
NORONOFF LizzieE2527803 Jul 191527XL20 25
NORTHMAN AnnieE2527929 Apr 195075XY34 8
NORTMAN AbrahamE2528023 Nov 19164XM07 11
NORTMAN BellaE2528102 Mar 19179 mthXM07 23
NORTMAN BetsyE2528202 Aug 194053XV66 23
NORTMAN DavisE2528301 Jan 192645XR11 25
NORTMAN HarrisE2528418 Jul 193457XU05 31
NORTMAN IsaacE2528502 Jul 195479XY34 7
NORWIN YettaE2528627 Aug 192761XR38 52
NOSKEAU BessieE2528729 Sep 192970XT06 55
NOSSICK SarahE2528811 Nov 194668XX14 50
NOSSOL AnnieE2528924 Aug 197079XQ114 8
NOSSOL HarryE2529006 Jan 195965XQ114 7
NOTENSHTERN ValentineE2529115 Nov 192313XQ26 5
NOTOFF DavidE2529229 Oct 192573XR09 24
NOVACK AnnieE2529324 Apr 196669XW32 34
NOVACK SarahE2529412 Nov 193527XT38 4
NOVACK SimonE2529511 Dec 194453XW32 33
NOVAK IsaacE2529601 Sep 194264XV13 22
NOVAK LeahE2529711 May 194363XV13 21
NOVASHETZ TillyE2529811 Feb 193354XT22 59
NOVELESKY MyerE2529903 Nov 192731XS02 50
NOVETSKY PhilipE2530021 Oct 193355XU29 7
NOVGOROD StanleyE2530111 Feb 19366 mthXQ04 65
NOVGROD HarrisE2530201 Oct 195069XY37 20
NOVGROD MillieE2530320 Oct 195065XY37 19
NOVICK BarnettE2530417 Oct 195267XQ32 30
NOVICK GeraldE2530531 Aug 19302XM46 4
NOVICK LeahE2530618 Dec 197184XQ32 31
NOVICK SolomonE2530715 Sep 190626XF04 40
NOVIKOLSKY FannyE2530806 Mar 197090XY24 34
NOVIKOLSKY LilyE2530904 Jan 192118XK09 4
NOVIKOLSKY MorrisE2531004 Mar 194980XY24 35
NOVINSKY JacobE2531131 Mar 193972XU63 35
NOVINSKY MarieE2531203 Feb 193560XT32 43
NOVINSKY SarahE2531310 Feb 1913XO18 29
NOVITSKY EstherE2531404 Nov 192265XP12 23
NOVODVORSKY LeahE2531516 May 193353XT22 32
NOVOGROD JohnE2531613 Feb 1912XO21 5
NOVOGROD MorrisE2531706 Jan 192564XP45 9
NOVOLSKY IsraelE2531830 May 1910XE07 13
NOVOLSKY JacobE2531921 Dec 192156XK18 35
NOVOSELSKY MarksE2532019 Dec 192150XK18 42
NOVOSELSKY Tzyrel FannyE2532124 Nov 193363XT24 4
NOWICK RebeccaE2532204 Feb 19039 mthXD06 45

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