All Deceased beginning with letters 'NI'

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All names beginning NI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NICHINSKY SolomonE2520528 Nov 193653XV41 33
NICHOLSBY Bert EliasE2520608 Mar 19272XM32 6
NICHOLSON HarrisE2520715 Aug 192955XS26 30
NICHOLSON MillieE2520828 Sep 193377XT23 24
NICHOVITCH JosephE2520924 Feb 195686XY16 7
NICHOVITCH RachelE2521017 Jul 195986XY16 6
NICK DavidE2521102 Jul 192429XP37 23
NICOL TobiE2521201 Mar 190465XC07 13
NIDDITCH JosephE2521316 Oct 195471XZ35 13
NIDELBERG AnnieE2521424 Apr 194061XV29 24
NIDELBERG HarrisE2521508 Jul 195587XV29 23
NIDITCH WoolfE2521601 Jun 1913XL11 27
NIEBERG BetsyE2521724 Jan 195184XY40 28
NIEBERG LewisE2521819 Jun 192963XS25 31
NIEBOURG LazarusE2521926 Aug 193542XU39 22
NIEMAN Leslie MichaelE2522016 May 196047XX33 11
NIEMAN LouisE2522122 Feb 192731XR28 25
NIEMAN MaryE2522208 Sep 194066XV34 12
NIEMAN RayE2522318 Nov 194360XX33 12
NIEMAN SamuelE2522431 Mar 193760XU52 12
NIEVOLSKY AaronE2522528 Aug 195381XV21 14
NIGHTINGALE MiriamE2522630 Jan 195665XQ85 8
NIGHTINGALE RachelE2522714 Jan 1911XI01 30
NIGHTINGALE RebeccaE2522820 Apr 192032XL10 2
NILLIS SolomonE2522904 Apr 193135XU13 29
NINEBERG AnnieE2523028 May 194368XV70 6
NINEBERG BellaE2523112 Nov 197776XQ109 10
NINEBERG DonnE2523221 Jun 195863XQ109 9
NINEBERG Jack JuliusE2523308 Nov 195949XQ116 9
NINEBERG MarksE2523426 Jan 194168XV70 5
NINEBERG SylviaE2523508 Sep 201296XQ116 10
NINESTEIN FannyE2523604 Oct 195976XP59 3
NIRENBERG EzraE2523713 Mar 19218 mthXM12 18
NIRENBERG SarahE2523811 Sep 192173XK13 18
NIRENBERG SolomonE2523918 Feb 192668XR13 32
NIRENSTEIN JacobE2524001 Jan 192643XP45 3
NISENBLATT RachelE2524108 Sep 192439XP40 21
NISHAFFER AnnieE2524224 Jan 193745XV47 25
NISSENBAUM AaronE2524309 Mar 194059XU27 2
NISSENBAUM BeckyE2524401 Nov 192434XP43 24
NISSENBAUM IsraelE2524522 Nov 193381XU29 28
NISSENBAUM JosephE2524627 Jan 193038XS28 28
NISSENBAUM LeahE2524729 Nov 193366XT24 48
NISSENBAUM ZeldaE2524802 Dec 19247XM18 10
NISSENBLATT SamuelE2524915 Feb 194261XU78 38
NISSENHOLTZ DavisE2525014 May 1909XH07 11
NITKA DoraE2525103 Aug 193976XV33 26
NITKA JacobE2525207 Sep 192867XS07 31
NITKA JosephE2525304 Mar 193464XU31 47
NITKA YettaE2525408 Jun 193565XT35 41
NITSKY JosephE2525531 Dec 190160XD03 33
NITSKY o/w ISAACS DoraE2525613 Jun 193762XV39 19
NITZBERG AsherE2525726 Aug 19033XC02 6
NIVESKI RosaE2525830 Nov 192652XR24 18

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