All Deceased beginning with letters 'NE'

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All names beginning NE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NEBOSKY AbrahamE2497225 Feb 19065 mthXF01 50
NEBOSKY FannyE2497301 Mar 19065 mthXF01 52
NEBOVSKY SarahE2497431 Mar 19062XE03 11
NECOVITCH JosephE2497504 Oct 1911XI08 5
NECOWITCH IsraelE2497618 Jan 191765XJ16 40
NECUS LewisE2497726 Oct 192450XP42 30
NECUS MaryE2497822 Feb 192751XR29 37
NEDAS MichaelE2497917 May 195475XY22 45
NEDAS RebeccaE2498028 Sep 195582XZ39 24
NEDAS RosinaE2498104 Feb 191774XJ16 30
NEDAS SamuelE2498212 Nov 195685XZ39 23
NEDAS WE2498305 May 189880XA09 461
NEDES Jessie YettaE2498426 Jan 196889XY22 44
NEDVETSKY RebeccaE2498517 Dec 198493XY01 13
NEDVETSKY SamuelE2498603 Aug 194959XY01 14
NEDVETSKY SophieE2498724 Feb 193780XV48 23
NEDVITZSKY MiriamE2498823 Feb 192311XP14 31
NEDVITZSKY PaulE2498922 Aug 19215XM05 57
NEEDBAUM MayE2499003 Oct 192417 mthXM19 4
NEEDLE AbrahamE2499113 Jul 192480XP37 13
NEEDLE AnnieE2499222 Jul 197892XQ93 12
NEEDLE BarnettE2499324 Dec 193665XU49 41
NEEDLE HymanE2499416 May 195671XQ93 11
NEEDLEMAN AbrahamE2499506 Jun 195374XZ04 11
NEEDLEMAN AnnieE2499630 Jul 194351XX30 28
NEEDLEMAN AnnieE2499729 Nov 194867XY10 1
NEEDLEMAN BetsyE2499812 Feb 194260XT14 73
NEEDLEMAN DavisE2499911 Apr 193673XU44 51
NEEDLEMAN FannyE2500012 Feb 195687XU29 49
NEEDLEMAN GwendolineE2500108 Oct 194584XS32 18
NEEDLEMAN HarrisE2500228 Sep 1913XL05 36
NEEDLEMAN IsaacE2500314 Nov 193074XS32 19
NEEDLEMAN IsraelE2500426 Oct 195573XY02 43
NEEDLEMAN JackE2500512 Oct 195981XY02 45
NEEDLEMAN JacobE2500629 Sep 192782XS02 8
NEEDLEMAN JaneE2500716 Mar 193970XU44 50
NEEDLEMAN JosephE2500803 Dec 192029XN03 22
NEEDLEMAN LewisE2500904 Mar 192347XP07 30
NEEDLEMAN NathanE2501001 Feb 195473XZ29 28
NEEDLEMAN RachaelE2501124 Mar 191962XK03 16
NEEDLEMAN RebeccaE2501201 Oct 196084XL07 54
NEEDLEMAN RoseE2501311 Aug 195475XP55 30
NEEDLEMAN RoseE2501421 Jan 194592XW22 43
NEEDLEMAN SadieE2501523 Jan 196877XY02 42
NEEDLEMAN SamuelE2501617 Dec 193364XU29 48
NEEDLEMAN SamuelE2501731 Dec 194073XQ37 29
NEEDLEMAN Sarah AnnieE2501828 Oct 194476XQ37 30
NEEDLEMAN SolomonE2501911 Mar 196575XX30 27
NEEDLESTICHER NathanE2502024 Oct 192024XN13 24
NEEDLESTICHER SarahE2502126 Jul 191734XJ13 57
NEEDLESTITCHER DavisE2502226 Jun 195481XQ25 12
NEEDLESTITCHER EmanuelE2502319 Jan 191518XI15 22
NEEDLESTITCHER Miriam RebeccaE2502427 Apr 190029XB06 308
NEEDLESTITCHER RachelE2502525 Jun 196187XQ25 13
NEEDLESTITCHER SamuelE2502630 Jul 194863XY16 18
NEEDLESTITCHER SidneyE2502721 Jun 194219XV16 16
NEFT TaubeE2502822 Aug 193682XT45 21
NEGAL MorrisE2502914 Dec 193160XU20 12
NEGAR DeborahE2503030 Oct 191955XK03 28
NEGAR HarrisE2503127 Oct 192260XP02 24
NEGEL HildaE2503215 Dec 192543XR11 10
NEIDITCH IsaacE2503303 Jun 193270XU16 44
NEIDITCH LeahE2503430 Mar 194377XV04 32
NEIDITCH RebeccaE2503522 Jul 194982XY29 22
NEIDITCH WilliamE2503630 Apr 194173XV74 21
NEIDUS BarnettE2503726 Apr 195482XQ24 19
NEIDUS MillieE2503823 Sep 195951XQ13 37
NEIDUS NathanE2503917 Oct 196358XQ13 38
NEIDUS Polly (Pearl)E2504008 Jun 194567XQ24 18
NEIFELD SadieE2504127 Sep 194746XY07 28
NEIFIELD AlbertE2504208 Mar 192630XR14 22
NEIMAN AbrahamE2504308 Apr 193970XV63 8
NEIMAN ArthurE2504414 Jul 19272XM33 16
NEIMAN JacobE2504507 Jan 191564XI15 37
NEIMAN Mark HE2504616 Feb 19155 mthXO07 11
NEIMAN MillyE2504730 Jan 190771XF08 29
NEIMAN MiriamE2504804 Jul 191938XK05 20
NEIMAN SarahE2504931 Mar 193660XT42 24
NEIS RachelE2505004 Feb 193252XT14 32
NEIS SarahE2505115 May 193124XT10 32
NEKLENSKY RachelE2505230 Jan 193522XT32 29
NELENIK A. J.E2505303 Jul 189611 mthXA06 327
NELKEN AnitaE2505417 Apr 195357XQ18 32
NELKIN Celia DoraE2505511 Apr 199692XQ108 8
NELKIN JacobE2505624 May 195854XQ108 7
NELKIN JosephE2505708 Feb 194167XV52 5
NELKIN JuliusE2505808 Nov 195275XQ18 22
NELKIN MiriamE2505905 Dec 192243XJ02 13A
NELKIN SarahE2506030 Sep 193767XV52 4
NELSON EstherE2506108 Feb 1910XG07 38
NELSON FredaE2506209 May 194062XV60 17
NELSON HarryE2506330 Jan 194777XS09 2
NELSON JosephE2506418 Oct 196588XV60 18
NELSON MatildaE2506520 Aug 192854XS09 3
NELSON MatildaE2506620 Mar 19236XM10 1A
NELSON MurielE2506707 Feb 19293 mthXM36 17
NELSON ReneE2506816 Jan 19213 mthXM12 28
NELSON SolomonE2506918 Jun 190611 mthXF06 16
NEMANSKI JohnE2507021 May 193227XU22 29
NEMANSKI JuliusE2507116 Jul 193464XU04 22
NEMENCHINSKY ChipaE2507216 Sep 194481XU53 50
NEMENCHINSKY DanielE2507320 Jun 193777XU53 49
NEMKIN AbrahamE2507415 Sep 18942 mthXA04 201
NEMKIN EstherE2507512 Aug 189433XA05 244
NEMONSKI LewisE2507629 Sep 192865XS20 19
NENANSKI LeahE2507719 Oct 191745XJ13 31
NENITSKY JosephE2507827 Mar 193384XQ43 7
NENVA Joseph DavidE2507913 Aug 195680XP57 22
NEPORENT HarrisE2508013 Feb 193665XU43 30
NEPORENT LeahE2508131 Oct 196493XU43 31
NERVA HildaE2508205 Jan 196871XP57 23
NESENSON MillieE2508326 Sep 193250XT17 52
NESHAVER FannyE2508406 Jun 193965XV62 7
NESHAVER HymanE2508505 Mar 195180XV62 8
NESHINSKY EvelynE2508627 Aug 19307 mthXM46 3
NESHOWER SamuelE2508719 Feb 19185XM06 35
NESINSON SolomonE2508805 Mar 194772XX04 43
NESSENBAUM SarahE2508918 Jun 191766XJ13 42
NESSICK IsaacE2509024 Apr 195077XX20 49
NESSICK SarahE2509120 Dec 194570XX20 48
NESTEL EdithE2509209 May 198269XQ12 51
NESTEL MarksE2509303 Aug 194981XQ11 50
NESTEL MyerE2509429 Nov 197279XQ12 50
NESTEL RebeccaE2509514 Jul 195278XQ11 51
NESTEL RosieE2509624 Oct 192118XK14 30
NESTEL Stanley SolomonE2509709 Dec 19323 mthXQ03 31
NETCHINSKY IsraelE2509814 May 194158XV75 13
NETCHINSKY RachelE2509925 May 197194XV75 14
NETROPOLSTANSKY RachelE2510022 Oct 1914XL17 16
NEUMAN HeinrichE2510102 Oct 194445XW24 44
NEUMAN JantscheE2510215 Jun 194076XU74 32
NEVILLE AbrahamE2510311 Apr 198179XW18 35
NEVILLE AnnieE2510413 Jul 192755XR35 35
NEVILLE AnnieE2510510 Mar 195255XW18 36
NEVILLE HarrisE2510621 May 192758XR33 30
NEVILLE LewisE2510717 May 192838XS05 12
NEVOLSKY AbrahamE2510814 May 19177XM06 24
NEVOLSKY BetsyE2510925 Sep 194172XV21 15
NEVOLSKY DianaE2511005 Aug 193424XT29 16
NEVOLSKY Martin PercyE2511129 Jan 19358 mthXQ04 56
NEVOLSKY SarahE2511203 Oct 194076XT29 15
NEWBLATT AnnieE2511302 Nov 197386XU06 54
NEWBLATT DavidE2511411 Mar 193352XU06 25
NEWBLATT EstherE2511507 Nov 192667XP49 17
NEWFIELD AnnieE2511610 Apr 193159XS19 2
NEWFIELD JaneE2511721 Jan 196278XU10 4
NEWFIELD PhilipE2511820 Jan 193253XU10 3
NEWFIELD SarahE2511918 Nov 195682XT40 36
NEWICK LeahE2512008 May 19069 mthXF06 11
NEWKIN ShapsyE2512129 Oct 18922XA03 140
NEWLAND Benjamin LevyE2512211 Jul 194053XU73 40
NEWMAN Aaron Lewis (Rev)E2512315 Mar 192864XS03 2
NEWMAN AbrahamE2512424 Jul 192122XG10 35
NEWMAN AbrahamE2512516 Jan 192430XQ34 4
NEWMAN AbrahamE2512614 Mar 192052XN05 25
NEWMAN AbrahamE2512714 Jul 192357XP23 6
NEWMAN AbrahamE2512815 Oct 196272XQ17 35
NEWMAN AdolphE2512908 Apr 190260XD05 7
NEWMAN AnnieE2513026 May 192045XK06 48
NEWMAN AnnieE2513111 Nov 194148XV20 18
NEWMAN AnnieE2513211 Nov 194464XW24 38
NEWMAN AnnieE2513324 May 195975XQ17 36
NEWMAN AnnieE2513410 Jul 198089XV10 23
NEWMAN BarnettE2513507 Jun 194378XV02 32
NEWMAN BellaE2513602 Jun 193518XT35 39
NEWMAN Bertha BeilaE2513716 Sep 192964XS15 1
NEWMAN BetsyE2513821 Jan 196271XQ113 8
NEWMAN DavidE2513901 Jun 192324XP18 33
NEWMAN DinahE2514025 Jan 197697XT35 38
NEWMAN DoraE2514126 Aug 193234XT17 16
NEWMAN DoraE2514217 Nov 192572XR09 6
NEWMAN EstherE2514323 Mar 19025 mthXD01 71
NEWMAN FannyE2514430 Jan 196275XU61 30
NEWMAN FelixE2514501 Feb 192554XM25 23
NEWMAN Gazelle GeraldE2514621 Nov 198063XZ43 4
NEWMAN GoldaE2514716 Jun 193457XT28 49
NEWMAN Henry HymanE2514806 Aug 199882XZ43 5
NEWMAN HymanE2514929 Mar 191980XK04 19
NEWMAN IdaE2515001 Jan 198889XW01 35
NEWMAN IsaacE2515131 Mar 193368XU15 47
NEWMAN IsraelE2515223 Dec 193759XT35 40
NEWMAN JacobE2515313 Sep 193862XU61 29
NEWMAN JacobE2515402 Jan 195968XQ113 7
NEWMAN Julius (Rabbi)E2515512 Mar 195054XW01 49
NEWMAN Mark MichaelE2515621 Dec 196470XP55 9
NEWMAN MarksE2515708 Apr 1909XG09 13
NEWMAN MarksE2515823 Aug 193671XP48 9
NEWMAN MaryE2515925 Jul 193452XT29 7
NEWMAN MaxE2516013 Apr 194560XX23 13
NEWMAN MyerE2516105 Jan 191953XI19 43
NEWMAN NellieE2516230 Oct 194875XT21 38
NEWMAN PaulineE2516331 Jan 193456XT26 36
NEWMAN PhilipE2516412 Mar 194751XP53 22
NEWMAN PinkieE2516503 Nov 193544XU40 25
NEWMAN Rabbi HirschE2516629 Sep 193664XW01 3
NEWMAN RachaelE2516719 Nov 191667XJ10 5
NEWMAN RebeccaE2516806 May 190015 mthXB07 320
NEWMAN RebeccaE2516925 Sep 191635XJ18 56
NEWMAN RebeccaE2517005 Aug 192549XR06 47
NEWMAN RebeccaE2517120 Feb 192653XP48 10
NEWMAN RebeccaE2517221 Jul 194478XX26 19
NEWMAN RebeccaE2517303 Jul 198789XP53 21
NEWMAN RoseE2517421 Aug 193866XM25 25
NEWMAN RoseE2517529 Aug 197793XZ41 16
NEWMAN RosieE2517620 Dec 19268XM29 17
NEWMAN SamuelE2517707 Feb 18966XC02 7
NEWMAN SarahE2517807 Jul 196376XX23 12
NEWMAN SarahE2517926 Oct 191578XJ03 11
NEWMAN SarahE2518015 Feb 198389XP55 10
NEWMAN Scheindle or JaneE2518117 Nov 194058XQ37 35
NEWMAN SolomonE2518225 Jan 192757XR27 37
NEWMAN SolomonE2518305 Jun 195673XZ41 34
NEWMAN SylviaE2518424 Dec 201494XZ43 6
NEWMAN WillieE2518528 Feb 192013 mthXM11 54
NEWMANSKY CeliaE2518602 Jun 192615XR17 37
NEWMARK (NEUNSKY) S.E2518701 Feb 19018 mthXB10 477
NEWMARK AnnieE2518822 Dec 191948XL20 49
NEWMARK AnnieE2518904 Aug 193373XT23 44
NEWMARK DoraE2519004 Dec 190078XA10 495
NEWMARK EmanuelE2519115 Mar 1911XO16 22
NEWMARK FannyE2519213 Mar 193288XP40 34
NEWMARK HarrisE2519304 Feb 191665XJ18 32
NEWMARK HermanE2519428 Jun 1912XO02 9
NEWMARK LeahE2519501 Nov 190460XC09 47A
NEWMARK LewisE2519617 Jun 1913XL11 34
NEWMARK MaryE2519703 Jun 192028XJ03 57
NEWMARK MillyE2519801 Feb 192430XP28 10
NEWMARK ShapselE2519928 Oct 1910XI02 17
NEWMARK SimonE2520005 Mar 193358XL20 50
NEWTON AnnieE2520118 Sep 194459XW24 15
NEWTON GeorgeE2520230 Dec 194346XX33 18
NEYMAN JosephE2520324 Nov 192381XP01 30
NEYMOVITCH JosephE2520416 Jan 192855XS04 39

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