All Deceased beginning with letters 'NE'

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All names beginning NE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NEBOSKY AbrahamA218925 Feb 19065F01 50
NEBOSKY FannyA219201 Mar 19065F01 52
NEBOSKY Isaac JosephP1382024 Aug 191811M6
NEBOVSKY SarahA222131 Mar 19062E03 11
NECUS LewisC280726 Oct 192450P242 30
NECUS MaryC479722 Feb 192751R129 37
NEDAS MichaelE175217 May 195475Y122 45
NEDAS RebeccaE232728 Sep 195582Z139 24
NEDAS RosinaP1382205 Feb 191780J16
NEDAS SamuelE285412 Nov 195685Z139 23
NEDAS WA052805 May 189880A901 461
NEDES Jessie YettaE604726 Jan 196889Y122 44
NEDVETSKY RebeccaE760417 Dec 198493Y101 13
NEDVETSKY SamuelD934003 Aug 194959Y101 14
NEDVETSKY SophieD206524 Feb 193780V248 23
NEDVITZSKY MiriamC146423 Feb 192311P114 31
NEDVITZSKY PaulC024922 Aug 19215M105 57
NEEDBAUM MayC276603 Oct 192417M119 04
NEEDLE AbrahamC261813 Jul 192480P137 13
NEEDLE AnnieE721322 Jul 197892Q393 12
NEEDLE BarnettD187524 Dec 193665U249 41
NEEDLE HymanE264116 May 195671Q393 11
NEEDLEMAN AbrahamE132506 Jun 195374Z104 11
NEEDLEMAN AnnieD596430 Jul 194351X30 28
NEEDLEMAN AnnieD893929 Nov 194867Y110 01
NEEDLEMAN BetsyD517212 Feb 194260T114 73
NEEDLEMAN DavisD134311 Apr 193673U244 51
NEEDLEMAN FannyE251812 Feb 195687U129 49
NEEDLEMAN GwendolineD722308 Oct 194584S32 18
NEEDLEMAN HarrisP1383228 Sep 191337L5
NEEDLEMAN IsaacC798014 Nov 193074S32 19
NEEDLEMAN IsraelE235126 Oct 195573Y102 43
NEEDLEMAN JackE408912 Oct 195981Y102 45
NEEDLEMAN JacobC521129 Sep 192782S02 08
NEEDLEMAN JaneD341316 Mar 193970U244 50
NEEDLEMAN JosephB677003 Dec 192029N03 22
NEEDLEMAN LewisC148504 Mar 192347P107 30
NEEDLEMAN NathanE161801 Feb 195473Z129 28
NEEDLEMAN RebeccaE448601 Oct 196084L07 54
NEEDLEMAN RoseD685021 Jan 194592W22 43
NEEDLEMAN RoseE183911 Aug 195475P255 30
NEEDLEMAN SadieE604423 Jan 196877Y102 42
NEEDLEMAN SamuelC1073317 Dec 193364U129 48
NEEDLEMAN SamuelD452331 Dec 194073Q137 29
NEEDLEMAN Sarah AnnieD670528 Oct 194476Q137 30
NEEDLEMAN SolomonE552111 Mar 196575X30 27
NEEDLESTICHER NathanB669424 Oct 192024N13 24
NEEDLESTITCHER DavisE179826 Jun 195481Q125 12
NEEDLESTITCHER EmanualP1384119 Jan 191518I15
NEEDLESTITCHER Miriam RebeccaA079327 Apr 190029B601 308
NEEDLESTITCHER RachelE474425 Jun 196187Q125 13
NEEDLESTITCHER SamuelD878030 Jul 194863Y116 18
NEEDLESTITCHER SarahP1384326 Jul 191734J13
NEEDLESTITCHER SidneyD536621 Jun 194219V116 16
NEEDLESTITCHER SimonP1384424 Jul 191148I6
NEFT TaubeD160222 Aug 193682T245 21
NEGAL MorrisC898814 Dec 193160U120 12
NEGAR DeborahB595530 Oct 191955K03 28
NEGAR HarrisC117527 Oct 192260P102 24
NEGEL HildaC375515 Dec 192543R111 10
NEIDITCH IsaacC945003 Jun 193270U116 44
NEIDITCH LeahD580730 Mar 194377V104 32
NEIDITCH RebeccaD932422 Jul 194982Y129 22
NEIDITCH WilliamD477530 Apr 194173V274 21
NEIDUS BarnettE172226 Apr 195482Q124 19
NEIDUS MillieE407223 Sep 195951Q113 37
NEIDUS NathanE525417 Oct 196358Q113 38
NEIDUS Polly (Pearl)D706508 Jun 194567Q124 18
NEIFELD SadieD834527 Sep 194746Y107 28
NEIFIELD AlbertC397808 Mar 192630R114 22
NEIMAN AbrahamD345708 Apr 193970V263 08
NEIMAN ArthurC506414 Jul 19272M133 16
NEIMAN HymanP1385429 Mar 1919K4
NEIMAN MillyA248230 Jan 190771F08 29
NEIMAN SarahD132731 Mar 193660T242 24
NEIMAN SarahP1385511 Dec 1918N18
NEIS RachelC913904 Feb 193252T114 32
NEIS SarahC850715 May 193124T110 32
NEKLENSKY RachelD037230 Jan 193522T132 29
NELENIK A. J.A034203 Jul 189611A601 327
NELKEN AnitaE126017 Apr 195357Q118 32
NELKIN Celia DoraE796711 Apr 199692Q3A8 08
NELKIN JacobE352124 May 195854Q3A8 07
NELKIN JosephD461308 Feb 194167V252 05
NELKIN JuliusE095508 Nov 195275Q118 22
NELKIN MiriamC128705 Dec 192243J02 13A
NELKIN SarahD251130 Sep 193767V252 04
NELSON FredaD406309 May 194062V260 17
NELSON HarryD797630 Jan 194777S09 02
NELSON JosephE562618 Oct 196588V260 18
NELSON MatildaC153620 Mar 19236M110 01A
NELSON MatildaC600020 Aug 192854S09 03
NELSON MurielC648107 Feb 19293M136 17
NELSON ReneB686416 Jan 19213M112 28
NELSON SolomonA228518 Jun 190611F06 16
NEMANSKI JohnC942021 May 193227U122 29
NEMANSKI JuliusC1124616 Jul 193464U104 22
NEMANSKI LeahP1386619 Oct 191746J13
NEMANSKI SarahP1386720 Oct 191818L10
NEMENCHINSKY ChipaD663016 Sep 194481U253 50
NEMENCHINSKY DanielD232120 Jun 193777U253 49
NEMKIN AbrahamA022915 Sep 18947A401 201
NEMKIN EstherA022612 Aug 189433A501 244
NEMONSKI LewisC609629 Sep 192865S20 19
NENITSKY JosephC1018527 Mar 193384Q143 07
NENVA Joseph DavidE274313 Aug 195680P257 22
NEPORENT HarrisD118413 Feb 193665U243 30
NEPORENT LeahE544731 Oct 196493U243 31
NERCHAWSKY HarrisP1387023 Jun 191550L18
NERVA HildaE603905 Jan 196871P257 23
NESENSON MillieC967726 Sep 193250T117 52
NESHAVER FannyD354306 Jun 193965V262 07
NESHAVER HymanE018505 Mar 195180V262 08
NESHINSKY EvelynC780727 Aug 19307M246 03
NESHWETZY RachelP1387409 Jul 191438L15
NESINSON SolomonD805905 Mar 194772X04 43
NESSICK IsaacD971724 Apr 195077X20 49
NESSICK SarahD734620 Dec 194570X20 48
NESTEL EdithE747409 May 198269Q112 51
NESTEL MarksD933903 Aug 194981Q111 50
NESTEL MyerE666629 Nov 197279Q112 50
NESTEL RebeccaE083514 Jul 195278Q111 51
NESTEL RosieC035524 Oct 192118K14 30
NESTEL Stanley SolomonC983909 Dec 19323Q103 31
NETCHINSKY IsraelD479714 May 194158V275 13
NETCHINSKY RachelE651625 May 197194V275 14
NEUMAN HeinrichD666502 Oct 194445W24 44
NEUMAN JantscheD411515 Jun 194076U274 32
NEVILLE AbrahamE741411 Apr 198179W18 35
NEVILLE AnnieC506313 Jul 192755R135 35
NEVILLE AnnieE070010 Mar 195255W18 36
NEVILLE HarrisC497721 May 192758R133 30
NEVILLE LewisC581217 May 192838S05 12
NEVOLSKY BetsyD498425 Sep 194172V121 15
NEVOLSKY DianaD000905 Aug 193424T129 16
NEVOLSKY Martin PercyD037329 Jan 19358Q104 56
NEVOLSKY SarahD430103 Oct 194076T129 15
NEWBLATT AnnieE676602 Nov 197386U106 54
NEWBLATT DavidC1014611 Mar 193352U106 25
NEWBLATT EstherC450107 Nov 192667P249 17
NEWBLATT HyamnP1388805 Aug 191855J6
NEWFIELD AnnieC842310 Apr 193159S19 02
NEWFIELD JaneE488321 Jan 196278U110 04
NEWFIELD JosephP1389004 May 191939N9
NEWFIELD PhilipC909820 Jan 193253U110 03
NEWFIELD SarahE286218 Nov 195682T140 36
NEWICK LeahA225408 May 19069F06 11
NEWKIN ShapsyA014729 Oct 18922A301 140
NEWLAND Benjamin LevyD415511 Jul 194053U273 40
NEWMAN Aaron Lewis (Rev)C564315 Mar 192864S03 02
NEWMAN AbrahamB627414 Mar 192052N05 25
NEWMAN AbrahamC019024 Jul 192122G10 35
NEWMAN AbrahamC179214 Jul 192357P123 06
NEWMAN AbrahamC219116 Jan 192430Q134 04
NEWMAN AbrahamE504015 Oct 196272Q117 35
NEWMAN AdolphA122508 Apr 190260D05 07
NEWMAN Annie BailaP1389920 Nov 191769J8
NEWMAN AnnieB645226 May 192045K06 48
NEWMAN AnnieD504211 Nov 194148V120 18
NEWMAN AnnieD671711 Nov 194464W24 38
NEWMAN AnnieE394324 May 195975Q117 36
NEWMAN AnnieE736810 Jul 198089V110 23
NEWMAN BarnettD589407 Jun 194378V102 32
NEWMAN BellaD062602 Jun 193518T135 39
NEWMAN Bertha BeilaC703316 Sep 192964S15 01
NEWMAN BetsyE488221 Jan 196271Q3B3 08
NEWMAN DavidC171201 Jun 192324P118 33
NEWMAN DinahE699725 Jan 197697T135 38
NEWMAN DoraC366517 Nov 192572R109 06
NEWMAN DoraC960726 Aug 193234T117 16
NEWMAN EstherA121623 Mar 19025D01 71
NEWMAN FannyE489230 Jan 196275U261 30
NEWMAN FelixC304801 Feb 192554M125 23
NEWMAN Gazelle GeraldE738721 Nov 198063Z243 04
NEWMAN GoldaC1120816 Jun 193457T128 49
NEWMAN Henry HymanE802406 Aug 199882Z243 05
NEWMAN IdaE772901 Jan 198889W01 35
NEWMAN IsaacC1019331 Mar 193368U115 47
NEWMAN IsraelD271723 Dec 193759T135 40
NEWMAN JacobD312013 Sep 193862U261 29
NEWMAN JacobE374002 Jan 195968Q3B3 07
NEWMAN Julius (Rabbi)D965212 Mar 195054W01 49
NEWMAN Mark MichaelE547521 Dec 196470P255 09
NEWMAN MarksD160023 Aug 193671P248 09
NEWMAN MaryC1126625 Jul 193452T129 07
NEWMAN MaxD699613 Apr 194560X23 13
NEWMAN NellieD888730 Oct 194875T121 38
NEWMAN PaulineC1088331 Jan 193456T126 36
NEWMAN PhilipD807412 Mar 194751P253 22
NEWMAN PinkieD091703 Nov 193544U140 25
NEWMAN Rabbi HirschD166229 Sep 193664W01 03
NEWMAN RachelP1391819 Nov 191668J10
NEWMAN RebeccaA079706 May 190015B701 320
NEWMAN RebeccaC345705 Aug 192549R106 47
NEWMAN RebeccaC394420 Feb 192653P248 10
NEWMAN RebeccaD654121 Jul 194478X26 19
NEWMAN RebeccaE771303 Jul 198789P253 21
NEWMAN RoseD308821 Aug 193866M125 25
NEWMAN RoseE714829 Aug 197793Z241 16
NEWMAN RosieC461220 Dec 19268M129 17
NEWMAN SamuelA039407 Feb 18966C02 07
NEWMAN SarahE520407 Jul 196376X23 12
NEWMAN SarahE751215 Feb 198389P255 10
NEWMAN SarahP1392431 Oct 191578J3
NEWMAN Scheindle or JaneD442817 Nov 194058Q137 35
NEWMAN SchepselP1392628 Oct 191048I2
NEWMAN SolomonC471325 Jan 192757R127 37
NEWMAN SolomonE266805 Jun 195673Z141 34
NEWMAN SylviaE0818924 Dec 201494Z243 06
NEWMAN WillieB622428 Feb 192013M111 54
NEWMANSKY CeliaC419502 Jun 192615R117 37
NEWMARK (NEUNSKY) S.A094801 Feb 19018BD01 477
NEWMARK AnnieB607722 Dec 191948L20 49
NEWMARK AnnieC1044304 Aug 193373T123 44
NEWMARK DoraA091504 Dec 190078AD01 495
NEWMARK FannyC925013 Mar 193288P140 34
NEWMARK LeahA184601 Nov 190460C09 47A
NEWMARK LewisP1393417 Jun 191350L11
NEWMARK MaryB646903 Jun 192028J03 57
NEWMARK MillyC223501 Feb 192430P128 10
NEWMARK SimonC1012205 Mar 193358L20 50
NEWTON AnnieD663618 Sep 194459W24 15
NEWTON GeorgeD621630 Dec 194346X33 18
NEYMAN JosephC203724 Nov 192381P101 30
NEYMOVITCH JosephC550216 Jan 192855S04 39

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