All Deceased beginning with letters 'NA'

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All names beginning NA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NABEVWITZ SamuelE434919 May 196048P272 14
NACHAMOVITCH JosephD362315 Aug 193964U267 30
NACHAMOVITZ AnnieP1373608 Jan 191868J10
NACHMOWICZ MarksD175304 Nov 193658U248 21
NACHOMOVITCH FannyC807921 Dec 193049T109 07
NACKOFFICH IsraelP1373718 Jan 191765J16
NACKOFFICH RachelP1373803 Jun 191557L19
NACOVITCH AbrahamD352226 May 193968U266 33
NACOVITCH DinahD968930 Mar 195078U266 32
NACOVITCH SylviaC072224 Feb 19221O06 44
NADEL AnnieC729208 Jan 193057R138 47
NADEL GoldaA190528 Jan 190552C07 36
NADEL IsraelC172912 Jun 192334P120 24
NADEL MarksD247408 Sep 193774U255 08
NADEL MorrisC376017 Dec 192572R111 14
NADEL RoseD500813 Oct 194179U255 07
NADEL SimonC518814 Sep 192758R140 45
NADELSTICHER GeorgeP1374621 Sep 191523I20
NADELSTICHER LeahP1374813 Feb 191877I7
NADELSTITCHER EvaC450709 Nov 192620R123 46
NADLE CeliaP1375127 Nov 191866M2
NADLER AbrahamE539412 Jun 196476Q3B9 08
NADLER EstherC837825 Mar 193178P108 22
NADLER FannyE464512 Mar 196169Q3B9 07
NADLER MichaelE262703 May 195646Q392 07
NADLER MorrisC672211 Apr 192965P108 21
NADLER NathanD943330 Oct 194977V120 25
NADLER RachelD506727 Nov 194163V120 26
NADOLNICK Annie MissE795708 Jan 199693Z243 27
NADOLNICK Harry JosephD078909 Sep 193537T137 11
NADOLNICK RebeccaE376316 Jan 195950Z242 26
NADOLNICK SarahD078405 Sep 193569T136 11
NADOLNICK SolomonC051928 Dec 192115M114 06
NAGALKOP JuliaA161313 Dec 19036D07 77
NAGELKOP FannyP1376410 Dec 191138I5
NAGILKOP AbrahamA084222 Jul 19008B701 337
NAGORSKY Nathan LewisC374409 Dec 192573Q105 01
NAIMAN BessieC684101 Jun 192942S18 30
NAIMAN FannyC749623 Mar 193021T104 62
NALKIN DavidE754103 Sep 198384Q274 10
NALKIN FannyE260110 Apr 195655Q274 09
NALKIN GoldaE459321 Jan 196182V109 02
NALKIN SimonD561711 Dec 194261V109 17
NAMAN EstherC113302 Oct 192226K17 19
NAMANOFF MaxC236201 Mar 192441P132 19
NAPATA AnnieD882508 Sep 194875Y117 14
NAPATA JosephD949704 Dec 194980Y117 13
NAPPER AbrahamP1377330 Aug 191369L5
NAPPER RoseC818521 Jan 193185L05 32
NARBORNY FannyC190822 Sep 192327P126 21
NARDELL EmmaD978812 Jun 195075Y113 14
NARDELL SamuelD861619 Mar 194870Y113 15
NASALSKI MorrisA246310 Jan 190771F07 31
NASELOVITCH AaronB607823 Dec 191963I11 41
NASELSKI HarryE017828 Feb 195167Z119 16
NASELSKI KateE024612 Apr 195177Z119 17
NASHALSKY AnnieE348418 Apr 195876Q3A3 05
NASHALSKY David HenryE438016 Jun 196084Q3A3 06
NASHAVER SamuelP1377719 Feb 19185M6
NATANSON SophieC637013 Jan 192935S15 54
NATHAN AbrahamC362124 Oct 192571R109 41
NATHAN AbrahamC416318 May 192667R117 15
NATHAN AbrahamP1378124 Feb 191720J15
NATHAN AlexanderA117603 Feb 190272D03 40
NATHAN AnitaD696527 Mar 194517X24 20
NATHAN AnnieC913101 Feb 193253T114 52
NATHAN AnnieD309222 Aug 193871T125 10
NATHAN AnnieP1378408 Oct 191266I7
NATHAN BarnettC1124515 Jul 193471U104 23
NATHAN BellaD284923 Feb 193886T128 37
NATHAN BerthaE634914 Feb 197091U260 11
NATHAN BessieD362516 Aug 193974V134 31
NATHAN DorisE759819 Oct 198472Q117 50
NATHAN Edward GeraldD034118 Jan 19354Q104 55
NATHAN EstherB644926 May 19209M104 25
NATHAN EvaE282524 Oct 195667Q117 29
NATHAN F.A098909 Apr 19015BD01 487
NATHAN FannyC377119 Dec 192564R110 25
NATHAN GertieD906706 Feb 194963X19 38
NATHAN GoldaD156726 Jul 193674T245 07
NATHAN GoldaE722222 Sep 197885Q3B4 11
NATHAN HarryE426028 Feb 196060Q117 51
NATHAN HarryP1379507 Sep 190929E4
NATHAN Henry NathanE697208 Nov 197567P276 10
NATHAN IsaascE134422 Jun 195363Q117 30
NATHAN Israel GershonC240821 Mar 19245Q104 22
NATHAN JacobD218919 Apr 193769W06 11
NATHAN JacobE373531 Dec 195867Q3B4 10
NATHAN JainieA084424 Jul 19009B701 340
NATHAN Joseph WilliamA203606 Aug 19057F01 02
NATHAN JosephB609705 Jan 192083I15 51
NATHAN JosephD983424 Jul 195085T125 11
NATHAN JuliusD186320 Dec 193666U249 15
NATHAN KatieA080626 May 19005B701 325
NATHAN LeahD051029 Mar 193575T131 12
NATHAN LeahE432501 May 196065P257 03
NATHAN LenaD771824 Aug 194647X10 25
NATHAN LewisA256621 May 190724H03 30
NATHAN LewisC1007914 Feb 193334U108 35
NATHAN LidiyaP1380422 Jun 190967H9
NATHAN LilyE738007 Oct 198072P276 11
NATHAN LouisA241220 Nov 190662F07 26
NATHAN MillieP1380725 Feb 191839J10
NATHAN MiriamA233314 Aug 190618F08 06
NATHAN MorrisD724018 Oct 194562X19 37
NATHAN MorrisE189806 Oct 195463Q260 12
NATHAN NewmanA084523 Jul 19009B701 341
NATHAN NewmanD881527 Aug 194872Y117 34
NATHAN PizerP1381019 Oct 191110O1
NATHAN R.A059414 Oct 189810B301 129
NATHAN RachelC149809 Mar 192371P110 33
NATHAN RebeccaD891614 Nov 194882W06 10
NATHAN RebeccaE505106 Nov 196284X30 06
NATHAN Sarah IsabellaA014510 Oct 189211A301 138
NATHAN SarahE520811 Jul 196388Y117 35
NATHAN SimonD595018 Jul 194368X30 05
NATHAN SolomonC037808 Nov 192151K15 35
NATHAN Sydney EmanuelP1381431 Dec 1911L3
NATHAN WilliamE415830 Nov 195967P257 02
NATHAN WoolfA175820 Jun 190412E01 24
NATHANIEL HammersonB655429 Jul 192064N14 39
NATHANSON EvaD374610 Nov 193968F08 44
NATHANSON FannyE500126 Jul 196275Y105 44
NATHANSON JacobC049319 Dec 192165K18 37
NATHANSON MorrisE351725 May 195876Y105 45
NATOFF ClaraC497922 May 192760R109 25
NATTLESON MorrisE391625 Apr 195972Q277 01
NAUCZCIEL SuraC931001 Apr 193273T115 58
NAVADOFSKY JackE112201 Feb 195374Z115 17
NAVALOFSKY LeahD613730 Nov 194368X29 36
NAYER HymanC664619 Mar 192958S24 40
NAYER MarksE002108 Dec 195068X18 31
NAYER SarahD732212 Dec 194561X18 32

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