All Deceased beginning with letters 'MY'

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All names beginning MY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MYDAT MaxE209114 Feb 195578Q272 07
MYDATT MillieE409525 Oct 195984Q272 08
MYER MorrisD668220 Oct 194466S01 41
MYER RachelE626505 Aug 196987S01 42
MYEROFF DeborahE811412 Mar 200587Q397 03
MYEROFF HannahE815626 Apr 201095Q397 04
MYEROFF HymanE736119 May 198070Q3A1 02
MYEROFF MiriamE793818 Mar 199579Q3A1 03
MYEROFF Sidney (Solomon)E794917 Sep 199582Q397 02
MYEROVITCH DeborahC479822 Feb 192763R129 44
MYEROVITCH FannyC430131 Jul 192657R118 13
MYEROVITCH IsraelC888206 Nov 193140U118 36
MYEROVITCH LipmanC623630 Nov 192863S10 01
MYEROVITCH MarkC461924 Dec 192663R125 45
MYEROVITCH MaryD032611 Jan 193566T132 21
MYEROVITCH WolfB622028 Feb 192066N11 21
MYEROWITCH MA136327 Oct 190253D08 11
MYERS Annie RachelD588904 Jun 194363V102 07
MYERS AnnieC330519 May 192532R104 50
MYERS AnnieD433715 Oct 194083Q138 21
MYERS AnnieE573222 Mar 196678Q131 35
MYERS AnnieP1367703 Aug 1911I5
MYERS BellaA173011 May 19044C02 22
MYERS BenjaminE302624 Mar 195760P259 31
MYERS BessieD241108 Aug 193742V251 30
MYERS BetsyB627015 Mar 192068K07 31
MYERS BetsyD645926 May 194470X28 35
MYERS BetsyD933803 Aug 194972V268 08
MYERS Charles ColemanP1368410 Jun 191658J18
MYERS ClaraC818721 Jan 193164T103 44
MYERS DavidC758901 May 193069S30 15
MYERS EliasC972019 Oct 193265U124 35
MYERS EstherC708917 Oct 192950S13 17
MYERS EstherD314128 Sep 193877U242 04
MYERS EstherP1368731 Oct 191725J13
MYERS FannieA143205 Mar 190327D08 33
MYERS FannyC362526 Oct 192542R104 02
MYERS FannyC475207 Feb 192774J14 24
MYERS FannyC785319 Sep 193063T108 34
MYERS Florence RebeccaC886128 Oct 193167T113 36
MYERS Geoffrey StanleyD576103 Mar 19436V105 19
MYERS HarrisD447010 Dec 194067V268 09
MYERS HarryP1369314 Apr 19189 mthsM9
MYERS HildaB625410 Mar 19203M105 40
MYERS IreneE775718 Nov 198883P268 30
MYERS IsaacB594726 Oct 191972N08 14
MYERS IsaacD106128 Dec 193575U242 03
MYERS IsaacD478103 May 194180Q140 21
MYERS IsaacE401724 Jul 195958P268 29
MYERS IsraelC340110 Jul 192570R105 56
MYERS JackC724922 Dec 192958S21 04
MYERS Jacob MarkP1370107 Jan 191276L3
MYERS JacobC638717 Jan 192983S22 45
MYERS John MarkB692712 Feb 192128N01 37
MYERS JosephP1370210 Aug 191823I12
MYERS JuliusC887503 Nov 193169T108 35
MYERS LeahD265325 Nov 193770V254 22
MYERS LeahE239403 Dec 195589S06 02
MYERS LeahP1370429 Feb 190869G5
MYERS LeonC324624 Apr 192520R104 06
MYERS LewisE125513 Apr 195373V108 21
MYERS LewisE374204 Jan 195970Q131 36
MYERS LouisB683705 Jan 192156I12 19
MYERS LouisP1370711 Sep 1912O1
MYERS LouisaD608202 Nov 194379P101 18
MYERS MarkD051101 Apr 193522U136 51
MYERS MaryE388221 Mar 195979Q267 14
MYERS MaxC1025526 Apr 193357U105 08
MYERS MichaelC607322 Sep 192864S06 01
MYERS MillieD293418 Apr 193868T124 38
MYERS MillieP1371526 Feb 191450I12
MYERS MorrisB645929 May 192018N04 17
MYERS MorrisD469219 Mar 194137V270 11
MYERS MorrisD675507 Dec 194475V124 37
MYERS MorrisP1371623 Jul 191763J14
MYERS or JACOBOVITCH FredaD870423 May 194840Q114 35
MYERS PercyA128923 Jul 19024D07 04
MYERS PollyC368422 Nov 192556R110 53
MYERS QueenieD793109 Jan 194729Q114 26
MYERS Rachel LeahE405229 Aug 195984U101 20
MYERS RebeccaB678310 Dec 192041K09 11
MYERS RebeccaC420306 Jun 192664R117 51
MYERS RoseE504626 Oct 196277U252 43
MYERS SA127829 Jun 19022D06 27
MYERS SadieD255012 Oct 193741V246 32
MYERS SarahE601201 Nov 196776Q398 10
MYERS SolomonC866324 Jul 193160U116 11
MYERS SolomonE228110 Aug 195580U101 21
MYERS SophiaD576103 Mar 194340V105 20
MYERS StanleyD192707 Jan 19378T247 12
MYERS William WalterC748317 Mar 193040S29 48
MYERSON JuliaC257819 Jun 192440P136 33
MYERSON MaryE372523 Dec 195874Q3B4 09
MYERSON MyerC416117 May 192650R117 12
MYERSON Nissen AnnieC1063105 Nov 193380T124 15
MYLOSKI AliceD599721 Aug 194373X31 05
MYONS AnnieC230118 Feb 192430P130 13
MYRKOFSKY KateP1373220 Nov 191533I10
MYROM JacobC192630 Sep 192348P125 31
MYRON RayD684317 Jan 194565P250 05
MYROVITCH EmanuelC1109525 Apr 193465U133 05

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