All Deceased beginning with letters 'MY'

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All names beginning MY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MYDAT MaxE2472414 Feb 195578XQ72 7
MYDATT MillieE2472525 Oct 195984XQ72 8
MYER KatieE2472616 Aug 191718 mthXM08 27
MYER MorrisE2472720 Oct 194466XS01 41
MYER RachelE2472805 Aug 196987XS01 42
MYEROFF DeborahE2472912 Mar 200587XQ97 3
MYEROFF HannahE2473026 Apr 201095XQ97 4
MYEROFF HymanE2473119 May 198070XQ101 2
MYEROFF MiriamE2473218 Mar 199579XQ101 3
MYEROFF Sidney (Solomon)E2473317 Sep 199582XQ97 2
MYEROVITCH DeborahE2473422 Feb 192763XR29 44
MYEROVITCH FannyE2473531 Jul 192657XR18 13
MYEROVITCH IsraelE2473606 Nov 193140XU18 36
MYEROVITCH KateE2473707 Mar 191920XK03 13
MYEROVITCH LipmanE2473830 Nov 192863XS10 1
MYEROVITCH MarkE2473924 Dec 192663XR25 45
MYEROVITCH MaryE2474011 Jan 193566XT32 21
MYEROVITCH WolfE2474128 Feb 192066XN11 21
MYEROWITCH ME2474227 Oct 190253XD08 11
MYERS AlfredE2474318 Jan 1913XO23 19
MYERS Annie RachelE2474404 Jun 194363XV02 7
MYERS AnnieE2474502 Aug 1911XI05 1
MYERS AnnieE2474619 May 192532XR04 50
MYERS AnnieE2474722 Mar 196678XQ31 35
MYERS AnnieE2474815 Oct 194083XQ38 21
MYERS BellaE2474911 May 19044XC02 22
MYERS BenjaminE2475024 Mar 195760XP59 31
MYERS BessieE2475108 Aug 193742XV51 30
MYERS BetsyE2475215 Mar 192068XK07 31
MYERS BetsyE2475326 May 194470XX28 35
MYERS BetsyE2475403 Aug 194972XV68 8
MYERS CharlesE2475510 Jun 191658XJ18 21
MYERS ClaraE2475621 Jan 193164XT03 44
MYERS DavidE2475701 May 193069XS30 15
MYERS EliasE2475819 Oct 193265XU24 35
MYERS EmmanuelE2475916 Feb 1910XG03 12
MYERS EstherE2476031 Oct 191725XJ13 17
MYERS EstherE2476117 Oct 192950XS13 17
MYERS EstherE2476228 Sep 193877XU42 4
MYERS FannieE2476305 Mar 190327XD08 33
MYERS FannyE2476426 Oct 192542XR04 2
MYERS FannyE2476519 Sep 193063XT08 34
MYERS FannyE2476607 Feb 192774XJ14 24
MYERS Florence RebeccaE2476728 Oct 193167XT13 36
MYERS Geoffrey StanleyE2476803 Mar 19436XV05 19
MYERS HarrisE2476910 Dec 194067XV68 9
MYERS HarrisE2477004 Sep 191570XI07 41
MYERS HarryE2477110 Feb 1911XO17 2
MYERS HarryE2477214 Apr 19189 mthXM09 5
MYERS HildaE2477310 Mar 19203XM05 40
MYERS IreneE2477418 Nov 198883XP68 30
MYERS IsaacE2477524 Jul 195958XP68 29
MYERS IsaacE2477626 Oct 191972XN08 14
MYERS IsaacE2477728 Dec 193575XU42 3
MYERS IsaacE2477803 May 194180XQ40 21
MYERS IsraelE2477910 Jul 192570XR05 56
MYERS JackE2478022 Dec 192958XS21 4
MYERS JacobE2478117 Jan 192983XS22 45
MYERS John MarkE2478212 Feb 192128XN01 37
MYERS JuliusE2478303 Nov 193169XT08 35
MYERS LazarusE2478411 Jan 1909XG02 18
MYERS LeahE2478529 Feb 1908XG05 21
MYERS LeahE2478625 Nov 193770XV54 22
MYERS LeahE2478703 Dec 195589XS06 2
MYERS LeonE2478824 Apr 192520XR04 6
MYERS LewisE2478914 Nov 1912XO01 22
MYERS LewisE2479004 Jan 195970XQ31 36
MYERS LewisE2479113 Apr 195373XV08 21
MYERS LouisE2479205 Jan 192156XI12 19
MYERS LouisaE2479302 Nov 194379XP01 18
MYERS MarkE2479401 Apr 193522XU36 51
MYERS MaryE2479521 Mar 195979XQ67 14
MYERS MaxE2479626 Apr 193357XU05 8
MYERS MichaelE2479731 Jan 1911XO16 14
MYERS MichaelE2479822 Sep 192864XS06 1
MYERS MillieE2479918 Apr 193868XT24 38
MYERS MillyE2480026 Feb 1914XI12 18
MYERS MorrisE2480113 Dec 1910XI02 53
MYERS MorrisE2480229 May 192018XN04 17
MYERS MorrisE2480319 Mar 194137XV70 11
MYERS MorrisE2480423 Jul 191758XJ14 25
MYERS MorrisE2480507 Dec 194475XV24 37
MYERS or JACOBOVITCH FredaE2480623 May 194840XQ14 35
MYERS PercyE2480723 Jul 19024 mthXD07 4
MYERS PollyE2480822 Nov 192556XR10 53
MYERS QueenieE2480909 Jan 194729XQ14 26
MYERS Rachel LeahE2481029 Aug 195984XU01 20
MYERS RebeccaE2481110 Dec 192041XK09 11
MYERS RebeccaE2481206 Jun 192664XR17 51
MYERS RoseE2481326 Oct 196277XU52 43
MYERS SE2481429 Jun 19022XD06 27
MYERS SadieE2481512 Oct 193741XV46 32
MYERS SamuelE2481610 Sep 1914XO10 27
MYERS SarahE2481701 Nov 196776XQ98 10
MYERS SolomonE2481824 Jul 193160XU16 11
MYERS SolomonE2481910 Aug 195580XU01 21
MYERS SophiaE2482003 Mar 194340XV05 20
MYERS StanleyE2482107 Jan 19378XT47 12
MYERS William WalterE2482217 Mar 193040XS29 48
MYERS ZollotE2482311 Apr 191745XJ14 67
MYERSON HymanE2482401 Apr 1913XL09 40
MYERSON JuliaE2482519 Jun 192440XP36 33
MYERSON MaryE2482623 Dec 195874XQ114 9
MYERSON MyerE2482717 May 192650XR17 12
MYERSON Nissen AnnieE2482805 Nov 193380XT24 15
MYLOSKI AliceE2482921 Aug 194373XX31 5
MYONS AnnieE2483018 Feb 192430XP30 13
MYROM JacobE2483130 Sep 192348XP25 31
MYRON RayE2483217 Jan 194565XP50 5
MYROVITCH EmanuelE2483325 Apr 193465XU33 5
MYSKOFSKY KateE2483420 Nov 191534XI10 28

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