All Deceased beginning with letters 'MU'

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All names beginning MU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MUER MillieE2462123 May 195762XX21 40
MUFFRIES MorrisE2462209 Aug 193656XU46 44
MUFFRIES RachelE2462320 Apr 196179XV66 27
MUHLSTEIN JacobE2462426 Mar 194772XX08 51
MUHLSTEIN RosalieE2462526 Jun 195673XX08 52
MULLAMONT LewisE2462630 May 191533XI19 8
MULLER JennieE2462702 Jul 1912XL02 25
MULLER LeahE2462814 Sep 192018XN03 41
MULLER Moses AaronE2462917 Jan 198383XQ08 33
MULLER ReneE2463027 Apr 192932XQ01 3
MULLIS WoolfE2463111 Jun 193062XS30 63
MULLISH DavisE2463229 Sep 194658XX09 41
MULLISH RachelE2463311 Apr 193270XT15 35
MULLISH RoseE2463407 Feb 195763XX09 40
MUNDAY RebeccaE2463513 Oct 1909XE06 4
MUNDLACK DoraE2463605 Sep 194773XY06 39
MUNDLACK MillieE2463722 Oct 192970XT06 43
MUNDLAK HenryE2463808 May 194170XV75 12
MUNDY AbrahamE2463919 May 195078XW01 51
MUNDY BetsyE2464024 Sep 196488XF10 18
MUNDY MorrisE2464113 Sep 195676XX03 56
MUNDY RachelE2464203 Jan 193077XQ13 8
MUNDY RebeccaE2464308 Jun 197693XX03 57
MUNDY SimonE2464419 Dec 192677XQ13 7
MUNDY TobiasE2464520 Jun 190415XC08 21
MUNITZ IsaacE2464611 Dec 190370XD09 42
MURANI FannyE2464707 Aug 192625XR19 10
MURANI IsraelE2464801 Jun 193361XR12 1
MURANI MillieE2464927 Aug 196593XR12 2
MURANI WolfE2465022 Jan 193424XU31 27
MURAVITZ SamuelE2465120 Sep 193862XU61 33
MURGRAFF NathanE2465224 Apr 193575XU37 42
MURGRAFF SolomonE2465309 Mar 193974XU64 14
MURKOFF GoldaE2465405 Oct 195847XP64 9
MURMELSTEIN AnnieE2465504 Sep 193275XT17 41
MURRAY BessieE2465619 Nov 198077XP58 2
MURRAY DoraE2465709 Oct 199680XY43 40
MURRAY Frances CeciliaE2465801 Aug 200779XP58 1A
MURRAY HarryE2465928 Jun 199091XP58 3
MURRAY Howard BertramE2466016 Oct 195221XP58 1
MURRAY Maurice Dr.E2466127 Jun 200793XY43 41
MURRELL SimonE2466201 Nov 191948XN07 26
MUSCAT AnnieE2466318 Dec 193660XS19 24
MUSCAT AnnieE2466427 Mar 194462XW30 21
MUSCAT MarkE2466502 Aug 1909XG01 43
MUSCATT AlecE2466603 Mar 193055XS19 25
MUSCKANOFSKY MarthaE2466707 Jul 1910XG04 1
MUSCOT PhilipE2466801 Feb 193457XU29 13
MUSCOVITCH AaronE2466927 Apr 192654XR16 38
MUSCOVITCH AbrahamE2467013 Mar 192965XS23 69
MUSCOVITCH DavidE2467126 Jul 194253XK14 11
MUSCOVITCH EstherE2467230 May 192552XR04 55
MUSCOVITCH IsaacE2467318 Dec 19204 mthXM12 35
MUSCOVITCH JacobE2467415 Feb 193045XS28 39
MUSCOVITCH JosephE2467507 Feb 193037XS28 49
MUSCOVITCH MillieE2467617 Nov 191854XL10 52
MUSCOVITCH RoseE2467704 Oct 194466XW24 41
MUSCOVITCH SarahE2467802 Mar 1914XI10 30
MUSHBAUM HarrisE2467914 Nov 194664XW12 10
MUSHIN BerthaE2468003 Dec 19012XD01 42
MUSHIN JessieE2468102 Mar 194467XW28 39
MUSHIN MosesE2468225 Nov 195987XW34 38
MUSHINSKY SimonE2468318 Apr 191616XO03 35
MUSHKAT Aaron IsaacE2468420 May 195069XY34 20
MUSHKAT AnnieE2468514 Jul 198598XY34 19
MUSHKOWITCH SaulE2468613 Jun 1912XL01 23
MUSHLIN MaxE2468726 Oct 191837XJ03 38
MUSHLIN MichaelE2468827 May 194773XX03 42
MUSHLIN RachelE2468923 Apr 193052XT04 13
MUSICANT BarnettE2469007 Oct 1912XL01 40
MUSICANT JosephE2469105 Jun 196076XP63 32
MUSICKENSKY MorrisE2469227 Nov 193796XW03 9
MUSIKANT EvaE2469329 Apr 193634XT37 37
MUSIKANT RachelE2469409 Feb 195873XP63 31
MUSIKANT RebeccaE2469505 Mar 192666XR14 18
MUSIKENSKY RoseE2469603 Dec 194076XU62 14
MUSKABLATT GoldaE2469709 Jun 193663XT43 28
MUSKABLATT HenryE2469807 Aug 192331XP18 11
MUSKABLATT SolomonE2469929 Oct 193366XU29 14
MUSKARON JacobE2470028 Dec 194771XY10 15
MUSKET PearlE2470107 Jan 192264XM14 16
MUSKORON SarahE2470211 Jul 196682XY10 16
MUSLIN HarryE2470316 Nov 198787XW20 40
MUSLIN JacobE2470423 Aug 193263XT19 70
MUSLIN JacobE2470502 Mar 194070XU71 28
MUSLIN LewisE2470608 Sep 194668XX09 18
MUSLIN LouisE2470702 Oct 192933XP46 32
MUSLIN MatildaE2470809 Oct 195759XW20 39
MUSLIN PollyE2470902 Jan 194573XW22 25
MUSLIN SarahE2471001 Mar 197485XX09 17
MUSLIN SylviaE2471114 Dec 195990XU71 27
MUSOKOFF SolomonE2471205 Sep 191961XI15 48
MUSSELBURG EstherE2471302 Feb 19202 mthXO28 11
MUSSMAN RivellaE2471427 Jun 194013XV29 35
MUSTER LeahE2471517 Mar 1910XG07 13
MUSTER MarksE2471620 Nov 194874XY20 33
MUSTER PollyE2471724 May 195984XY20 32
MUTH FannyE2471805 Mar 193765XV40 23
MUTH FannyE2471918 Jul 195271XZ25 24
MUTKIN DoraE2472008 Nov 195466XY11 18
MUTKIN SolomonE2472118 Jan 194866XY11 19
MUTT SamsonE2472225 Mar 191852XJ07 58
MUTZER SarahE2472313 Jun 192646XR17 50

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