All Deceased beginning with letters 'MU'

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All names beginning MU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MUER MillieE308123 May 195762X21 40
MUER RebeccaP1361223 Jun 191736E7
MUEROVITCH KateP1361307 Mar 191920K3
MUFFRIES MorrisD158509 Aug 193656U246 44
MUFFRIES RachelE469420 Apr 196179V266 27
MUHLSTEIN JacobD811026 Mar 194772X08 51
MUHLSTEIN RosalieE269226 Jun 195673X08 52
MULLER LeahB662914 Sep 192018N03 41
MULLER Moses AaronE750817 Jan 198383Q108 33
MULLER ReneC676427 Apr 192932Q101 03
MULLIS WoolfC768811 Jun 193062S30 63
MULLISH DavisD774529 Sep 194658X09 41
MULLISH RachelC933211 Apr 193270T115 35
MULLISH RoseE295207 Feb 195763X09 40
MUNDLACK DoraD831105 Sep 194773Y106 39
MUNDLACK MillieC710022 Oct 192970T106 43
MUNDLAK HenryD478508 May 194170V275 12
MUNDY AbrahamD975719 May 195078W01 51
MUNDY BetsyE543224 Sep 196488F10 18
MUNDY MorrisE277413 Sep 195676X03 56
MUNDY RachelC728003 Jan 193077Q113 08
MUNDY RebeccaE704108 Jun 197693X03 57
MUNDY SimonC460519 Dec 192677Q113 07
MUNDY TobiasA175920 Jun 190415C08 21
MUNITZ IsaacA161211 Dec 190370D09 42
MURANI Annie LeahP1362421 Feb 190812E4
MURANI FannyC431907 Aug 192625R119 10
MURANI HymanP1362631 Mar 19083E2
MURANI IsraelC1032901 Jun 193361R112 01
MURANI MillieE560627 Aug 196593R112 02
MURANI WolfC1085522 Jan 193424U131 27
MURAVITZ SamuelD313220 Sep 193862U261 33
MURGRAFF NathanD056124 Apr 193575U137 42
MURGRAFF SolomonD340209 Mar 193974U264 14
MURKOFF GoldaE364005 Oct 195847P264 09
MURMELSTEIN AnnieC963004 Sep 193275T117 41
MURRAY BessieE738619 Nov 198077P258 02
MURRAY DoraE798609 Oct 199680Y243 40
MURRAY Frances CeciliaE813401 Aug 200779P258 01A
MURRAY HarryE780428 Jun 199091P258 03
MURRAY Howard BertramE092616 Oct 195221P258 01
MURRAY Maurice Dr.E813327 Jun 200793Y243 41
MURRELL SimonB596701 Nov 191948N07 26
MUSCAT AnnieD185418 Dec 193660S19 24
MUSCAT AnnieD638227 Mar 194462W30 21
MUSCATT AlecC743603 Mar 193055S19 25
MUSCOT PhilipC1089001 Feb 193457U129 13
MUSCOVITCH AaronC412027 Apr 192654R116 38
MUSCOVITCH AbrahamC663013 Mar 192965S23 69
MUSCOVITCH DavidD541226 Jul 194253K14 11
MUSCOVITCH EstherC332230 May 192552R104 55
MUSCOVITCH IsaacB679618 Dec 19204M112 35
MUSCOVITCH JacobC738215 Feb 193045S28 39
MUSCOVITCH JosephC735807 Feb 193037S28 49
MUSCOVITCH RoseD666304 Oct 194466W24 41
MUSCOVITCH SarahP1364422 Mar 191433I10
MUSHBAUM HarrisD780714 Nov 194664W12 10
MUSHIN BerthaA114003 Dec 19012D01 42
MUSHIN JessieD633102 Mar 194467W28 39
MUSHIN MosesE415125 Nov 195987W34 38
MUSHKAT Aaron IsaacD975920 May 195069Y134 20
MUSHKAT AnnieE763014 Jul 198598Y134 19
MUSHLIN MaxP1364626 Oct 191837J3
MUSHLIN MichaelD817527 May 194773X03 42
MUSHLIN RachelC757123 Apr 193052T104 13
MUSICANT JosephE436905 Jun 196076P263 32
MUSICKENSKY MorrisD265527 Nov 193796W03 09
MUSIKANT EvaD140429 Apr 193634T137 37
MUSIKANT RachelE340009 Feb 195873P263 31
MUSIKANT RebeccaC397405 Mar 192666R114 18
MUSIKENSKY AsnaP1365213 Jul 191966N12
MUSIKENSKY MarthaP1365321 Jul 19093E4
MUSIKENSKY RoseD445603 Dec 194076U262 14
MUSKABLATT GoldaD148309 Jun 193663T243 28
MUSKABLATT HenryC184107 Aug 192331P118 11
MUSKABLATT SolomonC1061529 Oct 193366U129 14
MUSKARON JacobD849628 Dec 194771Y110 15
MUSKET PearlC055207 Jan 192264M114 16
MUSKORON SarahE579111 Jul 196682Y110 16
MUSLIN HarryE772516 Nov 198787W20 40
MUSLIN JacobC960223 Aug 193263T119 70
MUSLIN JacobD394502 Mar 194070U271 28
MUSLIN LewisD772708 Sep 194668X09 18
MUSLIN LouisC705702 Oct 192933P246 32
MUSLIN MatildaE323209 Oct 195759W20 39
MUSLIN PollyD680802 Jan 194573W22 25
MUSLIN SarahE679901 Mar 197485X09 17
MUSLIN SylviaE417014 Dec 195990U271 27
MUSOKOFF SolomonB586205 Sep 191961I15 48
MUSSELBURG EstherB615502 Feb 19208O28 11
MUSSMAN RivellaD413427 Jun 194013V129 35
MUSTER MarksD892220 Nov 194874Y120 33
MUSTER PollyE394524 May 195984Y120 32
MUTH FannyD208105 Mar 193765V140 23
MUTH FannyE083918 Jul 195271Z125 24
MUTH SampsonP1365825 Mar 191852J7
MUTKIN DoraE194008 Nov 195466Y111 18
MUTKIN SolomonD852518 Jan 194866Y111 19
MUTZER SarahC421213 Jun 192646R117 50

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