All Deceased beginning with letters 'MI'

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All names beginning MI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MIASKOFSKY HenryE2361610 Feb 193164XS10 15
MIBLAFF AnnieE2361721 Dec 191858XL16 53
MIBLATT HarrisE2361827 Feb 193681XL16 54
MIBLATT RachelE2361924 Apr 191517XL16 38
MICHAEL Abraham IsaacE2362006 Feb 190631XF02 22
MICHAEL EvaE2362130 May 193068XT07 42
MICHAEL KateE2362223 May 194361XV02 28
MICHAEL MorrisE2362323 Jan 1913XO23 20
MICHAEL MorrisE2362402 Oct 195777XV02 29
MICHAEL SarahE2362510 Apr 190055XB06 306
MICHAELOFSKY DavisE2362611 Apr 192249XK15 16
MICHAELOFSKY DavisE2362709 Jul 193673XQ18 21
MICHAELOFSKY RoseE2362829 Nov 194158XV20 29
MICHAELOVITCH MalkaE2362901 Jul 194985XY25 12
MICHAELOVITCH MichaelE2363017 Dec 195996XP70 11
MICHAELOVITZ RoseE2363111 Aug 190319 mthXD07 62
MICHAELOWSKY SidneyE2363220 Dec 19163 mthXO05 39
MICHAELS Abraham o/w AlfredE2363315 Apr 195055XY34 26
MICHAELS AbrahamE2363403 Oct 192833XP49 22
MICHAELS AbrahamE2363510 Jul 195871XP63 33
MICHAELS AbrahamE2363616 Apr 197671XV44 1A
MICHAELS AnnieE2363719 Aug 192265XK20 31
MICHAELS AnnieE2363822 Jan 192771XR27 38
MICHAELS Betsy JudithE2363918 Dec 196089XP66 22
MICHAELS BetsyE2364014 Jul 193455XT29 5
MICHAELS BetsyE2364103 Jun 192368XE09 38
MICHAELS BloomahE2364226 Nov 1908XH09 22
MICHAELS CissieE2364328 Jul 192834XS09 66
MICHAELS DavidE2364421 Jul 18907XA01 11
MICHAELS ElsieE2364515 Nov 197172XQ20 15
MICHAELS EstherE2364625 Dec 197672XV43 1A
MICHAELS FannyE2364701 May 1908XE04 23
MICHAELS FannyE2364811 Aug 194349XX30 38
MICHAELS FannyE2364908 Feb 194665XT24 2
MICHAELS FannyE2365025 Dec 192669XP05 16
MICHAELS FannyE2365106 Feb 195275XQ14 31
MICHAELS FannyE2365207 May 196175XW07 45
MICHAELS Frank EphraimE2365323 Mar 196376XV93 18
MICHAELS GoldaE2365419 Feb 191919XN14 7
MICHAELS GoodmanE2365515 May 196080XY26 33
MICHAELS HarrisE2365604 Oct 192753XS02 19
MICHAELS HarrisE2365705 Aug 194071XV64 6
MICHAELS HarrisE2365819 Jul 195073XT32 1
MICHAELS HarryE2365923 May 192320XP18 4
MICHAELS HenryE2366013 May 192469XE09 39
MICHAELS IsaacE2366125 Oct 194755XY08 31
MICHAELS JacobE2366210 Oct 197471XT52 7
MICHAELS JennyE2366314 May 195768XV93 17
MICHAELS JosephE2366407 Mar 192016 mthXM11 53A
MICHAELS JosephE2366507 Oct 193657XU48 5
MICHAELS LawrenceE2366616 Mar 194243XV18 6
MICHAELS LewisE2366701 Jan 192360XP05 17
MICHAELS LewisE2366809 Dec 193661XT24 1
MICHAELS LionelE2366910 Jun 194019XU72 28
MICHAELS MarksE2367016 Sep 194256XV13 28
MICHAELS MaryE2367110 Dec 197775XZ21 6
MICHAELS MichaelE2367226 Aug 194669XT20 1
MICHAELS MillicentE2367325 May 196476XV13 27
MICHAELS MiriamE2367417 Apr 191757XJ15 36
MICHAELS Moisha AaronE2367525 Apr 195764XP60 32
MICHAELS MorrisE2367613 Aug 1911XI06 16
MICHAELS MorrisE2367726 Sep 192354XP25 28
MICHAELS NancyE2367801 Jul 193348XT20 61
MICHAELS NathanE2367931 Jan 192639XR13 12
MICHAELS NathanE2368004 Sep 192144XG10 21
MICHAELS RachelE2368118 Oct 193669XV44 3
MICHAELS RachelE2368223 Apr 194975XY26 34
MICHAELS RachelE2368301 Aug 195085XX07 54
MICHAELS RebeccaE2368406 Oct 195548XT52 8
MICHAELS RoseE2368524 Jun 195272XT20 2
MICHAELS SadieE2368628 Feb 19204 mthXM11 55
MICHAELS SadieE2368712 Jun 199293XQ85 3
MICHAELS SarahE2368812 May 190645XF03 35
MICHAELS SarahE2368921 Apr 190662XF03 31
MICHAELS SarahE2369031 Jan 193966XV64 5
MICHAELS Sidney MarkE2369111 Jul 195150XZ21 5
MICHAELS SimonE2369202 Sep 194775XQ14 32
MICHAELS SolomonE2369302 Apr 192630XR15 19
MICHAELS SolomonE2369418 Nov 193969XV44 4
MICHAELS TeresaE2369523 Feb 19341XQ03 47
MICHAELS TobeE2369611 Jan 193375XT19 44
MICHAELS YettaE2369728 Dec 196788XY10 8
MICHAELSOFSKY KateE2369803 May 194983XQ18 20
MICHAELSON AbrahamE2369913 Nov 194364XX33 5
MICHAELSON BetsyE2370005 Mar 190742XF08 32
MICHAELSON EstherE2370113 Mar 193975XV33 22
MICHAELSON HettyE2370217 Feb 195369XZ17 17
MICHAELSON HymanE2370327 Mar 195066XZ17 18
MICHAELSON JacobE2370425 Apr 192079XL14 18
MICHAELSON JohnE2370506 Dec 192559XR10 37
MICHAELSON LeahE2370618 Jun 192653XR18 49
MICHAELSON NettieE2370707 Jan 194530XW22 28
MICHAELSON RebeccaE2370807 Sep 194468XX33 6
MICHAELSON SarahE2370920 Mar 1914XI12 25
MICHALOWSKY MathildaE2371019 Feb 1914XO02 40
MICHEALE2371122 Aug 18988 mthXB03 109
MICHELOVITCH MorrisE2371220 Jan 192055XN07 41
MICHELSON AlexanderE2371309 Feb 193964XV65 12
MICHELSON JanetE2371409 Sep 194355XV65 13
MICHELSON JessieE2371516 Jul 192816XS09 35
MICHELSON LeopoldE2371606 Mar 1913XO21 25
MICHELSTEIN IsraelE2371728 Sep 190625XF07 17
MICHLEWITZ MiriamE2371801 Jun 192834XS10 51
MICKELVITCH SolomonE2371902 Jul 193169XU15 30
MICKLEVITCH ClaraE2372022 Sep 196076XW09 38
MICKLEVITCH HymanE2372122 May 193059XS30 47
MICKLEVITCH RachelE2372201 Mar 193066XT04 67
MICKLEVITCH SimonE2372329 Mar 192926XS24 47
MICKOLOFSKY NathanE2372415 Aug 192535XR07 16
MICOFSKY SarahE2372514 Nov 191850XN18 18
MICOULL IsaacE2372618 Jul 192551XR06 14
MIDDA AbrahamE2372718 Feb 196082XD10 53
MIDDA AnnieE2372804 Apr 193772XV49 21
MIDDA FannyE2372903 Aug 195076XQ34 28
MIDDA LewisE2373027 May 192870XS06 61
MIDDA MorrisE2373128 Jan 193153XU11 28
MIDDA RachelE2373209 Jan 193735XV46 27
MIDDA RachelE2373327 Nov 196682XD10 52
MIDDA Stepham MarylynE2373420 Aug 19432 mthXT48 30
MIDDITCH FannyE2373514 Jun 196170XZ35 14
MIDDLEBERG SolomonE2373602 Dec 191723XJ12 14
MIDDLEMAN AbrahamE2373730 Apr 192759XR32 47
MIDDLEMAN HarryE2373823 May 195970XQ12 35
MIDDLEMAN LeahE2373929 Jul 196068XQ12 36
MIDDLEMAN MillyE2374010 Oct 195278XW12 34
MIDDLETON BarnettE2374117 Nov 192046XN02 31
MIDET EstherE2374228 Sep 191965XN08 20
MIDGEN PhilipE2374307 Oct 195874XQ112 7
MIDGEN RachelE2374416 May 197386XQ112 8
MIDLASH CissieE2374514 Jun 197788XW21 32
MIDLASH JosephE2374625 Jan 194560XW21 31
MIDLOURSKY FannyE2374710 Nov 193452XT31 36
MIDOFSKY AbrahamE2374801 Dec 196283XQ103 14
MIDOFSKY MillieE2374929 Mar 195873XQ103 13
MIELZYNSKI EstherE2375026 May 195678XX31 32
MIELZYNSKI IsidoreE2375113 Oct 194371XX31 31
MIGDAL JacobE2375218 Jul 192870XS06 26
MIGDAL PhilipE2375323 Oct 196081XQ66 3
MIGDAL RachelE2375402 Sep 193956XV33 30
MIGDAL ZeldaE2375520 Jan 194770XX06 5
MIGDOL LeahE2375615 Jul 191846XJ06 60
MIGDOLL PollyE2375714 Mar 193356XR07 14
MIGDOLL SamuelE2375825 May 193028XS30 49
MIGRACH HirschE2375923 Mar 191955XK01 18
MILAFSKY EthelE2376011 Apr 194259XV17 27
MILAFSKY IsraelE2376108 Nov 192453XQ10 20
MILAFSKY RachelE2376228 May 193669XQ10 19
MILAMID MyerE2376313 Jul 194979XY28 18
MILANDOWITCH BarnettE2376427 Aug 1912XL01 36
MILANOFSKY ClaraE2376508 Sep 192665XR21 52
MILANOFSKY HarrisE2376622 Mar 192776XR30 45
MILBERG AbrahamE2376705 Jan 193745XU49 38
MILBERG EvelynE2376828 Jun 194056XV66 24
MILBERG JackE2376926 Nov 194043XU76 35
MILBERG LeahE2377020 Sep 191955XN12 32
MILBERG MorrisE2377108 Jan 193784XU49 37
MILCH KarolineE2377222 Sep 198081XP59 6
MILCH Rev. SamuelE2377306 Feb 198384XP59 5
MILDENER DavisE2377410 Dec 195469XX14 25
MILDENER EstherE2377521 Mar 194661XX14 24
MILDERNER LewisE2377607 Jun 19229XM04 60
MILEBERG MorrisE2377724 Mar 192450XP30 18
MILEBERG SamuelE2377801 Jan 195055XZ11 5
MILEBERG SarahE2377903 Feb 196165XZ42 35
MILEFSKY GertieE2378012 Jun 1913XO26 2
MILENA YettaE2378106 Aug 193677XT45 9
MILFROM JaneE2378205 Feb 1911XI03 30
MILGROM AbrahamE2378309 Sep 194065XQ40 24
MILGROM BarnettE2378417 Nov 1909XE05 23
MILGROM DeborahE2378509 Sep 194042XQ40 23
MILGROM Lionel EricE2378622 Apr 192714 mthXM33 20
MILGROM RoseE2378706 Dec 192275XI17 63
MILGROON MauriceE2378806 Aug 1910XO14 2
MILICH IsaacE2378919 Mar 1910XG07 14
MILITSKY JosephE2379017 Dec 192924XS19 48
MILK DoraE2379103 Sep 193762XV38 21
MILK Israel MorrisE2379216 Dec 192854XS21 64
MILKIN MorrisE2379305 Mar 1912XO21 9
MILKIN SophieE2379430 Jun 1908XH06 23
MILKOVITCH EstherE2379508 Jun 197075XY34 33
MILKOVITCH WoolfE2379614 May 195059XY34 34
MILLAN AsherE2379716 May 193955XU65 12
MILLAN MinnieE2379804 Jan 196680XU65 11
MILLEN Shaya BerE2379908 Jun 191963XN10 24
MILLENBACH Betty RachelE2380028 Jun 195671XX02 3
MILLENBACH Samuel MaxE2380105 Oct 192811XR41 8
MILLENBACH SimonE2380215 Jun 194666XX02 4
MILLENOPSKY AnnieE2380326 Jul 192128XK13 40
MILLER AaronE2380427 Apr 191530XL16 39
MILLER AaronE2380517 Dec 194359XX32 42
MILLER AbrahamE2380628 Mar 1914XO08 9
MILLER AbrahamE2380717 May 19202 mthXM11 38
MILLER AbrahamE2380820 Jul 192553XR06 13
MILLER AbrahamE2380906 Aug 195765XT52 6
MILLER AbrahamE2381028 Sep 194080XK16 55
MILLER AbrahamE2381105 Aug 199782XQ05 3
MILLER Abraham-JosephE2381213 Dec 1911XI08 62
MILLER AdaE2381305 Sep 19207 mthXM12 55
MILLER AdaE2381408 Jan 192060XK05 35
MILLER AlecE2381527 Jun 1914XL14 10
MILLER AnnieE2381617 Jan 190226XR12 41
MILLER AnnieE2381704 Mar 194557XX33 42
MILLER AnnieE2381824 Dec 193560XT40 29
MILLER AnnieE2381921 Dec 195062XY39 23
MILLER AnnieE2382028 Dec 195464XQ67 9
MILLER AnnieE2382103 Jul 194468XU81 44
MILLER AnnieE2382219 Jan 194468XW29 7
MILLER AnnieE2382304 Aug 196072XQ21 33
MILLER AnnieE2382401 Sep 194173XI20 56
MILLER AnnieE2382525 Oct 194874XU72 52
MILLER AnnieE2382625 Nov 198079XZ40 2
MILLER AnnieE2382714 Sep 197688XQ05 4
MILLER AsherE2382816 Jun 19307XQ01 4
MILLER BarnettE2382910 Jul 190318 mthXD07 56
MILLER BarnettE2383022 Jan 194380XV85 11
MILLER BellaE2383109 Oct 194658XX14 2
MILLER Bernard o/w HarryE2383206 May 194864XX05 53
MILLER BernardE2383318 May 195390XW05 49
MILLER BessieE2383409 Jan 193848XV55 27
MILLER BessieE2383527 Jun 197688XQ22 27
MILLER BetsyE2383622 Sep 1913XI05 69
MILLER Charles BernardE2383730 Aug 19379XT47 18
MILLER CharlesE2383826 Apr 192621XR16 39
MILLER CissieE2383911 Apr 195865XQ107 9
MILLER ColemanE2384021 Aug 195166XY16 29
MILLER DanielE2384122 Feb 192030XN11 20
MILLER DavisE2384214 Feb 195477XY22 32
MILLER DavisE2384321 Jun 195779XZ04 12
MILLER DinahE2384423 Sep 1908XH08 30
MILLER DoraE2384527 Oct 19233 mthXQ03 12
MILLER DoraE2384603 Dec 192356XP28 3
MILLER DoraE2384707 Dec 193070XT09 39
MILLER EstherE2384808 Jan 1908XG03 3
MILLER EstherE2384903 Apr 1910XG07 18
MILLER EstherE2385019 Nov 19163 mthXM07 7
MILLER EstherE2385131 May 191853XJ10 68
MILLER EstherE2385205 Oct 195060XW16 4
MILLER EstherE2385323 Sep 194763XX03 52
MILLER EstherE2385401 Nov 193475XU23 41
MILLER EstherE2385526 Dec 194077XQ38 20
MILLER EstherE2385631 Dec 192288XP13 23
MILLER EvaE2385703 Feb 191831XJ18 33
MILLER EvaE2385807 Nov 192252XP10 9
MILLER EvaE2385931 Mar 192555XR03 16
MILLER FannyE2386016 Mar 193670XR01 47
MILLER FannyE2386118 Oct 197582XJ01 61
MILLER Freda RoseE2386225 Jun 193782XV40 30
MILLER GenyE2386315 Sep 192237XK16 11
MILLER GertieE2386414 Sep 192312XP26 12
MILLER GertrudeE2386513 Oct 193727XV53 20
MILLER GoldaE2386618 Jul 194860XY16 30
MILLER HarrisE2386722 Apr 190727XH03 28
MILLER HarrisE2386821 May 194364XV03 39
MILLER HarrisE2386912 Sep 193466XU09 1
MILLER HarrisE2387020 Jun 196878XW16 3
MILLER Harry MichaelE2387130 Jun 195759XT50 17
MILLER HarryE2387218 Feb 19251XM19 29
MILLER HarryE2387307 Feb 194068XU71 38
MILLER HettyE2387412 Oct 199497XZ43 41
MILLER HymanE2387522 Dec 194469XQ07 7A
MILLER HymanE2387601 Nov 192375XQ05 6
MILLER HymanE2387716 Jul 192577XR06 20
MILLER HymanE2387831 Jul 197688XQ83 9
MILLER IsaacE2387922 Sep 192633XR21 24
MILLER IsaacE2388021 Mar 191846XJ09 65
MILLER IsaacE2388113 Feb 193260XU21 11
MILLER IsaacE2388203 May 193968XU65 26
MILLER IsaacE2388306 Mar 195169XQ34 22
MILLER IsaacE2388429 Jul 192773XR36 47
MILLER IsaacE2388529 Oct 196573XX14 1
MILLER IsaacE2388609 May 195680XW10 53
MILLER Isadore IsraelE2388730 Oct 196679XQ67 10
MILLER IsadoreE2388812 Feb 196167XZ43 40
MILLER IsidoreE2388918 Jun 191843XJ05 48
MILLER IsraelE2389017 Jan 195662XQ79 13
MILLER JE2389115 Dec 189714XA07 348
MILLER JackE2389209 Apr 193428XU33 19
MILLER JackE2389305 Jun 192930XS25 25
MILLER JacobE2389419 Feb 193674XU43 36
MILLER JacobE2389522 Jul 194175XQ36 39
MILLER JaneE2389620 Jul 193775XV50 30
MILLER JessieE2389724 Dec 196078XU54 2
MILLER Jonah or JohnE2389813 Mar 194275XU81 45
MILLER JosephE2389920 Apr 192520XR03 57
MILLER JosephE2390014 Feb 19183XM07 51
MILLER JosephE2390116 Jan 194251XV19 34
MILLER JosephE2390214 Dec 193154XU20 15
MILLER JosephE2390331 Jul 194358XX30 29
MILLER JosephE2390423 May 19197XM05 12
MILLER JosephE2390518 Aug 193277XU23 40
MILLER JuliaE2390611 Feb 1909XG04 38
MILLER JuliaE2390728 Aug 193056XT08 54
MILLER LazarusE2390820 Apr 192649XR16 55
MILLER LazarusE2390904 Apr 193475XU33 16
MILLER Leah RoseE2391026 Jun 197393XV03 40
MILLER LeahE2391126 Jan 192252XM15 15
MILLER LeahE2391218 Aug 190555XC09 41
MILLER LeahE2391320 Jan 192859XK16 56
MILLER LeahE2391426 Jul 192959XS08 23
MILLER LeahE2391529 Apr 194171XQ36 38
MILLER LeopoldE2391621 Oct 191933XN10 44
MILLER LewisE2391706 Mar 193658XU43 51
MILLER LibaE2391807 Dec 193073XF09 30A
MILLER MarkE2391926 Apr 1910XG09 9
MILLER MarkE2392009 Jan 194429XV08 9
MILLER MarkE2392103 Mar 194272XV18 15
MILLER MarksE2392222 Apr 19174 mthXM07 31
MILLER MarksE2392301 Feb 193752XT45 1
MILLER MarksE2392405 Aug 193758XU54 30
MILLER MarksE2392527 Jan 193670XR01 48
MILLER MarksE2392601 Feb 194982XY14 36
MILLER MaryE2392730 Jan 19183XM06 15
MILLER MatildaE2392815 Apr 197081XX30 30
MILLER MaxE2392902 Feb 195660XZ40 23
MILLER MichaelE2393017 Apr 195062XY29 12
MILLER MillieE2393114 Aug 195563XT52 5
MILLER MillieE2393205 Oct 197486XT45 2
MILLER MillyE2393301 Feb 1912XL04 8
MILLER MillyE2393407 Jan 195577XQ34 23
MILLER MinnieE2393524 Oct 196986XW05 48
MILLER MiriamE2393629 Apr 195328XQ21 34
MILLER MorrisE2393722 Sep 193967XU68 40
MILLER MorrisE2393829 Feb 192872XS05 69
MILLER MorrisE2393909 Feb 195282XR03 59
MILLER MorrisE2394024 Dec 196489XY41 4
MILLER MosesE2394101 Jun 19329XR45 2
MILLER MyerE2394222 Aug 192157XI20 55
MILLER PaulineE2394314 Mar 198172XR01 51
MILLER PinkusE2394429 Nov 195374XW08 49
MILLER PollyE2394502 Oct 193753XV52 8
MILLER RachelE2394608 Dec 1911XL02 10
MILLER RachelE2394713 Aug 192416XP39 33
MILLER RachelE2394803 Mar 193676XS05 68
MILLER RachelE2394906 Jul 194176XU33 17
MILLER RachelE2395022 Jun 195176XU09 2
MILLER RachelE2395121 Oct 193084XS09 74
MILLER RaynerE2395228 Apr 1933XT20 15
MILLER RebeccaE2395315 Feb 1913XI07 73
MILLER RebeccaE2395431 May 191811 mthXM09 33
MILLER RebeccaE2395529 Sep 194026XQ38 34
MILLER RebeccaE2395606 Sep 194060XC09 1D
MILLER RebeccaE2395701 May 192869XS12 70
MILLER ReubenE2395813 May 1910XG07 25
MILLER RosaE2395919 Dec 195788XQ23 17
MILLER Rose HildaE2396026 Jan 198582XQ79 4
MILLER RoseE2396125 Dec 19162XJ17 50
MILLER RoseE2396214 Jan 193327XT19 42
MILLER RosieE2396314 Jan 192058XK03 40
MILLER RosieE2396428 Jan 195264XU45 52
MILLER SE2396523 Mar 191756XJ16 27
MILLER SadieE2396604 Jun 193115XR01 46
MILLER SalaE2396716 Aug 192749XQ07 8
MILLER Samuel JosephE2396812 Dec 195788XQ23 16
MILLER SamuelE2396929 Oct 1913XL11 51
MILLER SamuelE2397023 Jul 190611XE04 6
MILLER SamuelE2397115 Jul 192665XR19 51
MILLER SamuelE2397209 Oct 194379XX31 30
MILLER SamuelE2397314 Mar 197493XQ107 10
MILLER SamuelE2397421 Oct 197493XQ22 26
MILLER Sarah GoldaE2397517 May 196479XU79 51
MILLER SarahE2397617 Mar 1913XL08 31
MILLER SarahE2397720 Dec 19033XC06 13
MILLER SarahE2397817 Feb 193357XR03 58
MILLER SarahE2397916 Apr 192864XS10 33
MILLER SarahE2398004 Jan 194968XY22 33
MILLER SarahE2398109 Jan 195173XY41 3
MILLER SarahE2398218 Mar 195075XU68 41
MILLER SarahE2398304 Oct 196778XU75 30
MILLER SarahE2398423 Feb 195378XZ17 19
MILLER SarahE2398514 Jul 195488XY28 6
MILLER SarahE2398614 Jul 196291XW10 52
MILLER SheerE2398724 Dec 195359XJ01 60
MILLER SidneyE2398808 Sep 19207 mthXM12 54
MILLER SimonE2398914 Dec 1911XL01 15
MILLER SimonE2399009 May 193877XT20 16
MILLER SimonE2399122 Aug 195681XW29 8
MILLER SolomonE2399209 Nov 194067XU79 50
MILLER SolomonE2399308 Feb 197083XQ05 5
MILLER SophieE2399412 Jul 195278XV18 16
MILLER SophieE2399501 Aug 196382XZ04 13
MILLER SophieE2399624 Dec 199184XW07 30
MILLER SymonE2399720 Apr 194559XW16 2
MILLER WoolfE2399821 Apr 19072XE01 55
MILLER WoolfE2399904 Dec 191632XJ21 75
MILLER YettaE2400010 Jul 192223XK05 55
MILLER YettaE2400110 Aug 194466XX32 30
MILLER YettaE2400219 Jul 196273XQ83 10
MILLER YettaE2400328 Mar 195187XR19 52
MILLER ZussmanE2400402 May 195482XM17 1
MILLET Leon JosephE2400522 Aug 193364XU24 44
MILLETT MichaelE2400621 Feb 193354XU26 22
MILLIN MarchavinaE2400716 Jul 193050XT07 24
MILLIN SarahE2400801 Jun 194392XV02 23
MILLMAN FrankE2400915 Nov 194059XV67 11
MILLMAN IsaacE2401031 Oct 193675XT09 62
MILLMAN JaneE2401120 Jan 192432XK21 22
MILLMAN LeahE2401213 May 197587XV68 2
MILLMAN MaryE2401314 May 195486XT09 61
MILLMAN SamuelE2401417 Jun 192444XP27 34
MILLS MillieE2401508 May 193934XV32 15
MILLSTEIN AnnieE2401627 Dec 1911XI06 41
MILLSTEIN BloomahE2401729 Oct 193029XT07 4
MILLSTEIN SamuelE2401827 Dec 1911XI06 42
MILLSTONE NathanielE2401902 Jan 193776XU49 33
MILLWARD Solomon LevyE2402004 Jul 192649XR18 15
MILNER BarnettE2402101 May 193759XU52 4
MILNER SamuelE2402228 Feb 193388XU26 26
MILNER SarahE2402326 Feb 194465XU52 5
MILOFSKY AnnieE2402423 Mar 1909XG08 16
MILOFSKY BarnettE2402521 Feb 192950XS24 36
MILOFSKY BetsyE2402609 Nov 1908XC01 50
MILPHEIK o.w MILFERN AaronE2402731 Mar 193957XU64 9
MILPHIERER SarahE2402816 Oct 193555XT38 8
MILROOD DavidE2402908 Feb 196063XQ117 7
MILROOD JuliaE2403016 Feb 199598XQ117 8
MILSTEIN BarnettE2403112 Dec 193079XS33 19
MILSTEIN EvaE2403223 Mar 195382XW22 21
MILSTEIN Fanny LeahE2403320 Jun 193174XS33 20
MILSTEIN FannyE2403425 Feb 194682XX17 49
MILSTEIN NathanE2403502 Jan 194572XW22 22
MINCER PhyllisE2403623 Mar 19236 mthXM13 1B
MINCIRSKY HarrisE2403705 Mar 189614 mthXA06 310
MINCOVITCH BarnettE2403806 Dec 19157XO11 21
MINDEL AlbertE2403925 Jan 192214XO03 20
MINDEL AlexE2404013 Jun 194170XV23 22
MINDEL AnnieE2404119 Dec 194869XU76 32
MINDEL EdithE2404204 Mar 19283 mthXM34 15
MINDEL IsaacE2404311 Feb 193272XU21 17
MINDEL LeahE2404422 Jun 194587XU21 16
MINDEL LilyE2404527 Nov 194473XW25 39
MINDEL MorrisE2404616 Aug 194065XU76 41
MINDEL Victoria ClaraE2404702 May 198596XW18 51
MINDEL WoolfE2404829 Jan 195264XW17 42
MINDEL YonsteinE2404921 Oct 1914XL14 34
MINE BlumahE2405001 Oct 193076XT08 22
MINECHOWSKY LewisE2405111 Dec 193266XU06 18
MINEFSKY SarahE2405206 Jan 192662XR11 35
MINKOFF AaronE2405316 Apr 194151XV73 10
MINKOFF DinahE2405427 Nov 198191XV74 2
MINKOFF MinnieE2405518 Oct 192118 mthXM13 27
MINKOVITCH KateE2405628 Apr 193760XV50 14
MINKOVITCH MorrisE2405703 Apr 192250XK18 32
MINKOW SimonE2405805 Jul 193666XU46 17
MINNEZ Simma HalkaE2405923 Oct 193382XT24 47
MINSK KateE2406018 Feb 197596XS31 47
MINSK MorrisE2406131 Jul 193061XS31 46
MINSK RachelE2406230 Jun 191717XJ14 54
MINSKEY JaneE2406327 Jan 194225XV81 9
MINSKY AlecE2406424 Jan 192922XS22 7
MINSKY HarrisE2406505 Feb 195970XP67 21
MINSKY HarryE2406618 Apr 195237XP56 8
MINSKY HenryE2406702 Aug 195170XP56 7
MINSKY HymanE2406828 Feb 192956XS23 10
MINSKY JacobE2406929 Aug 192446XP37 4
MINSKY KoppelE2407005 Feb 1912XI06 48
MINSKY LeahE2407123 Jul 194774XX04 40
MINSKY LeahE2407211 Jul 196081XP37 3
MINSKY Morris AbrahamE2407325 Sep 193730XP07 16
MINSKY RoseE2407425 Sep 196680XP67 22
MINSKY YettaE2407509 Sep 193383XT23 59
MINSKY YettaE2407611 Apr 195287XZ23 21
MINTZ Abraham ZalicE2407701 Jan 193264XU20 42
MINTZ BarnettE2407827 Feb 19203XM11 27
MINTZ CharlesE2407908 Dec 18998 mthXB05 242
MINTZ FrederickE2408014 Dec 1913XO10 12
MINTZ MarkE2408127 Jun 192114XM04 47
MINTZ MaryE2408202 Mar 191860XJ10 53
MINTZ MaudE2408305 Nov 192425XP43 12
MINTZ MaxE2408423 Dec 192148XK17 43
MINTZ MorrisE2408526 Jan 192428XP21 33
MINTZ MorrisE2408611 Oct 192265XP02 10
MIODETZKI BessieE2408703 Oct 192767XS12 8
MIROCHNIK IsaacE2408830 Nov 192851XS20 63
MIROPOLSKY DeborahE2408930 Mar 192963XS17 24
MIRSKY DeborahE2409014 Dec 195280XQ27 28
MISABOFSKY LeahE2409127 Sep 194174XV77 22
MISABOFSKY WoolfE2409217 Nov 194684XV77 21
MISCPOLSKY RoseE2409303 Mar 1914XO11 7
MISHKIN AnnieE2409424 Jul 196883XV27 2
MISHKIN BarnettE2409524 Aug 194767XV27 1
MISHKIN ChaseE2409612 May 193080XT07 63
MISHKIN DoraE2409727 Dec 194873XT38 2
MISHKIN EzekielE2409830 Oct 193522XU04 30
MISHKIN FannyE2409925 Oct 1907XE03 46
MISHKIN SamuelE2410018 Sep 193786XT07 62
MISHKIN SimonE2410122 Mar 194067XT38 1
MISHKOSKY RebeccaE2410217 Dec 196175XV90 11
MISHOFSKY AbrahamE2410325 Feb 195782XV90 10
MISNUN JacobE2410407 Jan 1977101XQ37 44
MISROCK EthelE2410520 Apr 192965XS18 10
MITCHAMSON IsaacE2410624 Oct 194276XV11 30
MITCHAMSON TillyE2410724 Nov 195282XV11 3
MITCHEL HymanE2410824 Sep 193165XU17 18
MITCHELL AlfredE2410909 Jun 195662XQ64 5
MITCHELL EvaE2411022 Jan 193164XT03 31
MITCHELL JacobE2411108 Jun 193368XU11 48
MITCHELL JessieE2411219 Jan 193356XT21 41
MITCHELL John MorrisE2411325 Jan 193543XU35 31
MITCHELL MarieE2411413 Nov 195868XW09 26
MITCHELL MarksE2411507 Apr 195376XQ17 49
MITCHELL MichaelE2411618 May 195652XQ94 7
MITCHELL RosaE2411712 Dec 192280XP13 20
MITCHELL SarahE2411810 Sep 193258XU17 45
MITMAN IsaacE2411903 Jan 193845XU58 37
MITNICK DoraE2412006 Jan 192985XS15 49
MITTELMAN MillieE2412106 Nov 195873XP65 9
MITTLEMAN AbrahamE2412216 Dec 196177XP65 10
MITTLEMAN BessieE2412313 Nov 196871XQ32 44
MITTLEMAN Leon IsaacE2412408 Aug 196471XQ32 45
MITTLEMAN MorrisE2412513 Jan 196072XD10 19
MITTLEMAN YettaE2412623 Feb 196173XD10 18
MITTLESOHN UdelE2412703 Jul 193367XT22 28
MITZAM IsraelE2412807 Sep 192166XI18 40
MITZMAKER AnnieE2412920 Jan 194571XW22 44
MITZMAN Bessie RebeccaE2413009 Jul 197567XQ45 12
MITZMAN CharlesE2413117 Apr 196282XQ79 12
MITZMAN EllenE2413213 Dec 19039 mthXD06 80
MITZMAN ElsieE2413304 Jan 191518 mthXO09 37
MITZMAN JacobE2413420 Oct 194773XX07 53
MITZMAN KateE2413508 Jan 194164XQ44 21
MITZMAN MauriceE2413628 May 195959XQ45 11
MITZMAN RebeccaE2413726 Jun 195557XQ79 11
MITZMAN RitaE2413811 Jan 191518 mthXO10 37
MITZMAN SolomonE2413915 Jul 195786XQ44 22
MITZMAN YettaE2414030 May 193975XI18 41
MIZLAR SarahE2414128 Jan 194168XQ37 26
MIZLER AaronE2414229 Sep 194464XV11 1
MIZLER Golda SarahE2414318 Jan 196581XV11 2
MIZLER Rachel LeahE2414430 Dec 194228XV09 39

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