All Deceased beginning with letters 'LY'

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All names beginning LY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LYJONSKY JackC158104 Apr 192314P116 17
LYMAN HarrisD166529 Sep 193668U103 11
LYMAN RebeccaE254928 Feb 195681T252 09
LYNN EthelC669201 Apr 192920S17 37
LYON JosephA030406 Nov 189567A501 259
LYON JosephE306503 May 195773Q275 14
LYON MaryE244431 Dec 195570Q275 13
LYONS EstherD249521 Sep 193781L18 26
LYONS FannyE490827 Feb 196273Q116 39A
LYONS HarrisP1244709 Apr 191560L18
LYONS Isaac JosephD038031 Jan 193556U135 44
LYONS IsidoreP1244812 Oct 191470L14
LYONS JaneE577515 Jun 196682Q115 23
LYONS JosephD665128 Sep 194458Q115 22
LYONS LaviniaC130110 Dec 192275P112 06
LYONS LenaE666729 Nov 197283U135 45
LYONS LouisE176424 May 195468Q116 40
LYONS SamuelD389307 Feb 194052U269 29
LYONS SophieD620627 Dec 194380V245 02
LYSCHINSKY AbrahamC071122 Feb 192262J16 04
LYSHINSKA KateD067027 Jun 193572J16 05
LYSKIN EvaE064812 Feb 195272U257 45
LYTTON- FayE724210 Dec 197892W28 11

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