All Deceased beginning with letters 'LU'

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All names beginning LU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LUBAFSKY RosieE2227424 Dec 192545XP39 1
LUBCHINSKY AliceE2227510 Jan 190312XB09 443
LUBEFIELD PollyE2227614 Jun 193570XT35 16
LUBEL EstherE2227728 Feb 191752XJ16 28
LUBELFELD LouisE2227813 Apr 192061XN05 21
LUBELSKI AbrahamE2227906 Mar 195083XZ15 10
LUBELSKI AnnieE2228029 Mar 193974XV59 9
LUBELSKY AbrahamE2228112 Apr 194766XX15 4
LUBELSKY EstherE2228230 Mar 195357XX15 3
LUBELSKY JosephE2228326 Aug 19026 mthXD07 11
LUBELSKY MarieE2228411 Sep 193227XT17 43
LUBELSKY RebeccaE2228523 Apr 192965XP18 3
LUBELSKY SamuelE2228621 May 193546XU38 9
LUBELSKY SollyE2228726 Dec 1913XI11 9
LUBELSKY SolomonE2228830 Jun 192368XP18 2
LUBENG SophieE2228921 Oct 1914XL15 27
LUBEROFF WoolfE2229019 Jun 1912XL03 28
LUBERT Aaron SamuelE2229120 Mar 192430XP32 10
LUBETSKY RebeccaE2229207 Dec 193672XV45 26
LUBETSKY SophieE2229329 Jul 192965XP24 15
LUBICK HannahE2229406 Jan 1909XG04 28
LUBICK Jack MyerE2229509 Jan 196473XZ41 33
LUBICK MaxE2229617 Feb 192459XP30 19
LUBICK MiriamE2229704 Jun 195666XZ41 32
LUBIN CharlesE2229829 Nov 200380XY43 42
LUBIN DavidE2229906 Dec 196369XQ96 8
LUBIN DeborahE2230011 Jul 195565XQ49 13
LUBIN DinahE2230120 Nov 201790XY43 43
LUBIN EstherE2230213 Mar 192540XR02 32
LUBIN EstherE2230331 Oct 195657XQ96 7
LUBIN HarryE2230418 Mar 192122 mthXM12 16
LUBIN HenryE2230501 Nov 195755XP61 25
LUBIN Hyman LazarusE2230604 Apr 196980XQ49 14
LUBIN MayE2230714 Jun 198680XP61 26
LUBIN MorrisE2230826 Nov 192465XM21 16
LUBIN NathanE2230926 Mar 194326XV08 8
LUBINSKY AaronE2231003 Jun 192070XJ02 37
LUBINSKY ChielE2231110 May 192264XI16 61
LUBINSKY FannyE2231211 Feb 193678XT41 9
LUBINSKY HarryE2231321 Nov 192331XQ29 11
LUBINSKY HarryE2231422 Feb 192236XM15 39
LUBINSKY IsaacE2231508 Jul 192970XS26 39
LUBINSKY J.C.E2231602 Mar 1912XI06 56
LUBINSKY Joel AaronsE2231718 Mar 192036XJ02 36
LUBINSKY LeahE2231804 May 193370XT18 71
LUBINSKY LesserE2231907 Aug 190545XF02 1
LUBINSKY MaryE2232011 May 190564XC05 47
LUBINSKY MosesE2232122 May 190034XB08 362
LUBINSKY RachelE2232219 Nov 193272XT17 68
LUBINSKY RebeccaE2232318 Dec 192944XT05 14
LUBINSKY SarahE2232414 Jun 195793XQ92 13
LUBINSKY SimonE2232511 May 192475XP34 33
LUBISH RachelE2232603 Jun 192849XS10 70
LUBISH SolomonE2232706 Dec 192553XR10 4
LUBITCH EstherE2232807 Nov 193160XT10 3
LUBITCH MorrisE2232901 Jul 192656XR18 28
LUBITSKY MorrisE2233031 May 192018XN05 11
LUBITSKY NathanE2233122 Nov 192060XN07 18
LUBITZ AbrahamE2233222 Jul 190443XC04 10
LUBITZ AnnieE2233308 Apr 193462XT27 46
LUBITZ HarrisE2233422 Jan 190770XH03 10
LUBITZ JuliaE2233516 Aug 191655XL12 28
LUBITZKY RachelE2233618 Dec 1911XI05 35
LUBITZKY RosieE2233728 Jul 1911XO14 22
LUBKIN DavidE2233823 Mar 195166XY03 17
LUBKIN TillyE2233912 Mar 195971XY03 16
LUBLINER MorrisE2234020 Aug 193574XT30 47
LUBLINER SarahE2234118 Oct 193470XT30 46
LUBLINSKY AbrahamE2234219 Apr 195983XV61 13
LUBLINSKY HannahE2234331 Aug 193960XV61 12
LUBLINSKY YettaE2234404 Feb 191760XJ17 73
LUBNER MarkE2234507 Jul 19244XQ04 9
LUBNER Morris (Rev)E2234616 Mar 193045XS17 4
LUBOFSKY DoraE2234709 Sep 193559XU02 33
LUBOFSKY FannyE2234805 Nov 192422XP43 32
LUBOFSKY JaneE2234921 Dec 192435XM23 7
LUBOFSKY LeahE2235029 Sep 193985XV36 32
LUBOFSKY Lewis NathanE2235103 Feb 194569XU02 34
LUBOFSKY MaryE2235212 Jun 193152XT11 51
LUBOFSKY MorrisE2235318 Nov 192569XR09 33
LUBOSKY HarrisE2235420 Jan 195584XT12 2
LUBOSKY RebeccaE2235516 Sep 193561XT12 1
LUBOVSKY AlecE2235629 Dec 194064XV69 15
LUBOVSKY LeahE2235713 Aug 194067XV66 19
LUBOVSKY NathanE2235802 Dec 192956XS28 8
LUBRANETSKY AlecE2235905 May 196175XQ124 9
LUBRANETSKY NellieE2236008 Apr 198093XQ124 10
LUBRANIETZKY LeviE2236114 Nov 193069XS32 29
LUBSOFSKY AbrahamE2236207 Dec 194875XT36 25
LUBSOFSKY FannyE2236327 Aug 193558XT36 26
LUBZIGER MorrisE2236421 Jun 192241XM02 35
LUCAS HarrisE2236519 Jul 195367XQ20 34
LUCAS JaneE2236628 Mar 196779XQ20 35
LUCAS JosephE2236717 Feb 195766XU78 36
LUCAS MaxE2236814 Aug 190618 mthXF06 28
LUCHINSKY JackE2236912 May 192617XR16 11
LUCK BetsyE2237008 Mar 194291XV20 36
LUCKMAN LeahE2237121 May 192843XS10 50
LUCKNER BettyE2237213 Dec 195754XQ76 4
LUCKNER LeahE2237309 Jun 196885XQ76 3
LUCKNER RaphaelE2237425 Aug 191736XJ12 40
LUCKS BenjaminE2237518 Nov 193624XU48 15
LUCKS JosephE2237601 Feb 194778XQ35 32
LUCKS PashaE2237704 May 191538XI19 11
LUDA AlecE2237813 Oct 19163 mthXJ21 4
LUER RebeccaE2237908 Mar 192240XK08 54
LUFF AbrahamE2238010 Feb 1912XI06 50
LUFF FredaE2238107 Jul 193168XT11 43
LUKASHOWSKY SophieE2238216 Oct 1913XL06 52
LUKKASKY JosephE2238311 Jan 192616 mthXM20 7
LUKOVER EstherE2238421 Aug 194188XV22 32
LUKOVER NoahE2238514 Jun 193678XU45 46
LUKOVITCH GoldaE2238618 Dec 194571XS29 45
LUKOVITCH JacobE2238713 Mar 193064XS29 44
LUKS RosaE2238823 Mar 192560XR02 52
LUKS SamuelE2238906 May 194476XW27 14
LULITA MorrisE2239023 Oct 195366XZ29 13
LULKA HarryE2239129 Aug 193853XU61 23
LULKA PaulineE2239226 Apr 193571XT34 10
LULSHITZ WoolfE2239312 Jun 191556XI20 9
LUNGEL AlfredE2239424 Feb 195359XQ24 30
LUNGEL ColmanE2239515 Sep 194078XV25 14
LUNION RachelE2239608 Jun 192113 mthXM13 46
LUNN EvaE2239718 Sep 191842XL10 15
LUNN HenryE2239818 Nov 194474XX28 48
LUPCHINSKY NathanE2239930 Apr 193683XT14 10
LUPCHINSKY SarahE2240018 Feb 193276XT14 11
LUPEN MiriamE2240130 Apr 1912XL02 13
LUPER AbrahamE2240208 Dec 19062 mthXF06 56
LUPER MichaelE2240323 Jan 193943XU64 32
LUPER MichaelE2240413 May 192967XS25 56
LUPINSKY AnnieE2240524 Apr 192840XS11 60
LUPINSKY MyerE2240601 Dec 193111 mthXR49 9
LUPON AbrahamE2240703 Dec 1909XE07 11
LUPU DavidE2240815 Oct 1911XI08 8
LURIE MarkE2240915 Mar 195378XQ23 35
LURIE SarahE2241020 Oct 196077XQ23 34
LUSCHOVER BloomahE2241111 Dec 197083XX04 9
LUSCHOVER SamuelE2241225 Feb 194755XX04 10
LUSEHENSKY SimonE2241322 Apr 190071XB06 307
LUSH IsadoreE2241413 Mar 195567XQ72 10
LUSH PollyE2241511 Oct 196272XQ72 9
LUSHACK HymanE2241617 Dec 1909XE05 41
LUSHACK SolomonE2241714 Feb 1912XI06 51
LUSHINSKI FeigaE2241818 Aug 192590XR07 12
LUSK AaronE2241927 Jun 191748XJ13 46
LUSK TilleyE2242003 May 191742XJ15 61
LUSKIN Fanny AnnieE2242129 Aug 195766XQ11 38
LUSKIN HaroldE2242228 Sep 19232XQ03 11
LUSSMAN NoraE2242326 May 193569XT33 20
LUSTGARTEN TaubeE2242417 Nov 192967XI14 50
LUSTIG FannyE2242521 Jun 197285XQ09 41
LUSTIGMAN BellaE2242624 Jan 197284XQ63 6
LUSTIGMAN JacobE2242710 Nov 194155XV79 16
LUSTIGMAN JessieE2242810 Dec 197684XV79 17
LUSTIGMAN LewisE2242927 Mar 195672XQ63 5
LUSTIGMAN VictorE2243002 Jan 197355XV79 1
LUTSKY BellaE2243103 Apr 196687XX31 34
LUTSKY MarksE2243221 Feb 195976XQ111 13
LUTSKY MorrisE2243314 Oct 194366XX31 33
LUTSKY YettaE2243416 Jan 196680XQ111 14
LUTTENBERG AnnieE2243523 Dec 191666XJ19 78
LUTTENBERG SaulE2243613 Apr 1915102XL14 47
LUWISCH FannyE2243721 Jan 192284XK15 2
LUWISHES BuneE2243816 Feb 191969XM02 43
LUX JaneE2243927 Sep 1908XH08 31
LUX NathanE2244021 Jan 195376XQ26 32
LUX RebeccaE2244120 May 196178XQ26 31
LUXEMBERG MorrisE2244221 Feb 193527XU36 47
LUXEMBERG PhilipE2244304 Mar 194777XV36 10
LUXENBERG SarahE2244412 Jun 195376XV36 9

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