All Deceased beginning with letters 'LU'

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All names beginning LU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LUBAFSKY RosieC379124 Dec 192545P139 01
LUBBOCK RashaP1232028 Nov 1917J12
LUBCHINSKY AliceA140410 Jan 190312B901 443
LUBEFIELD PollyD064514 Jun 193570T135 16
LUBEL Esther DeborahP1232117 Mar 191754J16
LUBELFELD LouisB635513 Apr 192061N05 21
LUBELSKI AbrahamD964106 Mar 195083Z115 10
LUBELSKI AnnieD344129 Mar 193974V259 09
LUBELSKY AbrahamD813212 Apr 194766X15 04
LUBELSKY EstherE123630 Mar 195357X15 03
LUBELSKY JosephA131326 Aug 19026D07 11
LUBELSKY MarieC964211 Sep 193227T117 43
LUBELSKY RebeccaC675223 Apr 192965P118 03
LUBELSKY SamuelD060021 May 193546U138 09
LUBELSKY SolomonC176530 Jun 192368P118 02
LUBELSKY SolomonP1232826 Dec 191338I11
LUBERG SophieP1233021 Oct 191447L15
LUBEROFF WoolfeP1233119 Jun 191254L3
LUBERT Aaron SamuelC240420 Mar 192430P132 10
LUBETSKY RebeccaD182707 Dec 193672V245 26
LUBETSKY SophieC694129 Jul 192965P124 15
LUBICH HannahP1233506 Jan 190844G4
LUBICK Jack MyerE529909 Jan 196473Z241 33
LUBICK MaxC229617 Feb 192459P130 19
LUBICK MiriamE266504 Jun 195666Z241 32
LUBIN CharlesE810129 Nov 200380Y243 42
LUBIN DavidE527706 Dec 196369Q396 08
LUBIN DeborahE225211 Jul 195565Q249 13
LUBIN EstherC314713 Mar 192540R102 32
LUBIN EstherE283531 Oct 195657Q396 07
LUBIN HarryB700818 Mar 192122M112 16
LUBIN HenryE325701 Nov 195755P261 25
LUBIN Hyman LazarusE622604 Apr 196980Q249 14
LUBIN MayE767614 Jun 198680P261 26
LUBIN MorrisC288626 Nov 192465M121 16
LUBIN NathanD580526 Mar 194326V108 08
LUBINSKY AaronB647003 Jun 192070J02 37
LUBINSKY ChielC090610 May 192264I16 61
LUBINSKY Fanny YettaP1235204 Feb 191754J17
LUBINSKY FannyD117611 Feb 193678T241 09
LUBINSKY HarryC071322 Feb 192236M115 39
LUBINSKY HarryC203421 Nov 192331Q129 11
LUBINSKY IsaacC690208 Jul 192970S26 39
LUBINSKY Issac CohenP1235402 Mar 191241I6
LUBINSKY Joel AaronsB628018 Mar 192036J02 36
LUBINSKY LeahC1027904 May 193370T118 71
LUBINSKY LesserA204007 Aug 190545F02 01
LUBINSKY MaryA198511 May 190564C05 47
LUBINSKY MosesA080422 May 190034B801 362
LUBINSKY RachelC978919 Nov 193272T117 68
LUBINSKY RebeccaC723618 Dec 192944T105 14
LUBINSKY SarahE310914 Jun 195793Q392 13
LUBINSKY SimonC250811 May 192475P134 33
LUBISH RachelC585303 Jun 192849S10 70
LUBISH SolomonC373406 Dec 192553R110 04
LUBITCH EstherC888707 Nov 193160T110 03
LUBITCH MorrisC424901 Jul 192656R118 28
LUBITSKY MorrisB646131 May 192018N05 11
LUBITSKY NathanB674922 Nov 192060N07 18
LUBITSKY RachelP1236418 Dec 191122I5
LUBITSKY RoseP1236528 Jul 191111O15
LUBITZ AbrahamA177622 Jul 190443C04 10
LUBITZ AnnieC1105608 Apr 193462T127 46
LUBITZ HarrisA247322 Jan 190770H03 10
LUBITZ SarahP1236818 Aug 191654L12
LUBKIN DavidE022123 Mar 195166Y103 17
LUBKIN TillyE386512 Mar 195971Y103 16
LUBLINER MorrisD074820 Aug 193574T130 47
LUBLINER SarahD014418 Oct 193470T130 46
LUBLINSKY AbrahamE390919 Apr 195983V261 13
LUBLINSKY HannahD364031 Aug 193960V261 12
LUBNER MarkC260607 Jul 19244Q104 09
LUBNER Morris (Rev)C747916 Mar 193045S17 04
LUBOFSKY DoraD079109 Sep 193559U102 33
LUBOFSKY FannyC283305 Nov 192422P243 32
LUBOFSKY JaneC295121 Dec 192435M123 07
LUBOFSKY LeahD367929 Sep 193985V136 32
LUBOFSKY Lewis NathanD688303 Feb 194569U102 34
LUBOFSKY MaryC857212 Jun 193152T111 51
LUBOFSKY MorrisC366818 Nov 192569R109 33
LUBOLSKY IsraelP1237719 Mar 191916K5
LUBOSKY HarrisE205820 Jan 195584T112 02
LUBOSKY RebeccaD081216 Sep 193561T112 01
LUBOVSKY AlecD452229 Dec 194064V269 15
LUBOVSKY LeahD420013 Aug 194067V266 19
LUBOVSKY NathanC720102 Dec 192956S28 08
LUBRANETSKY AlecE470505 May 196175Q4C4 09
LUBRANETSKY NellieE735508 Apr 198093Q4C4 10
LUBRANIETZKY LeviC797714 Nov 193069S32 29
LUBSOFSKY AbrahamD896607 Dec 194875T136 25
LUBSOFSKY FannyD076627 Aug 193558T136 26
LUBZIGER MorrisC097221 Jun 192241M102 35
LUCAS HarrisE138419 Jul 195367Q120 34
LUCAS JaneE592428 Mar 196779Q120 35
LUCAS JosephE296917 Feb 195766U278 36
LUCAS MaxA233214 Aug 190618F06 28
LUCAS RebeccaP1238911 Jul 190728H2
LUCHINSKY JackC415212 May 192617R116 11
LUCK BetsyD520508 Mar 194291V120 36
LUCKMAN LeahC582521 May 192843S10 50
LUCKNER BettyE331913 Dec 195754Q276 04
LUCKNER LeahE610909 Jun 196885Q276 03
LUCKNER ReiferP1239326 Aug 191736J12
LUCKS BenjaminD178418 Nov 193624U248 15
LUCKS JosephD798501 Feb 194778Q135 32
LUCKS PashaP1239504 May 191537I19
LUER RebeccaC074408 Mar 192240K08 54
LUFF AbrahamP1239709 Feb 191257I6
LUFF FredaC862507 Jul 193168T111 43
LUKASHOFSKY Sophia LevyP1239916 Oct 191325L6
LUKKASKY JosephC383111 Jan 192616M120 07
LUKOVER EstherD494421 Aug 194188V122 32
LUKOVER NoahD149614 Jun 193678U245 46
LUKOVITCH GoldaD734018 Dec 194571S29 45
LUKOVITCH JacobC746113 Mar 193064S29 44
LUKS RosaC316523 Mar 192560R102 52
LUKS SamuelD643506 May 194476W27 14
LULITA MorrisE148623 Oct 195366Z129 13
LULKA HarryD310229 Aug 193853U261 23
LULKA PaulineD056426 Apr 193571T134 10
LUNGEL AlfredE117824 Feb 195359Q124 30
LUNGEL ColmanD425715 Sep 194078V125 14
LUNION RachelC011808 Jun 192113M113 46
LUNN Eva EstherP1240618 Sep 191842L10
LUNN HenryD672818 Nov 194474X28 48
LUPCHINSKY NathanD140530 Apr 193683T114 10
LUPCHINSKY SarahC918318 Feb 193276T114 11
LUPER AbrahamA243208 Dec 19067F06 56
LUPER MichaelC680713 May 192967S25 56
LUPER MichaelD331623 Jan 193943U264 32
LUPER MiriamP1240929 Apr 191259L2
LUPINSKY AnnieC576524 Apr 192840S11 60
LUPINSKY MyerC896001 Dec 193111R249 09
LURIE MarkE121515 Mar 195378Q123 35
LURIE SarahE450220 Oct 196077Q123 34
LURU DavidP1241321 Oct 191141I8
LUSCHOVER BloomahE654611 Dec 197083X04 09
LUSCHOVER SamuelD803925 Feb 194755X04 10
LUSEHENSKY SimonA079022 Apr 190071B601 307
LUSH IsadoreE213913 Mar 195567Q272 10
LUSH PollyE503811 Oct 196272Q272 09
LUSHACK HymanP1241717 Dec 190952E5
LUSHINSKI FeigaC347218 Aug 192590R107 12
LUSKIN Fanny AnnieE317929 Aug 195766Q111 38
LUSKIN HaroldC192128 Sep 19232Q103 11
LUSMAN HarrisP1242115 May 191049E6
LUSSMAN NoraD061026 May 193569T133 20
LUSTGARTEN AbrahamP1242329 Sep 191856I14
LUSTGARTEN TaubeC716117 Nov 192967I14 50
LUSTIG FannyE663621 Jun 197285Q109 41
LUSTIGMAN BellaE659924 Jan 197284Q263 06
LUSTIGMAN JacobD503910 Nov 194155V279 16
LUSTIGMAN JessieE709410 Dec 197684V279 17
LUSTIGMAN LewisE259627 Mar 195672Q263 05
LUSTIGMAN VictorE668002 Jan 197355V279 01
LUTSKY BellaE574103 Apr 196687X31 34
LUTSKY MarksE382721 Feb 195976Q3B1 13
LUTSKY MorrisD605414 Oct 194366X31 33
LUTSKY YettaE568616 Jan 196680Q3B1 14
LUTTENBERG AnnieP1243023 Dec 191666J19
LUTTENBERG SaulP1243113 Apr 1915102L14
LUWISCH FannyC061921 Jan 192284K15 02
LUX JaneP1243427 Sep 190845H8
LUX NathanE109921 Jan 195376Q126 32
LUX RebeccaE471520 May 196178Q126 31
LUXEMBERG MorrisD043221 Feb 193527U136 47
LUXEMBERG PhilipD805504 Mar 194777V136 10
LUXENBERG SarahE133312 Jun 195376V136 09

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