All Deceased beginning with letters 'KN'

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All names beginning KN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
KNASTER LewisD807813 Mar 194774P253 10
KNELLER AbrahamC637615 Jan 192950S22 55
KNERELMAN HarrisC895701 Dec 193164U119 37
KNERELMAN SadieD077701 Sep 193569U119 38
KNIGHT AnnieC197930 Oct 192335P127 30
KNIGHT JosephC885828 Oct 193151U117 29
KNOBEL AbrahamA152506 Aug 19036D07 60
KNOBEL AbrahamC541123 Dec 192759S03 56
KNOEPFLER AugustaC783306 Sep 193062T108 48
KNOEPFLER NathanC955826 Jul 193271U123 35
KNOFF PessieC305002 Feb 192556Q133 12
KNOFF VictorE294701 Feb 195765S01 35
KNOP BertieC328711 May 19258Q112 07
KNOPP BenjaminC641327 Jan 192958S22 15
KNOPP EstherC515529 Aug 192758R138 53
KNOPP EstherD175608 Nov 193666V244 27
KNOPP HarrisD066826 Jun 193570Q133 13
KNOPP HenryE460602 Feb 196170V387 03
KNOPP JackD380526 Dec 193917U269 49
KNOPP LilyE515918 Mar 196371S01 36
KNOPP SanderC818120 Jan 193170U111 17
KNOPP SarahE696801 Nov 197585V387 04
KNOTT PercyC363430 Oct 192517M120 22

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