All Deceased beginning with letters 'KN'

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All names beginning KN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
KNAITMAN NathanE1837615 Oct 1910XO15 19
KNAKOWER IsidoreE1837716 Jul 1911XI06 8
KNASCHOWSKI PessaE1837809 Aug 1910XI01 8
KNASTER LewisE1837913 Mar 194774XP53 10
KNAWETSKY HarrisE1838011 Feb 1912XO21 4
KNEIGER IsaacE1838123 Mar 1911XO16 25
KNELLER AbrahamE1838215 Jan 192950XS22 55
KNERELMAN HarrisE1838301 Dec 193164XU19 37
KNERELMAN SadieE1838401 Sep 193569XU19 38
KNIE RoseE1838518 Oct 1909XE06 6
KNIGHT AnnieE1838630 Oct 192335XP27 30
KNIGHT JosephE1838728 Oct 193151XU17 29
KNITZ WoolfE1838818 Dec 1910XI04 23
KNOBEL AbrahamE1838906 Aug 19036 mthXD07 60
KNOBEL AbrahamE1839023 Dec 192759XS03 56
KNOEPFLER AugustaE1839106 Sep 193062XT08 48
KNOEPFLER NathanE1839226 Jul 193271XU23 35
KNOFF PessieE1839302 Feb 192556XQ33 12
KNOFF VictorE1839401 Feb 195765XS01 35
KNOP BertieE1839511 May 19258XQ12 7
KNOP RachelE1839606 Feb 1909XH09 21
KNOPP BenjaminE1839727 Jan 192958XS22 15
KNOPP EstherE1839829 Aug 192758XR38 53
KNOPP EstherE1839908 Nov 193666XV44 27
KNOPP HarrisE1840026 Jun 193570XQ33 13
KNOPP HenryE1840102 Feb 196170XV87 3
KNOPP JackE1840226 Dec 193917XU69 49
KNOPP LilyE1840318 Mar 196371XS01 36
KNOPP SanderE1840420 Jan 193170XU11 17
KNOPP SarahE1840501 Nov 197585XV87 4
KNOTT PercyE1840630 Oct 192517 mthXM20 22

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