All Deceased beginning with letters 'JU'

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All names beginning JU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JUBER IsaacD948730 Nov 194952Z109 05
JUBER NathanC317125 Mar 192560R102 55
JUBER RebeccaD681706 Jan 194577W22 18
JUBERMAN EstelleC1017722 Mar 19334Q102 33
JUDELSON LewisC636813 Jan 192962S22 61
JUGGLER SolomonD634105 Mar 194467W28 45
JUKOFSKY EstherC489813 Apr 192762R132 41
JUKOFSKY MaryE109721 Jan 195378V244 25
JUKOFSKY SimonD358105 Jul 193972U266 18
JULIUS AaronD314301 Oct 193887Q138 08
JULIUS AbrahamD981303 Jul 195060Y135 39
JULIUS BetsyC254027 May 192464P136 31
JULIUS David ReubenD942324 Oct 194975Z104 04
JULIUS EmanuelC717119 Nov 192947S27 20
JULIUS EstherC877927 Sep 193132T112 47
JULIUS IsraelD084726 Sep 193545T134 45
JULIUS JoelC409920 Apr 192639R116 49
JULIUS LazarusD418001 Aug 194064U273 51
JULIUS MaryC806918 Dec 193067Q138 07
JULIUS MorrisP0961018 Aug 191759J14
JULIUS MyerE340211 Feb 195872Q3A6 09
JULIUS RachelD616408 Dec 194365U273 52
JULIUS SarahE598713 Sep 196777Q3A6 10
JUNG JuliusE692103 May 197581F10 22
JUNG MarianneE0818209 Apr 2014100F10 21
JUNG Myer (Rabbi Dr.)C012810 Jun 192161E09 21
JUNNICK MarieB600617 Nov 19193M102 57
JUVITSKY MorrisC794031 Oct 193066I19 61

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