All Deceased beginning with letters 'JU'

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All names beginning JU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JUBER IsaacE1712830 Nov 194952XZ09 5
JUBER NathanE1712925 Mar 192560XR02 55
JUBER RebeccaE1713006 Jan 194577XW22 18
JUBERMAN EstelleE1713122 Mar 19334XQ02 33
JUDELSON LewisE1713213 Jan 192962XS22 61
JUDLOWER SarahE1713325 Oct 19184XM06 10
JUGGLER SolomonE1713405 Mar 194467XW28 45
JUKOFSKY EstherE1713513 Apr 192762XR32 41
JUKOFSKY MaryE1713621 Jan 195378XV44 25
JUKOFSKY SimonE1713705 Jul 193972XU66 18
JULIUS AaronE1713801 Oct 193887XQ38 8
JULIUS AbrahamE1713903 Jul 195060XY35 39
JULIUS BetsyE1714027 May 192464XP36 31
JULIUS David ReubenE1714124 Oct 194975XZ04 4
JULIUS EmanuelE1714219 Nov 192947XS27 20
JULIUS EstherE1714327 Sep 193132XT12 47
JULIUS IsraelE1714426 Sep 193545XT34 45
JULIUS JoelE1714520 Apr 192639XR16 49
JULIUS LazarusE1714601 Aug 194064XU73 51
JULIUS MaryE1714718 Dec 193067XQ38 7
JULIUS MorrisE1714818 Aug 191759XJ14 15
JULIUS MyerE1714911 Feb 195872XQ106 9
JULIUS RachelE1715008 Dec 194365XU73 52
JULIUS SarahE1715113 Sep 196777XQ106 10
JUNG EstherE1715230 Jan 191552XE09 20
JUNG JuliusE1715303 May 197581XF10 22
JUNG MarianneE1715409 Apr 2014100XF10 21
JUNG Myer (Rabbi Dr.)E1715510 Jun 192161XE09 21
JUNNICK MarieE1715617 Nov 19193XM02 57
JUVITSKY MorrisE1715731 Oct 193066XI19 61

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